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posté April 06, 2012, 10:33:22 | #1561
Azael came back on the resistance cap and class balance:


Hi there,

I’m here to talk quickly about this resistance cap.

To clarify things (with example), the base damages of a spell can no longer be reduced by more than 75%.
Ex: A spell dealing 100 base damages cannot have them reduced to less than 25.

What about Feca?

We’re looking into tweaking this limitation for Fecas (without making them invincible either).

This could actually be one of the particularities of the Feca…

I cannot promise anything yet, besides that we’re thinking about it and we will come back to you.

Class balance?

I want to reassure you on this point. Tot is currently working on the overall class balance.

Important modifications that should affect critical imbalances will come soon.

That’s it,


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posté April 05, 2012, 17:17:06 | #1562

I just got confirmation that the developers are aware of this bug.

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posté April 05, 2012, 15:21:22 | #1563
I discussed it with the developers and got confirmation that this is not intended.

It should be corrected in a next patch, as part of a more global fix targeting this kind of non-coherent recipes.

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posté April 05, 2012, 15:17:28 | #1564

Quote (krowakot @ 05 April 2012 14:11) *

Quote (Troyle @ 05 April 2012 11:46) *
Will you remove the Black Crow items? Some were acquired illegally and are currently being sold…Fryou, Scheik: no, this is not planned.
I think this is the moment, when my journey with Wakfu ends. I'm kinda competitive player and I like to make my character stronger by hard work. I'm not going to play a game, where you get the best gear by cheap bug abusing.

This doesn't mean that nothing will be done.
Bug abusers will be found and sanctioned.

Removing the items that were looted through bug abuse however wouldn't be fair to those who bought them, not knowing where they came from, and not responsible of the abuse.

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posté April 05, 2012, 11:46:55 | #1565
Dev Talk Special edition #1 For this week, the Dev Talk was held directly ingame, on Aerafal.

For this special edition, the two game designers Scheik and Fryou directly answered questions from the players, under the eyes of Eskarina (French CCM) and WarWeak (Assistant CCM).

And since I know what your first question will be, let me answer it directly: Yes, I’m working on organizing our very own Special Dev Talk on Remington!

What’s your plan regarding the lack of Fire equipment?

Scheik: We will add new items as time goes along. At the moment there are as many fire items as others, but we are still balancing some items.

What about revaluating the Handyman profession, particularly concerning decoration item?

Scheik: In next patch we will work on Baker and Chef Professions. Handyman should be right after that: it’s one of our priorities. We can already tell you that when we’ll be done with it, this profession will be great!

Many players are waiting for Jellies for the Gelano, when will this be implemented?

Warweak: The island is being worked on, but we have no date to communicate for the moment.

When will you add more resources for trapper from level 40 to 60?

Scheik: This should come in the next patch.

What do you plan on doing for the Lunar Altar dungeon that doesn’t seem to have any boss?

Fryou: This dungeon is really particular. We will look into a solution, such as “kill the 3 Priestess” instead of “kill the boss”.

Should we expect new features concerning Ikiakits and Haven-Bags?

Scheik: Yes, we’re going to work on bags and give them passive bonuses for professions. We’re also working on increasing the space available in bags.

Will there be an exclusive Prespic family?

Fryou: Not yet.

Will the Moowolf become available in a dungeon or will it stay outside with a long spawn cooldown?

Scheik: We prefer the Moowolf to stay a Worldboss.

Do you plan on adding a special currency for non-subscribers?

Scheik: This is not planned.

What’s your plan concerning the issue with repeated aggressions?

Eskarina: We’re aware of this issue and are working on a fitting solution. We will communicate on this point in the next weeks: this will require work on many levels.

Concerning people that cannot subscribe with Euros, will you add a kama subscription?

Eskarina: No, so far we want to keep subscriptions the way they are.

Will outlaws get additional functions particularly when it comes to anti-politics?

WarWeak: This is being discussed indeed, but we cannot give you any details yet.

What’s your plan concerning the current state of the economy are rare items sold for 1 kama?

Scheik: Players sell their items for the cost they choose without always taking their rarity into account. The economy is in your hands, and you should take all these details into account. We cannot influence the economy.

