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Probably, sorry, I got a bit sidetracked.... my fault.

- Kat

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Quote (Kouromaro @ 23 April 2014 07:59) *
2. I don't quite see how you waste more resource at all.

Well with the change, you only need exactly 50 of a resource to feed a pet to max level (time 50 days)

Before, if you say never got Fight XP once, a pet would need 358 of a resource to max it's level (time, minimum 90 days if you managed to feed them exactly every 6 hours, normally longer).

As for feeding a pet after it's maxed just so it doesn't loose 1hp every 3 days, that resource amount has not changed. Though if you filter through Nox16's post, you'll see this suggestion (which is what I do):

Let the pets die and keep Osa Powders on you. Then you don't need to carry any of those pets food. If you want to use the pet, feed it a single powder. Makes everything quite simple, especially since it only takes water and thistle to make the powders.

- Kat

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Quote (Seguchi-sama @ 22 April 2014 23:08) *

Quote (Nox16 @ 22 April 2014 21:29) *
i really preferred the time stamps cause it let me feed some pets on the last day or a few hours before they take damage... i cant really do that now.
^ Exactly this.

I don't know how many people here are doing almanax right at server midnight, are you setting an alarm clock irl or what. I'm personally doing it when I have free time to play. So it could happen at the daytime or whenever I'm logging the char that needs some almanax bonus. The new pet timer is just really uncomfortable for me and I wanted to share my concern. This change couldn't be called "progress", but the opposite more likely.
Why would you need to feed your pet exactly at midnight? You can only feed the pet once a day, just like doing the almanax once a day. So that any time of the day work just the same as feed the pet at that time.

You can even feed the pet and do the almanax 1 min before the server midnight time, then do both again just as it changes you know. Which is why the Almanax count down is the same as when you need to feed your pets. The pets do still show you what day there were last fed as well, which lets simply shows you how close you're getting to that 3 day mark if you're really trying to wait that long.

For those who don't know, you can also type "/time" (no quotes) in the text box and see the server time.

- Kat

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Quote (Neneko88 @ 22 April 2014 22:08) *
Old totem was the same way for 2 years and no one saw it as overpowered for class (and it costs WP). I really disagree with anyone thinking that it was overpowered.
Old totem was also easily destroyed by a single push, which most classes and bosses (and many mobs) can do.

- Kat

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Quote (Nox16 @ 22 April 2014 22:53) *
The only change i would say the foggernaut support skills needs is some sort of buff to stasis in the passives which they dont really have. I mean only really foggernator out right buffs stasis and even then just lowers costs. Mother fogger is nice and gives a possible buff and nice none linear range. I just think stasis needs a bit of a buff in the passives or one that out rights helps them.
Agreed as well. Other than that, Foggers are surprizingly balanced, but yes, a passive that helps Stasis in some way or another would make this class much better. Then you have to think though on which Passive would be changed (or have an effect added to it).

On Fogginator, while it does lower the cost by 1 AP, of course it still has the down side of hurting the Fogger (quite a bit I might add too).

Motherfogger is the only real one I think that is for Stasis (yes, it has the Earth and Fire spell too).

- Kat

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The Almanax timer, as some have mentioned, is the feed your pet timer. If it is up saying you have XX:XX to do the Almanax, then it's time to feed the pet. Since the Pet feeding reset is the exact same time as the Almanax, instead of once every 24 hours. Which was a nice change.

In other words, no need really for an extra clock.

- Kat

Personally, I feed my pets when right as I do the Almanax, to keep it simple.

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Back on topic,

I absolutely love bubbles. =^.^= Kind of want this relic now just for that aura. Wonder when someone on Nox will have it to show off.

- Kat

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Hmm, wonder if I can find a good one.

On an unrelated note, the costume I would most want to see available is Queen Sheran Sharm's outfit (worn by Amalia at one point as well). It is absolutely gorgeous and would look perfect on my little Sadidette. You can even make it a Female/Male costume and have the King's outfit and crown for them men if they so please.

- Kat

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posté April 21, 2014, 21:43:05 | #9
I have a Fogger as my main on my second account.

