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Class revamps: Sadida and Ecaflip
2013-04-08 16:00 By [Troyle] 159

A new class revamp devblog appears, about Sadidas and Ecaflips. With these modifications applied on April 16, Eniripsas will no longer be the one and only healing class, since these 2 classes will get their own healing abilities!


How will these changes impact you?

With these modifications, Sadidas will now have the ability to stand up to other classes. Overall, we clearly enhanced its support role. Sadidas will now have many gameplay possibilities, which should give them adaptability to many situations. However it will take a bit of time to reach its maximum potential in combat.

Pretty dolls

Dolls are one of the center pieces of the Sadida gameplay, and are of course the firsts to benefit from this revamp! Our first goal was to give more dolls to the Sadida, in order to help increase its capabilities in game.

Here’s a summary of the biggest changes:
  • Doll: This spell now works differently. It’s no longer only the element of the spell cast on the seed that will decide which doll is created, but also the spell (you’ll see when reading further). New dolls have also been added, while existing ones have evolved. Here’s a list of the modifications:
    • AoE damages will now be reduced by 50% on the dolls.
    • Greedy: 4MP, 3AP, 17% of the Sadida’s HP, 100% of the Sadida’s Masteries, has a melee attack spell.
    • Inflatable: 2MP, 3AP, 28% of the Sadida’s HP, 100% of the Sadida’s Masteries, Dodge bonus, has a heal spell.
    • Madoll: 3MP, 3AP, 9% of the Sadida’s HP, 0% of the Sadida’s Masteries, has a spell removing 1MP from the opponent.
    • Block: 1MP, 3AP, 32% of the Sadida’s HP, 0% of the Sadida’s Masteries, has a spell that pulls the opponent.
    • Ultra-Powerful: 4MP, 6AP, 17% of the Sadida’s HP, 60% of the Sadida’s Masteries, receive each turn the air spell that was stored on it by the Sadida. If another air spell targets it, it will replace the previous one.
    • Lethargic: 3MP, 3AP, 9% of the Sadida’s HP, 0% of the Sadida’s Masteries, has a spell removing 1AP from the opponent.
    • Sacrifical: 3MP, 3AP, 5% of the Sadida’s HP, 1% of Masteries per level of the doll, triggers a melee spell with cross AoE when blowing up.
  • Voodoll: The totem no longer exist, or at least not as before. The Sadida can now summon a Voodoll and link it to a target. This target takes all the damages or heals dealt to the Voodoll. At level 0 this spell has a cost of 6 AP & 2 WP, a range of 2 in line, and the Voodoll has 11% of the target’s HP. At level 9, this spell has a cost of 4 AP & 1 WP, a range of 2-4 in line, and the Voodoll has 20% of the target’s HP. This doll will have a behavior forcing it to run away, cannot be controlled by the Sadida, also cannot become Nettled. AoE damage and heals will be reduced by 50% when focused through the doll. Damage and heals cast by your allies will be applied to the Voodoll and the target, while damage and heals cast by your enemies will only apply to the Voodoll. This doll takes 1 Leadership point, and the Sadida can only summon one at a time. The Voodoll has 2MP, 100% of the Sadida’s Masteries, 100% of the target’s resists and cannot lock or be locked. We wanted to make it simpler than the previous one.
  • Dolly Sacrifice: Cast on a doll, it will transform it into a Seed while healing the Sadida depending on its level (the element of heal will be the one in which the Sadida has the highest Mastery: this new mechanic is called Chromatic heal/damage). Cast on a Voodoll, it destroys it. Cast on a Seed, the seed is destroyed and the Sadida receives AP based on the level of the spell. This change should give a better capacity for the Sadida to manage his dolls, while ridding us of the “heal in percentage of HP” that was becoming troublesome when trying to balance PvE and PvP.
  • Sic 'Em More: Still applies Nettled. Its cost has been reduced and its range increased. Keep in mind that Voodoll cannot be Nettled. The new bonuses/penalties applied by the state are: +X% Water Mastery, +X% Air Mastery, +X% chances to remove 1AP/MP, +X% chances to be stabilized at the beginning of the turn, +X MP. This rebalancing should boost the dolls in each of their roles. This will also allow us to avoid having to add an attack that, on some support dolls, could lead to strange behavior (sticking to targets they should avoid, for example).