Are you working on a new set providing a high prospecting buff?

Fryou: There already is one, the Mussly Set!

In the long run, do you plan on completely removing item drop in favor of craft?

Scheik: No, we consider the current system balanced enough.

Will you soon reopen the Drheller dungeon?

WarWeak: Not yet.

Will you re-balance the Cracklers? They’re too powerful for their level…

Fryou: Making these monsters powerful is intended on my side. I find it more interesting for everyone to have monsters providing a real challenge!

What do you plan on doing for sets not to take so much inventory space?

Scheik: We’re going to allow players to combine all items from a set so they only take one inventory slot. It will be possible to “uncombine” them when you want to wear them. However, for this to work, you will need to own all elements of a set!

Will you lower the Moowolf respawn time, or make several spawn in the same time?

WarWeak: We’re looking into a solution to make this respawn more random. But the Moowolf is a worldboss, which means that it must stay rare and only appear briefly on the lands of WAKFU. So we do not plan on making it appear more often.

Will you add more pets?

Fryou: Yes, we want to add some.

Will you remove the Black Crow items? Some were acquired illegally and are currently being sold…

Fryou, Scheik: no, this is not planned.

Will there be a compensation for Haven-Bags and Kamas loss endured during the last hotfix?

Eskarina: We’re working on a solution and you’ll hear about it soon.

Who’s in charge concerning item description?

Scheik: That’s me! To this point I only worked on some of the latest items added to the game, but from now on I’m the one in charge. Only Books writing and some special elements are not part of my duties.

Will there be new Earth sets in game?

Scheik: There will be new sets based on elements balancing.

What’s your plan for characters level 100 that have nothing to do?

Fryou: We already implemented high level content with the Sadida Kingdom and Kelba Island. We will make sure to bring as much high level content as medium and low level content: everyone should have his share!

Will there be Mythical items?

Scheik: They’re already in; these are the orange mythical items additionally to the legendary yellow items.

Will we see the Trool Set again?

Scheik: It will be in next patch!

Will you add more low level items?

Fryou: Yes! Our objective is to offer as much content for high level as low levels, as we said earlier.

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posté April 04, 2012, 18:12:57 | #1566
Inside Ankama on Air episode 26 The 26th edition of Inside Ankama on Air is now out!

In this episode:

  • The Rogue is coming! More specifically, it will be coming in May, as part of the next content update. If you’re curious about it, check out this topic:
  • There will be an Easter event. More specifically, a Fleaster event! More information on this one very soon.
  • Moderators’ application time is now over. I’ll go through all the profiles I received and contact everyone back with a first answer. I’m thinking about adding 3 moderators to the team, from the 33 applicants.
  • Subscription issue: the issue leading to subscriptions ending earlier than planned should be solved now. If you still experience it, please let me know.

Epic NPC Theater:
13 entries and all with the right answer! I’m proud of you! Well I made it easier this time, but it doesn’t matter. Keep it up!

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posté April 04, 2012, 16:50:02 | #1567
After discussing this point with the developers, it turns out that this is working as intended.

However, I'll see if I can get the tooltip to be more specific.

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posté April 04, 2012, 16:26:08 | #1568

Quote (-SiPa13- @ 04 April 2012 16:16) *
If i have 200% resist and the Enemy only 100% damage, he will still deal 25%?


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posté April 04, 2012, 15:57:42 | #1569
Hotfix for 1.01 - 05.04.2012 Here is a list of changes that will be applied during tomorrow's maintenance.


  • Elemental damages can no longer be reduced by more than 75%.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters AI could be deactivated by giving up a fight during the placement phase.
  • Boowolves and Boowerewolves are now immune to zombification.
  • Monsters now play their movement animations correctly after being thrown by a Pandawa.


  • Lunar Breastplate recipe (armorer lvl 75) now requires Hulfmouns instead of Foolmouns.

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug in private politic chat that could allow other players to see messages they were not supposed to.

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posté April 04, 2012, 09:57:53 | #1570
Server maintenance - 05.04.2012, 6am - 7:30am GMT Greetings,

A maintenance will take place on Thursday, April 5th from 6am to 7:30am GMT, to deploy a new hotfix.

