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posté April 22, 2014, 10:02:39 | #1

Quote (NillaSteph @ 22 April 2014 08:42) *
I've just finished the relic last week. The relic has a few bugs to it though.

I'm playing on Remington with English settings. and the shield description is in French.
Oh, and the title u get for finishing it is in French too

Also the shield is blurred when u are on 'ready' stance in battles.

I dunno how to make gifs animation to clearly show the aura, but it kinda looks like the meridian aura, but with bubbles popping here and there. It is light blue in color. Kinda pretty .
ew, no lock
grats tho

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posté April 21, 2014, 21:00:53 | #2

Quote (Gynrei @ 21 April 2014 18:35) *
Aqua and Noob are both dancing around the real difference between mono and multi boxers. I'm going to try and clarify a bit more.

I think mulit and mono boxers are basically equal. The numbers are equal and you can debate the advantages or disadvantages for ages. I'd love to debate them but these discussions go nowhere. I'm confident in my own analysis of these differences and it's fairly balanced.

Aqua is correct, the numbers prove equal when trying to gear mono vs multi accounts. This stereotype about multi-boxers getting more drops is ludicrous.

Unfortunately the feelings you get are drastically different. The multi-boxer will feel better because they will drop items 6 times faster even though that item is 1/6th of what they need. Compared to the mono boxer dropping items 1/6th of the time but they only need the 1. This is when you get the "fuck'n finally it dropped" feeling, instead of the "good, I'm making progress" feeling.

This is the same concept as tokens. Some reward feels better than no reward.
sorry but you are wrong, so aqua is, you are not taking into account tokens and crafts, multiaccounters can get 6 sage sets in a blink compared to single boxers, same with tokens, 1 ub run = 1 piece of gear... plus... you can run anything whenever you want, im siting with 2 DP tokens for months now... 6 boxers have more chances to get gear, not just because drop rates :\

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posté April 18, 2014, 14:16:54 | #3
i know you are going to see this message today sabi so... could you check the moderation email? i reported someone many times and it seems nothing happened yet and he is kinda out of control, so if you could read the emails i sent, that would be wonderful  

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posté April 17, 2014, 23:43:54 | #4

Although, I'm just speaking my opinion
If you are speaking your opinion, stop saying things like "Most people", "Not everyone will be happy", "No one wants that", "We need", " New players will", "I know many, many people who also enjoy the grind", " People enjoy the difficult slow grind"(lolwhat? since when? unless you are a sadist...), etc... i wont continue posting those mini quotes because all your post is about YOU thinking what people MIGHT think or act like according to YOUR perception of YOUR reality, wich is based in YOUR experiences and those experiences might make YOU perceive things in a total different way everyones else perceive THEIR reallity. gosh.... :-E


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posté April 17, 2014, 21:35:13 | #5

Quote (aquabeauty @ 17 April 2014 21:04) *

Quote (Kouromaro @ 17 April 2014 17:55) *

Quote (ForCanea @ 17 April 2014 16:39) *
Not joking. Dathura recieved this buff, and I am told by some nox friends they did as well. There just must of not been an announcement on the english forums
QQ That is upsetting. If they do something like that they should have thrown out an announcement
Are you referring to the compensation days we received for the two days of which our servers were shut down due to "possible duping"? If so, this current matter I am referring to is different and occurred Much after that matter.

unless you are suggesting that there were 2 of these weekends. At which point, if there were I am positive sabi would have confirmed this event instead she has only confirmed the compensation of one almotoken.

Please make sure of what you are referring to because I have found no evidence of this.
this ^

the +30% was because the duping issue (did they ever post wich server was the dupper one? ._.)

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posté April 17, 2014, 21:07:59 | #6
Pretty much what Gynrei said  

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posté April 17, 2014, 00:42:00 | #7

Quote (Warrada @ 17 April 2014 00:08) *
We need KO Bombs that work in the overworld. Before anybody says it would make ecoterrorizing way too easy, remember that Ghostofs will spawn that monster seeds can be collected from and that planting mobs is significantly faster and easier than killing mobs. Although killing mobs with a KO Bomb should still involve CP loss if that puts it under a nations lower boundary.
i think if they make them useable if you are not an outlaw only could help to prevent ecoterrorism

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posté April 17, 2014, 00:00:19 | #8
i stoped bothering about fixing anything since looong ago, whats the point? a meh bonus that resets every week :\ yeah yeah, tons of CP that dissapears in seconds if you somehow do something wrong... the higher the CP the more you lose... had over 10000 cp that dissapeared in less than 1 minute because i had the sound low and wasnt paying attention ... now my cp is 60 or so, so if i get it lowered, is by 5-7 not by +1000 or so ( ) ..|.

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posté April 16, 2014, 22:45:22 | #9

Quote (FuzzySyd @ 16 April 2014 22:11) *
No. I don't play games for a challenge - I play games to relieve stress.
and running a long dungeon to get no drops = lots of stress :\ imagine doing that multiple times.... nty

wakfu used to relax me a lot, now is so... stressing  

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posté April 16, 2014, 21:31:10 | #10

Quote (Thistled @ 16 April 2014 21:25) *

Quote (IcyTincie @ 15 April 2014 23:01) *

Quote (Thistled @ 15 April 2014 22:29) *
excessive? I dont think there's enough dungeons. GIB ME MORE
You are not relating to the topic in any way...
my dislexia got the best of me, but the person also changed the topic name to something much more clear. In that case, I like to run dugneons over and over, I think it's fun and challenging to try a dungoeon, master it, get all the drops you need, and move onto a new one
even if it takes more than 1 hour and you get literally no drops at all? (jelly dungeon, that dungeon is stupidly annoying... and its supposed to be "low lvl" im sick of getting 0 drops, not even a jelly )

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