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posté Today - 03:47:06 | #1
Buying respec materials I already have the bones but here are my rates for the other stuff:
  • 150 Scara Horn: 20 kamas each
  • 150 Blibli Tooth: 20 kamas each
  • 131 Country Scalp: 100 kamas each
  • 200 Toad Tongue: 30 kamas each
  • 200 Moskito Wings: 30 kamas each
  • 186 Koko Leaf: 100 kamas each

Send me a message via Ankabox so we can set up a trade or if you catch me online send a whisper. I also accept smoke signals, unholy summoning rituals to other realms, and tin can telephone.

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posté April 17, 2014, 19:00:30 | #2
Foggernaut can be hard to explain unless you get the core mechanics of the elemental branches. Earth has mostly single targeting spells which can be used to hit things for damage or create a blockade on an empty space; blockades are used to block enemy line of sight and absorb damage taken by nearby allies. Fire builds a unique state that gives you a big damage bonus to fire next turn, but a damage penalty on the third turn; this state gives fire burst damage. Stasis is a unique damage type that is based on the average of all four of your elemental damage bonuses, but when you hit things with stasis spells the damage dealt is based on the lowest resistance of the target. Stasis can also steal WP which can turn the tide of battle.

One of the most confusing things about Xelor are Tick and Tock alternating states. During odd turns you get Tick state which increases how much initiative fire spells remove from enemies, causes water spells to give AP, and fire spells to remove initiative in addition to damaging. During even turns Tock state causes water spells to remove AP, fire spells to attack in areas of effect, and increases AP removal efficacy. Both states also change what the air spell Aging does: Tick inflicts damage on targets who suffer initiative loss (during Tick your fire spells inflict initiative loss), Tock inflicts damage who suffer AP loss (during Tock your water spells remove AP).

Boomerang Daggers, Deception, Extraction; not really melee spells. Pretty much the only Dofus Rogue spell that stuck around is Boomerang Daggers with a lot of changes: no line of sight restriction, no linear restriction, unmodifiable range, no use per turn restriction, and a different cost. The area of effect is exactly the same. Since the linear restriction does not exist in Wakfu you can hit yourself with it so be wary of that. Blunderbuss became Blam which is an earth spell and does not have erosion. Similarly Carbine became Cross Fire, which has the same diagonal restriction but no area of effect.

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posté April 17, 2014, 08:00:22 | #3
Since you already have people to play with I recommend picking a class that fits well with them, so you probably want to offer something to the team that no one else does. Ask your friends what builds their characters are. In the mean time I may as well tell you what I know about the classes you asked about:

Eniripsa is a very widely used class. Water has area of effect and utility healing spells (no line of sight restriction, varied costs). Fire applies marks which cause whatever kills the marked target to gain certain benefits depending on the mark, and with a certain passive causes marked targets to explode in health loss for enemies and health gain for allies next to the killed target. Air is an odd support branch which I rarely see but can offer very powerful effects. For example with Pain Flask causing single target moves to instead hit an area of effect, since most single target spells deal high damage while area of effect spells can hit many things at once. Eniripsa can also revive KO allies, give +max HP to all allies, absorb some of the damage taken and replenish it, and several more abilities.

Foggernaut is a lot different here than in Dofus. Basically earth is for melee attacking and/or tanking, fire is for long range area of effect damage, and stasis is sort of simple but can steal WP from enemies. I could write at least triple as I did for Eniripsa to go over the same basics but instead I am only sensible enough at the moment to give this raw summary: Foggernaut offers versatile options for area of effect, range, mobility, and burst damage.

Xelor is overwhelming if you pull up all its spell effects at once and stare at them, while they stare back disturbingly. Basically water removes AP from enemies and gives it to allies, air has some mobility and direct damage, and fire has area of effect attacks and initiative loss. Removing initiative from enemies does not change the turn order but can prevent enemies from getting their speed bonus sooner.

Sram is an all melee class in Wakfu. Traps are basically nonexistent. A revamp for this class should be coming 'soon' but based on what we have right now water steals characteristics from enemies, fire inflicts a bunch of damage, and air has a bunch of mobility.

Sadida looks like a very versatile class. Water can heal, air inflicts poisons and direct damage, earth can give armor or do stuff with MP removal. Someone who actually plays this class should tell you about it since I know so little.