You will find a changelog here:
Click here

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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posté April 04, 2012, 09:52:24 | #1571
Application time is now over.
To all of you who sent in their application and want to help managing the community, thank you!

I will now review all of your profiles, and come back to you with an answer in the next days.

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posté April 04, 2012, 09:09:04 | #1572
Glad to hear it's fixed.
Please let me know if this issue comes back.

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posté April 03, 2012, 14:52:18 | #1573
What about information on the Rogue? Hi there,

Tot posted a complete description of the new spells and the Rogue, as they may be when the class comes out.

As usual, please note that these information and translations may change until the class becomes playable.


Here is a first Game Design document concerning Rogues. We tried to keep the existing mechanics while pushing further the ideas behind each branch.

As you can see, the bomb system was kept, but spells have been changed. First, bombs are no longer part of the third element branch and only two stayed in the Fire element. However, as for Sadidas and their dolls, Rogues will be able to place spells on their bombs to increase their effect. Only fire spells will allow them doing that. To summarize here is what we think for each branch:

FIRE: bombs and gadgets
AIR: blades (daggers and swords)
EARTH: Rogue guns


When do they trigger?

  • When their charges reach 0
  • Special: When one is thrown on an enemy, it directly blows up on him.
  • Special: The do not trigger when being stepped on. They do not block sight.

Range / Area of effect:

  • All bombs have a range / area of effect of 2 in a line. They all have the same range and area of effect when used singles.
  • However, when used in a “combo” their area of effect goes from 2 in line to a square. This means that, no matter which “combo”, each bomb will be encircled by its area of effect. Furthermore, this area of effect is displayed, and special tiles appear around each bomb. These look like the outline of combat bubble.


  • When three or more bombs are within the area of effect of each other, a wall is created around each one of them. This fire wall appears on each tile next to a bomb, and deals 30 FIRE damages (evolving) to whoever walks on them.

Note: Bombs are subject to Mechanics



This bomb directly explodes in the face of an enemy or can be placed on the ground waiting for an idiot or a Iop to step on it.

4 AP 1-3 Range
Damage: 4/40 CH: 6/60
6 Charges. Can be placed on the ground (and wait for the 6 charges to expire) or thrown directly on an enemy and explode in his face.


The Rogue uses a magical barbwire like a whip to teach his enemy a lesson. When used on a bomb, this spell adds a charge to this one.

2 AP 1-4 Range
Damage: 2/18 CH: 3/26
Use on a bomb: +1 Charge


Water and Electricity never got along so well…

3 AP 1-4 Range
Damage: 3/34 CH: 4/50
Use on a bomb: triggers an electric shot on all tiles next to the bomb.
Damage: 2/24 CH: 2-35


Burning Glove is my best punch, period! “A boy from hell”

6 AP 1-4 Range
Damage: 6/65 CH: 9/100
Use on a bomb: Move closer to the bomb



2 AP 1 Range
Damage: 2/30 CH: 3/45


Cunning allows the Rogue to attract his enemy of 1 tile and take his place sneaking in his back.

2 MP 2-2Range
Damage: 4/30 CH: 6/45
Special: Attract and jump in enemy’s back. Turn the enemy around.


This spell deals high damages without sight and allows the Rogue to add a fast shot in case of critical hit.

4 AP / 1 MP 2-4 Range
Damage: 5/62 CH: 8/100
Special: Triggers a fast shot on critical hit.


Ribs allow the Rogue to deal a bleeding and perfectly targeted hit.

1 WP 1 Range
Damage: 3/30 CH: 4/45
Special: One per turn and per player


Put in good hands this magical sword expends to pierce the Rogue’s enemies, and pushes him back.

6 AP / 1 WP 1 Range Area of effect: 3 in line
Damage: 6/85 CH: 9/125
Special: Rogue steps back one tile



A good volley in the guts, that’s a real Rogue specialty.

2 AP 1-3 Range
Damage: 2/22 CH: 3/33


This shot allows the Rogue to go through armors. A very useful spell against let’s say… Those Fecas!

