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Rules and Sanctions in WAKFU

Game rules

List of sanctions that may be applied by WAKFU support.


For certain offences, a warning may be sent to you. This warning is, above all, sent to remind the player of the rules and warn them that they may risk a sanction if they continue to violate the T&C. This message is sent directly in-game by a moderator, or by email from support. This is automatically considered as having been read and understood by the player.


Preventing the player from speaking in-game is one of the sanctions applied by moderators in response to players who break the rules of WAKFU. It may be accompanied by a request to support to suspend your account.


Getting kicked out of the game for a certain amount of time is applied by the moderators for the more serious cases. It is generally applied as a dissuasive measure, or is accompanied by a request to Support to suspend your account.

Temporary ban

Following a request for suspension, Support may decide to block access to your account for several days (3, 7, 15 or 30 days). This ban is normally applied for recurring cases, and sometimes precedes a permanent ban. Its duration will depend on the seriousness of the offence.

Permanent ban

The account is blocked indefinitely, the player can therefore no longer access it. This sanction is applied to players who repeatedly commit offences, or who break the rules of WAKFU in an inexcusable manner.

Generally speaking, several warnings will lead to a ban and several bans will lead to a definitive suspension. Some infractions, however, may give raise to an immediate and permanent ban.

Non-exhaustive list of rules which must be adhered to

Account and Character User Names

An account name, character user name, or guild name must respect the following rules. They:

  • Must not be unpronounceable (for example, zpribjhneob does not respect this rule)
  • Must not make reference to a political orientation, an ethnicity, a community or a religion
  • Must not be vulgar or insulting
  • Must not have any sexual or pornographic connotations
  • Must not contain your real first or last name
  • Must not make reference to a registered trademark
  • Must not make reference to any narcotic or any other illegal entity
  • Must not suggest practices forbidden by the game rules
  • Must not imitate characters from the WAKFU Universe or Ankama in general (NPCs, heroes of the stories...)
  • Must not imitate the name of a moderator or another employee of the Company
  • Must not be misspelled or made to sound like a word which would contravene the rules listed above.

Account Loan, Sharing, Gifting, Selling or Purchasing

Due to possible misuse, sharing or loaning your account is forbidden. Should you break this rule, both parties involved (lender and recipient) will receive sanctions.

The sale, purchase, exchange and gifting of accounts is also forbidden. All accounts are the property of Ankama, and, as such, no financial gain, whether in terms of real or virtual money, may be made from them. Furthermore, as an account contains personal information, it is not advisable to give out their details. The original account owner will remain responsible for any actions carried out by his character.

Chat Channels

  • Flooding, which means repeating the same message multiple times in a short time period, is not permitted.
  • Each channel has its own purpose. It is against the rules to use the channel for the wrong purpose.
  • The misuse of special characters, caps lock (message entirely in capitals), or character repetition in such a way as to attract attention is forbidden.
  • Advertising is not permitted for third parties, including those in association with Ankama, in the general/recruitment/trade/alignment channels (this is in order to avoid any scams or phishing problems).


  • Due to the high risk of theft and fraud, the unauthorised organisation of any lotteries which require the players' generosity to provide the prizes is forbidden.
  • Purposefully blocking, impeding or harming the smooth running of an in-game event organised by Ankama, with Ankama's authorisation or by other players is forbidden. Any infringements may lead to immediate sanctions.

Respect for Other Players

  • In order to maintain a pleasant atmosphere on our servers, vulgarity, insults, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist terms, and, more generally, any inappropriate comments are not permitted.
  • Each server has an associated language. We ask that you use only this language when speaking on public channels. You may, however, speak in another language in private.
  • Scamming is forbidden. Any scams discovered by a moderator will lead to an immediate sanction.
  • Impersonation of another entity is forbidden, regardless of whether it is a player, a guild, a moderator, or an Ankama team member, regardless of the intention (whether good or bad).
  • For security reasons, revealing the personal details of another player is forbidden.
  • Generally speaking, it is forbidden to intentionally ruin the enjoyment of the game for other players.


  • The trade of accounts or guilds is forbidden.
  • Trading subscriptions or kamas is forbidden.


  • It is forbidden to exploit any in-game bugs. All bugs must be reported to Support in the appropriate section.
  • Using a third-party program (such as a "bot") is forbidden.
  • The modification of the WAKFU client is forbidden. This includes all files present in the WAKFU installation folder.

The moderators are there to ensure these game rules are respected. They are in no way a means to circumvent Support ( Failure to adhere to the aforementioned rules may result in you being subject to immediate and/or deferred sanctions, which may include individual or group warnings. These may lead to a permanent ban of your account.