Water that heals

With his water branch, the Sadida can now fulfill a healer’s role. Enough to make it a centerpiece of your group strategies!
  • Vaporize: Cast on a seed, this spell allows you to summon a Greedy. If you use it to control the doll, it will give you back 1 AP. Its damages have also been increased. Our goal is to reduce the cost of the dolls.
  • Sadida’s Tear: Cast on a seed, this spell allows you to summon an Inflatable. Its range can now be modified and its damages have been reduced. No matter the target of the spell, if the target is linked to a Voodoll it will take damage and heal. This modification allowed us to improve the first purpose of this spell: inflict damages to a precise target while still allowing a low healing ability.
  • Mudoll: Cast on a seed, this spell allows you to summon a Greedy. Cast on an ally or a doll, it will heal them. On a Voodoll, heals are improved. Its range is increased to 0-4 (instead of 1-4) and damages are slightly improved. This modification should help offer a real healing spell to the Sadida, which can turn into a powerful heal when used with a Voodoll.
  • Rust: Cast on a seed, this spell allows you to summon a Greedy. Cast on a doll, this spell will increase its Water damage (to a maximum of 150%). Its range is reduced to 2-4 (instead of 1-4) in order to make sure you won’t hit yourself with the spell.
  • Drain: Cast on a seed, this spell allows you to summon an Inflatable. This damage spell can also heal the cells next to the target. Its range becomes 2-4 (instead of 1-3) requires no line of sight but will no longer be modifiable. Damages are also reduced. This spell was completely changed in order to offer a proper support spell useful with your dolls and allies.

These toxic breezes…

The doll mechanics of the Air branch will not change: the doll still “stores” the air spell that the Sadida casts on it for one turn. Only the Ultra-Powerful has a specific mechanic that can be read above.

Let’s have a look at the modifications:
  • Woodland Stench: Cast on a seed, this spell allows you to summon a Lethargic. Its cost is increased to 3 AP & 1 MP (instead of 2 AP & 1 MP), as well as its range changed to 1-4 (instead of 1-2). The spell now applies “Poisoned” which deals damages at the beginning of the target’s turn and sees its effects removed if not applied again. The damages have also been increased. This modification should offer poison damage dealing abilities to the Sadida.
  • Poisoned Wind: Cast on a seed, this spell allows you to summon a Lethargic. Its cost and damages have been reduced (2 AP instead of 3). The spell now applies a state “Tetatoxin” which deals damages depending on the MP and AP spent by the target. This simple improvement should simplify the use of this spell while also affecting AP.
  • Sudden Chill: Cast on a seed, this spell allows you to summon an Ultra-Powerful. Its cost and damages are increased (4 AP instead of 3). The spell also applies a penalty to elemental resistances (up to 60%).
  • K'Mir: Cast on a seed, this spell allows you to summon an Ultra-Powerful. K’Mir binds the target with the Sadida (without inflicting damages to the allies): the target cannot lock, and is stabilized as well as the Sadida. The link is removed at the end of the Sadida’s turn. The spell now applies the state “Poisoned”. When moving, the target loses HP per MP spent. Damages of K’Mir are also increased. We removed the Stabilization offered by the spell in order to keep a simpler Poisoned state, while still offering several options with Tetatoxin.
  • Gust: Cast on a seed, this spell allows you to summon a Lethargic on the center cell. Its cost and damages are reduced (3 AP instead of 5 AP & 1 MP). Its range changes to 0-4 (instead of 1-5) and its use is now limited to 2 per turn. It cannot hit the caster or his allies. Finally, it now applies Poisoned. This should make the spell much more flexible.
This air branch should be a real damage dealing option, with poison options able to perturb your opponent.

Like a rock!

The famous Tanking spell of the Sadida is also revamped:
  • Tree: Dolls on the field no longer receive the Nettled state and instead of making him invulnerable, Tree will now allow the Sadida to heal himself based on his level and the MP consumed to cast it (the heal element will be the one in which the Sadida has the highest mastery). His resistances will also be increased. At lvl 0 the spell costs 5 AP & 1 WP (+MPs left), at lvl 9 it will cost 1 WP (+MPs left). When using this spell, the Sadida stays stabilized.
  • Bramble: Cast on a seed, this spell allows you to summon a Block. On the target of Voodoll, applies a penalty of -20 Hypermovement. On an ally, gives a bonus of +2 to +30 levels of “Bramble Shell” allowing him to rebound 1 damage to the caster, to a maximum of 100 damage. Its damages are slightly lowered.
  • Fertilizer: Cast on a seed, this spell allows you to summon a Block. It is now cast in a line. Transfers 1 MP from the target to the Sadida. On the target of Voodoll, gives a penalty of -20 Hypermovement. On an ally, gives a bonus of +3 to +40 “Bramble Shell”.
  • Wild Grass: Cast on a seed, this spell allows you to summon a Block. The cost is changed to 3 AP & 1 MP (instead of 3 AP), its range is now 0-3 (instead of 1-3) and its use is now limited to two per turn. On the target of Voodoll, deals +1 to +10 additional Earth damage. On an ally, gives a bonus of +1 to +10 “Bramble Shell”. Damages are increased.
  • Earthquake: Cast on a seed, this spell allows you to summon a Madoll. The cost is now 1 MP (instead of 2 MP) and its use is now limited to five per turn. Damages are applied randomly to one of the cells in front of the Sadida. The goal is to make this spell easier to control while limiting collateral damage.
  • Manifold Bramble: Cast on a seed, this spell allows you to summon a Madoll. Its range is now 4-5 (instead of 2-4). If there is no enemy in the targeted area, a glyph “Thorny Ground” is placed for one turn and the Sadida gains 2 AP back. This glyph has a chance to remove 1 MP from those who enter its area. Only one Thorny Ground can exist at a time. The damages of this spell are also increased.
The Earth tree is meant to be a distance damage and movement impairing tool. It can now also offer tanking options.

