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Respec to Kill
2013-01-28 16:00

Discover the changes that will be implemented with the next update, deployed on January 29th.

On this last day of Kwismas, we unveil the list of new features and content that will be implemented on January 29th.

The second part, listing further changes and bug fixing will be published in the next days.

Have a nice read!

Level cap reaches 110

Finally! Starting with next update, you will be able to reach level 110!
Progression will work exactly the same way as for other levels, which means that you’ll get to improve your character a bit more!
Spells will still have a level cap of 100, and you will get 5 abilities points and 5 specialty points per level.

New Respec system

Here’s something that seems to have made you happy last week: the implementation of a proper respec feature! You asked for it, and here it is!

In the menu, 3 new ways to receive a respec: automatic upon reaching level 30, a special ingame quest repeatable every month, and finally a Boutique item. Enough to satisfy all of you!

Discover or rediscover the details in our Devblog!

Storage improvement & tradable Boutique items

In order to help with storage issues, we decided to increase the space available in the Haven-Bag chest!

In this update, more slots will be automatically granted to your ikiakits:
  • Basic: 14 (instead of 5),
  • Small: 14 (instead of 5),
  • Adventurer: 21 (instead of 5),
  • Kit: 21 (instead of 10),
  • Collector: 21 (instead of 10),
  • Golden: 28 (instead of 15),
  • Emerald: 28 (instead of 15).

All in all, the maximum capacity of your Haven-Bag chest will increase from 65 to 147 slots!

Also, to further help with storage, you decided to make all Boutique items tradable. This should help you share your Boutique items between all your characters without fear of wrongly allocating them. Of course you’re also free to offer them or sell them on the Market!

Note that items received with Tofukaze will also become tradable.

3 new dungeons and revamp of the Machines

All Nations: Dirty Trouffe Estate (level 65)
You were waiting for its return, and here it is! Furrier than ever… The Drheller dungeon! It hasn’t move, and you will still access it from Kara in Bonta, by crossing the house of the Stroud. Rascal also hasn’t move: he’ll be waiting for you, upset by your last intrusions… But he surely didn’t expect such motivation from his opponents to rediscover the hidden treasures of the Stroud! Something new however: You’ll also be able to reach this dungeon from Amakna, Brakmar and Sufokia with underground tunnels!

Bonta: Whirly Cave (level 55)
The Whirly Cave is an old abandoned tunnel located in Kara. Whirligigs took it over because they liked the noise made by the laughter resonating from above. Miners always say that Whirligigs store a lot of items they just found lying around… And that’s just what attracts warriors and adventurers! But to get the loot, you’ll first have to face many dangers…

Sadida Kingdom: Arachnoshima Dungeon (level 80)
Arachnophobics, move along! Frightening Arachnees hide in the Sadida Kingdom… Albinos, spectral, phosphorescent… They obviously experienced something unusual! Will you dare step in their nest to try and find out what happened to them? Watch out however, it could itch… Or mutate… Or both!

Toward a machine revamp
The team is currently working on a new machine system. That’s why all new dungeons (starting with the 3 mentioned above) will no longer have tokens and machines dedicated.
Since everything that is offered in the machines is just an alternative to the loots, this change will not prevent you from getting the items and equipment offered by the dungeons.
Machines and tokens currently ingame will stay available, and you will be able to use it as usual. There will simply not be any addition until we complete the revamp. Concerning the bosses and achievements linked to the new dungeons, they will give you Bronze tokens, and no longer dungeon tokens. With the new machine system, Bronze tokens will become the “new” currency used to acquire equipment. We will explain everything about this new system in the next weeks.
We also used this opportunity to review the aspect of gambling joints, on the trade bridges!

Ogrest Chaos retreating!

The current feature of Ogrest Chaos isn’t satisfying for either the community or the team. Therefore we decided to simply “remove” it from the game, for now.
The objective of the Game Designers will be to offer you a complete revamp in due time, enabling us to bring them back, with real incentive for the players!

Changes to the White Crow set

Some days ago, we told you about these changes in a Deblog and on the forums: The White Crow set will be rebalanced.

Find all the details about these changes on this article.

New Gazette

A new fresh gazette will celebrate the arrival of this new content!

Bug fixing and Improvements


  • [New] Level cap reaches 110: You will now be able to level up to 110. Progression will work the same way as the previous levels. Spells can still reach level 100, and you will get 5 points for your stats and 5 points for your specialties per level.
  • [New]Respec instance: The new respect feature will be implemented in game thanks to the Respec instance. You will now have 3 ways to receive a Respec: Automatically when reaching level 30, monthly repeatable quest, Boutique item. You can find more information on our Devblog. However please note the following additions:
    • The quest will also be accessible at Master Bossowl additionally to the Jonks.
    • 5 dummies have been added. They will have elementary mastery and resists (50/100/200/300/400) and hit you each turn with an attack dealing damage of these 4 elements.
    • The passive dummy will no longer heal; allowing you to test your own heals.
    • Upon reattributing your spell experience, the interface will no longer reset them to 0. Instead, it will open with your current experience allocation, allowing you to tweak it more efficiently.
    • You will be able to log out and back in the Respec instance as long as you didn’t choose your final modifications.


