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Patch Notes

Hotfix for 1.18 - 19.12.2012
2012-12-19 12:00


  • Zombification: A bug linked to Zombification could lead to a repeated application of the damages. This has been fixed.


  • Snowy Star: Father Kwismas will offer the quest again if it was refused the first time.


  • Chocolate Father Kwismas: Now gives +20PP instead of +10PP.
  • Kwismas Dragoturkey: Now gives +20Wisdom for 1 combat, instead of +1AP and -1MP.
  • Kwismas Dragoturkey: You will now get two of them for 1 Father Kwismas Token in the machines, instead of 1.
  • Chocolate Kama: You will now get 10 of them for 1 Father Kwismas Token in the machines.
  • Elf Insignias: They will now cost 30 Chocolote Kamas instead of 3 Father Kwismas Tokens.

Krosmaster Arena

  • The WAKFU figurines can now be removed from the collection even if they were stacked with DOFUS figurines.