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Quote (GodIsWithUs @ 18 April 2014 06:15) *
This might not be directly related to Wakfu lore, but for those interested there is a puzzle that appeared in Dofus with its recent update. This puzzle gives a different piece of the puzzle to a different community, and furthermore it is in draconic alphebet, meaning it might have something to do with the Eliatropes, which would make sense due to The Order Errant somehow discovering how to use portals. Did the Errants learn about portals from the Eliatropes themselves (or did they find Eliatrope documents) that allowed them to mimic the power of the Eliatropes with technomagic? Either way, it would be interesting if the theme of the year shed more light on the Eliatropes.
I'm not a Dofus player, but this is pretty interesting- thanks for the link!
But, I have no idea what goes on in Dofus, so I can't speculate. xD
I'll be very keen for the rest of the pieces to be assembled though.
No chance it could have any links to the dragon eggs?

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Hey kids,

Just a quick update:

+Great work with leveling the guild, guys! We are sawing through those upgrades.

+Also, start dumping any excess keys in the guild bank so we can run some dungeons.

+Any questions or suggestions about the guild, put them here or message me.

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Thanks RyF- it's really nice that you're so active on this forum, feeding us information. ;p

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Quote (Sabi @ 01 April 2014 03:30) *

Are there any plans to expend the Count Harebourg storyline?

We haven’t planned on it yet.

I'm going to assume this was "expand" and on that asumption: ;_;
I hope they don't abandon it.
It's my favourite part of the game- the characters are sooo interesting and the plot is so involved, especially if you read up on it all.

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Quote (RyF @ 31 March 2014 18:49) *
Nice analysis Aacher.

I won't tell you if you're right or mistaken, nor if you're missing something.
What I can say is that you have made a tiny mistake in the translation (reordering) of the text.
It's really "small", but can tend to lead readers into some false assumptions - which I really enjoy.

I wrote this more than a year ago, and I realise it's really grim, some parts I don't even remember writting. What a strange and delightful feeling to rediscover your own work.=^__^=

At the time, I had made a list of eleven main topics to be spoken of in this text (more are in it in the end, but not main ones), and linked some them while writting, following our storyline plans.
I also intentionnally wrote some parts of the text to be somewhat unclear or confusing to lead the readers into dead ends, or false theories.
It's probably one of the hardest text I've written in years, trying to keep the balance beetwen truth and appearences, plain information and hints. I know I sound a bit full of myself, but I'm really proud of those few pages, knowing they were not originally planned - thus I had to do this as a personnal investement, working evenings and weekends at home. Even If it's not perfect, and surely far from grand litterature, I like it.
I had planned some pages to be found during the final part of the Harebourg plot line, but these are not yet written - I kept notes in my office computer to keep track of the intention and topics.

Man, reading it makes me want to end this Harebourg storyline soon ! - but it's out of the current/near planning. Why can't days last 24 hours more..? '
*faints* Thank you RyF! I have a lot of fun deciphering the clues.

I love the story/lore of Wakfu and Dofus (it's pretty much taken over my Tumblr- so many lore posts, haha). Thanks for taking the time to make this stuff- it's appreciated.

To be honest, it's what keeps me playing the game- and Count Harebourg especially, for me. His character and story (as well as those related to him) really interest me.

Thank you for telling me there is an error in the Manuscript post- I have searched for it, but was unable to find it, sadly. ;_;
Here's the original for the forum to look at. Hopefully you guys can see where I've gone wrong:

Quote (Major-Caligari @ 01 April 2014 00:38) *
Oh. Oh my. I'm eagerly awaiting the information, regardless of the form in which it will be provided, then (although... it really sounds like an indirect way of saying that it will be provided in a certain other piece of media which is currently in development).

