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Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year 2014!
2013-12-31 00:00 24
Start the new year with a grand finale! In order to celebrate 2014's arrival, Ankama would like to offer you Fairyworks in WAKFU! Simply redeem the code: HAPPY-N-Y-2014. Discover also the details of a bonus in-game event to further celebrate the new year.

Ankama wishes you a Happy New Year! Whether it be in-game, in real life, on the screen and everywhere else, may 2014 bring you all you ever dreamed of... And to celebrate, we offer you Fairyworks in WAKFU, using the following code:

Fairywork Extravaganza!

And to further celebrate, meet [Sabi] and the ICT team in-game (Nox and Remington) at random locations and random times during the event period on January 1st 2014 for a Fairywork Dropping Extravaganza!

Event Period:

  • Remington: This event will start randomly between 6PM GMT / 1PM EST / 10 AM PST until 8 PM GMT  / 3 PM EST / 12 PM PST.
  • Nox: This event will start randomly between 2 AM GMT (Jan 2nd) / 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST until 4 AM GMT (Jan 2nd) / 11 PM EST / 8 PM PST.
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Goblin-Cleaver 01 January 2014 - 03:06
I am prone to complain about the workings at Ankama but I really do not see the beef with this. Would you feel better if they were called Super Fantastic 2014 New Year Fairyworks? Non-exclusive items that were said to be exclusive are another matter all together.
FeldePard 01 January 2014 - 02:19
This just goes back to my argument about the regular dmg tofu that was supposed to be an Exclusive item (says so right on the page that Troyle linked to claim it wasn't "exclusive" but straight up said Exclusive, and the definition of Exclusive is..... ah well, now I'm dredging up the past... and no one likes that....)

Ankama likes to recycle things. Items... events...
tashlol 01 January 2014 - 01:50

(Smaakpapil @ 01 January 2014 01:19) *
1 Year fireworks ? You recycled that from wakfu's 1 year celebration. Bit cheap.
Anything remotely prestigious or special that we can obtain, Ankama end up giving away. It really, really disappoints me.
Smaakpapil 01 January 2014 - 01:19
1 Year fireworks ? You recycled that from wakfu's 1 year celebration. Bit cheap.
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