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MULTIMAN: concept and how to get them

MULTIMAN: concept and how to get them
2013-11-19 19:10 184
They’re coming, and they’re about to change your gameplay experience forever! Multiman is a sidekick system that allows you to control one or several characters in addition to yours! A super-bonus for those who play solo, a new way of dominating dungeons for guilds – a little revolution in WAKFU! And it's coming December 10...

The Multimen are the first characters to introduce the sidekick system to WAKFU. When you call them, Lumino, Skale, Krobax, Trank, Beelzebug, and Shadow will leap to your aid, under your direction! And this will just bring a fresh new way of experiencing the game, and develop new strategies.

Who are they?

6 Multimen, 6 Dofus... you do the math! These Vigilantes are hybrid creatures created from monsters and the magic of the Dofus. Ereziah Melkewel created them:
  • Firefoux + Ivory Dofus = Lumino
  • Red Scaraleaf + Crimson Dofus = Beelzebug 
  • Shark + Turquoise Dofus = Skale 
  • Crobak + Emerald Dofus = Krobax 
  • Treechnid + Ochre Dofus = Trank 
  • Ereziah's Shadow + Ebony Dofus = Shadow 
Each Multiman also has his own powers. You'll know more soon...

What is a Sidekick exactly?

A Sidekick fights alongside adventurers, is controlled by the player and counts as a character during a fight. Note that they won’t be usable in PvP.

Sidekicks can be equipped with all the same gear as a player's character, with no restrictions besides levels.

A character can control up to two Sidekicks at once in a fight.

The Sidekicks win experience but can't become more powerful than your character.

Sidekicks can be exchanged between players via the Marketplaces.

How does one acquire a Sidekick?

The first Sidekicks will be the Multimen. You can obtain them on the Boutique or via subscription offers.

In order to first be able to test a Multiman, you will get to test them for free ingame. The multiman available for free will change each week, and allow you to test Lumino, Skale, Krobax, Trank, Beelzebug and Shadow one after the other, if your account has a running subscription.

A seventh Sidekick will be available entirely for free ingame: the Astrub Mercenary! Getting him will be easy; you’ll only need to complete a quest in Astrub!

How to get them

Beelzebug, Skale, Krobax, and Trank:
The elemental Multimen will be sold separately in the Boutique starting from December 10th:
  • 5800 Ogrines each
  • 9000 Ogrines for 2 Elementary Multimen
  • 14000 Ogrines for all 4 Elementary Multimen
The “Light” Multiman will be offered with 6 month subscription (additionally to the usual gifts).

The “Darkness” Multiman will be offered with 1 year subscription (additionally to the usual gifts).

Why not asking us in a Poll like in DOFUS?

The Sidekick feature will be quite different in DOFUS and WAKFU. We chose precise acquisition means that would better fit what we have in mind for the game. Also, development of this model is already well advanced and modify it now could have a direct impact on the quality of the content.

Don’t forget that you’ll get the possibility to test this feature with the Mercenary of Astrub, and the weekly testing available with the Multimen.
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Asthis 22 November 2013 - 13:08
If you are subbing for a year you should understand you will miss out on new exclusive subscription gifts. I usually pay for 1-3 months at a time and when a good deal comes around I'll buy more sub time, like with the Arachni costume. It's hard to plan ahead though because you never know when these come around, but I try to time it around holidays.

I would like to sub 6 months just for Lumino and if another offer comes up before my sub runs out I guess I'll just buy another month if i think it's worth it.

If you desperately want a Shadow but don't want to sub another year, just wait awhile until they are sold on the market.
CloudyMind 22 November 2013 - 12:17
I'm sorry but this is pay to win.
Kaitenzushi 22 November 2013 - 10:00

(ShadowFacts @ 21 November 2013 11:41) *

(Troyle @ 21 November 2013 10:37) *
Problem here is, where would you draw the line?... ...

There will always be someone that will feel left aside

Honestly, you asking "where do we draw the line?" is just you coping out from a common sense answer... IE: How bout you announce your "sub bonuses" a few months a head of time and avoid this whole problem all together?

Absolutely! By planning ahead yourselves, you're not only being professional, you're also allowing us (your customers) to plan ahead. It would have been great if this stuff was pre-announced further up ahead. At least one month, preferably two.
TommyTrouble 22 November 2013 - 09:39
They have said to wait to sub if you want the Multiman. Wait till you're playing the game after the 10th, basically, then sub.

if you want to keep playing now, do just a month or weekly, or take a short break.
Ninjjo 22 November 2013 - 05:08
I want to know if I sub for a year now will I get the sidekick? I have 2 days left on my current one. I'd hate to lose out just because my current sub happened to run out now.
Alabastr1x 22 November 2013 - 01:46
Personally, I like the sidekick system. Although I usually play in group, it's pretty hard to gather a group sometimes, especially for a specific dungeon with specific classes.

This system will save a lot of time: one can go straight where he wants to go instead of shouting half an our for a group an the 5th Bond. Thus, one's game progress won't be stopped due to abscence of other people (i. e. something a player has no influence on).

