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WAKFU Subscription - 1 week

$3.00 or 1 400

1-week subscription to WAKFU

Subscribe now and enjoy a complete, limitless gaming experience:
- Battle against high-level monsters (and win some awesome XP at the same time!)
- Fill your pouch by minting as many of your very own kamas as you like.
- Take part in colossal PvP battles at times of war between Nations!
- Practice the 16 professions available in game and learn how to make all the rarest equipment.
- Vote in the elections for Governor or even run for office.
- Climb to the top of Mount Zinit and try your hand at overthrowing Ogrest!
Plus, benefit from great subscription gifts!

Order summary:
Little Prospecting Candy
Level 1

This candy will slightly improve your chances of finding items.

Prospecting (Lvl. 30)

Order summary:
Little Wisdom Candy
Level 1

This candy will give you a little experience bonus.

Wisdom (Lvl. 30)

Order summary:
Deco Haven-Gem Fragment
Level 1

Collect 5 of these fragments to create a Deco Haven-Gem.