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posté Yesterday - 18:50:35 | #1
wakfu markets hey guys, i've had several of you notify me a couple different times over the last few weeks the market listings have been drying up on wakfu-elements. First off thanks for letting me know. I don't have much monitoring in place for catching stuff like that, so its helpful.

Secondly, I think they should be stable now. Last patch changed some stuff and in order to get them up quickly, i took a few shortcuts that temporarily required me to be inputting some data the parsers needed to connect manually. As such , when i'd go a day or two not doing so...they quit gathering listings. This morning I was able to carve out a few hours and get them fixed properly.

Last thing, I've had some down time with my current host (4 times in the last 2 months), so I'm going to be migrating to a new host, and in the process, move from 1 server to 5, to hopefully help speed things up, and get some fail-over redundancy built in. Hopefully you guys wont see any negative effects during the migration, but just wanted to let you guys know.

If you happen to read this, I sent you a message more than a month ago, which you never read. It'd be cool if you could....


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posté March 24, 2014, 19:31:59 | #2

Quote (TommyTrouble @ 22 March 2014 22:16) *

Quote (stryve @ 22 March 2014 03:37) *
Markets should be up and running now, sorry for the delay, looks like client authentication changed, and it borked the market parsers.
We love you, you're beautiful/handsome, everything you touch turns to Kamas.

Thank you!
cant tell if sarcasm or serious... but either way it made me laugh

Quote (Asriah @ 22 March 2014 12:15) *
Are there any plans to parse the Wakfu Asia markets?
Not really, although thats not to say my mind couldn't change at some point, but right now, no.

In case you are curious why, the primary reason is:
The potential increase in traffic would require another upgrade to my servers, and I also am not a fan of becoming a target for that IP region.


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posté March 22, 2014, 03:37:11 | #3
Wakfu Elements markets Markets should be up and running now, sorry for the delay, looks like client authentication changed, and it borked the market parsers.

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posté March 21, 2014, 19:23:12 | #4
ya, it should be back now... still investigating what happened, i know what caused it to go down, tracking down the individual who crawled me non-stop for 15 hours (enough to generate 12GB of log files)


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posté March 20, 2014, 15:27:02 | #5
Site is updated sorry about missing the patch I have a reminder on my phone every tuesday morning to check the site but i was busy and silenced it and forgot to actually check.

latest items
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posté February 28, 2014, 16:05:40 | #6
Sabi will read my PM  

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posté February 27, 2014, 00:00:57 | #7

Quote (Gynrei @ 26 February 2014 17:29) *
I wish Ankama didn't design Wakfu using this philosophy:

While funny, I don't think you can safely make that call without seeing the code in their environment. The obfuscated jar file doens't mean their project is setup that way. Also to be honest their code has been improving significantly in regards to structure since beta. they introduced dependency injection a couple patches ago, which means they are moving towards industry standards, and they make exceptional use of enum extension and OO principles. I dont love it all, but its increased in quality substantially since release.

Not saying the code is bug free or anything like that, but again. an obfuscated core.jar is not really a fair basis for judgement.

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posté February 24, 2014, 21:14:42 | #8

Quote (Bloodee-Mess @ 04 January 2014 09:32) *
could you perhaps make one for masqueraiders?
I lost the original psd in a move from an old laptop to thos one. I'll see if i have it backed up somewhere and will try.

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posté February 13, 2014, 15:20:52 | #9

Quote (Zanarukandoiseki @ 12 February 2014 05:52) *
I am also able to make the exe using the guide outlined by Boredom. I think that error only pops up if you dont use it properly. The question is how to properly use it. Because if you try to drop onto it you get that error, but the creates a 98mb OGG file "0" that nothing seems to know what to do with.

Looks like they changed the way they store the music , as of 1.31 so ya, that will no longer work. If i get some free time i'll take a look at it. Sorry for the confusion. I really don't understand why they go to such lengths to make it unavailable to people. The logic seems backwards.
People like ingame music,
People want to listen to it, because of their love for wakfu and its music.
Ankama makes it more difficult to listen to....

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posté February 12, 2014, 03:09:59 | #10
Wakfu Elements updated for 1.31 Sorry for the delay, busy day

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posté February 12, 2014, 02:20:16 | #11
There is a post on reddit /r/wakfu titled Wakfu OST its 2-3 pages back. It has what you are looking for.

