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Azael explains Mobile Arenas!

Azael explains Mobile Arenas!
2012-06-29 16:01 23
Today’s Devblog comes from Azael, Lead Game Designer on WAKFU, who will give you all the details about the concept of the Mobile Arenas!


From the Shustuft Crust to Mobile Arenas

You oldies will no doubt remember the “Shustuft” dungeons, where the aim was to survive for the longest time possible against waves of increasingly powerful monsters.

We initially decided to simply improve these dungeons, but we ultimately realised that all our modifications had resulted in an improvement that was anything but simple. In fact, we’ve ended up with a whole new type of content to introduce to the WAKFU MMO.Here, amongst the devs, we’ve nicknamed them the Arcade Dungeons.

These dungeons will appear as Mobile Arenas that come from the Trool Fair, and they’ll crop up in Astrub as well as different spots within each Nation.


How to access Mobile Arenas

Our aim was to create a much more arcade-focused gaming experience and we wanted to make it accessible for everyone.

So we made sure that the Arenas are visible from your map using a dedicated marker. To enter into one of these arenas, you’ll need to use the Bronze Tokens won either at the Trool Fair or from challenges.

Each Mobile Arena will present various groups of monsters – that is to say, monsters that you’re familiar with but don’t normally face all together as a group.

E.g. The Cania Swamps Mobile Arena will bring you Bliblis, Scaras, Plants and Snappers!

New game rules

Your aim is simple: get the highest score!

Each monster will earn you a certain number of points according to its level.

You’ll have to face waves of increasingly powerful monsters that will bring you more and more points.

The game takes place in “Rounds”. Each Round consists of five waves of monsters, the fifth of which is always a boss!

As soon as the boss appears, you’ll have just five turns to kill all the monsters present in the Arena. If you fail, you lose!
Once all the monsters have been killed, a new Round will begin and the monsters’ levels will increase (normally by five).
(feature ine development and not yet translated)


Bonuses/Penalties, Events and Challenges

During the course of a Round, one Bonus/Penalty and one Event will appear.

The Bonus/Penalty will affect the players immediately but will last just one turn.

E.g. The “Stocked” bonus will allow you to recover HP if you step onto a particular cell.

Events are there to bring you extra points but will only be available for one turn.

E.g. The Golden Tofu will only appear for one turn and will bring you lots of points if killed... But it’s pretty good at dodging!

(feature in development and not yet fully translated)
A list of challenges will become available and can be seen as soon as a battle begins.

You can take on each challenge once per Round, bringing a hefty bonus to your score!

E.g. “Genocide” – Kill 6 enemies in one turn.


Once you’ve finished your battle in the Arena, you’ll be given a score and ranking. The ranking (A, B, C or D) will naturally depend on your score as well as the number of challenges you complete!

(feature in development and not yet translated)
The score is the same for the whole group, but the ranking will depend on your level. This means that a level 100 player will have to score a lot higher than a level 1 player to rank high. Come on – it needs to be fair!

The higher your score, the more rewards you’ll receive, and the rewards given will be adapted to your level.

You’ll be able to obtain up to 16 rewards, including experience points, goody bags containing different rare delights and items that can be smithmaged.

A level 30 player and a level 50 player will therefore be able to play together, earning rewards specifically suited to their characters.

Itching to know what’s up for grabs in these Mobile Arenas before going in all guns a-blazing? There will be a sign at the entrance to each one displaying the list of rewards available (for your level).

(feature in development and not yet translated)


Each Mobile Arena has a sign displaying the leaderboard of the top three teams. What's more, the players from the best team will appear just next to this sign. Pretty cool, right?

Let the games begin!

The rest of the team and I hope you enjoy this new idea!
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muhdimran 01 July 2012 - 04:42
what's the point putting up all this when stability of the game & balanced of game across character & server got alot of work to put into it....
Pay to play ... where are our consumer rights....?
Where is the service from paying?
Torle 30 June 2012 - 19:48
I think it's stated in the post that there will be one in Astrub.