Reason I say Microbot and Groove are recommended is because I think they are worth it. Or else I wouldn't recommend them. I personally use them all the time to save MP (and it's fun just zipping around on rails).

When with my main party partner Kinifee, he's a Fire Cra and he uses his MP for a bunch of spells. Instead of zipping around myself, I play a bit more support with my Fogger in setting up rails for him to get around without having to use all his MP for positioning, or having to waste WP Beacon Sneaking.

Rails are of course situational, so it's up to you to decide when it would be a good idea to use them.

- Kat

(Microbot and Groove are one of the first things I max as I really enjoy them and find they help a bunch in adding some new tactics to fights.)

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posté April 21, 2014, 19:39:19 | #10
Well, if you read the abilities, I think it pretty much spells itself out, but let me go over it quickly.

This spell allows you to place a single Microbot on the ground. At max level, these will have 4 charges (charges go down once a turn and every time they are hit, at 0 they are destroyed). Placing a Microbot in a straight line from each other with up to 3 spaces between them at max level (so range of 4 from the other) will create a Rail (more on that later). All players have 1 base control. Control is needed for any type of summons, Microbots being no different. 1 Microbot per 1 Control.

Simple part, gives the Fogger an extra +20 Dodge. On top of that, it boosts Microbots. Groove gives you +4 more charges to your Microbots (giving them a maximum of 8, which is alot of turns if they're not hit), increases Rail length by +2 (so 5 spaces between for a range of 6), and grants the Fogger +2 more control.

While standing on a Microbot, a Fogger is able to summon a turret to ride called the Motherfogger. While on the Motherfogger, the Fogger will have +30% resists and deal +50% more Stasis damage if the target has matching resistances. Stasis spells normally can only be cast in a line, but on the Motherfogger, they can be cast at an angle (suuuper plus there). While on the Motherfogger, you cannot use your Fire or Earth spells, but only a specific Fire and Earth spell, these two spells will be the level of your highest Fire and Earth spell. Stasis spells will keep their level. The Motherfogger cannot normally move, except on Rails.

Rails allow for map control for the Fogger and HIS allies (yes, Foggers are all male no matter what ankama says). On a rail, it only costs 1 MP to move 3 spaces. This works for the Fogger itself, the Fogger while on the normally immoble Motherfogger and all the Fogger's party members. To use rails, you really need both Microbot and Groove specialties maxed (and possibly some more control from gear to put out more than 3 microbots).

As you can see, Microbot and Groove go hand in hand and is recommended for ALL Foggers to get these. Motherfogger however is really more of a Stasis branch thing. If you use Stasis, then it is a really nice ability to have, if you don't you Stasis, it's not really needed.

- Kat

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posté April 20, 2014, 19:44:30 | #11
AP, MP and Range are the best ones to stat, but the amount depends on the spells and combo's you want to use (and what you plan on getting out of your gear).

Gear you need to look at are General Damage sets. As Stasis builds from the average of all 4 of the elements (not 3). So any General Damage sets work. As you get higher in levels, you will get ones that give you AP and MP too, along with resists.

Since you didn't state a level, it's hard to help on exact gear, but Vampyro is a classic many use. The crafted sets Apprentice, Initiate and Sage are also very good and some of the best, but take a loooot of mats to collect and need a high to maxed out crafter to make.

- Kat

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posté April 17, 2014, 02:04:45 | #12

Quote (OM3GA-Z3R0 @ 16 April 2014 09:39) *
Multimen are useless anyway, their PP doesn't stack through gear, they are so much weaker than a real player and they don't count well with Relic drops. oh and they can't be used in UB's and OH YEAH they use extra keys since Ankama is horrible at planning things ahead, so in my opinion I just use MM's as live bait.

Well, that's just a bald face lie that Sidekicks are useless.

Sidekicks/Multimen (Spell/Stat page + Player Class Comparisons)

This was something simple I wrote up a long while ago.

Yes, I got lazy and didn't finish covering Lumino and now there is Protoflex, but if you take the time to read it, it shows you that everything about the Sidekicks is comparable to Player characters. From stats to attack power of their spells and I have all the comparisons you'd need for proof.