5 AP 1-3 Range
Damage: 5/52 CH: 8/78
Special: Ignore targets resists


This shot reaches targets hidden in corners and turns them into dead meat.

3 AP 2-6 Range shot in diagonal
Damages: 3/42 CH: 5/63


“Blam!!! That will for sure be the last thing those idiots who get in my way will hear” Remington Smisse

X AP / X MP / 1 WP 2-4 Range
Damage: -1HP per AP and MP left, -8 when level 100
Special: This spell ends turn


4 AP 1-3 Range Area of effect: Triangle

Damage: 4/50 CH: 6/78



This specialty allows the Rogue to change his earth attacks into fire but keeping the damage bonus. Can only be used once per turn.

1 WP
LVL 0: Change Earth shots to Fire. +5% dmg
LVL 9: Change Earth shots to Fire. +50% dmg
Special: Once per turn


Detonator can trigger a bomb while increasing its damages.

1 AP
Lvl 0: -1 Charge, +2% damage for the triggered bomb
Lvl 9: -1 Charge, +20% damage for the triggered bomb


This spell allows you to pick up a bomb and move it somewhere else, or throw it on an enemy. Leveling this spell increases the picking up and throwing range.

Lvl 0:
4 AP 1-2 Range
Pick up a bomb
OR throw a bomb
OR inflict 1 neutral damage to an enemy and push him back

Lvl 9:
2 AP 1-7 Range
Pick up a bomb
OR throw a bomb
OR inflict 10 neutral damage to an enemy and push him back

The Rogue cannot use spells when carrying a bomb


Roguabot is an ingenious tool that Rogues can use to control their bombs and that can also extend his shots.

Lvl 0:
5 AP / 1WP 1-3 Range
10 HP / 1 MP

Active spells:
Push (pushes a bomb)
Barbfire level 1
Detonator level 1

Lvl 9:
2 AP / 1 WP 1-7 Range
10 HP / 4 MP

Active spells:
Push (pushes a bomb)
Barbfire level 30
Detonator level 1

States on Roguabot:
“Immune to explosions”

“Extender: This state allows the Rogue to shoot further.

  • Extending takes the shape of a triangle and in the direction the Rogue points to. This means that a stupid Rogue can shoot himself.
  • To compensate for the area of effect, a 30% loss applies to all shots performed this way.

The Area of Effect is a 9 tiles triangle


Trick allows the Rogue to push back an enemy standing next to one of his bombs or his Roguabot. The enemy is pushed randomly on another tile next to the Bomb or Roguabot.

Lvl 0:
4 AP
Teleports the enemy and deals 1 neutral damage

Lvl 9:
2 AP
Teleports the enemy and deals 10 neutral damage



Lvl 1: +1% damage for bombs. +3% resists against bomb damage
Lvl 20: +20% damage for bombs. +60% resists against bomb damage


Thanks to this passive spell the Rogue has a change to trigger another shot right after performing one.
Note: Triggers a new shot on a shot spell. This new shot inflicts 30% of the damages of the previous shot but with WATER damage.

Lvl 1: 2% chances of triggering Surprise Shot
Lvl 20: 40% chances of triggering Surprise Shot


The Rogues Initiative influences his Air spells.

Lvl 1: 2% of initiative converted into % of AIR damage mastery
Lvl 9: 40% of initiative converted into % of AIR damage mastery


When hit, the Rogue has a chance of running away the opposite way.

Lvl 1: +2% chances to run away from 1 to 3 tiles
Lvl 20: +40% chances to run away from 1 to 3 tiles
Special: Can be Locked


Lvl 1:
+5% chances to gain 1 AP when a bomb explodes
+2% chances to gain another AP when a bomb explodes
+2 Initiative
+0 Mechanics

Lvl 20:
+100% chances to gain 1 AP when a bomb explodes
+40% chances to gain another AP when bomb explodes
+40 Initiative
+2 Mechanics

Note: The first Mechanics point arrive level 10, the other level 20.


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posté March 19, 2012, 14:55:29 | #1574
Forums Moderators wanted, your community needs you! Greetings to all of you,

As you already know, the community is growing, and as more users join us, rules and borders can tend to blur.

