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Cras target Krosmaster Arena

Cras target Krosmaster Arena
2012-10-26 14:00
It’s always tough to face a Cra: when he releases his grip, you know you’re in trouble! Discover the archers of Krosmaster Arena!

Krosmaster Arena is the first expansion common to both DOFUS and WAKFU that will allow you to face not only people from other servers but even players from other games, without need to log off from your favorite game!

And you can be sure Cras got it right! Just the idea of seeing their arrows pierce the bottom of an opponent from other millennia makes them bend their bow like never before.

Discover new figurines each week until the release of Krosmaster Arena!

The current target?... Cras of course!
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2014-04-10 16:00
Now that you have access to both areas, how much do you like Saharash island?
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