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Patch Notes

The Prisoners of Alkatrool
2013-10-07 16:00

Today we reveal the new content that will be implemented in game by the October 8th Update!

Happy reading!

Incarnam and Astrub Revamp

To welcome newcomers in the best conditions possible, the tutorial and Astrub (the area in which each of you have made your first steps in WAKFU), are getting a makeover!

Among the changes you will discover new members added to the Wodent family, better guidance for beginners, an easier choice of Nation with each of them presented in a more comprehensive way, or even a quest leading you straight to the first chapter of Mount Zinit, which will be available in multiplayer!

Find out all about the changes in our dedicated Devblog.

New Options for the Non-Subscribers

Starting October 8th,  it will be possible for non-subscribers to start to trade between each others and gain experience for their Harvesting Professions up to level 10 while being in Astrub!

For this purpose the Astrub resources will be removed in favor of "true" level 1 harvestable resources: Wheat, Ash, Sturgeon, Iron, Thistle and Seeds.

Finally, access to boats will be unlocked to allow them to explore the World of Twelve as they please!

We believe that this will give them a better idea of ​​all the different possibilities of gameplay in WAKFU.

Foggernaut Revamp

The Foggernaut is running at full power this month since it is the chosen revamped class of the month!


Find out all about the changes in our dedicated Devblog.


As we know, it is a good thing when the Vigilantes fight the Supervillains, but it might be even better if they can imprison them behind bars!

Discover with this update a new island, a true floating prison where criminals of the worst kind are thrown into: Alkatrool!

You will be able to fight 2 Supervillians during this month, directly from their prison cell: Decepticod (level 75) starting on October 8th and Merkator (level 95) starting on October 22nd. To enter, you must bribe their Henchman with Kamas.

Combat with these Supervillians will follow the same rules as fighting Ultimate Bosses (see below).

Bug Eradication

As we mentioned in the Letter to the Community of September, our "goal of the month" is to eradicate the most reported bugs by the players.

In this regard we have compiled a list of bugs that we published on the forum, which is regularly updated to keep you informed on the progress of the fixes... And it looks like it has made good progress!

Therefore we invite you to a little meeting with the next update armed with a big insecticide bomb to hunt these bugs once and for all!

Items Level 65+ Rebalancing and New Ultimate Bosses Access Rules

As Zeorus talked about a few days ago in a dedicated Devblog, we will do a rebalancing on the level 65 + items to ensure the progression of all equipment items. This will involve more than 1,400 items in total.

To avoid that some objects are sold unwittingly at bargain prices when reopening the servers, all items for sale in the Marketplaces will be removed and queued for recovery. Beware that taxes will be lost, so we recommend refrain to make any "important" sales a few hours before the start of the maintenance.

Regarding the Haven Bags Display Windows, they will not be emptied, so we invite their owners to remain vigilant and to remove their sales themselves prior to the update.


On this occasion, we will also merge the Mechanics and Leadership abilities to facilitate their use and understanding among players. All relevant items will be reviewed in this regard.

Finally, we will review the Ultimate Bosses access rules. To summarize: each character will now have 3 tries per week for each UB. After 3 tries, with either a victory or without one, the UB access will remain locked until the next Sunday (midnight server time). Drop rates will not change, however the specific UB items drops (equipment sets or equipment items not part of a set) will only be obtained with a win on the first try only. However, token and resources will always have a 100% drop rate for each character, and will not be linked to the victory try. Another change: the victory timestamp will be linked to the mechanism of locking the access, therefore it will no longer be linked to the combat start timestamp with the Ultimate Boss.


Don’t forget that a part of the Gazette is now here just for you! Have a small announcement to share? A slogan or false advertising for us? Send your ideas to your Community Manager, we will retain the funniest for publication in the next gazette.