In order to keep guidelines clear, and provide an ever more respectful, reasonable and healthy discussion ground, I would like to staff up our moderation team.

Responsibilities as a Forum Moderator:

  • Watch over discussions and act, should one violate the Terms of Service
  • Issue warning and infractions should it be necessary
  • Close, merge, move and redirect threads when need be, to help keeping the forums clear
  • Provide answers to some of the most basic questions
  • Help members to formulate their questions in a way that is understandable and clear to everyone
  • Help identifying threads and issues that would require the Community Manager’s attention
  • Provide feedback and ideas on how to improve and adapt the forums’ structure
  • And more…

Qualities of a good Forum Moderator:

  • Be patient, helpful, and always act in an educating spirit, rather than a sanctioning one
  • Be objective and know when to make the difference between his or her opinion as a player, and as a member of the community team
  • Provide a regular presence on the forums, and commit to reading the forums every day
  • Desire to help the community, and get involved in the daily life of WAKFU, rather than expecting to get rewards and special treatments
  • Good understanding of confidentiality, regarding his or her identity, players sanction as well as confidential information he or she may get access to
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have good written English skills
  • As a plus, be fluent in another language

As a Forum Moderator, you would:

  • Receive a forum moderation account, with all the rights necessary to handle your responsibilities
  • Have direct contact with your Community Manager
  • Get access to early information such as upcoming events and special offers
  • If need be, help organizing ingame events
  • Get a shiny [MOD] tag!

Please note that Forum Moderator is a volunteer position and thus does not entitle you to any rewards, such as free subscription or ingame items.

Also note that Forum Moderators are not ingame moderators. Although the two responsibilities can be handled by the same person, you will not be asked to do ingame moderation.

If you think that you are the right person, please contact me in private message, explaining why you want to join the moderation team and why you would be an asset to this team.


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posté November 28, 2011, 15:23:56 | #1575
Server Maintenance - 28.11.2011 2pm GMT The servers will be down for maintenance starting at 2PM GMT today, and will be back after two hours if all goes well.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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posté October 27, 2011, 16:25:04 | #1576
The Curse of Al Howin

Every year, as Halloween’s Day draws closer, the inhabitants of the World of Twelve fear the worst. But have you ever wondered why this period scares everyone so much?

In days gone by, during the DOFUS Era, the passage from Octolliard to Novamaire was blighted by a strange curse every year…

Legend has it that a Pumpkwin farmer named Al Howin was banished from Amakna for trickery and casting forbidden spells. The Bwork became so bitter and angry that he decided to return every year to sow discord in Amakna by bewitching Gobballs and Tofus.

We don’t know whether or not the Bwork survived Ogrest’s Chaos and is still eager to take his revenge, or if maybe some practical jokers are planning to pick up where he left off, but, in the Wakfu era, the World of Twelve is feeling more than a little uneasy as Octolliard 31st approaches.

Adventurers, beware! Who knows what horrors await you this year…?


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posté October 13, 2011, 15:52:51 | #1577
WAKFU the MMORPG: Sufokia emerges!

In the next update of WAKFU the MMORPG, a new nation will appear: The paradise nation but also very mysterious Sufokia! Grab your swimsuit, your shovel and bucket, and catch a glimpse of the archipelago!

Sufokia, the most paradise oriented of all Nations. If at least, there were no beach monsters that comes to tickle the tourists.

Between Albatrocious, mean and nasty bird of misfortune, and Zordfish, which tries to skewer you, not to mention Bernardo del Reya who wants to soften you with his simple minded appearance; relaxation on the beaches of Sufokia is not so easy to find.

But fortunately, the Clan Members are on the watch! Jonk Ussack is responsible for welcoming newcomers to the Village of Sufokia, Malosinus controls the Way of the Powder; and Billon Stroud manages The Dune of Kane. Together, they form a real crew, ready to greet you!

From the sandy beaches, to the mysterious ruins and passing through fearsome sea monsters, Sufokia is adventure with a capital A, discover it in the next patch of WAKFU the MMORPG!

