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Patch Notes

Hotfix for 1.17 - 30.11.2012
2012-11-30 11:00


  • Issues leading to items loss have been identified and fixed. This should prevent players from losing items that were traded before maintenance, or see their Haven Bags wiped.
  • Treasure Hunt shovels will no longer be acquirable endlessly when a character is below level 55.


  • Sureberry Fields: It is no longer possible to reach the next room without emptying the previous one.
  • Larventura: Non-subscribers will now be able to fight monsters in the dungeon.

Ultimate Bosses

  • Fixed a bug that could lead to an instant kill of the Black Crow when using a Sadida doll.


  • Drago-Express: Will be correctly usable in Astrub.


  • The game window will correctly resize under Windows 7.