Bug fixing and improvements


  • Respec for all: Due to the many changes brought with this update, a spell and aptitude respec will be offered to all characters, with the quest “Restate of Emergency”. Please note: To all characters that already have a respect quest running, if you are at the last step with the Jonk (“I’m ready to see Master Kano to redistribute my experience!”), completing the new Respec quest will also complete your current one. If you want to benefit from your current quest, we invite you to visit the instance before the update tomorrow. This way, you will stay in the instance tomorrow and therefore receive 48h to operate a new Respec.
  • [New] More possibilities for non-subcribers: Non-subscribers will now be able to trade with other non-subscribers (not with subscribers) and level their gathering professions up to level 10 in Astrub. Resources in Astrub have been replaced by the “normal” ones of level 1: Wheat, Ash Wood, Sturgeon, Tin, Thistle and seeds.
  • [New] Another respect quest for characters level 10: Characters level 10 and out of Incarnam will now receive an automatic respec available for 48 hours (real time).
  • [New] Merging Mechanisms and Leadership: For a better understanding and managing of these two abilities they will now be merged into a single one, named Control. Items impacted by this change will be modified accordingly. Bonuses to summons damage and bonuses to mechanics will also be merged into a single stat, named “CCM Damage” (Controlled Creatures and Mechanisms).
  • Lock, Dodge and reset of the abilities and Specialties: From now on, it will only be possible to invest up to 100 ability points in Lock and/or Dodge. With this update all Ability/Specialty points will be reset without need to visit the respect instance.


