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Quote (OM3GA-Z3R0 @ 16 April 2014 09:39) *
Multimen are useless anyway, their PP doesn't stack through gear, they are so much weaker than a real player and they don't count well with Relic drops. oh and they can't be used in UB's and OH YEAH they use extra keys since Ankama is horrible at planning things ahead, so in my opinion I just use MM's as live bait.

Well, that's just a bald face lie that Sidekicks are useless.

Sidekicks/Multimen (Spell/Stat page + Player Class Comparisons)

This was something simple I wrote up a long while ago.

Yes, I got lazy and didn't finish covering Lumino and now there is Protoflex, but if you take the time to read it, it shows you that everything about the Sidekicks is comparable to Player characters. From stats to attack power of their spells and I have all the comparisons you'd need for proof.

As mentioned:

1. One Sidekick per Character.
2. They help with PP locks, but cannot drop anything.
3. Levels scale with the player.

1. Two Sidekicks per Character
2. They help with PP locks and drop items for players
3. Need to be leveled, but gain XP at 120% the rate of the Player. Meaning they will always be the same level if you got one at the start, and takes little time for a Sidekick to catch up in level.
4. Are attached to your account so any of your characters can use, and you can unlink them (losing 30% of their XP) if you want to sell them.

- They do not gain Wis, PP, and Kit Skill.
- They cannot be used in Ultimate Boss fights.

You technically don't even need to spend a single Ogrine to get one if you buy one off the markets, though even then, Ankama has already just recently had a sale on the Multimen Sidekicks.

If you are even more Ogrine/Kama concious, you can use the Astrub Knight (free in game) and just use the FREE rotated Sidekick of the week. And just think, all the levels you put into a sidekick when it was free, when you finally do get that sidekick, they keep those levels you put into it.

Only difference between a sidekick and a character is that a sidekick is set in their ways. While a character has multiple spell trees to choose from, but their power is the same (again, look at the comparison linked above).

- Set Stats.
- Set Spells.
- Spells however spells are always maxed and match the Sidekicks level.
- Cannot be used in Ultimate Boss fights.
- Auto revives and heals to max HP after every fight.
- Gains 120% of the XP player is currently getting, meaning fight content the player is currently at for easy power leveling.
- SINGLE purchase price that can be done with cash or kama.

- Choose your own spell stats.
- Choose your own spell path.
- Need to manage spell levels and restat every so often to make sure they levels are the way you want.
- Can do all content.
- Can die, needs to be revived and healed with ken-ko's and bread.
- Needs to fight things it's own level for best XP, so high level characters need to drop down to fight lower level mobs to help new characters level.
- Need to pay the MONTHLY fee to use, if it runs out cannot use, cash only, no kama.

- Either way you need to gear your Second Account, or Sidekick. So complaining on needing to gear them is kind of moot as you'd have to do that either way.

Like you said before, you can use them as live bait. They can be used as just help for loot drops. But if you take the time to gear them as well, they are just as good as any other character. If you think other wise, please show me why, instead of just posting an opinion. Opinions are good and all, but in the end, they are just that, an opinion, not a fact.

- Kat

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posté April 16, 2014, 08:45:05 | #2
They are not always available. I looked on the markets for a week and not one Shushu or Tormented piece showed up to check the abilities in game. Hence, list was made for those that cannot readily get their hands on one and Elements and the Encyclopedia do not list the effects.

Hatespawn did kindly link a Tormented Fragment for me to check things out on a bit ago though.

- Kat

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posté April 16, 2014, 04:57:52 | #3
Well, as mentioned before, it doesn't take much to level them as they get more XP than you do.

Also as mentioned, you are allowed two, and even unleveled, unlike Dofus multimen, they give you drops. They are amazing if you need mats or even help dropping items. (They of course help with PP locks too.)

Also even unleveled, they work wonderfully as meat shields to take attacks for you, making you need less bread and after every fight, they are auto revived and fully healed. Yay for free maintenance on them.

If you cannot see the benefits of all that, then they just are not for you.

- Kat

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posté April 16, 2014, 03:05:48 | #4
1. This isn't Dofus, whether or not the games are related to each other.