Hyperactive passives

The passives of the Sadidas are also modified as follows:
  • Explodoll: Additionally to dealing damage, this passive also allows your dolls to heal your allies around them when they explode. The element of the damages and heals is the one in which the Sadida has the highest mastery. This change to Chromatic effect should offer a better control over the spell. The addition of heal is based on a strong request from the community to improve the support aspect of the Sadida: as you saw in this presentation, we wanted to address it.
  • Doll Link: This link can only be created with a Voodoll. Without Voodoll, the damages of the Sadida are only reduced. The rest works as before but is slightly reduced.
  • Savoir-Faire: Since this concerns the Voodoll (and no longer the Totem) its bonuses are rebalanced. It will still give Leadership, but only half. To compensate, instead of increasing redirected damages, this passive now gives a chance to regain 1 WP when a doll dies, while boosting the HP of the Voodoll.
  • Green Guard: This passive is unchanged.
  • Still Life becomes Lone Sadida. Gives a damage boost to the Sadida at the beginning of his turn when he plays without dolls (except the Voodoll and with a maximum of +150% damages). The bonus ends when a seed is placed. This modification was necessary to offer an option to Sadidas wishing to play without dolls.

More information

If you want to read all of the proposed modifications in more detail, you can visit the thread created for the Sadida revamp here. Note, however, that the values may change before we implement them. The final values will be provided in the changelog.


How will these changes impact you?

As we announced some time ago, the main change of the Ecaflip is the modification of the Water branch becoming a healing branch. Eniripsas will no longer have monopole over heals! Our furry friends will now also be able to take care of their allies.
More modifications have been made, especially to active and passive support spells.

A cat in the rain

  • Fleahopper: The cost of this spell is increased (3 AP & 1 MP instead of 3 AP) and its range reduced. It also becomes limited to three uses per turn. Its damages are increased and it now heals the Ecaflip or an ally placed up to 3 cells away from the target.
  • Flea Love: Now cost 6 AP and 1 WP (instead of 5 AP and 2 WP) and has a lowered range of 1-4 (instead of 1-5). It also becomes limited to one use per turn. The mechanic stays the same with lower values, but Flea Love also heals the Ecaflip and his allies in contact upon its return. Furthermore, the spell can now be cast on an empty cell in order to place a glyph “Fleeches” with a circle area of 2, and 3 charges (it loses one at the end of each turn). If an enemy begins his turn in the glyph, he will take damages, while an ally in the glyph will be healed.
  • Feline Leap: Its cost is now more progressive (4 AP at level 0 and 2 AP at max level). The damage bonus becomes general (instead of only Water damage) and it also gives a bonus to healing. It becomes limited to one use per turn at level 0 and 3 uses per turn at level max.
  • Flealine Army: This passive now gives chances to cast Fleahopper instead of Flea Love and also grants bonuses to heal (+2% at level 0 and +40% at level max).
With this revamp a lot of care has been focused on the water branch in order to turn it into a real healing alternative, allowing it to fulfill a proper support role in group.

A cat in the air

  • Up to Scratch replaces Fleabag. The spell becomes a damage spell also allowing you to get closer to your target. It costs 4 AP and 1 MP, has a range of 3-4 and much improved damages. The Ecaflip gets closer to his cell, inflicting half damages to the cells he moved through in the process, and full damages to the target cell.
  • Hunter replaces Fleeches. The Ecaflip takes a hunter stance and jumps on the enemy if he steps in a given area. The spell costs 1 AP and 1 MP and has a range of 1-3. The area is defined by a glyph with range 1 placed by the Ecaflip. This glyph lasts one turn. If the enemy steps in the glyph, the Ecaflip is automatically teleported to him and hits him.
  • Cat Tree: This spell is completely modified. Upon use, the Ecaflip places a Cat Tree on the ground, surrounded by a glyph with a range of 1. When the Ecaflip is hit, he has 3% chances (30% at level 9) to teleport to a Cat Tree cell. The effect of these cells increases the resistance of the Ecaflip by 3% (30% at max level). If he lands on the center cell, the Ecaflip becomes immune to damage until the end of the turn. Cat Tree uses 1 point of Mechanisms, it blocks the lines of sight and moves, and there can only be one at a time.
These changes have a simple goal: give more mobility to the Ecaflip. Thanks to these various modifications, the Ecaflip will now have the possibility to play cat and mouse with his prey.

