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Patch Notes

Hotfix for 1.01 - 29/03/2012
2012-03-29 10:00


  • Sram animations should now trigger correctly when invisible


  • From now on, only 6 characters will be able to join in a fight on one side (however, monsters can still be 8, as it was before).
  • Worldbosses are now immune to Madness, Stunned, Sleepy, Zombification, Blindness and Bound states


  • Fishing rates now display correctly in the profession interface


  • The Moowolf set becomes the Milimoowolf set
  • A new Moowolf set was placed on Moowolf
  • Dragolyre can no longer be dropped in the Elite dungeon.
  • Crobak Bow was changed back to its right craft level: 70. Same goes for the Prickel Ring, now level 65.
  • Damages bonus from wearing the Wild Gobball Set are now Water element.
  • Quantity of common resources now adapts to the amount of players in the team (less drop in solo than multi)
  • It is now possible to drop up to 2 keys per monster.
  • Recipes including Quaint Silver and Luminous Lead Ore have been changed:
  • Crobak Dagger recipe: 40 Luminous Lead Ore => 65 Rugged Quartz
  • Sacred Ring recipe: 45 Luminous Lead Ore => 70 Rugged Quartz
  • Forgiveness Bow recipe: 8 Luminous Lead Ore => 30 Hazy Lead Ore
  • Titanic Crown recipe: 8 Quaint Silver Ore => 40 Hazy Lead Ore
  • Dreamy Blade recipe: 22 Quaint Silver Ore => 65 Wholesome Zinc
  • Boowolf Slicers recipe: 20 Quaint Silver Ore => 60 Wholesome Zinc
  • Brutal Tiara recipe: 42 Quaint Silver Ore => 92 Hazy Lead Ore
  • Bluestar Sword recipe: 60 Quaint Silver Ore => 102 Rugged Quartz
  • Iron Cross recipe: 20 Quaint Silver Ore => 30 Hazy Lead Ore
  • Nunnish Doily recipe: 49 Quaint Silver Ore => 79 Wholesome Zinc


  • Fixed a bug that could lead to item loss after manipulating inside the chest of the Haven-Bag
  • Haven-Gems drop on bosses has been decreased: Deco Haven-Gem from 3% to 1%. The three others Haven-Gems from 1% to 0.1%


  • Cracklers now produce sound