2. If you ask that, then why not ask why Maka items don't level with you.

If Maka items and the Sidekicks just match your level, it would essentially just be a straight up pay to win mechanic. By us needing to put some time into leveling said items, you then need to decide whether or not it is worth your time to use them. As mentioned before this is a compromise to such things as multiboxing. As far as leveling sidekicks go, they gain a XP at a greater rate than your character, so if you started at lvl 1 with one, it will always be your level, and again, since they get a greater percentage XP than what you are currently getting, a 100+ level character can have a lvl 100 sidekick in a day or so. They even added in that sidekicks get XP from challenges.

- Kat

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posté April 15, 2014, 04:11:55 | #5
I've got a Surface Pro 2 512gb model (256 and 512 have the 8gb ram) and Wakfu runs fine on that.

Though I still mainly use my main desktop when at home.

- Kat

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posté April 13, 2014, 13:16:17 | #6
Doing Free to Play Wrong - How Bad Monetization Harms F2P Games
by Extra Credits

This is a good watch. While I agree the F2P can be profitable, more than not it is poorly executed.

I personally am happy with a subscription model which is why I play here and do not believe that all Wakfu servers need to be exactly the same. Please do not try to change our server to F2P, as, as many have said, there is already a server to do that on, Wakfu-Asia. You are more than welcome to head over to that server and enjoy the game the way you want to pay.

- Kat

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posté April 13, 2014, 12:05:48 | #7
Thanks Taku, and yes, I'm from Nox, HateSpawn. Seen you around, though I never stop to chat (never know what to say to random people, and when I do I chat often too much...).

- Kat

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posté April 13, 2014, 09:01:01 | #8
Shushu Item Abilities (Tormented and Ocushu) Was wondering if anyone had a list of what each of the ablilities the craftable shushu items did. Tried the search as I remember someone posting something on it, but cannot seem to find it.

- Kat



Abilities of the Ocushu and Tormented Items sorted alphabetically below.

__% Berserk
Grants general damage when HP is below __%, 1% per level.
> Tormented Belt (Lvl 140 Belt) - 66% at Lvl 5 and 75% at Lvl 10.
> (no Ocushu variant)

Both work below 75% for a total of +15% Dmg.

Grants general Res for each 1% missing HP, 0.01% per level.
> Tormented Epaulettes (Lvl 130 Epaulettes) - Lvl 20
> Ocushu Vision (Lvl 120 Helmet) - Lvl 15

Only one works at a time as they have the same name.

Perk Up __%
Heals you an percent of Max HP is below __% at the start of your turn, 1 level equals 1% Max HP healed.
> (no Tormented variant)
> Ocushu Torso (Lvl 110 Breastplate) - 33% at Lvl 2 and 50% at Lvl 4

Below 33% Max HP, both effects kick in to heal you 6% of your Max HP at the start of each turn.

Grants general Dmg for each 1% missing HP, 0.01% per level.
> Tormented Helmet (Lvl 150 Helmet) - Lvl 25
> Ocushu Spikes (Lvl 120 Eplaulettes) - Lvl 20

Only one works at a time as they have the same name.

Terrestrial Transfer
At the beginning of combat, your Fire/Air/Water Res are increased by 10%* of your total Earth Res and your Earth Res is decreased by 20%*.
> Tormented Breastplate (Lvl 150 Breastplate) - Lvl 10
> (no Ocushu variant)

* = Unknown how much each of these %'s will change per level as there is only this one item with Terrestrial Transfer.

Walls __%
Grants general Res when HP is below __%, 1% per level.
> Tormented Boots (Lvl 140 Boots) - 50% at Lvl 5 and 66% at Lvl 15.
> Ocushu Skin (Lvl 100 Cape) - 75% at Lvl 10.
> Ocushu Feet (Lvl 110 Boots) - 75% at Lvl 10.

Below 66% HP, the Tormented Boots will be getting both the Lvl 5 and 15 for 20% Res, combined with the Ocushu Skin when below 75% HP would grant 30% Res.

The Ocushu items however do not work together as they have the same name.

100% Vivacity
Grants general Dmg, 1% per level when HP is Max.
> Tormented Cape (Lvl 130 Cape) - Lvl 32
> Ocushu Link (Lvl 120 Belt) - Lvl 20

Only one works at a time as they have the same name.

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posté April 12, 2014, 07:58:47 | #9
WTB Necroforged Belt WTB

Necroforged Belt for 100kk if at all possible.

Poor Sadidette here looking to finally finish her Necroforge Set and missing the belt.

- Kat

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posté April 12, 2014, 07:55:15 | #10
How much are you selling the Sram Emblem for? and would you be willing to wait for the kama to be mined (as In I've got none, but can mine some up)?