  • Beacons: Will only hit 9 cells monsters once.
  • Destructive Arrow & Precision / Powerful Shooting: Destructive Arrow will now trigger Precision and Powerful Shooting.
Cra & Enutrof
  • Beacons and Pouches: It will no longer be possible to place a Beacon on a Pouch.
  • Winning Streak: The Ecaflip will now be able to gain/loose AP and MP during his entire turn (and no longer only at the beginning if the state had the required level). For example an Ecaflip with 6 AP and 3 MP, 90 Winning Streak and gaining +10 Winning Streak at the beginning of the turn (thanks to Ecaflip Die) will have 7 AP and 4 MP. If he uses a 3 AP spell that decreases his Winning Streak, he will lose his AP bonus and end up with 3/6 AP and 4/4 MP due to Winning Streak not being level 100 anymore. Also, the Ecaflip will only gain an AP if he reaches 100 Winning Streak with a spell during his turn.
  • Three Cards: This spell will work correctly. Also, upon casting it, if the cell in front of the Ecaflip is busy, it will no longer prevent placement of the other two cells. The description has been updated.
  • Fleahopper: Healing spells will only apply to living targets.
  • Love Flea: Its heals will work correctly at all levels when the target dies under its effect. Its description will also be modified as follows: “The Ecaflip flicks a flea onto his target. Each turn, it sucks some blood and gets fatter, before finally returning to the Ecaflip to give him HP. It can also be used to lay a Fleech Trap that damages enemies at the beginning of their turn if they're in its area of effect, and can heal an ally in the area of effect when it's set off.”
  • Super Kittikaze: If summoned after God Ecaflip, it will be correctly controllable.
  • Hunter Glyph: Will no longer be visible by enemies.
  • Fleeches: The Ecaflip will now trigger Flea Multiplication each time to trap triggers (and no longer for each target in the area when the trap triggers).
  • Cards God Ecaflip and God Ouginak: The heal linked to the combination of these cards will be correctly influenced by PvP HPs.
  • Card Ush Galesh: It will be possible to cast this spell on combat borders.
  • Paws Off: This spell will correctly apply the state “Critical Failures” (the same as the Crobak one for the Osamodas) limiting the stacking to level 15. Furthermore, the effect will no longer trigger twice on targets that begin their turn in contact with an Ecaflip that came in contact in his previous turn.
Ecaflip & Rogue
  • Ecaflip spells & Bombs: Ecaflip spells will correctly removes charges from bombs.
Ecaflip & Sadida
  • Double or Quits & Voodoll: Double or Quits will now correctly heal the character linked to the Voodoll.
  • Fleahopper & Voodoll: When Fleahopper will be cast on a Voodoll linked to an enemy, the spell will deal damages and the Voodoll will mirror them to the enemy it is linked to.
  • Air Branch: It will now be possible to target KO’d targets with these spells.
  • Revitalizing Word: Will only hit 9 cells monsters once.
  • Invigorating Word: The rebound will no longer heal targets such as Bacons, Barrels, etc. It will only hit fighters like players and monsters.
  • Sadist Mark: Damages at level 100 will now be 55 (instead of 59).
  • Rebirth Mark: We will modify this spell to limit its use in mechanics that were not intended. It will now only apply 2 marks per fight maximum. It will still be usable afterwards, but will no longer apply marks.
  • Pain Flask: In order to boost the Air Branch, Link of Pain will now spread in a square of 1, and no longer a cross of 1.
  • Lethargy Flask: Will consume 20 levels of Propagator instead of 30.
  • Master Propagator: We decided to rebalance this Specialty. The old version could lead players not to use the effects of their spells and only stack damages. It will now be the opposite. Using spells’ effects will now be the main interest. At max level, it will change from “+2% Air damage per level of Propagator” to “+2% Air damage per level of Propagator consumed (maximum 100%).
  • Coney: The minimum range of this spell will be 1. It will be possible to cast it in contact of the Eniripsa, even if he is under Blindness.
  • Unnatural Remedies: Under Unnatural Remedies, the Eniripsa will be able to hit KO’d targets or Mechanisms to remove their charges.
Eniripsa & Enutrof
  • Eniraser & Faking It: Due to the last changes applied to Faking It, it will no longer be possible to cast Eniraser on an Enutrof under Faking It.
Eniripsa & Sacrier
  • Marks and Sacrifice: In case of heal on an allied target under Sacrifice, the target will no longer be teleported.
  • Constitution & Angrrr: Angrrr values will be correct for a Sacrier under Constitution from an ally.
Eniripsa & Sadida
  • Absorption Aura & Voodoll: Voodolls will no longer receive the Absorption Aura of the Eniripsa.
  • Faking It:
    • The pet will no longer loose HP when the Enutrof starts Faking It.
    • During the Faking It turn, if an ally is Disembodied, the Enutrof will no longer be considered as “naked” and will still receive his set bonuses.
    • An Enutrof ending combat under Faking It will no longer finish as a grave.
    • Faking It will no longer trigger De Darm.
    • Upon triggering Faking It, if a mine is under the Enutrof, it will no longer disappear.
    • If an Enutrof ends the fight under Faking It, he will gain all the kamas.
  • Mines: Will no longer appear on combat borders.
  • Geology: The description will be modified as follows: “The Enutrof can detect Mines on the battlefield and use them by placing himself on them. The rarer a deposit is, the bigger the bonus. The Enutrof can also increase his Prospecting by inflicting damage on enemies whilst standing on Mines.”
  • Rascalry & Cutting: Will correctly apply Broke in PvP.
Enutrof & Pandawa
  • Mine Mover & Karchamrak: An Enutrof casting Mine Mover on a Pouch while being carried by a Pandawa will correctly pick up the Pouch (and no longer the Pandawa instead of him).
  • General: Items “+X spells level” will correctly work on Feca spells.
  • Fire Branch: Description of the spells will be modified to better explain their effects.
  • Glyph: Will correctly benefit from elementary damage bonuses and bonuses to Controllable Creatures and Mechanisms.
  • Counter: Will correctly work against spells over level 100. This should fix the issues experienced in some PvP and PvM fights.
  • Flaming Carpet: Will now correctly apply “Disorientated” level 1 (5% chance to apply per plate left) instead of “Blindness”. The state will remain on the target even if it gets out of the Glyph.