  • God Ouginak & God Ecaflip: In PvP, the Ecaflip who successfully plays God Ouginak and God Ecaflip (ending up therefore with 1 HP) will correctly see his additional HP linked to the PvP state.

  • Healing spells: If cast on a zombified enemy, they will take the Water and Heal resist into account.
  • Coney: Will no longer tend to step on the combat borders when their effects are negative for him or the group.

  • Treasure Hunter: this state will now cumulate correctly. It will increase by 5 levels for each 5 levels, and no longer more, as it could happen before.
Enutrof & Eniripsa
  • Mine & Rebirth Mark: Mines will be displayed to the Eniripsa who controls an Enutrof at the beginning of his turn.
  • Flaming Carpet: Its damages have been adapted to match those given in the spell description.
  • Fecammer Armor: Will no longer deal damage to the character wearing it (a Sacrier for example).
  • Crackler Punch: The resist loss inflicted by this spell will now only cumulate up to 100%.
Osamodas & Sadida
  • Gobgob & Voodoll: It will no longer be possible to summon the Gobgob on a Totem. However, it will still be possible to cast it on a cell used by a Totem to tame the targeted monster.

  • Voodoll: In PvP, when passing your cursor over the Totem targeting an enemy or ally, the HP displayed will correctly take the PvP bonus into account.
  • Motherfogger: At level 9 it will correctly give 30% resists.
  • Xelor Dial: Similarly to the other element of the same type (Cra Beacon, etc.), Dials will now be attackable by monsters.


  • General: A character leveling up during a fight will have his full life when ending the fight.
  • Character sheet: Bonus to critical damages will now be displayed in the character sheet.
  • Duels: From now on, at the end of a duel the characters will regain their HP as they were before the fight. If at the end of the fight you had more HP than when you started, your HP will still be set to the same amount as before the fight.


  • [New] Dirty Trouffe Estate: Dungeon for level 65 characters, it will offer you to face the Drhellers. It can be accessed from Kara in Bonta, or tunnels in the three other nations.
  • [New] The Whirlway Station: Available in Bonta (Kara), this dungeon is for level 55 characters and will make you fight Whirligigs.
  • [New] Arachnoshima: Available in the Sadida Kingdom, this dungeon is for level 80 characters and will be full of Arachnees, including exclusive ones!
  • First steps toward Machines revamp: All the new dungeons (including these three) will no longer have dedicated tokens and machines. Those already ingame will stay where they are, and still be usable. Bosses and achievements linked to the new dungeons will now give you Bronze Tokens.
  • The Boarthroom:
    • Boarnigen's Cave: Players will no longer be stuck in combat after destroying the barrel.
  • The Hill Hazize:
    • Royal Crackler: He will have the usual immunities granted to bosses, and will no longer receive the family state.
  • Mollusky Dungeon:
    • Kralaboss: He will have the usual immunities granted to bosses, and will no longer receive the family state.
  • Shark Slipway:
    • Royal Shark: He will have the usual immunities granted to bosses, and will no longer receive the family state.
  • Undieworld:
    • Nun: She will have the usual immunities granted to bosses, and will no longer receive the family state.


  • Hoodlums:
    • Head Hoodlum: For a better coherency, the boss of the dungeon “The Zeppelantern” will now be called “Hoodfella”, and no longer “Head Hoodlum”.
  • Snappers:
    • Bernardo dia Reya: Once in the air, he will correctly be immune to damage from the Sadida Voodoll.
  • Whirligigs:
    • Whirlikid: Using the spell “Whirlijig” against a player placed one cell away from a “Blow” combat border will correctly push him away.

Ultimate Bosses

  • Magmog: Will no longer receive damage from Prespic Hair.


  • Gambling Joint: Their external aspect has been modified to make them more attractive.
  • Prisons:
    • Rat Hair: Once gathered, Rat Hair will correctly reappear on the rats (after some time).
    • Trade: In order to prevent File “traffic” between prisoners and visitors, it will no longer be possible for the citizens of the nation of the prison to trade in this prison.
  • HQ Rooms: Will now correctly display.

 Ogrest Chaos

  • Removal from the game: Since the current Ogrest Chaos feature wasn’t satisfying for both the players and the team, it has been removed from the game. A revamp is planned in order to implement them again, with real interest and incentive for everyone.


