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2. Again, what then, would be an unique gift for the loyal customer who bought enough orgine? And these are perfectly normal package add-on gifts. Take example, many app games, either on Facebook or phones, offer unique bonus for cash package.

Loyal customers? I think not.
I stated in my last post, but the target Ankama is reaching through this promotion is not their loyal customers. If that were the case the costumes would be added to subscription purchases, rather than ogrine packages (again refer to my last post) This promotion is in no way rewarding unless purchasing subscription through ogrines is your only option, or if you plan to buy dozens of costumes. If this is not the case, you are spending approximately 33% extra for a costume. Which is much more than the Black Wabbit costume was. At least you could buy that at as it's own, despite how expensive it was.

The only reason the offer is exclusive to certain nations is because the packages are not available in all nations. However, i find it strange as ankama surely would have had benefited from other nations if they were to add it to subscription purchases.
+1 for building unnecessary walls.

My guess is they havent seen enough activity from these high price packages and want to get a little more revenue. I'm not surprised, there isn't much to spend ogrines on anyway. Cosmetics, Sidekicks and respecs is what it really boils down to. The amount you can buy with a single package is extraordinary compared to what is on sale.

These are costumes people asked for. But instead of being replied to politely - we, the people, the voice, were insulted. They could have made it a limited time offer. I dont think many people have much against them as long as they last a week or so, but the boundaries they have made to get the costumes just seem like a display of the power they hold and a reminder that we are nothing more than sponges to be squeezed until they are satisfied with the amount of money we pour out.

Maybe with the money they make they can buy a better marketing team :/

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If the videos are of server wide content then I don't see an issue with posting it here. Pronunciation shouldn't be of importance.
However, as I havent watched the videos - if the information is quite off you may want to direct players to the encyclopedia page which outlines the classes and their spells, or the class guide sections which would give them a good overview.
Because it may be too difficult to sufficiently talk about class potentials in a short amount of time you may want to dedicate a more detailed video to it.

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Quote (Sauceman777 @ 19 April 2014 06:25) *
If anyone has any idea what the asia server is like leveling up new characters from scratch, as well as what it's like multi accounting and acquiring MM it would be most helpful if you shared what you know. Thank you as always.
Astrub always has a bunch of new players around, leveling and looking for groups. There have been a few recent threads looking for people to level up with at scarapit etc on the forums, so you might want to look around there too; either to find a party of a guild you can join straight away. Lots of lower leveled players also hang around the outposts so you can probably find a group there. (Amakna is the most populated)
A lot of the newer players I see just use one account, but because there is no subscription you may want to consider multi accounting. (There is a subscription you can purchase, which gives slightly better droprates and exp boosts) Most people use 2 - 3 accounts at a time, but may have an account for each of there characters.
I think multimen are a little more expensive on the Asian side, so you may want to consider sticking with the Astrub knight. I'll also add, if you have any ogrines here, they wont carry over to the asian side.

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posté Today - 07:10:01 | #4
They remove alkatrool because the content it offered was not up to scratch.
But want to increase level cap to a point where there is very little :s

If they have content planned for it and it wont interfere with the rest of the year. Go for it. But otherwise people will complain that theres nothing for lvl 160's or complain when a lower lvl island is reworked or added. Which will mean global revamps will be pushed back to add a new island for the end-game. Then we'll have another lvl cap increase and it will all happen again D:

Goodluck ever rearranging your spells with a lvl 160 cap :U

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Quote (Major-Caligari @ 19 April 2014 00:11) *

Quote (Rokugatsu @ 18 April 2014 22:20) *

Quote (Warrada @ 18 April 2014 18:51) *
All this fuss over cosmetic items.

Let them give a gift to their big supporters. It's not like the insignia actually costs ogrines, from what I can tell it's a bonus gift for people spending a lot anyways.
This so much. We get extra items for subscribing and everyone are ok with that, but getting something extra for ogrines (which is spend to get sub, for example) is a reason to flame?
Nothing to add, you two said everything there was to say. I'm glad that I'm not alone in my views, hehe.

We need to create some sort of forum insanity hall of fame for threads like this one.
I dont really care - I don't really want any of the costumes on offer but,,
When you go to buy subscription buying it through ogrines is so much more expensive. Almost twice as expensive. For example, the one month for me is $6 Aud. Whereas buying it with ogrines costs 5200 which is over $10 Aud.

Putting the costumes on subscription packs like they have done with multimen, pets and other such items would have resulted in a much happier player base. What am I meant to do with tens of thousands of ogrines? Really it's a waste if I spend it on subscription because the comparison is ridiculous, so all I have left is the general shop items which I may not want or use - all thats left is to resell them like the few dozen other people who would have also bought the package before they expire. It would also then make the promotion available to everyone.

I'd just like to add. (Because it's not for australia, my example might be a little off)
The strawberry jelly costume comes with the 28,000 package. Which costs $50AUD (5000 pack + 23,000 pack is the cheapest way to get there. The 28,000 isn't offered but I imagine it would be similar to this) With that amount of ogrines I could buy 6 months subscription
However, if I skipped the ogrines and bought direct, I could get 9 months for the same price. If I plan to buy subscription with these ogrines then no. It is in no way getting the item for free - infact the strawberry jelly costume is about $17 AUD.

