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Patch Notes

Hotfix for 1.01 - 28.03.2012
2012-03-28 12:00
The Moowolf respawn time is fixed: he doesn’t spawn as fast; you will now need to be more patient to fight him again. Moowolf now only appears in Sadida Kingdom.

Bins that allowed to trade untradeable items are now removed from the game.
In order to prevent players from generating Haven Gems in dungeons with twinks, the first sub-objective of the challenges “Scales in The Abyss”, “Scaraface”, “Diabli” and “Botanic Commando” becomes: “Finish the dungeon with level 35 minimum”. Only characters with level 35 and higher will be able to complete this challenge and receive the Haven Gem.
In the next days, another hotfix will be deployed.
It should correct some additional bugs and re-balance the Moowolf set as follows:
  •  Items of the current Moowolf set will be renamed and visuals will be changed
  • Bonuses of the set will be decreased and it will become a water set
  • This set will now be named Milimoowolf
  • Moowolf items will therefore automatically be changed to Milimoowolf items.
A new Moowolf set with similar bonuses as the one currently in game will be added to the game on Moowolf.