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posté January 15, 2014, 22:59:32 | #12

Quote (tashlol @ 13 January 2014 23:41) *
If the AI was set on 'auto mode' it would make botting a lot easier for people. They could start fights and tab out, or even create programs to start fights and not ever do anything!
if MM had AI, it would actually make it harder to bot. Honestly if you are botting, the MM is more of a headache then a benefit anyway. You bot by killing something you can 1-2 shot so that there is no risk of death / interruption. an MM would either slow down the rotation or introduce to much risk... Line of Sight issues, splitting mob groups etc.

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posté December 16, 2013, 15:39:53 | #13

Quote (Intrade @ 16 December 2013 01:25) *
If I remember correctly, the format Wakfu uses is TGAM which I'm assuming is a compressed form of TGA file data. These kind of files aren't really common and you would need to have someone who understands TGA files look through the TGAM files and find the TGA data and the offsets between Sprites, then separate the data within the files using some logical means like a reader.

Some of these reader-programs did exist in the past, because like you I was curious as to what the sprites looked like and found the TGAM files in a JAR file. I've seen some of the animation data thanks to viewing examples of a reader but because the reader was uploaded via Megaupload and since that file-sharing site no longer exists, I couldn't get access to it. I couldn't find much information on a current way of reading the files (the offset for the data may have been changed so the older readers may not work for the current data).

I don't really have the desire to delve into the TGAM data and separate it myself.
I spent a while attempting to build a reader program, and while the extractor part was pretty simple (creating flat files of all the pieces) i quit on the reader mostly because there just wasn't much interest there on my part. I never found anything that officially supported TGAM so i ended up recreating a TGA fileheader and appending the RGBA data (I think technically in order for it to display it was actually BGRA)

Quote (Kaitenzushi @ 16 December 2013 09:18) *
Along similar lines, I'm very interested in having all the game music in my music library. I sincerely love the stuff and would like to listen to it while I work.

After some digging around I reckon the music is all kept in (80+ M and musics.pki (less than 1M. The odd thing though, is that most references I find to .pk point to Peak (acquired by Adobe). The .pk files in question would actually only be tempfiles / graphical files used in the editing process. This suggests that in this case .pk is something else, some kind of packed format which is extracted by the relevant .JAR file. And I'm by no means a dev, so I reckon I can forget about it

I guess I'm bound to use some sound capturing software instead...
The sound files used to be a an ANSI character shifted collection of ogg files. It looks like that's since changed so my music extractor wouldn't work. (Looks like those havne't changed) I'll take a peek if i get a chance. Also the pki is simply a list of files (an index).
For example the musics.pki contains the following list:

etc etc.. I think you get the point.

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posté December 10, 2013, 17:10:42 | #14
I believe in the past I had not tracked Kelba to provide in essence a "black" market. To be honest i had no idea astrub had a market now.

Astrub prolly wouldn't be an issue, if Kelba is in a zone that requires an active subscription then its prolly out of question

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posté December 10, 2013, 13:43:48 | #15
Wakfu Elements updated for 1.30 I'm sure there will be a few more patches today but for the time being its updated and current.

Not a whole lot of new items, but the new otomai's armor link is here:
Click here

Latest items are here:
Click here

I've almost finished a new method to track item changes and it should be finished in time for the next patch.

Happy Holidays, and as always if you find an issue please email me or contact me through the site.


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posté December 10, 2013, 13:13:11 | #16
They are related. The folder in AppData is internal logs and user preferences, the folder in C:\Program Files is the actual game install.

You need them both.

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posté December 02, 2013, 23:25:52 | #17
This gets me significantly closer to reliving my child-hood memories of playing FF tactics. I'm not resubbing yet, but if it goes well for a few patches this could be enough to bring me back. 2 accounts = full group without 6 windows.... defiantly worth it if the sidekicks are feasible replacements for another player. Even at 4 spells that's roughly 2-3 more than I used on a few characters

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posté December 02, 2013, 15:35:24 | #18

Quote (aquabeauty @ 01 December 2013 20:38) *
3. More than playing with a "group" there are some people who dont want to play with anyone because most players are grade-a d-bags.


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