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posté February 25, 2014, 16:55:59 | #1
The only type of Sadida that's decent in PvP is an earth/x hybrid that's built around being tanky with the tree (250% to 400% in all resistances) but pushes higher damage as well with LS (700%+) to use on skills like Fertilizer to kite the enemy.

It's not fair of you guys to gauge PvP ability in 1v1 scenarios. After spending a bit of time on the Beta server against min/max builds, almost everyone that I fought had the capacity to two-turn one another with some even doing it in just one.

But if we had to rule it based off of that, any variation of Sacrier is pretty much the best because of their high HP (and often resistances too) to stay alive a couple more turns coupled with their Clinging to Life turn. Very few classes have a counter to a CTL Sacrier and a lot of times it comes down to abusing the map to ensure victory if they use COB to home in on you. A CTL Sacrier crit Punishment is usually enough to take out 60-70% of your HP alone if you only have 200-300% fire resistance.

A close second is 12 AP Fire Ecaflip builds built around DoQ and crit Die Alright. Following that would be Water Zobals because of their almost impossible to compete with burst damage on the first turn. I rule these lower however because they're often quite a bit squishier (though not always).

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posté February 25, 2014, 16:47:28 | #2

Quote (PeterKJ @ 25 February 2014 11:44) *
Hello Mango! Can I ask you to verify my build?

Click here

I see you statted the 2 AP already. As I recommend with anyone else, prior to endgame gear you may want to consider staying 10 AP. The 250 points could help you out a ton. You should also focus on getting a general damage off-hand in the near future (the most appealing one being in 3 levels, The Bloodthirsty from Milkar the Moowolf).

Without editing your items, I've re-configured your stat point allocation and spell XP allocation. See here. I pulled XP out of Devastate because without being a 12 AP build, Devastate is probably the least appealing of the earth skills due to the inability to Jump before double casting it. The same could be said about Rocknoceros, however it's pretty important to keep that ace in the hole in case you need a little bit of range.

My alternative to both of these is to level Impact and ignore both Rocknoceros and Devastate, however that'd leave you without a damaging stun skill. It would on the other hand allow you to evenly allocate your spell XP and yield I'd imagine another 20% or so damage and resist in both elements. Impact is actually really good, and has both range (that can hit around corners) and a flexible AoE.

I don't want to make this impression that 10 AP builds are not worth it, because I'd argue that prior to getting endgame gear it's better than 12 AP builds. You just lose too much stats having to use a Ring of Satisfaction and losing 250 stat points for the second AP.

Obviously the Makabrisdom Ring is to help you level but you'll definitely want to gear a damage ring for that slot as well.

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posté February 22, 2014, 12:48:55 | #3

Quote (Scrublife @ 22 February 2014 12:25) *
What are you throughts on crit instead of int/air stat?

And wow @ 25AP, 2hands, LoF AND punishment? QQ

It depends. Crit spec on initiative burning Xelor works out surprisingly well since it heavily increases the air damage gained from Aging (via amount of initiative reduced). Instead of a Hand triggering -30 air base per cast, it'll proc -40 air base (with a maxed out Temporal Waves). Scoring a crit with all four fire attacks would have removed 161 initiative, or enough to deal 256 air proc + Aging base for only 2 AP. My Aging is not maxed either and removes 16 air proc per 10 initiative removed instead of the possible 17. The reasoning is not enough spell XP to allocate, and I'd rather have some extra mastery and water resistance than push for a bit more damage on it.

The build in that video is a hybrid spec. At that point in time I was running 51 critical hits (it was 50 with Hushed Scepter, changed to 51 with the Twin-Pwonged Cawwot for an extra 11% damage) to supplement 819% to 834% dual-damage.

If my memory serves correct the spec there is:
- 1 AP
- 3 Kit Skill
- 1 Range
- 15 Critical Hits
- 62 Intelligence
- 62 Agility
- 1 Initiative

Later revised to:
- 1 AP
- 2 Kit Skill
- 1 Range
- 14 Critical Hits
- 64 Intelligence
- 64 Agility
- 2 Initiative

The initiative statting comes from leftover points. There's a good handful of stat points from quests that aren't on this newly made Xelor. They would all be pooled to win an extra few damage and resists if I had them.