I'm going to re-read all the Frigost books once again in hope of finding more clues about the "Others", haha. And the possibility of the other members of the Five making a comeback - there's a lot of forshadowing regarding Hazieff, I really hope that it means something :x (to be honest, I would love to see the Five reunited, but I guess this is not going to happen, right? :c). I would be really happy if the hints about Freezz wanting to be at Harebourg's side again and the amount of information about Hagen in the mag were also supposed to lead to something...

Overall the Frigost/Chillberg storyline is probably the best one in the entire game so far, and every new hint makes it more exciting to discover and study.

Hey Major

Frigost Five reunion... hmmm. I think Freeze's mental state remains too precarious for her to participate (going from the information we currently have).

Also, consider her comments about "Jacquemart! Don't tell me I'm still in your shadow?!" (or something like that)... and Jiva's blessing.

Jiva herself remains a highly suspicious figure for me, when you consider her overall involvement in this story. Also, the comics: I've not read them, but I know of Jiva's role in it (ahah, but you already know this, considering all the posts and discussions we've had about it xD ).

I can't wait for the OVA's- I feel like so much will come together there (and hopefully Harebourg- and maybe some of the others- will be well featured).

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RyF- the suspense is killing me xD
Also, I love the lore books- feed us more, please, hahaha. ;D

"Jacquemart's Manuscript" raises several interesting questions: the "Others" as Major mentioned, but also Harebourg seems to do a lot of referring to the gods and goddesses in there.
Is this linked to his ultimate goal? I know in the trailer for the OVA's Team Yugo ended up in what I'm guessing is Inglorium...

Also, this phrase in Harebourg's manuscript is confusing me:
"It is time for the old Harebourg to bow out gracefully and relinquish his position to Jacquemart Astron Harebourg. My time has come, and with it, that of the new Frigost. I am going to make the preparations for the handing over of power and tearful goodbyes, followed by a quick and painless end, with no witnesses of course… It would be a shame for there to be a real victim in this matter, which, after all, is meant to protect my close ones."

No witnesses? :/ What exactly is going on here?

Btw, anyone who wants to read the whole thing, I've converted it from the mirror/reverse writing here:
Click here

Also, it's got my thoughts on it below, for those that are interested.

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I don't get stuck in the dungeon or locked out of game, just dc'd in the dungeons...

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Disconnect in dungeons Character names: Aacher and Meier
Date and time: often. Most recent: approx 2:20am, 28/03
Map: lvl 95 dungeon at Shushudoku
Server: Remington

Bug description: For about the last three weeks, I disconnect for no apparent reason- only in dungeons. Black Crow, Whispers, Lunar- anything. I have hd no connection problems in the past, this is a recent issue. Nor are there any connection problems before the dungeon.

Reproducibility process: Enter a dungeon. Get about halfway through and then it happens.

Not really sure why this is happening. If someone could look into, I'd appreciate it.

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Quote (LordFhil @ 20 March 2014 03:14) *

Last Post to this thread.

Hello Fhil, I'm surprised to see you still around these parts, given your earlier declaration.
And yet, here you are.

Now, not trying to offend you, but I have had difficulty understanding your most recent post- the English is unclear.

And I think you have misunderstood me also. Your last reply suggests that there is miscommunication between us, as you seem to have entirely misinterpreted what I've said.

There are two things in your reply that were clear enough for me to address:
You said:
"this is not the right time to do it.
(maybe when ankama update outlaw system, there is a chance that i can understand you)

This, Fhil, is a recruitment thread. This is where people can put their names down to join the guild.
I doubt many people will want to play as outlaws until the update, but I've made this thread now so that we can begin to level the guild.

"dont worry If you attack one members of this guild, i will bring down one of your friend guild member, only one."

Ummm, who? The Rogue's Gallery has no alliances at present. There is only us.
If you mean some other outlaw guild, go for it- we're outlaws. We want you to fight us.

Look, like I said, this is a recruitment thread. We have a long time to wait, no doubt, until Ankama introduces the changes. As I have also said, we will attack any guild, but only players who are of a similar level to us.