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posté August 11, 2011, 15:54:54 | #1578
Wakfu and Stasis Islands

You’ve probably already been wondering if your dedication to Wakfu or Stasis would be rewarded one day… apart from the change of color of your beloved Gemlin, of course! You might find the answer to your question here!

Two mysterious islands…

It seems that two sanctuaries have recently appeared and they are only accessible to people who devote themselves unconditionally to one of the two ultimate powers, Wakfu and Stasis. Keep an eye on your gauge. Once your Wakfu or Stasis level has reached at least 30%, you will be able to access one of these two mystic regions, which have some surprises in store!

Of course, the laws that govern these peaceful sanctuaries forbid any battles from taking place. You will, therefore, have to prove you are worthy of these celestial islands: All players with the same alignment, regardless of nation, will have to help each other fill the containers and unlock access to the different island zones. Each zone offers various bonuses, like, for instance, an increased rate of harvesting for Stasis Island, or of planting for Wakfu Island.

These islands will also give you the opportunity to discover a little more about the history of WAKFU, through stones that tell the story of Wakfu and Stasis.

Unique new equipment!

But the main advantage of these islands is that they will allow you to craft about 15 unique pieces of equipment, full of the power of Wakfu or Stasis, thanks to special machines, which you unlock step by step. Only those who prove themselves worthy will be able to equip these items. Maybe now you’ll think twice before you plant those resources or kill that Gobball!


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posté May 12, 2011, 15:04:59 | #1579
A new gameplay for the Sacriers Empty eyes, tattoos all over their body and a wild desire to spill their own blood in honor of their Goddess: the Sacriers are getting ready to “Chrage The World of Twelve!
Here and now, discover these Berserkers’ new gameplay.

Sacriers are characters of action but who can be subtle. The Sacrier recklessly commits into battles and the saying “what does not kill you makes you stronger” could not be truer than in his case.

The Chrage

Chrage is the Sacrier’s class main mechanic. It consists in a fury gauge which naturally decreases on each turn but which increases when the Sacrier suffers damages!

This mechanic supposes a gameplay without any down time for the Sacrier, because any fall of charge implies for him weaker damages inflicted. Indeed, Chrage reinforces some spells and is even compulsory to cast others.

Fire Branch

The fire branch is the branch of pain and blood. And so it is the branch which boosts the Chrage gauge by excellence.

Blood for blood: the Sacrier hits his enemy but harms himself too during the attack.
Blood cage: a powerful area spell which decreases the adverse Chrage and increases the Chrage generated by the Sacrier but prevents him from being healed.
Sanguinary fury: a spell that becomes more and more powerful during a round every time it hits, if the Sacrier changes his target, but which is also more and more painful.
Punishment: a powerful fire spell but which harms the Sacrier too. It applies the Chrager state to the Sacrier. It is more effective if his enemy’s percentage of life points remaining is higher than his.
Burning blood: the Sacrier is set ablaze, making area damages around him (and suffers damages too) and by applying himself the “Burning” state during one round and the “Scalded” state. During this round, all the targets in “Scalded” state beginning their round on contact with the Sacrier suffer damages (serious burnt) and lose their “Scalded” state.

Earth branch

The earth branch is the branch which consumes the most chrage. It is made almost exclusively of spells that need a certain level of Chrage to be executed or that even consume Chrage themselves.

Rocky foot: the Sacrier concentrates up to 10% of his Chrage (if he has some) in his right leg and makes it as strong as rock before hitting his target with it.
“Bowlcracking hit”: the Sacrier thumps his enemy having concentrated his Chrage in his head. At least 30% of his Chrage is necessary to be able to use this attack.
Lethal sling: the Sacrier puts his hand on the ground and, thanks to his Chrage and his tattoo, roots up a rock and throws it to his enemies. The more Chrage he has, the further he can throw it.
Colonnades: the Sacrier concentrates his Chrage in his foot and he strikes the ground with all his strength, which makes rocky columns coming out from the ground that are more painful when the target is near them.
Smash: the Scarier concentrates his Chrage in his head and hits with it, then in his fist and strikes with it too, before finally transferring the Chrage into his leg and ending his enemy with it. This attack consumes 80% of Chrage but it hurts so much!