Rogue in Dofus is all about bombs and each element has one of each type of attack: almost-melee, bomb, and sort-of-gun. In Wakfu those three types of spells are separated into their own elements: fire for bomb stuff, earth for gun stuff, and air for melee stuff. And no water for soggy stuff because it made a mess on the office carpeting during development. Bombs also work differently and would take a lot to explain, but if you feel interested in this class I can share a bit more than just this little paragraph. Unless we all die from old age trying to read my rambling.

Masqueraider in Dofus has a lot of "you have to use this mask to use this spell" going on. Dofus Masq also has Classic Mask as the default. Wakfu Masq has the same three masks that do basically the same things as in Dofus but instead of having a spell from each mask in each element the masks each get their own element branch to screw around with on their own time. Wakfu Masq also lacks a lot of supportive abilities that Dofus Masq has: shielding, using the mask spells near allies to share their effects with them, and spells that do steal-type damage (half the damage you deal is healed to you). Masq in Wakfu is great for burst damage.

Almost all characters benefit from investing for 1AP and 1MP with characteristic points. After that it depends on your class and build.

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posté April 17, 2014, 06:59:17 | #4
I had this problem with my Clawbot and piggy-pig a few days ago. Every time I logged in I would eventually check the equipment loadouts for the sidekicks they were equipped to, and they once reappeared on the sidekicks. I left the pets on the sidekicks the first time they reappeared and they soon disappeared again. A couple days later they reappeared and I took the pets off the sidekicks. Neither pet has disappeared since taking them off the sidekicks.

From what I have seen there is no pattern to this bug. Constantly relogging might eventually cause your pets to reappear. Both times my pets reappeared was from checking the sidekick loadouts from the sidekick menu instead of adding the sidekick to my party then checking their equipment through my inventory, if that helps anyone having this bug.

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posté April 15, 2014, 18:21:36 | #5
I would like dungeons in higher levels (110+) that take less than an hour. Two hour dungeons are fine for people who can stay sane that long in a single run, and they deserve the high value drops those dungeons should give (relic fragments, rarest materials, higher drop rates for wanted items like equipment) to reward them for their dedication. But instead we have two hour dungeons with abysmal drop rates that makes everyone feel like they waited in line to go to the toilet and when they get there instead of a toilet the only thing in the stall is a groin-kicking device.

All these low drop rates make me wonder: what would happen if the drop rates were so high people would get everything they wanted without having to rerun the dungeon hundreds of times? If the market were flooded with equipment from all levels, who suffers besides the people looking to turn a profit from their lucky drop rolls? Sure equipment would lose its value, but with all that extra equipment floating around people could afford to crush more stuff into runes. Runes would become cheaper since everyone would be making them. If I remember correctly when the latest rune revamp was about to go live someone from Ankama said it was supposed to 'make it easier for everyone to have runes', instead of only the richest being able to afford them while everyone else already suffers with cheaper equipment.

Character progression with characteristic points is linear. Equipment does not progress in a straight line as leveling up our characters does. Character level compared to mob level for combat difficulty seems to boil down to enemies having massive base damage and resists while most players are forced to build for raw damage. I heard Azael wanted to revamp mobs so they have higher health and lower resists but that probably got added to the 'soon' pile.

More team-oriented spells would be nice. Those 'aura' abilities seem too simple. What about Enutrof pouches giving a drop to everyone in the party if the Enutrof grabs it, and for Sadida your dolls absorb heal resist inflicted to your allies? A tiny +10prospecting and 2% final resist seem too small for anyone to want to invest in it as a spell, unless you mean to make them add-ons outside of the spell system which would make no sense. An Enutrof walks into the room and everyone gets prospecting not because of a spell effect, but for being an Enutrof. At least add these sort of effects onto specialty spells.

You mean tokens? I had to look up what jetons are, and it looks like tokens. We used to have tokens. They were taken away by the overstressed babysitter that left us alone in a room full of almost-pointy sticks because we might stab ourselves in the eyes.