  • Intimidation Aura: It will no longer be possible to cumulate the resistance penalty linked to Intimidation.
Feca & Sacrier
  • Armor & Sacrifice: The Feca will no longer damage himself by targeting himself with his spells when he doesn’t have a neutral armor. This includes his 15 elementary spells and should avoid the triggering of Sacrifice on a Feca trying to apply armor.
  • Defensive Stance: This spell could give too much Block for its AP cost. Its bonus will now be +40 Block at max level instead of +50.
  • Authority: Will no longer turn its target. With class revamp, other alternatives have appeared for Damage Iops. The mechanic of Authority had no reasons to remain as it was and we decided to modify it to offer more possibilities. These modifications might lead to other small tweaks in the future.
  • Enraged Boohemoth summon: The Enraged Boohemoth will correctly benefit from the passive “Phoenix Spirit”.
  • Whisperer Summon: Will no longer rush to the combat borders.
  • Crossbow Whisperers Summon: Their Area of Effect shot will correctly apply a penalty.
  • Whip: Damages changed to 55 at level 100 (instead of 60).
  • Scaraleaf Wing: Damage changed to 29 at level 100 (instead of 32).
  • Symbiosa: Dragon Osamodas appeared to be imbalanced in terms of Direct Damages compared to the rest of the game. Therefore, we decided to change the bonus from +50% Damage to +30% at max level.
  • Gobgob: If several monsters of a same type are summoned in combat, they will correctly lose their “greyed out” effect in the Gobgob interface at the end of the fight.
  • Gobgob: You will now see the effects of your Gobgob’s spells with your own spells.
  • Starry armor: The effect will correctly end at the beginning of the Gobgob’s turn, and no longer at the end of the turn of the player receiving it.
  • Karchamrak & damage location: The orientation of the carried character will now be taken correctly into account regarding side and back damages.
  • Barrel: In order to fix many issues that appeared with it, barrels can no longer be pushed or teleported.
  • Barrel & Karchamrak: In the same intent, it will no longer be possible to target combat borders with these spells.
  • Karchamrak: It will be possible to use this spell right after the Black Crow jumped in his phase 2.
  • Dairy Springer: The Pandawa will now deal damages based on his real arrival position, and no longer on the targeted cell. If the Pandawa cannot teleport (due to an effect preventing teleportation for example), his damages will be dealt around his starting position.
  • Boombot & Piercing Shot: The Boombot will correctly lower the resists by using Piercing Shot.
  • Boombot: Will no longer reduce damages by 30% and will be immune to bombs effects.
  • Bomber Fan: The bonus to bombs damage resistance will correctly only apply to allies. Furthermore, starting from level 10, the Rogue will correctly gain a final resistance of 50% to bombs damage.
  • Flame Wall: In order to limit issues, the AP loss will now apply before monsters damage. Note also that the description of this spell will be modified to specify that 3 bombs are necessary to create a wall, and not 2.
  • Sanguine Armor: Lock has been rebalanced in the game, which leads us to modify the Sacrier that could get a much too high result and ignore other alternatives for Lock. Therefore, its Lock bonus will change to +30 (instead of +60). Also, Attraction will no longer remove Dodge from the target.
  • Life Transfer: Will only apply to the allies of the Sacrier.
  • Clinging to Life: Will correctly trigger after suicide from the Sacrier.
Sacrier & Pandawa
  • Motion Sickness & Milky Instinct: The effect Motion Sickness will be correctly countered by Milky Instinct.
  • Drain: Casting Drain on a doll will correctly summon an Inflatable. Note however that, in order to summon an Inflatable, you will have to target the seed. This will not work if you target an area, of which the seed is not the center. Its description will be modified as follows: “The Sadida drains some Health Points from a target and redistributes them to nearby allies. Cast on a Seed, this spell will cause an Inflatable to grow.”
  • Brambly Armors: Armors will correctly form on all allies at the end of the Sadida’s turn.
  • Dolls
    • Bonuses to summons damages granted by some of the equipment items will correctly be taken into account by the Dolls.
    • They will now be able to store Air spells over level 100.
  • Inflatable: In PvP, it will no longer wait for the players to reach the “red” HP to start healing.
  • Voodoll: A Voodoll linked to an ally will correctly take the heal resist into account.
  • Explodoll: Its level evolution will now correctly apply.
  • Trauma: Will correctly deal its normal damages when Invisible.
  • Forceful Blow: The bonus of this spell will correctly apply. Note however that since the bonus only applies to the spell, it will not last long. Also, the bonus will apply if you attack the target from face, side or back, even though it is only useful when attacking from the back.
  • Double: All shortcut bars will now be duplicated with the Double, just as you set them up on your character.
  • Class revamp: read the devblog to find out more.
  • Flame Fervor: The Foggernaut will correctly appear on the right cell after casting this spell.
  • Microbots: Their charges will appear correctly and take Armor Plating into account.
  • Temporal Burn: Cast on an empty cell on a Tick turn, it will correctly consume the APs left of the Xelor (up to 3 AP maximum).
  • Underhand: Its cost will change from 4 AP to 3 AP. We also rebalanced its damages (and those of the following spells). The Air Branch appeared to be stronger in terms of damages than the combo Air/Fire. Since it’s harder to play, it should provide a small advantage compared to Air builds. Its damages will now be 39 (instead of 60) at level 100.
  • Aging: Will change to 12 damage for 10 IP lost, instead of 10 damage.
  • Temporal Distortion: Its damages will now be 27 (instead of 28) at level 100.
  • Line of Fire: Its damages will now be 52 (instead of 45) at level 100.
  • Temporal Burn: Its damages will now be 13 (instead of 12) at level 100.
  • Fugue: Killing an enemy with this spell will correctly push the Masqueraider back one cell.
  • Double: All shortcut bars will now be duplicated with the Double, just as you set them up on your character.
  • Burst of Wakfu: Its effects will correctly display in game.
  • Classtanet: To clarify its use, it will no longer be possible to cast it on Mechanisms.