- Kat

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posté April 03, 2014, 23:38:57 | #11
Ones in the picture are:

Wild Gobbly
Siamese Bow Meow (?)
Penguin trapped in a block of ice (?)
Blue Starfish (?)

At least that's what I saw from left to right. Only one of those in listed in either Wakfu-Elements or the Encyclopedia is the Gobbly of course, because it's already in game. The other 9 I'm curious about if this is real or not (I like collecting one of each pet if I can, only missing 5 right now i think).

- Kat

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posté April 03, 2014, 09:39:40 | #12
Oh, silly Kinifee, which pet was it? Your clawbot? One of the many bow meows?

- Kat

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posté March 31, 2014, 07:13:26 | #13
Wow, I made this topic a while ago, no?

Anywho, yes, they added in black hair color a couple months ago or so, but no, there is no way to change anything about your character in the game. Except your name (with the use of a boutique item). Your hair style, color, skin color and starting outfit are set from the beginning sadly.

I would love it if they added a hair style changing item in the game (be it boutique or otherwise). I've heard mention that they were planning on putting a salon like thing in the game, but that was long ago and they have been doing other things instead.

- Kat

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posté March 26, 2014, 08:40:37 | #14

Quote (Madd1 @ 25 March 2014 22:19) *
If that's the case expect them to get nerfed in six months like the current pets (snoofle, moofly, clawbot) did. That would be some real Ankamalogic. So would not releasing them because you fear they are imbalanced even after items that are better than they will ever be are released (Maka daggers).

I didn't see any nerfs on my snoofle, moofly or clawbot.

Snoofle still gives 50% or harvest.
Moofly still gives 13% dmg and 3% crit.
Clawbot still gives 12% dmg and 13% res. (on noes, was 15% and 15%, but that really isn't much change).

All three still give 60hp.

Many pets got changed and not all were nerfs (half actually were buffs). It was a more overall balancing. Yes of course I'm sad I lost PP on my poor little quaquack, but come on. You had to see that comming as the quaquack was the only PP thing in the game that didn't have it's PP cut in half when the PP change on gear happened with the challenges being introduced. In other words, it was finally being balanced out with all the other items. Again, I have a quaquack myself, but even then, I'm not complaining about it, still love my little Yuki (wish it still made noise though).

- Kat

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Quote (helper321 @ 23 March 2014 00:55) *
Hi guys ^^

about enu pp mine that enu can get it to 100pp

is that usless when u have 150pp from gear ?

100 base + 150 gear = 250 so i dont need get more from mine

TY ^^
During the fight, it is not useless as Enu's get damage from PP. Therefore, build away.

The PP cap however is in the rolls. Only up to 250pp (this is 100pp hidden base + 150pp from gear/challenges) will count toward the rolls. Thus, the PP earned from mines that causes you to exceed that 250pp cap, during the loot rolls will be reduced to the cap. This 250pp cap also effects breaking locks. 1 player can only contribute up to that 250pp cap.

Again, on your question on an Enu needing it, it will still help in battle.

Another way to think about it is the AP/MP cap. Outside of battle, those only can go up to 12/7 max, but in battle, you can gain more than that cap. It will just reset afterwards.

- Kat

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posté March 22, 2014, 14:05:20 | #16

Here you go =^.^=

- Kat

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posté March 22, 2014, 08:52:31 | #17
You mention Prospecting in your picture, yet there is nothing there to explain it.

I would add things like:

- The 100pp is a "hidden" base that everyone has. When looking at the stat, you will see +0. Any +# is prospecting added to your 100pp base.

- 100pp means you will drop an item at 100% its drop rate.
Example 1: Item has a 5% base drop rate, you will have a 5% chance at dropping it.

- 150pp (100pp hidden base while seeing +50pp on your stat page received either from gear or challenges) means you will have a 150% chance to drop said item.
Example 2: Item has a 5% base drop rate, you will have a 7.5% chance at dropping it.

- The Prospecting of all party members is added together to break "PP Locks". This added total of Prospecting does not increase your drop rate.

- On specific items seen in the Encyclopedia, you will note a "PP Lock". The party must exceed this total to break said lock. If the lock is not broken, the item will not drop, no matter how much PP you have on your character.
Example 3: You and your friend have 150pp each for a total of 300pp. All items with a 300 Lock or lower, you will have a chance at obtaining. However, if there is a 400+pp Lock, they will not drop.

