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Haven Worlds
2013-06-24 16:00

Today, we reveal the new content that will arrive on the game on June 25.

Haven Worlds

Recently, Azael and Fhenris showed you the Haven Worlds in more details.

You waited eagerly for them, and now they’re here! You’ll soon be able to send your first Rotceres to work!
If you stayed hidden in a cave these past months, it’s not too late to catch up and learn more about Haven Worlds.
You can start by watching the interview with Azael.

You can also learn more about buildings in this Devblog, or read another Q&A session with Azael.
The following video will show you the first steps in a Haven Worlds.
Note that the video was shot with content under development and that you might notice differences when the final update is implemented.

Guild Revamp

We mentioned that we wanted to bring Guilds back right in the center of the game. It’ll now be the case.
In short:
  • You can now create your guild from the Guilds Bank, for 10 000 Kamas or by using a Guildalogem that can be dropped on all monsters.
  • We removed the fight and craft levels and replaced them with a global level.
  • These levels will unlock with Guild points and take time to activate.
  • Each level will give you access to several bonuses that can be bought with Guild Points. Some will be temporary (+% damages, +PP, etc.) and others permanent (+HP, +% Resists, etc.).
  • There will be several ways to get Guild Points: winning fights that provide Experience, completing a dungeon and also completing daily quests.
If you want to know more, you can find a Devblog detailing this revamp, here.

GvG coming soon

The War of the Guilds is coming. With this update you will start seeing the first signs. Prims will become visible in the game, but you won’t be able to interact with them yet.

You will also find an inactive “Ranking” tab in your Guild Interface. Starting in July this tab will display both PvE and PvP rankings.
Finally, we invite you to read our GvG Q&A with Azael and start preparing for the hostilities.


Don’t forget that a part of the Gazette is now here just for you! Have a small announcement to share? A slogan or false advertising for us? Send your ideas to your Community Manager, we will retain the funniest for publication in the next gazette.

Bug fixing and improvements


  • For balance reasons, Blindness will no longer be applied by class spells. We decided to replace it with other states while increasing their application rates.
  • Blinding Arrow: No longer applies Blindness but Disorientated instead (0 to 40% chances to inflict -1 Range).
  • Riddling Arrow: Damage reduced to 39 (instead of 40).
  • Lashing Arrow: Damage reduced to 39 (instead of 40).
  • Destructive Arrow: Damage reduced to 55 (instead of 70). Damages linked to Riddling no longer modified when dealing a Critical Hit.
  • Flealine Army: Description modified to better match its current effects.

  • Fusion: Range increased to 5 (instead of 4). Level of Burning reduced at low level when dealing a Critical Hit.
  • Ember: At max level, Explosion will be level 70 (100%) instead of 100 (70%).
  • Firedamp Explosion: Cost reduced to 3 AP (instead of 4). Damage reduced to 40-50 (instead of 48-60).
  • Hot Magma: Damage with Mines changed to +30 (instead of +10).
  • Phone a Frhend:
    • Furrow: Chances to find a mine increased to 30% (instead of 15%). Chances to find a larva increased to 70% (instead of 50%).
    • Mine Mover: Applies Master Miner: The Enutrof keeps the Fire dmg bonus of the Mine for one turn if he isn’t on a Mine.
    • Tunnel: Condition changed to 2/target (instead of “must target the Enutrof”). If the target isn’t an Enutrof, it loses 2 AP.
  • Drhellzerker: Descriptions of Furzerker and Drhellzerker modified to better match their effects.
  • Mines: Gold Mine changed to +30% Water/Earth dmg and +48% Fire dmg (instead of +30% all element dmg and +30% Fire dmg). Treasure Hunter will only trigger when dmg is dealt to an enemy.
  • Prime of Life: Costs 2 AP more. On Enutrof: Next movement cannot be locked. On Drhellzerker (at max level): Applies Accelerated lvl 4. No longer gives Dodge.
  • Judgment: No longer applies Blindness but Disorientated instead (0 to 75% chances to inflict -1 Range).
  • Summons: Damages dealt by the Blimprat will be correctly located.
  • Dairy Springer: No longer applies Blindness but Disorientated instead (2% chances to inflict -1 Range per level of Dizzy).
Sadida & Pandawa
  • Spells that a Sadida can cast on himself will no longer affect a Pandawa carrying him.
Xelor & Sadida
  • Xelor's Dial & Voodoll: The Dial can no longer neutralize a Voodoll if one of its cells it located on the Doll.
  • Air Branch: Damages will be correctly located.


  • Fist: Cost changed to 3 AP (instead of 4), allowing players to attack twice in contact with a new character.


  • Mollusky Dungeon: Wisdom bonus on players and family state on the members of the Mollusky and Kralove families will correctly apply.
  • Rat Dungeon: The Key can now be correctly deleted from the inventory.

Ultimate Bosses

  • Magmog:
    • Defeating him will provide the correct experience and rewards.
  • Dragon Pig: The corrections required to reopen its lair couldn’t be completed for this update. We will therefore have to keep it closed for now. We will try to reopen it in the next update. 



  • The Leaves of Others: Will now be a Solo quest and correctly provide a reward when completed.


  • Chafer Burner: The step “kill the boss first” will complete correctly.
  • Holo 2: The step “Discover the Zaap of Thicket of Yurbut” will complete correctly.
  • Alibert Odyssey: The step “Discover the Zaap of Emelka” will complete correctly.
  • Steam Fortress: The step “Discover the Zaap of Stimulating Shore” will complete correctly.
  • Justice Cause: The step “Discover the Justice Cave” will complete correctly.


  • Amakna: The main Nation bonus will now be +30% Earth damage (instead of +30% Water).


