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KROSMASTER Arena: Online Tournament

KROSMASTER Arena: Online Tournament
2014-02-26 11:00
Warm up your screen, prepare your mouse and get ready: between February 28th and March 7th, participate in our special Krosmaster Arena online tournament, and you might win some virtual Terminatot figurines!

Our tournament is an opportunity for you to test your team, but also to have fun. You might even get prizes out of it! Well, at least, for the 3 best players...
  • First place: Wakfu Terminatot + Stasis Terminatot
  • Second place: Wakfu Terminatot
  • Third place: Stasis Terminatot
(All those figurines will be digital only.)

How to play? Simple enough: 
  • Between February 28th and March 7th 9 AM GMT / 4 AM EST / 1 AM PST, play Tournaments in Krosmaster Arena online.
  • For every match you win during those tournaments, you get 1 point.

Bring your A-game to the tournament, and mop the floor with your opponents! Good luck!
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Share your opinion about Saharash!
2014-04-10 16:00
Now that you have access to both areas, how much do you like Saharash island?
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