Your concerns have been expressed and noted. I am looking into systems for moderation of my guild. If your problem is that you just don't like the idea, well that's easily solved- don't join.
Otherwise, I must remind you that people are free to do what they will.

Cloudi, thank you for your earlier reply.

Now, on to Rayne:

Quote (LadyRinsun @ 20 March 2014 14:14) *

I respect your way and I am sure you wanna have fun but the problem is not gonna be about you it's

about the people you gonna add like for example there is someone who replied earlier doing stuff

not acceptable because he lost the passion to play so what is he doing atm, he is destroying the
eco and he is ganging low levels ,

^ That's like the only thing I'm worried about too. But Aacher isn't stupid and I think she'll be able to monitor the guild pretty well. But anyways that's not my business so I won't poke my nose into it too much (unless you need help with anything ofc). I think we all remember Kizio Mizio, who enjoyed undertaking such activities as Cloudi described in the quote here.

Anyways~ based on your last post, Aacher, it's starting to sound more and more fun ^^ I might just join with a character *a*; Although I'm not sure yet if I'm able to ejsisdhudislf454 I'm too Amaknian. But yeah, it's just a game. Wait, I already have a character in there. Derp. I'm weird. Or did you kick Aarchayne? D8

Also, people, please keep it decent up here D: Don't go flaming and hating on each other, that won't be good for anyone.

-Xx Rayne

Hey Rayne- glad you enjoyed that picture. xD

I will be moderating the guild- I have a few systems in place that I will be trialling to make sure that the same people aren't always being attacked and that there is no bullying. I am not infallible, but I will do my best.
The Rogue's Gallery is a new thing- we will grow from our errors. Our bottom line is positive change (far out, I should run for government xD).
I will post more about that later, once the outlaw update is announced. For now, I'd like this to remain as a recruitment thread.

And yes, Aarchayne is still in the guild. ;D Joiiiiiiin usssssssssss. xD


Finally, Molten-Squid: thanks for your support. Maybe you could form a guild on your server? Add a little anarchy.

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Well, I can see there has been some interesting 'debate' here since my last post.

First up, I'd like to thank Rayne for her well considered replies. What she has said is mostly reflective of my goals for the guild. Thank you also to the others who have expressed their support or interest in the guild.

Next on my list: why does everyone assume I'm a guy? Hahahaha! xD

Next, Cloudi: As for your suggestion that I multiaccount, I don't think you understand my goal.
This guild isn't about "winning every time/destroying everything", it's here to introduce a new element into the game and make things more fun for everyone. Win or lose the fight, we'll do so with a good attitude: we're here for a good time.

We want people to hunt us down. What is an outlaw without opposition? And what are guards without outlaws?
We give guards purpose and make guild alliances important. This is something Ankama is cleary moving towards: hence why they are revamping the outlaw system.

To those of you calling this childish... did you forget that Wakfu is a game adapted from a children's tv show? A game with names like "Mourning Wood" and various other transparently juvenile puns? A dungeon boss that is a giant pig? Or the part where it was a game? Let's not get tooooo serious here.

Yes, we are going to be attacking players and unbalancing the ecosystem- but these acts create opportunities: for lawful players it will be a chance to gain cp and for guards a chance to do their jobs for once. We will probably do lots of little things that don't do any harm and are just fun (yet people still seem to be upset about this?). We'll also do ordinary things like dungeon runs (...but with villainous flair ).
We're playing differently, but with a goal to improve gameplay.

As I keep saying, we're here for fun: not just for us, but for other people too. Last time I did this, I got a great response from people and made a lot of friends, even though I was playing the villain.
Why? Because it adds interest to the game, gives people goals, and creates friendly rivaleries too.

That's about all I have to say to the opposition for now.
The defence rests.

One final thing: I ask that disagreements between other guilds/players please be conducted on the appropriate forum pages, not here.
Thank you.

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Hola forum!
It's great to see so many people excited about the guild.

