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posté April 21, 2014, 17:05:17 | #1
Okay like it's great they implemented this costume in-game for players. But yeah. Only accessible by buying 60 euros worth of Ogrines? Derp. I know it's a common marketing technique used everywhere, (Ogrines will be spent later on things like subs, that are more expensive with Ogrines than with real moneyz, limited edition etc), so that's not the problem. But yeah this cost for what you get is so unbalanced, this won't work. And only make people mad because this is the most epic looking costume in-game, aaaand nope only rich people can get it, or people who coincidentally need about 50.000 Ogrines to spend within the upcoming month or something for some reason. Aaaalso after the Black Wabbit Costume that was as expensive as a 1 month sub, this is a pretty bad timing lol. Wouldn't surprise me if the other 3 Dynast constumes would be offered along with Ogrine packs after this one. I haz no money tree in my backyardz, unfortunately. Love them costumes tho .-. Meh. Too bad for me and many others then! :/

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posté April 17, 2014, 11:53:01 | #2

Thank you for this more that fabulous recruiting post, Woob!

Signature is opening her doors and actively recruiting again!

As he kinda covered it all, I'd still only like to add a few practical things:

- You gotta be able to understand/speak English
- Subscribed~
- All levels are welcome!
(for more elaborate information about our guild, just check the first post I wrote on this topic )

Also, if you happen to have more characters to join in, we're particularly looking for Eniripsas~ and we're trying to get more people from the Australian time zone c: So Aussies, come aboard! ^^

A few illustrations of our guild atmosphere:

Just PM any of the players Woob mentioned or leave a message right here, and we'll contact you in-game asap!

-Xx Rayne

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posté April 12, 2014, 10:45:06 | #3

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posté April 07, 2014, 18:27:46 | #4

It's... splendid O_O Super cute! {333 love you Ahooo~~ *Brofist!* Nya!

-Xx Rayne

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posté April 06, 2014, 15:07:49 | #5
Hellos! Maybe I can help ya a bit with this. I've been the Governor of Amakna for a very long time, and I could tell you a few things about the way people joined the Government during my mandates. When I first started, I simply asked around. My goal was to have the Government filled with people from as many different guilds as possible, aside from one from my own guild, usually. So if I knew people directly, indeed friends sometimes that I thought might do the job well, I asked them. Some people just came to me asking if they could get a spot. When they did, I usually asked them a couple of questions and I'd also ask others for 'references' about them. Mostly when I had more applicants than spots (which was almost always the case), I just made a list and picked the people I saw best fit for the job, after discussing that with the people already present in the Government. If I really couldn't find anyone (which occurred very rarely), I put 'Looking for xxx!' in the nation speech or the forums.

To answer your questions specifically:

1. How do you get the chance, especially as a newer player, to be apart of the government?

As has been said before on this topic, networking yourself 'around' is a good idea if you want to try to get into the Government. I'd also say, just ask a member of the Government what the requirements are to join them. Letting them know what motivates you to join helps a lot as well. If they want you to 'prove' youself, show motivation and goodwill by, for example, organizing an event or helping them a lot with the ecosystem (just make sure this is honest motivation, and not just to get into the cabinet). It is indeed in the end up to the Governor to let you in or not, but these are some things you could do to increase the chances of joining.

2. Is there an application place I don't know about, or a way to say "Hey, not that you know me, but I want to try my hand at this position"? I feel like you'd be turned down if you just messaged them because you're just some random player and they just got elected.

Unless the Government made a topic or election speech specifically about this, there's not really a place to apply for a seat. You will just have to ask directly. I do recognize what you're describing though. When a Governor has just been elected, he/she can expect a ton of pm's from people who want to join. This can therefore indeed be a bad timing to ask. If you wait for too long, though, she spots might have been filled already. My advice is to have a look at the candidates beforehand, and to discuss these things with the candidate you support most, in case he/she wins.

3. Do you simply just have to be friends with whoever is elected governor, or at least be well-known among the nation's community?

I'd lie if I said this hasn't influenced my decisions on choosing Government members. As I said earlier, however, I have always wanted to have people from different guilds in there, as well as some 'fresh' members from time to time. Usually I chose people I trusted to a certain degree and that seemed dedicated to helping the nation and her citizens, whether they were friends or not. Being friends with the Governor makes trusting easier of course, but it's certainly not necessary.