Would that 'other' category be guild buffs and clan member bonus? Add that up and you might get about +40% damage per element, some health and initiative. Do you want that to be buffed (bigger clan member bonuses, more guild bonuses available) or create new bonuses players can get? If +40% general damage is supposed to become a twentieth of your character then we should have +800% damage endgame by now. Which a few people have probably already done. What about the rest of us? Should everyone be walking around with massive damage bonus stiffies because mobs have high resists, then when people want to fight each other struggle with trying to face each other because their members keep clothes-lining bystanders?

Would a lv145 pet have around triple the stats of a lv50 pet? How about a lv150 Tamed Abomination that gives +3 control or a Snow Bow Meow that gives +90% heals? Equipment in higher levels already gives a lot more as the level gets higher and the drop rates get lower. With Makabras they would have to balance for lv200 items which currently do not exist (unless they have them hidden in the game files already) since if they made them too powerful people would threaten to sue for nerfing them. If they make them too weak people would complain.

Did you skip down here? You naughty person.

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posté April 14, 2014, 17:16:36 | #6
Are you feeling the brick oven fire?
Have the hunger pains gone to your head?
Is the dinner you desire
Worth the kamas you want instead?

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posté April 10, 2014, 06:14:20 | #7
From what I heard getting crits instead of principal characteristics (intelligence, etc.) is only more effective averagely if you have at least +40% crit damage. Some classes can get this bonus from spells (Long-Distance Combat for Cra, Mask Master for Masqueraider, etc.) but most would have to get that crit damage bonus from equipment. If spells of your class give crits (Heightened Vision for Cra, Ecaflip Die) you would have an advantage for building a character for crits compared to classes that lack means of gaining crits from their spells (Iop, Enutrof, Eniripsa; pretty much most of the classes).

In my experience most classes play fine without getting a second AP from characteristic points. Maybe you have a specific spell rotation in mind that needs just one more AP to pull off, but there might be something even better with an easier total cost to use for that character. For example with my Iop I need 12AP to double Wrath, triple Judgement, or quadruple Thunderbolt in a single turn. But with my Rogue, Cra, Sacrier, and Masqueraider their spell sets are flexible enough to switch out one spell in a rotation with something else that has a different cost and still end up with similar results.

As for your characters I recommend looking up some guides in this section. I can tell you right now there are guides for your Eniripsa, Enutrof, Ecaflip, and Iop. Nothing has been posted yet for your Feca or Sacrier. My Sacrier is air-earth and I went 1AP, 1MP, max block, then strength and agility. For your Iop get to 10AP since there are solid spell rotations you can use then worry about 12AP in later levels when you can get equipment that gives more AP without huge sacrifices. You should ask someone who knows Feca a lot more than I do but I would recommend lock for the +resist passive then intelligence and chance for damage and resistance.

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posté April 06, 2014, 06:15:43 | #8
That was Wall of Flame. When the glyph is formed each bomb connected to the glyph lights up in a square area of effect including spaces adjacent, diagonal, and where the bomb itself occupies.

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posté April 06, 2014, 00:17:53 | #9
Are you asking how to allocate characteristic points for your fire Iop for levels 1 to 30? For a pure fire Iop you can put all your characteristic points into intelligence for fire damage and resistance bonuses. Strength gives earth damage and earth resistance bonuses. I recommend waiting until level 31 so you can use all your characteristic points to get 1AP. Since you get a free character reset (respec) at level 10 and 30 you can use your characteristic points to get intelligence until level 30, keep getting experience until level 31, then using the second reset to get 1AP.

I made a guide to fire Iop here but you may need someone to help you with translation.

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posté April 05, 2014, 23:52:27 | #10
They summon a bomb where you target the spell. The damage indicated on the spell is the base damage for the bomb when it detonates. Burning and Blinding detonate in a square area of effect including the space the bomb occupies (since the bombs do not block movement, things can walk on them). Megabomb is the same idea except its area of effect is larger by four spaces (2 space radius 'circle').

Bombs detonate when their charges are depleted to 0. Bombs lose charges when attacked with a damaging action (excludes spells which have secondary effects for bombs: Barbed Fire, Flaming Claw, Magnetic Claw), you use Remote Control on it, or if you have a Boombot summoned and it uses Detonator by 1 charge per action/attack. If one of your bombs detonates and any of your other bombs are in its area of effect they will also detonate regardless of how many charges they have remaining.