  • Ikiakits: Will now contain more slots, in order to help with storage difficulties:
    • Basic: 14 (instead of 5),
    • Small: 14 (instead of 5),
    • Adventurer: 21 (instead of 5),
    • Kit: 21 (instead of 10),
    • Collector: 21 (instead of 10),
    • Golden: 28 (instead of 15),
    • Emerald: 28 (instead of 15).


  • Boutique & Tofukaze: In order to help the management of your inventories, all Boutique items and items linked to Tofukaze will now be tradable.
  • 1 handed staffs: They will now correctly have the bonus linked to localized damages.
  • White Crow set:
    • White Crow Amulet: will no longer be part of the set. Its stats will change from +1Range, +1AP to +1 Range, +1AP, +2CH, +9 Ini. Its rarity will change from Mythic to Legendary.
    • White Crow Wings: will now be part of the set. Its stats will change from +130HP, +15 Ini, +4 Parry, +3CH, +17% dmg, +17% resists, +1 round slot and 1 square slot to +108HP, +20 Ini, +15 Dodge, +3CH, +10% mechanics dmg, +10% back dmg, 1 round slot and 1 square slot. Its rarity will change from Legendary to Mythic.
  • Windy Set: Will be obtainable on Purple Larvas.


  • Emotes of secret passages: Emotes obtained in secret passages will now be directly learned and no longer be received as a scroll.


  • Krosmunster Pet: As other pets, the Krosmunster will now be tradable.


  • New Gazette: A new gazette will celebrate the additions of this update!


  • Private messages: When someone sends you a private message in chat, or when he types in your name, a sound will be played when the message appears.
  • Politic chat: When a political message appears in the chat, a sound will be played.
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KrzysztofAndrzej 05 February 2013 - 03:45
xelor clones suck, 99%monster choice to hit playet not clones, after clone get hitted and remove ap it should give stat bonus to dmg from temporal armor
heatbreaker109 04 February 2013 - 11:56
i agree to -IorekBarrison-
Rubilaxionix 02 February 2013 - 21:51
Yea, I agree with Skar158.
Skar168 02 February 2013 - 12:41
I agree with -IorekBarrison- . I think it's very unfair. Xelor is the most limited class (Air Xelor most), so I think it's horrible what did Ankama. After the latest update I fought with a small group of mobs. By the fact that now they can attack Dial, I lost Dial in 2 turns! Really! So I think Ankama should, for example, add more charges for Dial (much more!). But I think it would be best if Ankama stepped back what they did, that is to say mobs
did not attack the Dial.

Sorry for my english.
-IorekBarrison- 02 February 2013 - 03:19
About the Xelor update I think its a bit unfair. If Xelor's dial is attackable then it should cost only 1WP. How about the Devotion? it cost 1WP also.
Sawper 31 January 2013 - 00:16
all are ok but increasing lvl 110 made all class more damage & resist else stasis fogger !!
isnt this?for example still max damage from aynaloxide will be fixed?
and please clarify this :
Fogginator: At the end of its movement, it will no longer lose its wings.
slasla10 30 January 2013 - 00:32
I agree with Doza-dog. Same is true for friendly beacons made by Cra. It may be coded to attack all mechanical summons, friend or foe. This didn't happen before patch 1.8 though. Hope they fix it.
doza-dog 29 January 2013 - 22:57
uh, so.

With the new dial for Xelors I'm having some problems, It seems no matter what Sinistro is attacking my dial, bringing it down much faster then normal.
Styliaqt 29 January 2013 - 17:36
Lovely changes *.* Quite happy with the bag space now xD

- Stylia
[Troyle] 29 January 2013 - 17:30
And more:


  • Double: The Double will now have the same amount of HP as its caster when it is being summoned.

  • Fire and Oil: The spell will no longer be cast repetitively when the Foggernaut takes damage from it.
  • Fogginator: At the end of its movement, it will no longer lose its wings.

Xelor & Pandawa
  • Underhand & Karchamrak: The spell Underhand will now be correctly greyed out when the Xelor is carried by a Pandawa.


  • Sureberry Fields: The rooms of this dungeon will now correctly close between each fight.


  • Quest of the 30 Javian: You will not have to use the emote “Spank” but “Burp” instead. Note that the question description will wrongly ask you to use the Spank emote.


  • Unused components: Here’s a list of craft components that became unnecessary and have therefore been removed from the game (since they have no use in recipes anymore). Note that you may still have some in your inventory. They will have no use for you anymore:
    • Twiglet
    • Skein of Wool
    • Padding
    • Wadding
    • Raternal Link
    • Horned Guard
    • Tacky Strap
    • Exchange Weight
    • Pricky Point
    • Elastic Cord
    • Bombard
    • Lace
    • Metal Support
    • Supple Sole
    • Bestial Thread