  • Combat borders Water, Earth, Hyperaction & Hypermovement: AP and MP losses of combat borders Water and Earth will no longer generate Hyperaction and Hypermovement.


  • Hairy Moon: Will correctly summon a Super Kittikaze after God Ouginak. It will not be controlled and will attack its allies.
  • Crackapult Range: Will be accessible again.
  • Mollusky (Sufokia): Monsters in this dungeon will correctly mirror damages with their Counter.
  • Mollusky (Brakmar): Will be accessible again.
  • Abandoned Cawwot Stowewoom: A Boney Tiwabbit and a Boney Wabbit have been added to the boss room.
  • Ambassador's Wing: It will be possible to hit Missiz Freezz with bombs during her second phase.


  • [New] Wodent Family: This new family will appear in Incarnam.
  • [New] Bow Meow Family: This new family will appear in Astrub.
  • Resistances: In order to balance monsters with the overall damage boost provided with the revamp of all level 65+ items, monsters level 110+ gained between 5% and 50% resistance (50% for monsters level 140+).
  • Gobballs: The option “Make an Almanax Craft” will no longer appear when right clicking on one of them.
  • Zwombbits: This family will now be immune to the Rebirth Mark.

Ultimate Bosses

  • [New] Modification of the access rules:
    • Each character will now have up to 3 attempts per week for each Ultimate Boss,
    • After 3 failed attempts, the UB doors will remain locked until the next Sunday, midnight (server time),
    • In case of victory during any attempt (first, second or third), the doors will then close until the next Sunday, midnight (server time),
    • UB specific items (equipment items that are not part of a set) will only drop if the victory is acquired on the first attempt. Tokens and Resources will keep their 100% drop rate for each character; no matter which attempts was successful. This rule is implemented to make victory on a first attempt more rewarding than the others, without modifying the value of the UB items due to an increased accessibility. Since each loot is individual, nobody will be penalized by the attempts made by their team mates (if the victory is acquired on your first try while this was the 2nd or 3rd try of you team mates, you will have access to all the loots). Note however that if a character leaves the fight, the entire team will receive no loots in case of victory,
    • We will increase rarity of some of the UB items:
      • All crafting set items will become Mythical,
      • Excarnus and Milkar sets will both contain 1 Legendary item,
      • White Crow set will contain 2 Legendary items,
      • Magmog set will include 3 Legendary items,
      • The bonuses of the Larduous and Dragon Pig Sets have been removed and replaced by higher stats on each of their items.
    • Equipment items that are part of a set will only be obtained with Tokens, and no longer be dropped directly by a UB,
    • Non set Equipment items will see their drop rate increased (for example 1.5% instead of 0.6% for Legendary items),
    • Other change: It is now the victory time that will be counted to close the access, and no longer the time at which the combat was started. For example, if you started your fight on Sunday at 11:30 PM and win it on Monday at 12:10 AM, this win will count for the week that just began. You will then have to wait until the next week to get another try.
  • Dragon Pig: Rebalancing
    • The combat border has been modified
    • The AI has been optimized, as well as the threat management
    • Bacon Run will now unsummon all summons in contact with the Dragon Pig
    • Rebalancing of its stats and abilities due to the equipment items revamp
    • Final resists reduced in Phase 1, to shorten its duration