Lucky cats

  • Black Bow Meow: becomes a unique summon that can be controlled and applies a “Cuddle” state to its owner. This state allows the Ecaflip to gain levels of “Winning Streak” when an enemy is defeated (+9 at max level) and up to +2 levels of “Winning Streak” when the Ecaflip deals a CH. Also, if a positive card is drawn from the Ecaflip’s Tarot, he gains +5% to his Earth Damage (+50% at max level).
  • Roll Again: This spell now has a chance to give back its cost to the Ecaflip when cast (3% at level 1, 30% at level 9). It also grants a bonus of maximum +30% damage.
  • Ecaflip's Tarot: Additionally to its usual bonuses, this passive now grant a boost to the Earth damage of the Ecaflip when he is under a Positive Card (+2% at level 1, +40% at max level).
  • Ecaflip Die: Starting from level 10, this spell also applies a bonus to CH damages equal to 1 time the level of “Winning Streak” (two times at level 20).
  • Ecaflip Precision: The maximum damage bonus is reduced to +150% (instead of +500%) but has more chances to apply.
  • Card: God Ecaflip: the Ouginak effect now damages the Ecaflip for 25% of his HP (instead of reducing it to 1).
  • Card: God Ouginak: the Ecaflip effect now heals the Ecaflip for 25% of his HP (instead of bringing him back to life).
  • Paws Off: Upon triggering, it no longer directly applies CF but gives an aura with 10% chances of CF to the Ecaflip.
  • Dice Roulette: No longer hits the central cell of the area in order to limit the risks linked to the use of this spell.
  • Loaded Dice: Its range becomes 2-3 instead of 1-3.
The “luck” aspect is one of the main mechanisms of the Ecaflip, and we wanted to keep it that way while still playing with the “Winning Streak” mechanic, in order to save the peculiar gameplay of this class.

More information

If you want to read all of the proposed modifications in more detail, you can visit the thread created for the Ecaflip revamp here. Note, however, that the values may change before we implement them. The final values will be provided in the changelog.

This covers the main changes brought to these two classes. We will try our best to answer your questions with Grou and Zeorus who both worked on these revamps.

By [Troyle]

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Kikuihimonji 19 July 2013 - 01:01
The reason why totem.. i mean voodoll has 40% of target hp instead of 100% is propably because they wanted to make it possible for enemies to get rid of the voodoll after it has been linked to them. However it doesn't explain why we hurt the voodoll when we want to use it to redirect the dmg via it to enemy linked to it. The cost is also too high and i think 3AP 1MP 1WP would be better then 4AP 1WP cost. Also the most important thing is that Voodoll was supposed to help Sadida attack those who are far away at distance, wich makes me feel that the range of summoning Voodoll should be 2~8 (in line) or so.

As for dolls it's really awkward that it's often better to just place the seeds instead of dolls as the seeds will take 1 dmg, transform into fire doll and receive 2nd dmg, while summoning dolls requirre much more AP and doll just die from 1 attack... this is so wrong. I wouldn't mind the cost of dolls if they had 2x more resistance maybe or if they would have the ability that will make them mroe endurant and not loose more then 30% of doll's HP from single attack - that would help a lot.

As for Explodoll - why you make it scale with level at so ridiculously low numbers? Even when maxed, at level 120 this spell is too weak to make us want to level it. Why Sadida need to wait till it hit 200 lvl to have it's passive fully effective while other classes don't have such huge limitations? Just make it deal fixed numbers when it is lvl 20 Explodoll and stop with the "scaling with sadida level". Or if you really want to make it scale with level as it does now, then at least make it deal 20 more dmg then it does now + the x*Sadida level that we have, so that this spell is actually worth maxing at early levels. Also Exploding doll should act as punishment for those who did that in close combat with doll. Note the Sadida cannot trigger it manually unless it cast Drain on doll several times - therefore the dmg should be high enough to make up for the cost that sadida need to do to kill the doll. Increasing the resistance of dolls will also make it less likely for explodoll to trigger as dolls will be less likely to die that fast, wich also means explodoll should be stronger and it would all fit well togather.

Doll Link - please bring back the doll link that we had before your revamp. The doll link should show the link between Sadida and it's dolls: greedies, inflatables, blockers, madolls, ulytrapowerfuls, lethargics, sacrificials. We want passive that makes dolls take dmg for us when we are damaged. It was the beautiful aspect of the Sadida that we had. Why you removed it? The only problem that Sadida had was that dolls were dieing too fast and we had no WP refund. Now we have WP refund and if you will also increase doll's resistance then the passive that makes Sadida redirect dmg received to it's dolls will be most appreaciated. The support role of Sadida can be done well only if Sadida can tank the dmg well while it cares to heal allies, push things, place dolls, control dolls, cast air spells via dolls to redirect them further, etc. The current link from sadida to voodoll is not only awkward as we link the voodoll to enemy (or ally other then sadida itself), but it is also very weak, pointless at times as it kills the voodoll faster and it doesnt seem to redirect all the dmg it should to the enemy. Not to mention it is bad to make ally take dmg for us when we link voodoll to ally in order to keep it healed, but we cannot "turn off the passive". So please give us back our Doll Link that we had before this revamp.

