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Patch Notes

Hotfix for 1.09 - 11.07.2012
2012-07-11 15:30


  • Temporal Burn no longer consumes all the MPs

Trool Fair

  • The tunnel of love can now be accessed by a party with more than 2 players
  • Trool Stocks has been fixed and should work properly
  • Cupe ‘Em Up has been rebalanced:
  • Lashing Love Arrow cost changes from 6AP to 5AP
  • Love Gobballs and Gobball Love Chief no longer have the spell Black Sobber
  • Mobs now attack the Beacon when possible
  • The amount of Beacons is now limited to one

Mobile Arenas

  • The amount of points required to gain more equipment in the Mobile Arenas have been increased
  • Reward positions of the Doziac Epaulettes and Doziac Helmet have been swapped
  • Mobile Arenas from the 4 Nations and Astrub no longer have a black border during fights
  • Due to many rebalancing in the Mobile Arenas, ladders will be reset


  • Silver Blibli can no longer be captured. Osamodas who already has one will lose him upon reconnection
  • AI has been improved


  • The maximum stack size of tokens has been increased to 9999
  • The maximum stack size of Mimikibbles has been changed from 10 to 99Regresso no longer kills the target when used under the zombified state
  • Some items have been rebalanced