  • [New] “Quester's Block” state: In order to limit “Quest farming” on environmental quests, upon finishing one of them, you will now receive the Quester’s Block state for 5 minutes. This state will prevent you from participating in any other environmental quest.
  • General: Overall, environmental quests will now spawn more monsters/interactive elements/resources to make them easier to complete.
  • “Hordes” environmental quests: It could happen that the last Horde was impossible to find. This has been fixed.
  • Sadida Kingdom environmental quests: the 2 quests will now have an XP reward.
  • “Kill a monster” quests: Will now complete for the entire group, and no longer only for the character that dealt the last blow.
  • Oh Ye Of Brittle Faith: All passives will now be deactivated as long as the player will be under the form of a Frigostian from the Past.
  • Clamdog Millionaire: Will correctly display in the quest tracker and will also complete correctly.
  • Five-finger Diss Count: Will correctly complete at the end of the fight against Harebourg.
  • Radagascar: Killing a Radenalty Radbandit will no longer complete the guild quest “Complete a Dungeon”.
  • Chowder's Gate: It will now be possible to complete the quest and get the Macawker.


  • Larvageddon: Can now be completed.
  • War of Whirlcraft II: Can now be completed.
  • Pacjelly: Jellophobia: Can now be completed.

Incarnam & Astrub

  • [New] Revamp: To welcome newcomers in the best conditions possible, the tutorial and Astrub are getting a makeover. New quests and environmental quests will be available in Astrub, and its level design has been completely modified (dungeons and resources positions, for example). You can find more details in this devblog.
  • [New] Plants and Monsters Ecosystem: Astrub will now have its own Ecosystem for plants and monsters. Make sure to respect the wishes of the Clan Member of the area, plant what you take or kill, if you don’t want to run out of plant and monsters!

Mount Zinit

  • Chapter 1: It will now be doable in a group. The story and design will remain the same, but the quests will be modified to be doable as a group. Note however that the balancing will be unchanged and the quest will still be doable solo.


  • [New] HQ revamp: All Workbenches will now be available around the HQ of all Nations.
  • [New] CM areas of level 40-50: To continue what was started in May, we will implement a main square around the Clan Members in the areas level 40-50 of your nations. These locations will contain the main points of interest (Drago-Express, Phoenix, Prims, Workbenches, etc.).


  • Reset: Due to the rebalancing of items level 65+, and to limit speculation, all Markets will be reset during the Maintenance. All auctions will be considered as over and the items unsold. All Marketplaces will therefore be empty and the items will be waiting for you in the unsold interface. Note however that the Haven Bags display cases will not be reset: you will have to make sure to remove your items before maintenance!


  • Elections: A candidate getting below 1000 Citizenship Points will no longer appear in the candidate list. If he gets over 1000 CP before the votes end, he will appear again.
  • Citizenship rank: It will no longer appear each time you log in.
  • CP gain and loss: Planting seeds to fulfill the wish of a CM will correctly reward you with CP.


  • [New] Alkatrool: This new island will offer you to fight two Super Villains. The access rules will be the same as Ultimate Bosses. You will however have to blackmail their minions to enter:
    • Decepticod (level 75): Can be fought from October 8, for 800 Kamas.
    • Merkator (level 95): Can be fought from October 22, for 1000 Kamas.
  • Trool Fair: A boat leading there will be added to Astrub, allowing non-subscribers to go to the fair and come back.
  • Bilbiza:
    • Welcome Kiosk: Feedbacks will only appear to the concerned player.
    • Pack-Jelly: The effects linked to player’s equipment will no longer apply during this mini-game.
  • Wabbit Island:
    • Dojo:
      • Uppelcut and Kick spells will correctly apply MP loss.
      • The effects of Cawwotality will display correctly.
      • It will no longer be possible to obtain the Headband of Haldship infinitely.


