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Who is Merkator?
Monday October 21, 2013 By [Hito]
Starting tonight at midnight (server time) Merkator welcomes you to his open cell party. Is your ticket to Alkatrool ready? Who is this Merkator?
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Who is Decepticod?
Monday October 07, 2013 By [Hito]
 Today we come back to present to you the one who has mastered the art of the bubble: Decepticod!
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Wabbit Island
Wednesday August 07, 2013 By [Sabi]
During the last recent weeks, our reporters from the World of Twelve Gazette have worked hard under the leadership of Zezette. You may ask: "But why?". Simply in order to gather as much information to help you prepare for your future visit of the Wabbit Island and its mysteries.Here is what we have collected through various publications of each of the Four Nations.We will do our best to keep you informed of any new informations about this island which has been inaccessible for way too long!
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