I hope that answers your questions, feel free to ask if you have more! :3

-Xx Rayne

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posté April 01, 2014, 16:06:54 | #6
Ticket number: 1046002
Issue: Our entire team got disconnected during a Castuc dungeon run (at around 15:15 today), upon entering. I cannot relog back into the game and neither can my team mates. After entering the login details, the loading screen is loading forever.

Also: Reinstalling the client didn't work.

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posté April 01, 2014, 15:54:51 | #7
I am aware of that xD

Wanna playyyy Wakfuuu *scratches floors and walls*

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posté April 01, 2014, 15:45:32 | #8
Same here, I was in the group with Woobot, Smogga, Nalii and Kehveli. All of us got kicked from the game, and only Kehvelii was able to log back in again. I can relog on my alt account, but I want to get back on my main character again ._. I have noticed this has been happening to sooo many people lately. Really hope this can be fixed as soon as possible!

-Xx Rayne c:

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posté March 31, 2014, 09:46:25 | #9

So, what I intend on doing is one, apologizing in advance for upsetting any players, and two, create a guild that no one is going to like. My guild will be bringing drama and sturing up other guilds.

The above description seems contrary to the in-game rules (something called Anti-Game, I believe). I don't know what your guild's description will look like in practice of course. PvP, aggression and roleplay are all part of the game after all, but make sure not to cross the line, as these rules haven't been implemented for no reason.

I nonetheless wish you good luck with your new guild~

-Xx Rayne

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posté March 25, 2014, 18:13:18 | #10
Maybe super simple but, did you try to run it as Administrator yet? That has done wonders for me with some programs that behaved like this.

-Xx Rayne

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posté March 24, 2014, 20:09:35 | #11

I haven't seen this happening much yet in Wakfu though, fortunately. When I was younger and played the old Dofus, this happened a LOT. Also in other MMORPG's.

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posté March 24, 2014, 09:47:55 | #12

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posté March 20, 2014, 14:14:49 | #13
AHAHAHA AACHER DAT PICTURE! XDDDDD I laughed my ass off xD Amazing. Just amazing. +100000 x'D

Ok back to business. 'Business'. Err... thanks for the kind words Aacher and your big reply {3 I'm glad I wasn't telling weird things about you that turned out to be untrue xD \o/ yay I was accurate.

I do agree with what Cloudi said in his last post (CLOUDI OMG WE AGREE, LET'S DO A DANCE TOGETHER):

I respect your way and I am sure you wanna have fun but the problem is not gonna be about you it's

about the people you gonna add like for example there is someone who replied earlier doing stuff

not acceptable because he lost the passion to play so what is he doing atm, he is destroying the
eco and he is ganging low levels ,

^ That's like the only thing I'm worried about too. But Aacher isn't stupid and I think she'll be able to monitor the guild pretty well. But anyways that's not my business so I won't poke my nose into it too much (unless you need help with anything ofc). I think we all remember Kizio Mizio, who enjoyed undertaking such activities as Cloudi described in the quote here.

Anyways~ based on your last post, Aacher, it's starting to sound more and more fun ^^ I might just join with a character *a*; Although I'm not sure yet if I'm able to ejsisdhudislf454 I'm too Amaknian. But yeah, it's just a game. Wait, I already have a character in there. Derp. I'm weird. Or did you kick Aarchayne? D8

Also, people, please keep it decent up here D: Don't go flaming and hating on each other, that won't be good for anyone.

-Xx Rayne

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posté March 20, 2014, 10:55:34 | #14
Hewwo o3o

so I will choose Rayne since she is waiting for an answer

Thank you~

and seems like she became mature ^^.