  • Knowledge of Equipment: The Kit Skill bonus will correctly apply when entering a fight.
  • HP bonus: Characters receiving these bonuses that are not hit in combat will no longer lose HP at the end of the fight.


  • Wood Lathe: Will no longer cause the client to freeze.
  • Citronana: Since this is a rare resource, to simplify the creation of recipes using it, Captain Cockle will only require one Citronana.
  • Exotic Crab: Gathering on its body will correctly give Exotic Flesh.
  • Slave Cloth: Will be obtainable on Puddlies.
  • Crystal Stone: Since this is a rare resource, to simplify the creation of recipes using it, we lowered the required quantity.
  • Diamond Stone: Since this is a rare resource, to simplify the creation of recipes using it, we lowered the required quantity.
  • [New] Monsters seeds growth: Groups created by monsters seeds will now spawn much faster (between 2 and 10 seconds after planting).


  • Runes: Wisdom, Prospecting, Dodge and Lock runes will now work correctly.
  • Relics: It will now be possible to crush them into powder, and obtain 700 to 800 powders. The rank of this powder will follow the general rules of Smithmagic. Rarity will be Perfect. For example, a Gelano will give 700 to 800 Perfect Powders of rank 8.

Haven Worlds

  • Haven World put back on auctions: The Haven World of Shhhudoku Kingdom – Center will be put back on auction on Remington as soon as the server reopens.
  • Preview: The bubble preview outside of a Haven World will be more accurate.
  • Mines: It could happen that mines would not produce ore. This has been fixed.
  • Laboratory: Its bonus will be correctly calculated and unapplied when leaving the Haven World.
  • Rotcere Bazaar: Its Kit Skill bonus will correctly apply when entering a fight.
  • Volleyball Court: Monsters will react better when fighting inside this building.

Haven Bags

  • Display: Characters entering a Haven Bag right after leaving a Haven World will no longer have a black screen issue.
  • Saw-It: Will correctly appear when placed in a Haven Bag.
  • Benches, Stools & Wells: It will now be possible to place and use them in all Haven Gems.


  • [New] Rebalancing of items level 65+: All these items will be rebalanced, and their Willpower/Perception bonuses will be removed. Since these modifications affect over 1400 items, we will not be able to list them all here. All the details can be found in this devblog.
  • [New] Survivor Pack: From October 8 (during the day), all players who participated in the Beta between April 2011 and until launch will receive a Survivor Pack on all newly created characters, as well as the existing ones. This Pack includes a Survivor Costume (replacing the Survivor set) and the Survivor title. We implemented this service for all of you who lost these gifts that were only offered once on all accounts.
  • Daggers and Two handed weapons: It will no longer be possible to equip a Dagger and a Two handed weapon in the same time.
  • Apisauce: Will be consumable again, even if your HP is at maximum.
  • Breads: They will now be stackable up to 9 999. Only the food from the Trool Fair will remain in stacks of 99 to limit any abuse.
  • Insignias: They will correctly cover the entire equipment of the character.
  • Quaquack: It will now eat Babbage, Sandwich Bread and Larva Skin.
  • Pipi Bag: Will now offer +10% gathering on monsters.
  • Brrrbley Spears Statue: Will have the correct appearance.
  • Stools: It will now be possible to sit on the Screwloose Stool, Cawwot Stool, Lemon/Strawberry/Raspberry/Mint Beach Seat.
  • Fairyworks: Will have ingame visuals once again.
  • Seals: If a character completes the quest allowing him to trade a seal, he will only need to trade the seal WITH the book containing the recipe. The Seal will remain tradable as long as it is traded with the Book.
  • Survivor set: It will be replaced by a non-tradable Costume.
  • Single-Use Shovel: Will now work correctly.
  • Wodent: Since Willpower has been removed, this pet will now offer a bonus to CCM Damages (+30% at max level).
  • Baby Schnek: You’ll now get a Schnek Egg Shell (quest item) with the Baby Schnek. Also, Ullu will offer an egg in the Truce Rift (Zinit) to all players that don’t own a Baby Schnek, a Schnek egg or a Shell but still have completed the Queen quest. This will allow players who lost their Baby Schnek to get a new one.