Lone Sadida - like Neneko88 has said it is totally wrong to make Sadida stronger when it doesn't use dolls. Instead i suggest you to give Sadida passive that makes it increase the dmg every turn if it didn't moved or if it didn't used MP to move in previous turn. This will show the lazy nature of Sadida, will make it wanted to use dolls (not necassary to use them but helpful to reach the full dmg bonus when you dont move), will also stop people from complaining that sadida use dolls and run away - because it will lead Sadida to not gain the dmg (or you can even make that sadida will loose dmg% gathered if it will move with MP by certain % per MP used in turn), wich will also work perfectly with the Doll Link that will make dolls take part of the dmg for Sadida instead of the voodoll. Sadida has spells with no los to support allies (Drain, Sadida's Tear, Sudden Chill, Gust) and it also has the ability to make dolls to make them reach something that Sadida cannot reach, wich means it is viable for Sadida gamplay to be able to stand still in one place and support allies around without moving itself. This will also give new tactical gamplay as sacriers will help Sadida move to certain cells without loosing the dmg bonus it gathers, the feca could effectively use glyphs around Sadida wich will most likely not move from it anyway, and Sadida will be finally able to "buy time" for the allies by taking the hits on iselfs well (and then using Tree for example).

Tree - when we talk about it. We want this spell to heal us for more then it does now, we want this spell to give us immunity so that we don't get backstabbed or injured at all, we want to be able to use this spell more then once (so limiation to 1 per fight is not going to satisfy us). However you can make the Tree to be cast at start of turn. You can also make the heal based on the number of dolls summoned so that if theres no dolls then we only get invulnerability but no heal.

Dolls - summoning dolls should not cost WP. You should instead limit Sadida to max 6 dolls at time and make voodoll with limitation 1 at time. This way we would be finally able to have all 6 dolls and a voodoll to make it possible to use all of them when needed. Also we get much more penalty of using WP in certain situations (Critical Failure state, -WP cells, Nun dungeon, Stasified state) then other classes as we use them literally every turn if not every 2nd turn (aka we keep using dolls). Something that is used so often by a class should not cost WP.

Ability to give WP - i think it would be awsome if Sadida was able to give WP to allies. Maybe the spells that Sadida use for WP should be: Voodoll, Tree, Sic'em More and Sadida should keep the ability to get WP back when the doll die, but it would be also able to give own WP to allies, for example by casting using Sic'em More on ally.

Turning dolls to seed - i think it would be better if casting Doll (the spell that place seed on empty cell) directly on already created doll would turn it to seed, instead of making us need to cast Dolly Sacrifice twice when we want to remove the doll from cell with it.

Ability to give AP to dolls - i think Vaporize spell should give AP to dolls. We should also be able to give AP to dolls via nettle state.

Nettle - it would be awsome if it was possible to increase the level of nettle by getting hurt more often and therefore triggering it more then once in the same turn via Green Guard

Ability to swap place wiith doll when we are hit in close combat - it would be also awsome if we would receive such protection, especially that we have no counter for classes that can ignore dolls and aim directly for Sadida (like Sram, Iop, Masqueraider or Sacrier). It could be done with Green Guard passive (in addition to what already Green guard does).

The ability to create vines that pull - i think it would be also awsome if we would be able to cast Wild Grass on ally or doll in order to create vines from under their feet that would pull target to them from the direction they are facing. Bramble Armor should be thefore created only with Bramble spell.

These are just few of the ideas but with just those i would be again happy to play Sadida.
Neneko88 18 July 2013 - 16:53
Azael you said we could give you feedback on the most important things in wakfu. The classes are the most important thing and since the sadida revamp has and still has so many problems I think it's important that they change a lot of the problems with this revamp.

I want to make it simple for you to understand. The main problem with your revamp is the cost of doing everything. Every spell costs too much for what it does.

  • Totem: You said you wanted to make sadida the best support class and yet you removed their best support spell, totem. Why the higher cost in AP? Why not 100% hp like before? Can you explain why you needed to nerf totem? It already runs away. My solution is that at level 9 it needs to cost 1wp 2ap and have 100% of target's hp. You also need to let us control it, even if it's only with vaporize.
  • Doll: You didn't raise dolls hp for the AP it costs. Osas summon with really low cost and yet some of sadida's dolls cost 6 or 7 AP. This shouldn't happen at all. You need to review the cost to summon dolls, they're supposed to be weak and easy to summon.
  • Madoll and Lethargic dolls are really bad, they don't belong in any fight. -1ap or -1mp doesn't do anything. If -2mp wasn't overpowered before the revamp why did you have to nerf to -1mp? Same for lethargic. These 2 dolls need a revamp
  • Lone sadida: You need to change this passive so it works for summoning dolls too. It's really simple, you're doing the same thing you did with osa. You shouldn't penalize sadidas for summoning and make them stronger for not summoning. This logic doesn't make sense. A solution is to give dolls +damage every turn they stay alive. Or you could give sadidas +damage the more dolls they summon.
  • Explodoll: Who levels this?..

If you could start by making sure sadidas are the best support and give them an useful totem again that would really do a lot for this class.

I've played sadidas since the very beginning when they were added them to wakfu. I'm not new to them. I helped you test them in closed beta and open beta.