- Nemeth
IvanKng 30 June 2012 - 14:16
p2p only because trool fair in on a seperate island and f2p players cannot access islands, they can only explore their own nation
evilmanofevil 30 June 2012 - 14:08
I have some questions
1) Is it for p2p only or for everyone?
2) You said bronze tokens can be found in the trool fair, so my question is will the f2p get access to bronze tokens or not?
Basically that's it. So please don't mind me asking ^^
IvanKng 30 June 2012 - 13:32
@resonate, yea last part i was getting sleepy so just wrote whatever came to mind and i did mention its a common feature in alot of games but its usually those kind of content that keeps players going, this is early end game content which we can start doing now.

inferior complex between old n new players cant really be helped, no matter what u do u cant expect someone who play a week to be stronger or have better and more stuff then a 1 month old player they still need to somewhat work for the rewards / equipments

but due to the items in wakfu have very errr.... unbalance stats meaning they are not items with a simple atk or defense stat which we can upgrade easily, so this feature will be hard to balance out and if ever wanting to release it will take a pretty long time but still can be considered in the long run

afterall its better to keep the old players busy while new players come in and the old players can actually sell the items in markets or give/help the new players its just bonus end game content since there r other suggestions i give above which can be pretty much errr.... long lasting so this is just an alternate option as part of end game / maxed lvl content.

PS: thank you for replying resonate but lets move the conversation to the thread on suggestions i created ^^ _Click here

take note for this thread im just not too happy with giving experience as rewards because it is a reward which leaves max lvl players out unless something else can be done with it~ cheers~~
Resonate 30 June 2012 - 13:10
@IvanKng, your general suggestion is interesting, except for the last part. Equipment upgrade is a feature where most of F2P games use to get more cash from players by selling item enhancing, insurance scroll (preventing breaking), etc.

Upgradable equipments will make the gap between the new player and the old player too large to cover. You know the current issue of the game: Balancing. Stronger equipment will make it more difficult to balance both PvM and PvP. Players will totally trash all PvM content and old players with superior equipments will be able to easily win over new players in PvP related content (arena, Guild vs Guild, nation war, player vs outlaw).

Also, I don't remember new games like Diablo III or Guild War 2 have item upgrade feature so it's not a necessary thing to make the game better.

On the other hand, item enhancing is fine (with potion, with rune or whatever). It's okay if the enhancing components are rare and hard to get, thus they are expensive but still accessible / purchasable. The enhancing part still guarantees success. A new player working hard at earning kamas can acquire as good items as old players. Making items upgradable where high rank items at +12 & above requires extreme luck & grinding to achieve will totally break all balance.

Surely it will make some players feel that their achievement stand out more and be more proud of themselves but it will also cause grief and inferior feeling of less successful players. It will be the same kind of feeling where some strong guilds camp World Bosses, while prevent everyone else to access them, and make strongest equipments become their exclusive privileges.
IvanKng 30 June 2012 - 08:29
hmmm... well its good im just kinda worried about the random spawning of certain monsters, the healing and basically everything mentioned inside whether if it will go through serious testing and release without bugs and glitches

and also exp as a reward seems like a horrible idea for max lvl players could i suggest to remove that or replace with some other rewards ?

(will post below part on suggestions too since i was planning to just give a short reply but it seems to be getting longer n longer ^^;; lol~ so we can discuss there)

Exp Accumulation System

Oh heres an idea, the exp we get are all accumulated even if we reach max lvl like for now lvl 105 they display maximum lvl and we cant get anymore exp, how about put a seperate section which shows all the exp which u have gained like for lvl 105 its 17501080 / 17501080 or Maximum lvl we dont have to touch that but instead maybe add in somewhere on our character status page an Accumulated EXP option which u can ONLY start to accumulate AFTER U REACH MAX LVL (105 now)

Just like spell exp respecialization which appears only after u hit max lvl we can start accumulating exp which max lvl players gained when they hit max lvl like a new lvl 105 now will have 0 exp accumulated then he goes training for a few hours will get like 100 million exp accumulated for example (this value can be lowered to a smaller value just need to work out the math be it spell exp accumulated or a fraction of fight exp gain 10% or 1% etc so that the numbers will not accumulate to something very big or long.


if player reach max lvl, stop player normal exp gain and trigger exp accumulation system.