  • [New] Guild Revamp: The current level of all guilds (fight and craft) will be converted in Guild Points that can be spent in the Guild Interface. The chest tabs will remain unlocked if they already were before the update. Don’t forget to read our Devblog article.
  • Guild versus Guild: Prims will be integrated in the update, but you will not be able to interact with them (this will come in the July update). You will also find a Ranking tab in your Guild Interface, also inactive for now. Read our Devblog article to find out more about GvG.
  • Guild Banks: become Guild Counters. Additionally to the storage, you will also find the auctions schedule (giving you a book for free, listing all the Haven Worlds auctions to come), the guild office (former guild machine), the ladders and the Guild-o-matic.


  • Voluminous Miner Box recipe: Will stay as it currently is in game: 25x Sovereign Titanium, 10x Royal Bauxite, 10x Tadbole Plank.
  • Trapper Box recipe: Will be correctly modified as described in the “Chillberg right ahead” update: 20x Whispery Feather, 10x Wild Leather, 10x Tadbole Plank.

Haven worlds

  • [New] General: Haven Worlds are now available. The auctions will begin for 16 Haven Worlds on Wednesday, June 26 at 7 PM (Server time) and last for one week. Only guilds level 3+ can participate. At the end of the auction, 16 new Haven Worlds will see their auctions begin for one week. This step will repeat until the 64 Haven Worlds are sold. Find more information about the feature in the following links:


  • Almanax items: Will now be tradable (except the Teleport of Scriptures and titles).
  • Gemlin items, Zinit items, Achievement and Non-repeatable quests items: Will stay non-tradable as intended, but can now be deleted from the inventory.
  • Raval Costume: Its boots will currently display.
  • Elf Costumes: The state given by these costumes will correctly be removed when un-equipped.
  • “Prisoner” state and costumes: The Prisoner costume will always display over any other costume when under the “Prisoner” state.
  • Celestial Piwiboots: Will now correctly be level 26 (and no longer 0).
  • Deckhand Torso: Will correctly display on female characters.
  • Hoodlum altars: The Foggernaut Altar will correctly display.
  • Fire of Love: Can be acquired in Bonta.
  • Grampar's Tooth: Will respect its respawn duration.


  • [New] Croum: This pet can be acquired in your Guild Office (former Guild Machine)!
  • [New] Chafer Legs: This pet can be acquired on monsters in Morbax Neplopolis.
  • Snoofle:
    • Dyes will currently apply to the entire body of the pet.
    • The Roguish Dye will be black, and no longer brown.


  • Brandish a weapon: Correctly works with axes.


  • New Gazette: A new gazette will be implemented with this update: check it out in game!
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[MOD]O-Respeitador 26 June 2013 - 17:55

If you haven't seen, click here.

O Respeitador 
hdgigbut 26 June 2013 - 17:09
I don't get how there isn't a respec, at least for enus. my main is a 111 enu and these changes actually affect me
Satur0s 25 June 2013 - 23:02
lol xD
Noxopox 25 June 2013 - 21:26
next patch :

crâ has ben delete cause this class is now useless and dont need to be playd anymore.
Satur0s 25 June 2013 - 21:08
Give us respec !!!
Brokonaut 25 June 2013 - 17:36

(HateSpawn @ 25 June 2013 10:16) *

(Brokonaut @ 25 June 2013 05:36) *
Oh my lord did anyone actually think Destructive Arrow was balanced?

For God sake it was a 6AP skill that when maxed could spit out 560 base damage. Maybe now it'll be used properly with a lot of built up Riddling seeing as it still has a potential of 355 base damage without a critical hit.

Then some people are losing one base damage on some skills and they think the build is completely ruined. FotM is a problem with Wakfu PvP. Maybe now there will be some more Air and Fire Cra again.

Fire Enutrof buff was nice. And I agree with others that it was silly to change our spells instead of Dragon Pig, since the changes to Blindness were clearly created out of abusing the state to easily beat Dragon Pig. Most bosses are immune to it anyways, and with all classes unable to cause it now there's no point to make him vulnerable to it anymore either.

• Mango
Oh yeah, and you know

punishment and execution are just fine. Nothin like dropping 170 base of something with 200% final damage, or 213 base several times a fight.



Because, you see, often times than not Destructive Arrow does not need remotely close to 100 Riddling stacks to finish off a target after having dealt the Riddling stacks with primary attacks (Lashing & Riddling Arrow). It has no MP cost, and no WP cost as well, as well as very high range. All things Punishment is restricted by.

As far as Execution goes, its power is acceptable for the time it takes to build as well as the close-combat factor, and having to be in close combat all the time to do so.

As far as all this falls into line with PvM, 9 times out of 10 you want to hit things from a distance anyways. Another point for Destructive Arrow.

I really hope you're not using PvP as a scale.

It's still a damn powerful spell even after the latest changes. Anyone who thinks otherwise is being falsely fooled by the numbers they used to hit as a scale.

• Mango
Testimony 25 June 2013 - 17:17
As in the damage buff they were supposed to get before are now applied?
Disappointing if thats the case because I swapped from air because it wasn't doing enough Q_Q.
aeriea 25 June 2013 - 16:51

(Testimony @ 25 June 2013 16:40) *

MasqueraiderAir Branch: Damages will be correctly located
What does this mean?
obviously they weren't correctly located and they fixed it, you should be grateful
Testimony 25 June 2013 - 16:40

MasqueraiderAir Branch: Damages will be correctly located
What does this mean?
ephemeralite 25 June 2013 - 16:06
I would like to point out that if Iop's had a long range skill, maybe the -1 range on the enemy would make sense. However, since all the skills are close-range or lightly medium range, there is no point in -1 range, everything that was able to hit you before will still be able to without much hindrance at all.