You said you wanted feedback for these class revamps and you never gave the English community any chance to give you feedback on the sadida revamp. Please listen.
killsore 03 May 2013 - 14:01
Cra's aren't that op, ya they deal allot of dmg but they lack three major thing's range and the majority of spells and mega weak in cc, they can't even run away after they use up there wp they have, like one cc spell and it pushes wooo... oh wait it uses wp well then that's limited, I stoped playing the cra after they nerfed the becons because there is no point, but back to the subject at hand I like this sadida revamp, it fills the role's that it's suppose to fill and one of them is to heal. Before I got really board of the sadida just the play style, and it was slow early on vary slow, and I do agree that the dmg could be higher in the earth branch, and I have had the block pull from 3 cells away many times now all I can say about that is to play the new sadida and see for your self. I do agree that the mp on some of the doll's is lacking and the AI is vary flawed (not as bad as eni's cony though) and need's some work, and yes the player base should be the one's making the changes for we are the one's who play the game it only makes since. The recovery time is slow and should be made better, there were time where I had to rest because I ran out of bread while I was in a dungeon, in the amount of time it took me to heal the rest of my party could have finished the dungeon and got back to me. They are getting closer to balancing the classes in thes game with each patch/revamp and there will be set backs on some characters, but you can only get so close and it will never be balanced completely one class will always out shine the rest in pvp and or in pvm (dofus) that's just how it is. While I will agree with the fact that some classes get beaten to a bloody-pulp (dofus sac) and other's get glorified (dofus iop and feca) in any game that will happen, and probably will happen in this game too it just hasn't happened yet because they are from what I see trying to prevent that from happening.
Mox-Jackal 29 April 2013 - 19:28
dude the biggest problem with sadidas now is the block doll
it is completely useless
it has no hp
no mp, no lock, and no range

IT shuld have more hp
2 mp, 1 mp makes it completely useless
and it has no lock at all
most monsters just wlak right past it
so its role is not even worth it
and the fact that it cant even pull anything more than a block away is dumb
its spell needs 3 range, los,
if i was a rich millionare id buy out ankama just to revamp everything
because a ton of complaints go unanswered
all that this game has become over the past year is 1 giant nerf
i came back and looked at it all
and its jsut terrible nerfs
fire xelors worst of all, 5 and 6 ap per spell, thats so lame
not to mention limits on how many times spells can be cast
that jsut nerfs anyhting that it is on
oh boy this spell looks cool, hery derp
but wait it cots 6ap 2wp 1mp and can be used 1 time per turn.....
yeah how am i supposed to even use the spell...
(light speed for sacs)
but it is like that for every single class
WP being a limit also, of only 6, so that means the spell cna be cast only 6 times
per battle, so any spell at all that uses wp is limited
and there are tons of them, so that completly limits your character in a fight
too many nerfs, to many limits, and overpowered enemies
makes for an unfun game, its why so many people left after a month
it was cool then bam nerf central on everything but cras

but, 1 thing i may add,
how did it take this long to fix the tarot problem for ecaflips
the 1 hp nonsense card should have been dealt with long ago
it was tottally unfair to the class
it made it possible for them to lsoe to piwis at lv100 basically
bad idea all in all

and sadida tree should work differently
it should heal the sadida but also make them invincible for 1 turn
2 turns as tree
first turn you get healed and are invincible
2nd turn you get healed but not invincible
it blocks the first attack and the spell lasts 2 turns
good for helping yourself
using a block to pull enemies off you
with their 3 range, more lock, and 2 mp

And please here me out on this
it was an idea for everyone in the game
the healing process is kind of really slow
but i think it should be a little faster
to get more people into action

1: When standing you heal 5hp every 5 seconds
2: When sitting on ground you heal 10hp every 5 seconds
3: When sitting on a chair or bench you heal 15hp every 5 seconds
this is when you are out of battle though
because it just takes way to long to recuperate after fights
and it slows down the fun by alot

And also maybe a minor change but interesting
for each nation resources of a type respawn/grow 25% faster

Brakmar = Ores and Mines
Bonta = Trees and Flowers
Sufokia = Fish
Amakna = Wheats and grains or farmer stuff

this gves each nation a uniqueness to them
but also new recipes please

make some potions that can be crafted with flowers that can heal hp
and also recipes with fish that can heal hp

there jsut isnt enough food items that heal in the game
chefs and bakers are like bleh

bakers make bread to heal
but all chefs do is make buffs that really no one uses because they dont heal
Iniquity 23 April 2013 - 16:39
Oh man, I saw the email for the Wakfu update and thought "Damn, I miss this game. It was different from every other MMO I've played."

Then I saw the actual updates, especially to my favorite class (Sadida) and now I hope they continue doing good work in making me not want to come back.

I really hate paying a monthly subscription (it's not that I can't afford it, it's just, if I pay for a game, I'd like to own it, my Steam and handheld collection say a lot about this) so it really helps when stupid decisions like this are made.

1. Stop trying to make mini-classes out of each classes elements. This game requires more strategy than others, using only a few restricted spells to fit into a 'role' won't do anything but lessen what you can do.