- PP locks come in 200, 300, 400, 600, and 800 sizes. This means a party of 6 will break all but the last lock natively with their hidden Prospecting bonus. No need for additional Prospecting from gear or challenges. However to break the 800 Lock, you will some combination of 6 party members with +200pp spread between all of you (something like +34pp each) or a smaller party, but greater amount of PP each. A popular choice is to bring an Enutrof, which is able to build PP in battle.

- With recent updates, characters are limited to a total of 250pp maximum from their 100pp base +150pp from gear and/or challenges. While sidekicks are limited to the same maximum, but cannot gain PP from gear, only the base and challenges.

I think that covers it. Let me know if I missed something. I do like your pictures to help people visualize Wakfu's drop system, but I do think the Prospecting part of it is integral and should be added to it for completeness sake.

- Kat

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posté March 22, 2014, 08:29:07 | #18

Quote (RyF @ 21 March 2014 16:53) *

Quote (zaneayre @ 13 March 2014 21:15) *
"On one side those who continued to believe in Oktapodas, and accepted to live their lives with nothing more than a body of flesh and blood"
So, I read this earlier, and got excited, but now i just want to ask, is this a subtle way of confirming the release of human foggernauts later on in the game, or was this just for background?

In order to try to keep up with the animated series' storyline (taking place 10 years in the future of game era), Human Foggernauts cannot be implemented in the game.

Spoiler: (highlight to show)
They return to the surface at the end of the second season of the series.

Sorry ;-)

Quote (Unsavorygoods @ 21 March 2014 19:51) *
But how would you explain Kelba and Sadida being individual islands when they weren't in the animation? It would require something quite cataclysmic for an entire land mass to break apart.

While this is all true, such as Kelba and Sadida being islands in this game compared to the show, but look at it this way.

In the Wakfu animation, Sufokia itself used to be a great nation that fell and sunk into the sea, did it not? Yet in our game, Sufokia is alive and thriving, only 10 years before the show.

That being said, since the game and show do not completely follow each other, doesn't that mean we could have human fogger's in the future?

- Kat

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posté March 19, 2014, 07:19:40 | #19

Quote (Pintazero @ 17 March 2014 06:01) *
ever consider changing the battle system to real-time? or maybe add a feature -- a choice whether I want to fight in real-time or in turn-based? it bores me waiting for my turn everytime i fight especially the weaklings. I'm liking everything about this game, the 2Dness, the art and animation, level up system, professions, except the battle system and lack of goal and direction. I'm only level 30+ and i don't know what to do anymore. am I supposed to grind in boredom? the quests available are too hard for my level. maybe adding more quests appropriate to level will suffice. i usually play solo because groups just prolong my waiting and i hate it.

another feature i want is the toggle hold left click on/off. when i click once, my character will run automatically where i point the mouse cursor just like holding the left click and when i click again, it will stop. since i run around a lot, that will be helpful. my mouse hand and wrist hurt already holding the left click a lot. or maybe a D-pad, using keyboard to move my character would be good too. seems achievable since i can use arrow keys to face wherever i want to face. i prefer the ASWD so i want it adjustable.

please Ankama, hear my requests.
Ahaha, no please, no.

A big reason to play wakfu is because of the turn based tactical stratagy. As an MMO, that is veeeery rare and hard to come by. To change it to real time, would be to create an entirely new game and not one that people came here to play.

- Kat

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posté March 12, 2014, 09:17:49 | #20

Quote (OM3GA-Z3R0 @ 12 March 2014 08:09) *
Meh I would be excited about it, if not Ankama changing the rules of Side-kicks needing keys and making false advertisements saying that they don't require keys for dungeons when Side-kicks were 1st implemented.
Hmm, well, it wasn't exactly false advertisement. Mainly because when sidekicks came out, they did not require keys. They didn't for quite a while.

After it was noticed how overpowered this was (as many people who were farming were using sidekicks over others because of that key requirement), they decided to change it. Which, if you've read the license agreement, they are allowed to do (such as class revamps).

I, while personally was saddened by needing more keys, didn't think there was anything wrong with the change.

On a note on the topic at hand, I would like Protoflex if only for his look and will like to see how well he actually works in combat. I am also hoping that with his lore, we might actually see actual foggernauts at some point (as I still think we need female foggers. Seriously Ankama, you claim they're gender neutral, but you can only select male, and on all the costumes they wear and the emotes they do (such as sounds made) are all male. Nothing gender neutral or female about them).

- Kat

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