  • Ultima: The Ultima emote will now have an ingame icon.


  • [New] Boutique: It will now be directly accessible ingame via the “Ogrines” icon on the right of your screen. You will be able to shop their just as on the website.
  • [New] Tutorials: You will now have access to an interface listing all the ingame tutorials. You will be able to open it by clicking on the “Quest” icon, and then “Tutorials”, or by pressing Shift+T.
  • Temporary Inventory: When a player tries to transfer an item from a chest to a full inventory, the temporary inventory will no longer open.
  • Zoom: Zoom settings will be correctly saved when changing instances. This way you will no longer have to zoom in or out again when leaving a dungeon.
  • Character deletion: If you changed your secret answer, it will be automatically taken into account on character deletion.
  • New Gazette: Discover the new Gazette!
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Netami1337 15 October 2013 - 14:46
Ankama is a bunch of thieves that deletes ogrines before the time allotted. Contacting their support is pretty much impossible and they pretty much hide the ticket form. Most terrible customer service ever.
DiamondbladeX 13 October 2013 - 20:37
HELP!!! so i linked myself to a pheonix in zinit chapter 3, and whenever i ask ullu to take me back to astrub i am stuck at the old canoon and cant move. if i command suicide then i just go back to the phoenix. i cant progress or move at this point and i dont know what to do, i havent subscribed yet, but will this be fixed?
bobbyboy2 11 October 2013 - 03:55
I'm not sure if any other foggernaut has experienced this yet,but with the new "painless steel" even after i have been K.O 'd i take damage from my allies making it impossible for me to come back to life and i die at the end of that enemies turn without being directly hit.
Christian-CAO 10 October 2013 - 14:28

(Slythen @ 10 October 2013 13:50) *
I am unable to create a new character, every time I try it says invalid name. This happens no matter what I put in.
Same thing happened to, let me are at that step where your "new incarnate" has to choose a class to reincarnate into?

The tutorial is "okay" and the levels will be lost, but all I did was go to the character select screen and I deleted my new incarnate and made a new character without doing the tutorial.

Sure you'll have to re-level your new character again, but at least you did the tutorial....for the sake of experiencing the tutorial anyway.

Quick some one tell this individual a way to create a new character in this instance without deleting his new incarnate. '3'
Slythen 10 October 2013 - 13:50
I am unable to create a new character, every time I try it says invalid name. This happens no matter what I put in.
Lethalen 10 October 2013 - 02:33

(Troyle @ 07 October 2013 16:00) *
Explodoll: Its level evolution will now correctly apply.

FatSpy 09 October 2013 - 20:47
Hey try reinstalling the game if it isn't running. I did that and it works now.
saphiLC2 09 October 2013 - 16:57

(Dedlaw @ 09 October 2013 16:44) *

(danuuuu @ 09 October 2013 16:37) *

I can't subscribe...
plzz someone check this.......
My Ticket numbers..
You DO realize that every time you send a ticket you are bumped to the back of the line, right?
source or you DO imagine it happens that way?
Tashanel 09 October 2013 - 16:49
in this changelog, the osa skill, you didn't mention anything about prespic hair. But, prespic hair NOW add more explanation "(except gobgob) bla bla bla"

i was level it, cause i expect ankama will fix it someday. that prespic hair status is it permanent?
Dedlaw 09 October 2013 - 16:44

(danuuuu @ 09 October 2013 16:37) *

I can't subscribe...
plzz someone check this.......
My Ticket numbers..
You DO realize that every time you send a ticket you are bumped to the back of the line, right?