2. For me, the Sadida was never about the "heal, poison, or tank." She was more strategy based than other classes because of how limited her spells were.
When I first played Wakfu, I played the Water Sadida for doll control. When I realized that it was lacking in mid game where you really can't send out 3-4 dolls in a team battle and expect them to survive, I played Air/Water which required a fair amount of strategizing. However, it gave me the option of playing Air with medium to high single target damage (Totem + Stench + (and maybe Chill) or Stench + Poisoned Wind) while K'MIR and Gust provided a good enough support in combination with Seed + Vaporize when needed. Other times, such as when I solo, I could just spam my dolls to hide behind while I casted my air spells.

The Sadida does not heal except for her dolls, in which case drain was too bad to be bothered to be used since the heal split was pretty bad if you had more than 1 doll out. (I started using Doll Recycling to fix it by Sacrificing a doll then Resummoning because I disliked Drain that much.) Sadida is not an Eniripsa, if you want heals, then play Eniripsa, Water Sadida was all about the dealing damage with Dolls (which I miss the old Rust because you dealt so many attacks when mixed with Nettled).

After the tree revamp on Sadida, I decided to go Earth with totem. Earth was suppose to be the AoE focused class. Bramble and Fertilizer were very good Single Target skills when AoE wasn't an option. If you couldn't target the Totem, Bramble. If you had a totem out and accessible, Fertilizer. Otherwise, Earth's main ability came from Earthquake, and most importantly Multiple Bramble. Wild Grass was kind of useless except for low cost Block...
Earthquake targeting change was nice, but the issue remains that the damage nerf was too heavy for something that late game has really high resistance to while maintaining a "maybe it will hit." Using it in conjunction with the totem was one of the smarter ideas because you had twice the chance of hitting a target when allies weren't in any real danger.
Multiple Bramble, combined with Totem Redirected Damage was amazing however. Two hits, one of them buffed even further than the other on a single target, then whatever else was caught in there was hit pretty hard too. Of course, even then, Earth Sadida was pretty weak compared to other classes, so being able to mix in a Greedy-Rust combination into the Earth Sadida was a nice combination but only when the situation presented itself as to being worth sacrificing a doll for (because dolls die instantly later unless you ran pure HP).

The Earth Sadida is not a tank, if you want to tank, play a Sacrier.

3. Take a word from Icefrog (dev for DOTA2), it is not the person in charge to balance the game, but the players.

How do you balance this game?

I don't.

... You don't? You realize a lot of people are going to shout at you because of this answer, right?

Balance is the arch-enemy of art and creativity. Creativity comes from a conflict of different ideas. Controversy is a natural part of creativity. Accidents like Blink Dagger + Epicenter would never surface in a "balanced" game.
**Writer's note: Epicenter + Blink Dagger are an extremely powerful combination that can devistate the enemy's entire team.
Neneko88 22 April 2013 - 20:25
I suggest all sadidas to quit now, they aren't going to balance sadidas until next year when they realize how bad they are. They're too focused on making cras a little better or how to make the UBs more complicated.

Either we find another class to level or move on. Only reason anyone would want a sadida is for heals (while the sadida doesn't get healed) or for -60% resists. Not a class that makes much of a difference.
aquabeauty 16 April 2013 - 22:49

(LadyRinsun @ 16 April 2013 20:50) *
The Air branch has gotten a lot better I believe... but all the spells kinda look like each other now. I really love the poisoning's effects, though. Water's become pretty awesome, but I miss the typical draining effects to heal your dolls with. Earth... I don't know yet. Still derping around with it on my Sadida, seems like a strange mixture between an Earth Sacrier and... weak attacks so far D:

I really like the many kinds of dolls they have now but... What's happened to Voodoll? D: It walks, that's pretty cool. But it's ugly (not a valid argument I know, but I still wanted to say it xD) and it has... HP! So if you use it in some epic high-levelled fight it's probably dead after one or two Iops did their share.

Hmmm there's still much to learn for me about Sadida's new skills, but so far, in short, my impression is... nice Air branch, but without a proper Voodoll Sadida's just feel... split in half D:

Oh and the poisoning's effects are bugged, they don't stack (I believe they should?). I rather not log my Sadida until it's fixed, don't want to trigger the restat in case it's temporary.

-Xx Slightly Confused Rayne
I really hope it is just a glitch, and not a nerf as I believe it might be.

Textoxin never use to consider base dmg so I am not sure that it is suppose to now, which is partially why I find this very disappointing, but who knows maybe it will consider it now.

Do you really think so, can you show me your sadida, because quite frankly mines is a piece of poop. If yours works I really want to see, I mean I really hope it is my build and not a huge nerf as it has proven to be by far!!!
LadyRinsun 16 April 2013 - 20:50
The Air branch has gotten a lot better I believe... but all the spells kinda look like each other now. I really love the poisoning's effects, though. Water's become pretty awesome, but I miss the typical draining effects to heal your dolls with. Earth... I don't know yet. Still derping around with it on my Sadida, seems like a strange mixture between an Earth Sacrier and... weak attacks so far D:

I really like the many kinds of dolls they have now but... What's happened to Voodoll? D: It walks, that's pretty cool. But it's ugly (not a valid argument I know, but I still wanted to say it xD) and it has... HP! So if you use it in some epic high-levelled fight it's probably dead after one or two Iops did their share.