Air branch

The air branch is the placement and tattoos branch. This is the most tactical one which allows the Sacrier to place himself, his allies or enemies in a position that gives him an advantage. Air spells are rather neutral in comparison to Chrage. They mainly allow Sacris to find the right place and move fast to catch hits.

Repelling tattoo: the Sacrier hits his target with his tattoos and pushes it back one square.
Grabbing tattooed fist: the Sacrieur grabs his target with his tattoos and throws himself towards it in order to strike it.
Assault: the Sacrier exchanges his place with his target’s one, inflicting it damages on the way.
Attracting tattooed fist: the Sacrieur throws his tattoos to his target in order to bring it back to him, or actually to his other fist.
Dazzling speed: the Scarieur moves faster than air and seems to be in several places at a time to strike his targets. Actually, he is already in their backs, on the opposite side from where he has just attacked.

Class specialties

Attraction: this spell allows the Sacrier to attract an ally or enemy to him.
Sacrifice: this spell allows the Sacrier to take hits instead of one of his ally during 1 round. Every time the Sacrifice target suffers damages, they exchange their place.
Transposition: this spell allows the Sacrier to exchange his position with an ally or an enemy without any line of sight needed.
Kill: this spell allows the Sacrier to get back some Chrage spent on the current round if he strikes a target to death.
Transports sickness: inflicts the “Transports sickness” state to the target, who will suffer damages every time it will be teleported by an effect.
Near death (passive): this spell makes the Sacrier stronger when he gets closer to death.
Death refuse (Passive): if the Sacrier is fatally injured, there is a probability he refuses to die: he stays alive and suffers all the attacks without flinching but his next round will be his last.
Blood pact (Passive): a blood pact links the Sacrier and his allies, the Sacrier Goddess gives him life points for each ally he has to protect; on the other hand, if the ally dies, the Sacrier suffers important damage for having failed to the blood pact.
Adrenaline (Passive): determines the percentage of Chrage that the Sacrier disposes of at the beginning of the battle.
Power (Passive): if the Sacrier begins his round with a 100% Chrage, he earns damages bonuses.

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On April 26th, the team deployed a hotfix to resolve a number of issues. Please see the patch notes below:

Spell Fixes and Balancing
  • Damage and HP decreased from Boars.
  • Removed the Poisoned Wind spell from Destiny Clan Sadidas.
  • Changed the Googoo summoner level.
  • Changed the Googoo summoner waves.
  • Changed the calculations for characters XP, spells and elementary mastery.
  • Fixed the “Meowtbreak” spell (Ecaflip).
  • Decreased double damage chances for the “All In” spell (Ecaflip).
  • Changed the damage output for the “Lottery” and “Heads or Tails” spells (Ecaflip).
  • Fixed damage for Up to “Scratch” (Ecaflip).
  • Changed the cost of the “Cat Tree” spell (Ecaflip) to 2MP/1WP.
  • Changed the “Flea Love” spell (Ecaflip).
  • Changed the “Paws Off” spell which now increases the target’s Critical Failure.
  • Fixed the critical hit rate of the “Shady Shovel” spell (Enutrof).
  • Fixed the “Giving Someone a Smacker” spell (Enutrof).
  • Increased the drop rate for Wisdom Candy.
  • It is no longer possible to consume two or more Wisdom candies in a row.
  • Bonuses for the Purple and Green Googoo sets have been added.

Bug Fixes

  • Added Citizenship Point condition information in each government position tooltip.
  • Fixed the order in which the windows are closed when using the “escape” key – the foreground window will close first.
  • Incarnam: the first Zaap sound will only play once.
  • Fixed bug a preventing users from descending from Incarnam a second time after visiting Astrub.
  • Fixed the Radial menu not appearing on users during the placement phase.
  • Group members now appear correctly on the minimap.
  • You can now remove a disconnected player from a guild.
  • Diplomacy chat message notifications have been improved.
  • Fix for the prison countdown not triggering.
  • Items picked up during a fight (thanks to the Enutrof) are no more visible to players not engaged in the fight.

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