WHUT. BECAME mature? TTATT Come on! *rages like a toddler*

Oks anyways. Thanks for your reply. I still don't completely understand it, but I get your point about it being hard sometimes to protect the guild as a leader. Especially a small or a beginning guild. I think Aacher and you just have a really different play style, and so view this part of the game differently as well. I can't speak for her of course, but I think she's kind of like 'oh whatever, it's a game, let's just have fun this and that way and not pay too much other attention to it'. That way, you won't need a perfect guild with perfect builds and gear and stuff like that. On the contrary, you take PvP very seriously I think, wanting to see results and stuff. That way, epic builds, a huge guild full of them and nice gears are important. Please note that I think both play styles are fine, they just don't really match each other, leading to potential conflict. I think it's best to just respect each other's playing style here and let each other do what they want to do. For example, if that guild's gonna attack some of your guildies for roleplay, of course you can protect your guild, and you should. Just don't turn it into a 'I will hunt you with my entire guild forever now', because that's never her intention (and also against the rules). And she doesn't want to do that either (based on the rules of the guild she posted). It's more like... *TEEHEE we eez attacking you we are Outlawz, fear us!* And of course that's semi-joking. Personally, I'd just be like... okay, let's protect our guilds, and when the enemy isn't attacking anymore, it's over and we can continue playing other things again. I think that's a lot more relaxed both the both of you

Anyways, if you don't want all of this I understand that too. And nor La Guilde or The Rogues' Gallery are my business of course, so it's not up to me. I just wanted to let you know how I felt about this 0: )

-Xx Rayne

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posté March 19, 2014, 16:54:17 | #15
Whut. I don't get it. Cloudeh, you say "this idea is bad and based on disturbing others enjoyment". Yet Aacher made it clear in her post that she will kick people who are pure bullies and ruin people's fun (just read her first post, it's there somewhere halfway). You said you don't like this idea because you think it will just ruin people's fun by killing them. Aaand then you reply by saying "We la guilde gonna hunt you and your guild mates starting now."

This kind of reminds me of the time you wanted to remedy the nation war by aggressing everyone in my guild and later on the rest of the nation.

I'm not trying to accuse you or make you look bad or anything, I just don't really get this. To me, this seems paradoxical. Please explain this way of reasoning to me

Thanks for reading~

-Xx Rayne

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posté March 19, 2014, 13:36:36 | #16
This is a really exciting and fun idea. I never really told many people, but Aacher asked me to keep watch over this guild while she was away for about half a year. (Had this fabulous character named Archayne, Aacher + Rayne lol x)). I did this purely for personal reasons, because I like her and I didn't want her to delete her guild solely because she'd have nobody to look after it anymore. (As a guild leader, I understand that very well, so I decided to help her a bit on this).

Trying to look at this as neutral as possible (having been Governor of Amakna and all), I do like to raise some concerns. I'm a bit afraid this will attract people who don't know when to stop. It would be a shame if it would go too far to the point where it ruins people's gameplay completely because they're prevented from playing all the time because of aggressions.

As a previous Governor, I know how much work it is you have to do all day on this game. It's fun if people hunt you down now and then for lulz, but I can imagine there won't be a record of who attacked who exactly during the day. The last thing you'd like to in-game is having no time left for yourself at all, because you're aggressed non-stop in your free time.

I've known you for a while now Aacher and I know that isn't the way you play (as in: PK'ing people until they quit the game). The guild rules you've stated are very appealing to me as well. Outlaws aren't the same as senseless bullies, they can provide a great addition and challenge to the game. I'm a bit concerned about those who will follow you, though. But I hope that concern is misplaced. What do you think about this?

-Xx Rayne c:


"+storm the market day"


"+bother guards with emotes day"

I love that. That's gonne be friggen hilarious.

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posté March 12, 2014, 10:00:36 | #17
I just wanna add a last cent to this discussion - I'm not getting into the arguments and reasons people have posted here, but I just wanted to state a simple fact to make things easier for everyone:

Bersa has said so himself he uses multiple accounts to vote for himself, to give himself positive votes once elected, and to give other people negative votes when he's not elected. This wasn't about 2 or 3 extra accounts, he spoke of about 10-15 extra accounts.

Of course I understand people won't believe what I'm saying here, but unless Bersa was for some reason not truthful about this, this is exactly what's happening. Everyone's free to believe this or not, and I won't expect everyone to take this from me. I'm also not stating anything here about it being either morally wrong or right to vote for yourself with multiple accounts (I personally don't like this possibility, but that's just my opinion) as I don't want to get into a discussion about that right now.

So be it morally right or wrong, which everyone's free to have their own opinion about, whether you believe me or not, I just wanted to let everyone know what he's said himself in his guild channel.

Now I'm really off lel, just thought this might help a little xD

Over and out!

-Xx Rayne

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