As mentioned:

1. One Sidekick per Character.
2. They help with PP locks, but cannot drop anything.
3. Levels scale with the player.

1. Two Sidekicks per Character
2. They help with PP locks and drop items for players
3. Need to be leveled, but gain XP at 120% the rate of the Player. Meaning they will always be the same level if you got one at the start, and takes little time for a Sidekick to catch up in level.
4. Are attached to your account so any of your characters can use, and you can unlink them (losing 30% of their XP) if you want to sell them.

- They do not gain Wis, PP, and Kit Skill.
- They cannot be used in Ultimate Boss fights.

You technically don't even need to spend a single Ogrine to get one if you buy one off the markets, though even then, Ankama has already just recently had a sale on the Multimen Sidekicks.

If you are even more Ogrine/Kama concious, you can use the Astrub Knight (free in game) and just use the FREE rotated Sidekick of the week. And just think, all the levels you put into a sidekick when it was free, when you finally do get that sidekick, they keep those levels you put into it.

Only difference between a sidekick and a character is that a sidekick is set in their ways. While a character has multiple spell trees to choose from, but their power is the same (again, look at the comparison linked above).

- Set Stats.
- Set Spells.
- Spells however spells are always maxed and match the Sidekicks level.
- Cannot be used in Ultimate Boss fights.
- Auto revives and heals to max HP after every fight.
- Gains 120% of the XP player is currently getting, meaning fight content the player is currently at for easy power leveling.
- SINGLE purchase price that can be done with cash or kama.

- Choose your own spell stats.
- Choose your own spell path.
- Need to manage spell levels and restat every so often to make sure they levels are the way you want.
- Can do all content.
- Can die, needs to be revived and healed with ken-ko's and bread.
- Needs to fight things it's own level for best XP, so high level characters need to drop down to fight lower level mobs to help new characters level.
- Need to pay the MONTHLY fee to use, if it runs out cannot use, cash only, no kama.

- Either way you need to gear your Second Account, or Sidekick. So complaining on needing to gear them is kind of moot as you'd have to do that either way.

Like you said before, you can use them as live bait. They can be used as just help for loot drops. But if you take the time to gear them as well, they are just as good as any other character. If you think other wise, please show me why, instead of just posting an opinion. Opinions are good and all, but in the end, they are just that, an opinion, not a fact.

- Kat

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posté April 16, 2014, 08:45:05 | #13
They are not always available. I looked on the markets for a week and not one Shushu or Tormented piece showed up to check the abilities in game. Hence, list was made for those that cannot readily get their hands on one and Elements and the Encyclopedia do not list the effects.

Hatespawn did kindly link a Tormented Fragment for me to check things out on a bit ago though.

- Kat

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posté April 16, 2014, 04:57:52 | #14
Well, as mentioned before, it doesn't take much to level them as they get more XP than you do.

Also as mentioned, you are allowed two, and even unleveled, unlike Dofus multimen, they give you drops. They are amazing if you need mats or even help dropping items. (They of course help with PP locks too.)

Also even unleveled, they work wonderfully as meat shields to take attacks for you, making you need less bread and after every fight, they are auto revived and fully healed. Yay for free maintenance on them.

If you cannot see the benefits of all that, then they just are not for you.

- Kat

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posté April 16, 2014, 03:05:48 | #15
1. This isn't Dofus, whether or not the games are related to each other.

2. If you ask that, then why not ask why Maka items don't level with you.

If Maka items and the Sidekicks just match your level, it would essentially just be a straight up pay to win mechanic. By us needing to put some time into leveling said items, you then need to decide whether or not it is worth your time to use them. As mentioned before this is a compromise to such things as multiboxing. As far as leveling sidekicks go, they gain a XP at a greater rate than your character, so if you started at lvl 1 with one, it will always be your level, and again, since they get a greater percentage XP than what you are currently getting, a 100+ level character can have a lvl 100 sidekick in a day or so. They even added in that sidekicks get XP from challenges.

- Kat

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