Each bomb you have in play requires 1 control. All characters have 1 control by default. This can be increased by ranking the Bomber Fan passive and certain equipment items. The Bomber Fan passive will cause you to gain +1AP per bomb detonation, give a damage bonus for your bombs (which seems to only apply to detonations), and resistance to bombs (in case you accidentally blow yourself up).

Bombs may also be used to create the 'Wall of Flame' glyph if at least three bombs are placed to be linear and within two spaces of at least one other bomb. More than three bombs may be used to create the glyph. The glyph damages anything when it starts its turn in the glyph or moves through the glyph per space moved. Since a 'recent' update the glyph will only damage targets up to three times per turn cycle (making them immune to the bomb glyph until their next turn) to make fire Rogues stop relying on being able to mindlessly throw down the glyph for every battle they ever enter. If a bomb is not properly positioned or detonates it will no longer be part of the glyph.

Each of the three bombs have a secondary effect upon detonation. Blinding may inflict Blinding state which reduces range for the afflicted target(s). Burning inflicts levels of Burning which deal additional damage at the end of the turn of the afflicted target(s). Megabomb has a 100% chance to inflict -1MP to the area of effect.

This is just a basic overview of Rogue bombs. Anything else you would like to know?

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posté April 04, 2014, 22:55:19 | #11
Protoflex is more for support like Skale. Trank is a tank, not a damage dealer. Beelzebug has a lot of range. Krobax is constantly pushing, pulling, and switching places with things while attacking which can move things out of range.

Krobax is more consistent and has more mobility but has shorter range. Beelzebug has more range and crits. The other elemental sidekicks are great for support. Krobax is also great for positioning your team as his spells do not damage allies.

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posté March 28, 2014, 17:05:24 | #12

Quote (Celay01 @ 28 March 2014 06:57) *

Sacrier (to the right of the top left) reminds me of something:


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posté March 27, 2014, 18:09:18 | #13
I started an earth-fire hybrid Foggernaut guide here on March 27, 2014.

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posté March 27, 2014, 18:07:22 | #14
[Guide] Earth-Fire Foggernaut; Under Construction
This guide is currently under construction and being transferred from a document. Updates will be made over the next couple days to add build ideas, level progression for newbies, and extra strategies. After that I plan on adding things throughout the guide where information is lacking. If you see anything that is wrong, misleading, or offensive kindly go screw yourse- I mean, post about it or send me a message via Ankabox.

Introduction to Foggernaut

Beep boop, son. Beep boop.

Foggernauts are a versatile artillery class: versatile range, versatile area of effect, and versatile robot noises. Our robot noise making technology is vastly superior to anything you silly humans can even comprehend.

Here is a brief list of things this build can achieve:
  • attacking with massive areas of effect at a distance
  • tanking
  • close combat damage
  • pretending to be a Dalek
  • confusing enemies into believing you are a range class until they get close enough to bash their skulls in with hammers
  • confusing enemies into believing you are a melee class until they run away far enough to launch explosions of fire at them
  • creating a rail system for allies to surf around the battlefield
  • pretend to be a robot assassin from the future with an Austrian accent
  • other references to robots in media

Before we get into spells there are a few characteristics of interest:

AP- Action points, consumed by most spells. All characters defaultly have six AP. AP can be gained through characteristic point investment (150 for the first, 250 for the second), equipment, and very rarely consumables.

MP- Movement points, consumed by moving around the battlefield and certain spells. All characters defaultly have three MP. MP can be gained through characteristic point investment (100 for the first, 150 for the second) and equipment.

AP and MP both replenish at the start of your next turn. If you use all your AP and MP during one turn, do not worry about not having it for the next.
WP- Wakfu points, consumed by certain spells. All characters defaultly have six WP. WP may not be gained outside of combat. Unlike AP and MP, WP does not replenish during combat with the exception of a Masqueraider passive spell and the Foggernaut stasis branch, neither of which are relevant to this guide. Usually spells which consume WP instead of AP or MP are more powerful, whether by damage dealt or effects offered. Use your WP wisely.

Strength & Intelligence- Strength gives +0.5% earth damage and resistance per point. Intelligence gives +0.5% fire damage and resistance per point. By ranking these together you can get one of each for a total of four characteristic points; the higher ranked characteristic will cost 3 characteristic points while the other will only cost 1 characteristic point. This is a great source of straightforward damage and resistance bonuses to fire and earth.

