WAKFU Booster benefits and features

Discover all booster benefits

In WAKFU, all players can fight all monsters, do PvP, level up without limit, and access the unique WAKFU features such as economy, ecosystem, craft and politics.

Booster Packs will make your gaming experience optimal : with these packs, you can increase the experience bonus in combat and quests, you'll also have better chances to get items and kamas after battles, as well as other benefits! Check out the table below to see more details about Booster Packs!

No Booster Pack

With or without a Booster Pack, you'll be able to enjoy the unique features of the world of WAKFU

  • Choose your character among 15 available classes
  • Challenge anyone for a PvP combat
  • Earn more XP thanks to combats challenges
  • More than 70 dungeons to visit
  • Join or create a guild
  • Equip up to 2 companions during combats
  • Unlock more than 150 achievements
  • Plant and harvest all game's resources
  • Earn citizenship points and be elected by other players
    (if you become a governor while not having any booster pack, we'll offer you one !)
  • Learn all 16 available professions and craft items
  • Sell, buy, trade items
  • Get your own personal space, to decorate, sell, meet friends