Accumulated exp receive = normal exp gain /1000 (or even /100000) ;to cut down resources used making it a smaller accumulated value and more accessible for various reasons

Accumulated exp = Accumulated exp + Accumulated exp recieve = Accumulated exp ;the developers should know how to work it out just reduce the Accumulated exp to exchange for stuff

i would like to point out to just make it a value and not make it a token or an item, it can be displayed something like kamas on our inventory screen, it will be simpler to code and reduce unnecessary chances for any bugs appearance, try making the code as simple as possible nothing fanciful is needed for this step it will just be like a exp currency we can use to trade for items so dont waste too much time pondering it through just a simple plus and minus = players get rewards~ xD and = high lvl content developed and players will stay n play

Another thing which i would like to suggest is if we dont use accumulated exp as theme we can simply just put an additional value called: battle tokens (to make it sound meaningful) which we get some per battle after we have reach max lvl which works somewhat the same like getting kamas from battles in dofus but ill just stick to accumulated exp here but either one is workable

Note: at lvl 105 a decent battle exp should revolve around 300k exp but in order to prevent players in future to make use of using lvl 200 to kill a bunch of mid range monsters just to farm exp for items the exp used on exchange for the items received i suggest to develop a more balanced system in which we can get like 0.001 % exp to accumulate for lvl 50s monsters 0.012% exp for monsters around lvl 100s, 0.036% for lvl 150s and 0.072% for lvl 200s (lvl of monsters not total lvl which is somewhat similar to what was used for spell exp during beta where the spell exp given for killing a lvl 50 monster is more then what we get for killing a group of 5 lvl 20)

The balancing for this will depends on the difficulty of defeating the monsters so if its harder more xp should be awarded lower of course lesser xp averaging to around 5-10 mins a battle sounds about right.

Reason Behind

what i want to say is if we let max lvl players have something worthwhile and meaningful for them to do after they reach max lvl it will help wakfu keep players and face it not everyone wants to do crafting or gathering, alot of us just wants to keep getting stronger n stronger if ever so possible there are alot of hardcore players out there who loves grinding 24/7 and remember during beta where we get 0exp for lvling on monsters way too below our lvl ? that actually was a really good system because players will take at least like 100x longer to hit maximum lvl compared to now

but i also understand what u guys were thinking when u changed exp systems, u want to make sure that those with lesser time to play the game dont get neglected and still catch up with the rest of the players quickly but things is the game gets boring once u hit maximum lvl and get all ur items thats why alot of players have quit the game, u need end game content, u need something for players to do so they wouldnt hit max lvl and quit, u need something players can keep working hard towards, something VERY challenging VERY difficult to attain and requires ALOT OF HARDWORK


Heres what i would like to suggest is that develop the exp accumulation system and the rewards players get to exchange are as follows based on how much exp is used for exchange, ill try to be as fair as possible so as to not break the balance of the game and so that ankama can actually use the suggestions, rewards can revolve around kamas, runes, equipments, abilities, other special stuff to make it all so special lol

1) Runes - We can use the exp accumulated to get any type of Runes we want just make a dropbox to list every runes (reasonable since working hard to acquire something wakfu already has is not game breaking) but just incase players do not want to use the smithsmagic system just make sure it has a high exchange requirement as the rune lvls goes up~ aprox for lvl 100 runes 100 decent battle exp for a white rune 300 for a green and 600 for a orange, 2000 battles for a yellow rune, this is just aproximation of course then scale it up for higher lvl runes

2) Kamas - i know ankama wants ppl to do trading and everything for market but rather then give ppl exp as rewards might as well give some kamas as an alternative choice if ppl really really really hate gathering profs or selling stuff nothing much of course maybe 1 kama per battle for the hardcore players which should be enough for them to use zaap and everything of course its not really worthwhile trade if u compare to items n other stuff but still its an option for players to choose maybe 100 decent battles will net em an extra 10% = 110 kamas to exchange