To those interested in joining: fantastic! Leave your ign here or message me and I'll add you. Even if you don't want to be an outlaw until the update, your assistance in leveling the guild until then would be appreciated.

To those interested in hunting us down: also fantastic! ;D We need people like you.
We look forward to thwarting your efforts to contain us.

In the old days of the Rogue's Gallery, La Guilde and Signature were our two greatest opponents, so I wouldn't expect anything less from you, LordFhil.
The Rogue's Gallery shows no mercy, however. ;P

Tessai, we'll add you to the list of outlaw hunters.

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Remington Outlaw Guild: The Rogue's Gallery Outlaw guild: The Rogue's Gallery [Remington]

"The World of Twelve deserves a better class of criminal... and we're gonna give it to them."


***As Ankama has revealed plans to revamp the outlaw system, I thought it was time the Rogue's Gallery was resurrected to be unleashed on Wakfu once again...

Outlaws of all nations, The Rogue's Gallery welcomes you!

The Gallery has been created to make Outlaws a force to be reckoned with in Wakfu and generally make things more fun for everyone! Joining forces with other outlaws gives strength in numbers, lets us co-ordinate our efforts, meet other fun people, and basically just help to facilitate our awesomeness.

The Gallery will be a network of outlaws: we will provide information on how to break out of jail, where safe zones are, and help devise villainous plans with other miscreants! It'll give you all the benefits of a normal guild, but with more villainy. ;p

Who can join?
Any kind of outlaw (ecoterrorists, fighters- whatever you want to be) is welcome, as are all levels. Make sure you read the rules before signing up and don't expect it to be easy- outlawing is a tough gig.
We want people who want to have fun, will help build the guild, and don't take themselves too seriously.

Proposed guild events:
We don't know what Ankama has planned for the future, but we plan to have a lot of fun regardless:
+"attack the governor" day
+eco-terrorism week
+storm the market day
+bother guards with emotes day

(Certain events will only take place once we have sufficient numbers/force to do so)

The rules of the guild are:

+ Don't kill the new kids!
We are here to make the game more fun for everyone, not bully people, so don't hunt low level players. Encourage them to become outlaws instead.

+Keep your cool
Being an outlaw, you're bound to get some negative attention eventually. Just be calm about it and remember that getting angry doesn't help anything. We dish it out, we've got to take it too- do so with grace. We don't want a reputation as a bunch of whiners.
Stay classy, guys.

+Help the guild!
It's us against the World of Twelve, after all! Help us get guild improvements and help out your guild mates.

+Do not be a bully.
Playing an outlaw isn't an excuse for ruining people's fun! Use your discretion, don't keep attacking the same person over-and-over, and don't get butt-hurt about things. This is a guild is for people who want to make Wakfu more fun, not less.

Members considered in violation of these rules will be kicked from the guild.

Remember: We are outlaws. People are going to be hunting us- and we them. Be mature and a good sport when you win and lose, even if other people aren't. I want this guild to have a reputation for two things: villainy and being classy.
If you can't take the heat, this isn't the guild for you.

One more thing: it's just a game, guys.


How to Join:
Leave a message on this forum with the name of the character you want to add or PM any one of these fine people:
+ Aacher (guild leader)
+ Meier

Any questions, feel free to ask- we're happy to answer!

Info for members!
+Please check back on the forums at about once a week so that we can all stay up to date with events, etc.

+Also, please support any posts regarding outlaws on the forums- hopefully that'll show the devs that we're worth the effort and we'll get the changes we want.

+Any ideas, suggestions? Hit us up with them here! We're keen.


For those that are not keen on outlaws...
Why are outlaws good for Wakfu?

Each nation has guards- let's give them something to do.
2. This will give guilds more purpose in the game- united against a common enemy.
3. More fun for us! Outlaws will have the pleasure of outwitting all the goody-two-shoes's at every turn! Mwhahaha!
4. Wakfu is a game. We're keeping things interesting for you all.