The reason this build uses 1 AP is because I don't have Genetically Modified Epaulettes on the Beta server. It would win back 150 stat points but at a deficit of a great deal of HP, 2 CH, and a little bit of damage & resists. The points won back would convert to 15% fire & air damage & resist (30 points mitigated to keep 50 CH) at a item difference of 2%...

So I would gain 13% damage in return for 108 HP. Hard sacrifice there.

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posté February 22, 2014, 05:04:57 | #4
Taken from my stream today. 25 AP Xelor epicness!

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posté February 06, 2014, 17:39:56 | #5
Updated to reflect new thoughts on certain spells and passives, as well as outlining separate statting guides for 10 AP builds and min/max 12 AP builds.

Equipment index, combos, and tips & tricks will be included in the next update.

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posté January 21, 2014, 02:00:37 | #6
See here.

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posté January 21, 2014, 02:00:04 | #7
Here's the dreadful Siw Bows quest along with the other quests involved in the Upwoaw at the Wa's Castle achievement to obtain the Wobot Toy. Successful attempt starts at 1:04:20. Everything before is sorrow and sadness.

Later in the video we do the other achievements that require you to do meticulous stuff.

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posté December 11, 2013, 03:25:49 | #8
I don't have the means to gear them just yet. Just two Astrub Knights from the quest and two Shadows thanks to some friends. Just going to throw Vampyro sets on them until I get around crafting Sage for four new characters...


Idealistically I expect them to do noticeably less damage than my normal characters when in both instances the characters are attacking the lowest resistances. But I like the concept of elemental versatility where you always attack the enemy's lowest resist. It makes me think of the chromatic sidekicks as super-stasis Foggernauts.

I'll update when they're actually in noteworthy equipment. Sorry to disappoint for the time being - they're literally deadweight/bait at the moment.

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posté December 11, 2013, 03:04:53 | #9
I'm doing okay. Leeching my four sidekicks versus groups of three and four Lenalds with minimal wisdom and getting 2-4 million per mob pending challenges.

That coupled with the insanely reduced amount of XP required per level is a blessing. There's no arguing that 3 billion XP to 140 instead of 5.2 billion is a tremendous difference.

MM are leveling very fast too. Since they get enhanced XP rates compared to normal characters I'm at 80 across my four after a couple hours of grinding and challenges. A guildmate has already passed the level 100 marker for his MM.

Overall I strongly disagree with you on the current state of experience points. Perhaps try re-evaluating your group size as well as your ability to do in-combat challenges?

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posté December 10, 2013, 21:49:13 | #10
Lumino doesn't have near the capacity an Eniripsa has for healing. We weren't entirely bread-free with Eniripsa and we won't be any better off with Lumino.

He's a nice cushion for those without a healer though. I would still use him so I don't have to level up any healer class on another client.

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posté December 10, 2013, 21:35:28 | #11
You need to go through the Astrub questline from the beginning if you haven't.

Spoiler: (highlight to show)
After you kill the Nanny Larva in the sewers, in the next step of the quest you will receive the key.

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posté December 10, 2013, 21:33:55 | #12

Even though the wisdom got halved, in the system wisdom is now twice as 'heavy' as before. So before we were getting more wisdom because it weighed less. By doubling the weight of wisdom but halving the amount of wisdom gear gets, the overall weight of the item stays exactly the same.

Essentially, it was a wisdom nerf and nothing else.

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posté November 19, 2013, 01:43:32 | #13
Instead of restricting those who want to multi-client, why not reward those who don't?

Confer a bonus for every different actual person connected in a PvM battle. Something that exponentially gets better the more different people there are in a group.

1 Person: 100% XP & Drops
2 People: 103% XP & Drops
3 People: 108% XP & Drops
4 People: 115% XP & Drops
5 People: 125% XP & Drops
6 People: 140% XP & Drops

Honestly when's the last time you've all been in a party that compromised of six unique and different individuals?

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posté November 08, 2013, 17:12:58 | #14
It really looks like they're making Ombre to be the main villain of the Supervillain arc after the Harebourg arc, seeing as all of this isn't taking place until after players have access to the level 150 Harebourg Dungeon that's supposed to come in the update after this one.

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posté November 07, 2013, 05:34:29 | #15

Updated air/fire gear. This is about as good as gear gets prior to Relic items and Wa Wabbit gear. When the dial change comes we can invest the 100 points from an MP into damage for another 12% or 13% damage and resist. I'm also in Sufokia in at the moment so changing nation would merit another 15% or so in either element. It might be possible to do 700%/700% without a Relic but it definitely won't be easy, at least not prior to 140.