Multiboxers/const. party players' gameplay definitely won't worsen.

And I'm sure that those preferring to play with real persons won't have troubles either (even if they have got a multiman). Because they will be able to find groupmates faster. I saw a hundred times somebody shouting on the market "%dungeon_name% 4/6 or 5/6" for a long time (did it myself occasionally xD). Had they had a multiman, they would have been doing dungeon already (with real people and 1-2 multimen).

PS I'm dying to learn more details about the sidekickers though...
Gynrei 21 November 2013 - 22:27

(Nox16 @ 21 November 2013 19:16) *
Honestly i get where ankama is coming from and i dont fault them for it i wish things were different but i understand why they have to be like this.

I understand where Ankama is coming from as well, but i think there is a better way to handle it.

These promotions are about convincing new players and people who's subs are ending to sub for a year instead of one month by offering incentives. They do not offer much to people already paying for the game. I doubt many current subscribers will add another year onto their sub if they already have 6 months or more to go.

There should be an option for all current subscribers to extend their subscription to a full year. This way their sub is 'refreshed' and the player would be entitled to any items under the new promotional offer that weren't available when they started their sub.

If the suggestion above is too difficult, just give everyone on a year sub the items. Ankama can file the gifts under player retention.
Nox16 21 November 2013 - 19:16
Ok here is the thing im a year subber and yes id like a free shadow but im not butt hurt about it. What ankama has seemed to do is around when my sub runs out *around the anniversary of the game* they make a good year sub deal and give everyone who has subbed teh year before a gift of the current sub thats how i got two hoodfella insigs... im assuming they will do this again. Honestly i get where ankama is coming from and i dont fault them for it i wish things were different but i understand why they have to be like this.
Gynrei 21 November 2013 - 15:25

(Taku- @ 21 November 2013 10:49) *
Rewarding it for people who have subbed for a year already means someone who is already invested in the game is given something for it. I don't see how that's a bad thing. The sentiment that they might have gotten some other deal is simply being petty--Are you really trying to say they would be getting too good of a deal, if they got this? I think most of your playerbase would disagree with you.

I agree with the last few posts above me. Worst case scenario a few people get double the gifts depending on the timing of their subscriptions.

A lot happens over the course of a year sub. The rewards change frequently. Someone should do the math and see how long a player would be subscribed to Wakfu if they added months/years to their sub each time a new promotion was offered.

Gamers like to collect items. It's one of the features of RPG's. Making players miss out on goodies because of the timing of their YEAR LONG subscription isn't funny.
ShadowFacts 21 November 2013 - 11:41

(Troyle @ 21 November 2013 10:37) *
Problem here is, where would you draw the line?

We would give it to those who subscribed for one year just the day before? Those who subscribed 2 days before would be unhappy. Let’s make it 5 days before, but those who subscribed 6 days before would be frustrated. Alright, let’s make it one month before. And those who subscribed 31 days before?

There will always be someone that will feel left aside.

Some would say that we could just give it to those who subscribed for a year already, without limit as long as the subscription is still running. But then someone who subscribed a year ago, and has only one day left in his subscription time would also receive the gift, whereas he already “used” what he paid for. He might even already have had an extra gift back then, with an offer that was available at this time.

Subscription bonuses are always a very sensible matter, and we always applied it this way. There is sadly no perfect solution that would satisfy everyone.

No offense, but I was one of those players that sub'd 2 HOURS before your special "Frost Gladitrool" costume was announced as a sub bonus earlier this year.

Ya know what you told me?... "oh well.. buy another month".

Worse than that, there were people that sub'd for 3-6 months on that same day and got blown off by you and Ankama just the same.

You people don't reward loyalty or those that support you.. instead, you just sit there with your hand out, asking "what've you done for me lately?".

Now amplify that arrogant attitude with countless bugs and a dismissive/non-extant customer support and you've got a gaming company that simply doesn't appreciate just how good it's got it.

Penny Arcade also did 2 comics to help advertise your game... which is MIND BLOWING when I think of all the other games out there that are struggling and deserve that sort of publicity way more than you.

Honestly, you asking "where do we draw the line?" is just you coping out from a common sense answer... IE: How bout you announce your "sub bonuses" a few months a head of time and avoid this whole problem all together?

Ya, it's really THAT simple.
**Even better still if you add it to the "Event Calender".. so people can plan a head.

If you want to go a step further, then how bout also adding reserved bonuses:

(khackt @ 21 November 2013 11:36) *
last year or something around that there was that hoodlum costume and few scrolls of restat for those, who have been year-subbed, and i received it even tho i had like half of year left.
that worked well, so what's the problem with current topic?

if a dude is running on a year sub - no matter how long ago that did happen if its not yet expired - then you should give him that gift, thats how it worked, thats how it should work this time in my oppinion.

Of course, that's operating under the assumption you're not simply doing these last minute bonuses out of greed, rather than to support your game and reward fan loyalty.
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