Wow. Long post is long.


The Rogue's Gallery is super fun and if you're outlaw, you should join it. ;D
Make the nation's guards do some damn work, haha.

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I am extremely pleased by the announcement of an outlaw system. *happy tears*

(Note: anyone else keen about playing an outlaw, sign up for the Rogue's Gallery- an outlaw guild on Remington!)

I'll be interested to hear about the new mechanisms for level 100+ players too...

As for hopes for the "theme of the year", Harebourg's story line is my main interest in the game, so I hope that will feature prominently.

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posté March 16, 2014, 17:29:31 | #15
Well, Grougaloragran and Phaeris have "human" forms... maybe this is Joris's?

Dragon seems like it's it, though.

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posté March 15, 2014, 03:04:37 | #16

Quote (Celay01 @ 14 March 2014 19:37) *

Quote (Aacher @ 14 March 2014 07:38) *

Quote (Noobility @ 10 March 2014 23:29) *
Revamping the combat and taking care of classes takes priority over pvp features. This year only outlaw vs guard pvp, outlaws will have their own nation and the governor will not elected (duh they are outlaws) but rather chosen based on who has the highest pvp ranking.

Probably missed some things but yeah, Azael talks, a lot, dude loves talking. Now be grateful I took the time to type all of this you animals

The outlaws thing- is this true? Omg... I will be so delighted. Might be time to ressurect my outlaw guild.

Also, thanks Noobility: we animals appreciate your efforts. ;P
Time to polish my shield against that outlaw army on way.
We're coming for you first, Cel. ;D

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posté March 14, 2014, 07:38:03 | #17

Quote (Noobility @ 10 March 2014 23:29) *
Revamping the combat and taking care of classes takes priority over pvp features. This year only outlaw vs guard pvp, outlaws will have their own nation and the governor will not elected (duh they are outlaws) but rather chosen based on who has the highest pvp ranking.

Probably missed some things but yeah, Azael talks, a lot, dude loves talking. Now be grateful I took the time to type all of this you animals

The outlaws thing- is this true? Omg... I will be so delighted. Might be time to ressurect my outlaw guild.

Also, thanks Noobility: we animals appreciate your efforts. ;P

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posté March 13, 2014, 14:16:14 | #18
Do you mean you want a moderator for your RP or something?

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posté March 09, 2014, 18:34:05 | #19
I have two questions to add to the list for next time:

1. The importance of the Water Clock:
Does it actually have any impact on the island or is Frigost's state due to Djaul's curse only?
Since the Ice Dofus is missing from it in Wakfu, it obviously isn't running it anymore...
Of course it's possible that ore is being used instead, but that is a finite resource.

2. Harebourg:
Will we learn more about him as a person? I think understanding his personality is key to interpreting his actions (plus, the character fascinates me).

My theory at the moment is that he is a good hearted man... but his moral compass is calibrated a little differently than most people.
That is, he was honest in his concern for the welfare of the villagers working for him during the construction of the water clock... but he also doesn't have a problem with using the entire island for his big science experiment (which is what I think was his main goal- the agriculture competition was just an opportunity for him to carry it out).

I really hope he's in the OVA's, hahah. He's my favourite. xD

And I know you probably can't say, but Jiva: I want to know what her plans are too!
(also, was it she that put Harebourg back in ice? He seems to have definitely fallen out with her).
Also where is the ice Dofus and when was it removed?

Sooo many mysteries! I've got loads of theories- I'll post them here later for the forum to pick at for me.

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Quote (TeaCupKnight @ 08 March 2014 17:44) *
We're currently kinda discussing the potential of a new rp in the ooc thread, though that means we've got one idea suggested XD

If people would be interested in a new rp then it's probably worth getting it running.

I am however not so great at running these things, but I could give it a try if we want? Or i'd be happy to collaborate to run one.

If you'd like a hand, I'd be happy to help out.  

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