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posté November 02, 2013, 19:42:56 | #16
Jump: Spend AP and WP to move an additional cell or two. When maxed costs 2 AP and 1 WP, but allows you to move two extra cells even past something that may be obstructing your line of sight. An absolute must for all Iop builds.

Defensive Stance: Immediately ends your turn and adds an amount of Block to you that lasts until the next turn. At max costs 2 AP grants your character an additional 40 Block until the next turn. Blocking an incoming attack reduces the total damage you take from it by 30%. Good optional spell to max if you have the extra points.

Flatten: Spend AP and MP to transport to a target linearly. At max costs 4 AP and 2 MP and allows you to travel up to (if I remember correctly) four cells, making it the same AP cost as using Jump twice but doesn't cost WP. This spell does require line of sight, and it has a chance to stun yourself and the enemy. If you stun yourself, your turn ends after you cast it. If you stun the enemy, they will lose their next turn. A little risky but an amazing transportation spell that will find yourself conserving much more WP if you do end up taking it. In the end optional.

Bravery Standard: Ends your turn by pulling out a flag and stabilizing yourself, making it so that all enemies and allies cannot move you. If they try you will put your flag away, but you are still stabilized until your next turn. It also adds a damage bonus to any ally standing in the glyph it creates (up to +45% damage) and applies a Preparation buff that will make the next attack performed by the Iop deal more damage (up to +50%). Very optional skill to level. The 4 AP cost usually meshes well with most builds. The only build that really works with the 3 AP cost is maybe a Boltsword build or a 9 AP Jabs build (the latter of which I definitely do not recommend).

Increase: Converts all your Power gained from the passive specialty Power into additional chance to stun for one turn and one attack that can stun. Also increases the damage of the Iop for one turn. At max the spell converts Power at a rate of two Power for 1% stun chance and +25% damage that can stack with additional uses of Increase. A 100% necessary skill if you are an Earth Iop or want to make use of stun mechanic in general.

Authority: When you attack has a chance to increase the damage of the Iop in combat. At max offers a 45% chance each attack of any damage source (Iop's Wrath counts as two since it has a chance to get a second damage proc from the state Explosion). It's more damage and a lot. Works in conjunction with Increase to make stunning more probable. Sometimes people will clap for you. A must-have skill.

Showing Off: Whenever an ally kill an enemy or gets a critical hit, it increases your next hit's damage for one attack (Preparation buff, same as Bravery Standard). Good skill to have in high level parties since usually you'll get to 100 Preparation before your turn. This buff stacks with Power, meaning for one attack you can have up to 200% extra damage. Good skill to have in endgame PvM. Worthless for soloing.

Locking Pro: Grants you a passive amount of lock stat. Also has a chance to apply the Iop Bound prison glyph in front of you when you end your turn. When the spell is maxed you will always end your turn with the glyph out. If any enemy starts their turn on it, it is stabilized and cannot teleport. I like it. More or less necessary for PvP. Definitely probably the last skill to level though.

Skills I take:
- Compulsion
- Virility
- Authority
- Jump
- Increase
- Defensive Stance
- Locking Pro

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posté October 26, 2013, 05:54:34 | #17
For those desperate to complete this Almanax (in case they don't compensate for this one) make a new character and get the rings, descend to Astrub and voila.

It's really tedious and boring but that's the only reasonable way to do it as far as I can tell.

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posté October 14, 2013, 06:52:01 | #18
I'm going to give kurokat a green smiley because that has to be the most thought I've seen put into a post in an amazingly long time.

Great post.

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posté October 14, 2013, 05:28:08 | #19
We just beat the Zwombit Dungeon with one casualty. That had to be the hardest fight I've gone through so far. If you can beat Zwombit Dungeon, Lenald Dungeon should be a breeze (@OP).

We got AP epaulettes for our trouble at least. Good times all around.

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Edit: For those who have fought the Zwombit Dungeon boss room pre-patch, they've since added two more enemies to the boss room to make it tougher.

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posté September 12, 2013, 16:41:10 | #20
Re-evaluate your strategy. There are hundreds of players lower leveled than you and in worse gear that can do the content just fine.

This isn't happy la-la land content where you can just smash through the enemies without as much as an afterthought. At least from Lenald Empelol content and beyond, because Black Wabbits are still pretty much in that category of lol-worthy ease.

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