3) Equipments, this is a very sensitive issue to many u dont want them to be very overpowered but yet still want them to be worth changing for as compared to other boss drops so one of the good items to suggest to exchange exp for will be wisdom or pp gears of a lower lvl or customizable eq (may need to write another thread for this...) but it seems pretty fair to exchange our accumulated battle exp for wisdoms equipments to perhaps train a new lower lvl perhaps 1000 decent battle for 10 wisdom gear or perhaps a wisdom insignia or pet then 2000 decent battles for 15 wisdom 5000 for 20 10000 battles for 30 wis gears and make those items with no lvl limit (it really doesnt matter i mean if a high lvl actually get 1 30 wis item with no lvl requirement for 10000 battle it seems alright and if each battle takes about 5-10mins he will be required to grind at least 1000 hours non stop to get it unless his a robot who doesnt need sleep he will need to grind 24/7 for at least 1 or 2 month to get it

its worthwhile not game breaking we can of course work on the wis given perhaps 40 or 50 wis on a single equipment which gives NOTHING but wisdom (to prevent ppl from abusing it) for a hardworking grinding player to train a new account or character, if a player plays 10hours a day purely on combat it will still take him close to half a year to obtain one high wisdom gear and perhaps he can work with his guild mates and friends so each get one part so they can share it around to train a new character

of course there can be other equipment options and choices let ur imagination flow~~~

4) Abilities - i played some other games before where they give players certain other options to use their character exp like changing exp for stat's / reincarnation, we can perhaps use the battle exp to change for ability points like perhaps 150- 200 battle xp for 1 ability point (150- 200 battles at 5-10mins each battle = aprox if u grind the whole day away on battle)

but i know ppl will say this will ruin game balance but wait, since anakama has announced that pvp equipment and stuff will be introduced what about pvp stats and stuff if they tweak it a little they can make stats thats for pvp and for pve so this wouldnt exactly ruin the game balance since the bonus stats will only work when u fight monsters so it wouldnt affect new or old players during pvp just during pve the old veterans/ loyal hardcore players will get some bonuses, even if u grind 24/7 for a month its only 30 additional points so a hardcore player who practically plays wakfu almost everyday for a year he gets 300 ability points it really gives players something to work for and yet not exactly game breaking since its only pve

theres 24hours a day and minus the 8 hours of sleep and another 8 hours for other things even if u play 8hrs a day and 5-10mins a battle its around 50-100 battles a day we take 75 as an average and 150 battles for 1 ability point we will need to play like that for 600 days about 20 months, for a character in game to grinds like this for 1year and 8 months im sure his character should be given some benefits when fighting monsters and besides 300 points wouldnt really mean much (75% atk and defense on a certain stat if u havent max ur ap mp and other stuff)

but u guys can discuss whether its game breaking or not to be able to get a tiny little boost on killing monsters after playing for almost 2 years

5) Insignia - if the ability system seems too far fetched how about using insignia, we can call it battle insignia which only works during pve just like the guard insignia u get bonuses when fighting only outlaws and battle insignia works only against monsters

To obtain the insignia we must first offer 500 battle xp and its base stats will be some what close to what our guild insignia offers now or to be detail 50hp 10% atk 10% resist and 10 pp this item of course cannot be traded but we can upgrade it though... this may seem tougher for the programmers to work with compared to giving players ability points but its really not that difficult just create codes for the game to create load and save for each player's battle insignia instead of creating a fixed item and read from there or just simply add a system like player stats into battle insignia where we can edit it just like player stats its like u use accumulated exp to lvl up battle insignia

6) im getting tired so ill stop soon but items like mea culpa potion or other 1 time use stuff like pp, craft xp potions, wis potions, atk n defense potions can be added inside or a equipment strengthening upgrade stone which works different from runes its lvls up the equipment for example a normal weapon has 100 hp 10% atk 10% resist then we upgrade it to +1 = 105hp 10.5% atk 10.5% defense then +2 110hp 11% atk 11% defense with a chance of failing from +3 onwards which either breaks ur items or lower the lvl of the items if u dont use a special item to protect it from breaking or increase chance of success (a common feature in many games) we can perhaps get the materials as a boss drop or a very high exchange rate using our exp accumulated~

k getting sleepy..... @_@ night guys~~

PS: share ur views opinions and suggestions dont make it an argument topic~ xD
IeSwain 30 June 2012 - 07:59
christinebr360 30 June 2012 - 06:15
gemashin 30 June 2012 - 03:00
i wish this one dont come with the same bug as goball rush had, and one single "sadida" solo more than 90 rounds!

btw, this is for next month?
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