Critical Hit- This characteristic increases your chance to critically hit. Critical hits only apply to elemental spells. Critical hits are a probability to deal increased effects, usually meaning more damage. For consistent damage output this characteristic is less potent compared to strength&intelligence, but can be a significant boost to output occasionally.

Our fire and earth branches of spells offer different effects. Earth can attack in close range or place blockades. Fire can attack at long range with varied areas of effect. For this guide we will be using both, though not necessarily at the same time.


The earth branch offers the unique secondary effect of blockades. The health of a blockade is based on the base health identified in the listed effects which scale by spell level (damage, blockade health) multiplied by your earth damage bonus. For example, if the base health of a blockade is 10 (Pummel at lv20) and your earth damage is +100%, the blockade created will have 20 health. If the base health of the blockade is 50 (Pummel at lv136) and you have +500% earth damage, the blockade created will have 300 health. If the health of a blockade is depleted it will be removed from the battle. Blockades may not be placed where they would block the way, potentially trapping something where it would be unable to move freely throughout the battlefield, to prevent abuse by trapping enemies in corners. Blockades block line of sight for all combatants and are stabilized/immovable. Blockades absorb 70% of damage taken by the Foggernaut until they suffer a horrible lonely demise. Blockades also may not be placed within a square radius of one another (spaces adjacent and diagonal to the blockade) to prevent creation of a series of walls on the battlefield.

  • 4AP
  • 1-4 range
  • if used on an empty space, creates a blockade
  • lv0: 4 damage or blockade with 4 HP
  • lv100: 57 damage or blockade with 38 HP
  • lv200: 110 damage or blockade with 72 HP

Although this spell can be used at low to medium range, this is your basic single target close combat spell. It can be used to deal consitent damage or place blockades with decent health. This spell is not required for your build but I recommend it as soon as you have 8AP if you like consistency.

  • 2MP
  • 1-3 range
  • one use per turn
  • if used on an empty space, creates a blockade
  • lv0: 2 damage or blockade with 2 HP
  • lv100: 37 damage or blockade with 24 HP
  • lv200: 72 damage or blockade with 46 HP

This spell is our parallel to Gutting Gust, an air spell for Iop. By conceding a couple points of damage this spell has greater maximum range and can be used defensively to create a blockade after having used all your AP. This spell may only be cast once per turn so take a moment to think whether you want to use it to hit something or protect yourself.

For our build this spell is very useful. During turns while using fire spells you will not need to spare any MP to cast and only one fire spell uses MP to cast.

Hammer Claw
  • 5AP
  • 1-3 range
  • no line of sight restriction
  • if used on an empty space, creates a blockade
  • if used on a target, damages and attracts by 1 space
  • lv0: 5 damage or blockade with 5 HP
  • lv100: 67 damage or blockade with 46 HP
  • lv200: 129 damage or blockade with 87 HP

The secondary effect of this spell when used on a target causes the target to be pulled towards the Foggernaut. This effect can be used to chase enemies who are just out of reach so you can lock them.

This spell has lower average damage compared to other single targeting earth spells but lacks line of sight restriction; this spell can be used to attack targets through walls, hiding behind other characters, or sitting on the toilet in the other room. This spell seems to be designed for utility.

  • 6AP1WP
  • 0 range
  • damages in a 2 space radius area of effect around the user
  • lv0: 6damage
  • lv100: 100 damage
  • lv200: 194 damage

This is the only earth spell which does not create blockades. It is also the only earth spell which damages in an area of effect. It deals great damage to a large area of effect around yourself, punishing many enemies at once. After having used fire spells to damage enemies at a distance, if they eventually manage to reach you use this spell to make them regret wanting to fight you. Using this spell early in combat may discourage enemies from approaching. Overall this is a great earth spell. Since Foggernaut has few uses for WP this is a great use for them.