Hmmm there's still much to learn for me about Sadida's new skills, but so far, in short, my impression is... nice Air branch, but without a proper Voodoll Sadida's just feel... split in half D:

Oh and the poisoning's effects are bugged, they don't stack (I believe they should?). I rather not log my Sadida until it's fixed, don't want to trigger the restat in case it's temporary.

-Xx Slightly Confused Rayne
SyncNyx 16 April 2013 - 20:18
Until sadidas are made right, I'm not even going to touch them.
aquabeauty 16 April 2013 - 16:37
1. Thanks for the dmg Buffs to air branch, we do need more dmg to actually stand a chance against pk's and pvps.


3. .Dolls taking 50% aoe dmg is also nice, considering the hp issue is still waiting to be addressed

Now the negative stuff and the questions, I want explanations please.


1. Totem use to give +20% dmg upon use, It was stabilized, it has no resists, no max dmg to it, it could transfer effects, no los blocking. It cost less. Which is to say, more for less.

BUT what YOU'VE DONE HERE is a -----major nerf---- Which I know you have tried to cover up behind a passive that increases the -sadida's dmg- and not the -----entire group's------ (I am referring to 'lone derpdida') which gives a maximum of 30% dmg ... BUT this passive is nerfed because it has a cap of 150% (150% people, nerf nerf nerfing, better get that air dmg up). It is also removed when you place a seed? This is a major nerf, to the -play style- because we can not place blocks to redirect dmg anymore, which isn't even worth it anymore due to new the new ap /mp costs + the nerf to doll link (10% instead of 15%) its just not viable

2. Sudden Chill use to debuff, 100% but it is now 60%, So thats -40% less

LETS Combine the info I am understanding from the first -2 points-

a. Before this nerf could get a buff of 120% (+20% from max totem + 100% air debuff from two sudden chills)----- for a cost of 8ap------, 3ap x 2 sudden chills and 2ap max totem

NOW we get a totem with resists, LOL 30% from sudden chill + 30% from that lone sadida bull poop, thats 60% BUT THAT NOW COSTS 4ap totem + 4 ap two sudden chills WHICH MEANS I NEED a 12 ap sadida to get buffs, MEANING its not even VIABLE FOR ANY SADIDA, YOUR ANKAMA MATH IS THOOPID TO INFINITY AND BEYOND

LONE SADIDA : Seed removes the buff. T_T why? WE all know, sadi hp, sadi resists are so bad.... We use to be able to use blocks to gain one more turn of life, and some hp . But now with this 'buff' (which i am guessing is to replace the lack of the totem buff we had with the old voodoll), we can not combo it with dolls.... *epic face palm* Also doll link now redirects 10% (*face palm becomes more epic*) Please explain the logic. So we get less dmg now from our combos, and less support from our play style design. Guys seriously.. why?

The support sadida is now water, dont do it guys, try it out for fun but just go make yourself an eniripsa if you want to heal, ankama is trolling so hard right now it's your fault if you fall for it.


Somehow I am guessing that the so called 'dmg buffs' to the air branch are suppose to make up for all the nerfs. Well yeah, I am waiting to see, ankama, I am waiting to see that ankama because the arithmetic to that logic is completely off.

NOW FOR ALL THE FOOLS that want to try to say something to me, I KNOW there are other SPELL COMBOS, SPELL COMBOS WHICH I AM USING MYSELF with my new build on AQUABEAUTY, BUT THE DMG BUFF GIVEN TO SUCH SPELLS -DOES NOT- MAKE UP FOR SUCH NERFS. IF YOU WANT TO FALL FOR IT then. okay. you go and do that, but do your math first before you say 'yes I like this' and give ankama more reason to troll.


A) OH. MY. GOD. You've made so many.... Q_____Q and each of them are created by a different spell some of which are in other branches, its just so... I just don't know how it is going to work... I am hoping it is better.... but honestly, I have no hope in you guys any more. NEED. EARTH/AIR. GEAR. RIGHT. NOW.

ALSO B ) Costs are NOt equal to DOLL HP, thanks for the passive though it seems cool.

C) What happens, when ... other people... enemies for example... cast a spell on a seed that just sitting around? Q_____Q OMMMMGGG there are so many DERP DOLLS WITH DERP HP NOW Q____Q WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO TROLL?!?! Please tell me, that only the sadida has the power to make a doll.. please.. otherwise doll based sadis are going to be nothing more than seed pumping, seed controlling derpdidas

I have more things to say... But I don't want to seem like a debby downer... I am going to wait for responses to these points first, since "walls of texts" frighten you ankama off.

I've been waiting for this revamp for over a year, I have stuck with you for so long, I have paid you, supported you, and all I've ever wanted from you is for you to fix my sadida. To give me a fighting chance when I get pk'ed, does ankama hate aquabeauty? If so please tell me and aquabeauty will leave along with the 6 other accounts that she subs, her sister my sisters 3 accounts, her boyfriend and all the friends shes brought to play wakfu.