This promotion will rarely be beneficial to anyone. Who needs 28,000 ogrines worth of items?

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posté Yesterday - 16:51:53 | #6
Ive never understood the order in which tickets are answered.
People will say that they have tickets months old, when someone else jumps in and say that theres was solved within a fortnight not all too long ago.
Do some people just get left behind?

Here's the big question Where is Troyle
I think theyre looking for his replacement.
If you have a looksie here
it shows they have a position for an English-Speaking community manager.
definitely for wakfu as they have " Managing communication between Ankama and the players of WAKFU "

Someone apply. Help out sabi c: 

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posté Yesterday - 16:46:10 | #7
If you hang around long enough, the Sram revamp could be right down your alley
Current srams do fit your description to an extent - their trap isn't something you can build them around, but they do have a low cost spell which lets them jump behind enemies backs - aswell as the ability to go invisible and summon a double.
If sram fails to take your fancy, I would go with an air masq. A lot of their spells focus on pushing / jumping. Like a sram they too can summon a double which works a little differently.
Xelor seems like a pretty nice choice too. Maybe air / water? I don't have any experience with them, but the water tree removes ap (even -1 can throw off another players combo) and the air branch has some interesting effects.


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posté April 17, 2014, 02:34:37 | #8

Quote (EskimoF @ 17 April 2014 02:05) *
Wakfu does a wonderful job at dividing those willing to work and those who are not.
Im not sure I follow. The current system is based off luck.
If there were no drop rates and simply tokens then yeah. I'd agree.

Just as an example, remember that joyous time of year with presents, the grinch and santa all running loose.
Yes well.
I had to run the workshop 10 times before I dropped the crafty elf costume and you know something. Twice I was accompanied by someone who had never done the dungeon but dropped it their first run.

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posté April 17, 2014, 02:06:07 | #9
Piercing shot with multiple enemies and beacons. :/

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posté April 16, 2014, 17:03:31 | #10
I think the french post said all the missing classes / genders will be added when they are done

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posté April 16, 2014, 05:52:35 | #11
I'm fairly sure that's exactly what they plan to do in terms of enemies - they want to deliver the change so characters have a sense of increasing power. As in you will see bigger numbers being dealt as you progress through the game. However they also said - with the increased hp pools the fights would stay approximately the same length.
So with all considered, they aren't really solving anything. Fights will stay the same length, and we'll feel stronger for a day or two until we realise - despite our high numbers - it still takes x amount of turns to kill this wabbit.

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posté April 15, 2014, 16:41:14 | #12
Ankama be like:
Gynrei, youre so smart. We must misinterpret what youre trying to tell us and put awful limitations on other spells like bwork trump and guile. The guaranteed chance should be for lvl 200 only!

dont really see a reason why low level spells should have no benefit aside from damage either :s

so,, Zhao works for lenovo?

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posté April 15, 2014, 14:48:33 | #13
@ Major
Are you sure?
While I dont want to deviate the thread I recall them saying there'd be many more changes - essentially greater than the last revamp - for the sadida (everyones favourite class example ) in the future

If theyre referring to revamps as in old feca -> new feca I'm okay with that. But tweaks are nice

Might as well turn this into a question

What plans are in place for class revamps after the changes to combat coming mid this year?

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posté April 13, 2014, 14:13:22 | #14
You know what would fix this...
gift everyone who bought this costume the water festival costume from the apac side

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posté April 13, 2014, 13:30:39 | #15

These are probably my favourite so far. Not so much combinations, but just what I think the costumes suit best. Sadida has the best hair I swear to god

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posté April 13, 2014, 04:24:54 | #16
You may want to consider an Earth osa.
However, the reliance of the gobgob may turn you off :s

Armoured command can apply shields and the other commands can heal. Some have secondary effects such as +ap or switch positions.

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posté April 12, 2014, 12:56:39 | #17

To help having better contact I am also trying to organize our own WAKFU Live, that is if the community would be interested in having this as well.

This thread should answer that ^^

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posté April 12, 2014, 12:45:47 | #18
Thanks for the responses
It looks like theyre taking some of the community wants 'n needs into consideration (SHOCK, HORROR!?!)
Fingers crosses the dungeon times will be reduced with the combat changes

Question time.
Finding a team can be a lengthy process, are there any plans to add a matchmaker / group finding system to wakfu?

Also, in regards to the cutomisation to gear, is this what is being planned? (It was posted a while ago on the asia forums, I think a player was contacted to make a prototype) Click here

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posté April 12, 2014, 09:13:28 | #19

I am sure that he will be able to answer you about this.

very tempted to ask you to contact them u_u

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posté April 10, 2014, 13:47:54 | #20

Quote (LioVamp @ 10 April 2014 10:45) *
defensive weapons? wut? ever heard of shields or 2-handed staffs (they have resists)
The general trend for 2-handed weapons is that they, well, kinda.. suck :l
As for defensive capabilities, I had a quick look on wakfu elements, and I cant see any with more than 20% resist.

Shields cant be used in conjunction with a defensive weapon either - unlike a 1-handed weapon and a dagger

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