  • 3AP
  • 1-5 range
  • up to two uses per turn
  • recasts the attack once for each previous use of Bombardment (max 3)
  • after 4 uses, Bombardment starts over at 1
  • if used on an empty space, creates a blockade
  • lv0: 2 damage or blockade with 2 HP
  • lv100: 20 damage or blockade with 30 HP
  • lv200: 38 damage or blockade with 58 HP

This spell can be used instead of Pummel to create blockades or build up attack power, starting with weak hits. The first use of this spell will deal the lowest damage compared to any of the other earth spells. The second use will hit twice for the cost of casting it once, dealing enough damage to be worth the cost. The third use will have to wait for your next turn since this spell has a use per turn restriction of two, but will deal high damage for its cost. The fourth use will end the Bombardment chain by dealing significant damage. Comparing the AP cost to damage dealt rates with Pummel, Bombardment will averagely deal more but requires at least two turns to be effective. Since most of our turns are spent using only earth spells or only fire spells using the chain-attack effect of Bombardment may only become useful by the time the battle is almost over.

This spell is better than Pummel for wearing down targets with more health in a couple turns but is less reliable as a consistent attack. This spell also has slightly longer max range than Pummel. If this spell critically hits, all chained attacks will deal critical damage.


The fire spells cause the Foggernaut to receive three unique states: High Pressure, Overheating, and Cooling. Using fire spells will cause you to gain levels of High Pressure. High Pressure state has no effects, stacks up to lv240, and will transform into Overheating state at the end of your turn. Overheating also stacks up to lv240 but every level of the state gives you +1% fire damage to deal increased damage. While the Foggernaut is afflicted with Overheating they will not gain levels of High Pressure from using fire spells. After ending your turn while afflicted with Overheating the state will transform into Cooling. Cooling stacks up to 240 but inflicts 0.5% fire damage per level of the state. While the Foggernaut is afflicted with Cooling you may gain levels of High Pressure by casting fire spells, but the damage dealt will be decreased due to the damage penalty. Alternatively you can wait until the next turn when Cooling will be removed and you will have your normal fire damage bonus. While you are afflicted with Cooling state you can use your earth spells to avoid the damage penalty.

  • 3AP
  • 2-3 range
  • modifiable range
  • linear
  • no line of sight restriction
  • damages 3 spaces in a line (the first space is where you target)
  • lv0: 3 damage, +1lv High Pressure
  • lv100: 43 damage, +24lv High Pressure
  • lv200: 83 dmaage, +48lv High Pressure

Although this spell damages in an area of effect, this is a great spell for consistent single target damage. It may require the user and target to at least be a step apart and aligned, but the lack of line of sight restriction and convenient cost for fitting this spell into a variety of total AP pools make this spell highly versatile.

The greatest disadvantage of this spell is its low effective range. You could use nearly any earth spell at the same range without being restricted to attacking in a line.

Fire Thrower
  • 6AP
  • 2-4 range
  • modifiable range
  • linear
  • damages in a large cone area of effect
  • lv0: 6 damage, +1lv High Pressure
  • lv100: 77 damage, +48lv High Pressure
  • lv200: 148 damage, +96lv High Pressure

When it comes to damaging enemies grouped somewhat closely but not close enough, this spell spews flames in a massive area of effect. I could draw a diagram of how big a "cone" AoE is, but you deserve to experience the massive size for yourself.

Fire Thrower deals less damages on single targets than Flambe but has triple the area of effect. With its range nad massive area of effect, this spell can be used against enemies approaching and fleeing alike in a massive blaze of glory.

Blazing Fire
  • 2AP1MP
  • 1-3 range
  • modifiable range
  • up to 2 uses per turn
  • 1 rebound of -15% damage
  • lv0: 3 damage, rebound of 2 damage, +1lv High Pressure
  • lv100: 40 damage, rebound of 34 damage, +16lv High Pressure
  • lv200: 77 damage, rebound of 65 damage, +32lv High Pressure

The rebound values I listed for this spell are approximate and will not be listed in the game. I only added them here so you can see about how much base damage the rebound would hit. For those who have no idea how rebounding attacks work, after the initial attack of an action the rebound will apply to the closes enemy within three spaces (some rebounding attacks define the max range of 2). The rebound attack is restricted by line of sight which prevents the rebound from attacking through walls. Rebounding actions which inflict damage will only rebound to your enemies while rebounding actions which inflict healing will only rebound to allies. Rebounding is another form of area of effect which technically may damage more than one target per action, but is not restricted to a specific area of effect shape.

The initial attack of this spell is slightly below the average attack power of our other fire spells, but the rebounding effect makes this spell very powerful when used a couple enemies at a time. The low cost of this spell allows it to be used as part of a combination of spells with ease and the rebounding effect gives this spell more flexible area of effect when other spells are less convenient to use in certain situations. Unfortunately this spell suffers the same range issue as Flambe, but if both the initial and rebound attack hits this is our most powerful spell per point spent.

Flame Fervor
  • 4AP1WP
  • 1 range
  • slips behind the target (damages the target space, teleports the Foggernaut to the third space in the targeted direction)
  • lv0: 5 damage, +1lv High Pressure
  • lv100: 65 damage, +32lv High Pressure
  • lv200: 125 damage, +64lv High Pressure

The damage to cost ratio may seem a bit low, but this spell can be used to move through an enemy to its back to deal backstab damage as well as escaping lock zones. This spell damages the target space and moves the Foggernaut to the third space in a line in the direction cast.

This spell is very rarely used to deal high damage as it has no area of effect, no range, and does not make a fiery/explosive sound effect.

  • costs 5AP
  • 5 range
  • no line of sight restriction
  • lv0: 5 damage, +1lv High Pressure
  • lv100: 69 damage, +40lv High Pressure
  • lv200: 133 damage, +80lv High Pressure
Having non-linear range may seem enough to sell this spell alone, but this spell has a fixed range: unmodifiable and a specific, unchangeable value. This spell may excel at firing at a group of enemies grouped together in hiding behind something which blocks line of sight, but it lacks the flexible range of other fire spells.

Steampalm and Fire Thrower are rival spells. both have large areas of effect, can be used at long range, but have their own advantages. For maximum versatility I recommend ranking both but for lower levels stick to one or the other until you have more AP.

Active Specialties

  • places an activated Microbot, requires 1 control per Microbot in play
  • amount of charges increases with level
  • increased rail length between Microbots increases with rail
  • up to 2 uses per turn
  • lv0:
    • costs 5AP
    • 1 range
    • 2 charges
    • 1 space rail length between Microbots
  • lv9:
    • costs 2AP
    • 1-3 range
    • 4 charges
    • 3 space rail length between Microbots

Microbots are a unique kind of summon. They lack any means of attacking or moving, but when used to create rails allows you and your allies to ride along them to travel over long distances while spending less MP than running around on foot.

Rails are created when two Microbots are aligned within a certain maximum distance apart; placing them closer than your possible maximum rail length is possible but can make your rails less effective. Rails are not required to be single paths and may be formed into shapes, paths that branch out into multiple directions, or even segmented in separate areas where most convenient. Traveling on a rail consumes 1MP every three spaces traveled.

Since Microbots are required for two other active specialties and improve with a passive specialty and we will be ranking at least one of these three specialties, I recommend ranking Microbot after one or both of the key passives we will be discussing later. In lower levels this specialty will have little to offer since battles usually end before you would need to surf around the map and enemies are less mobile.

There are two active specialties which cause Microbots to become 'deactivated': Motherfogger and Cybot. These two specialties may only be used on a Microbot which is activated, so deactivation prevents either spell from being used on the Microbot. Deactivated Microbots will still be usable for making rails.

'Rail length' is the amount of spaces between two Microbots, excluding the spaces the Microbots occupy. If you have the Microbot spell at lv9 and nothing else boosting rail length, your Microbots may have up to three spaces between them for a rail to be made. If you place a Microbot one or more spaces over your maximum rail length the Microbot will be summoned on the space but a rail will not be formed.

Rails can intersect. If you place two Microbots and form a single section of rail one turn, then create another pair of Microbots whose rail crosses through the first rail, the rail sections are connected. This means your team can move along the X shape. You do not have to place Microbots adjacent to other Microbots which are already forming a rail to connect the entire rail system.

  • transforms into the Motherfogger
  • deactivates the Microbot
  • may not be used while in the Fogginator state
  • spells usable while in effect:
    • Fire-Breather
    • Rock Thrower
    • Spittleborg
    • Repositioning
    • all stasis spells
  • stasis spells do not need to be cast in a line
  • lv0:
    • costs 6AP
    • +3% resist
    • +5% stasis damage if at least two resistances of the target are equal
  • lv9:
    • costs 1AP
    • +30% resist
    • +50% stasis damage if at least two resistances of the target are equal

According to the developers this spell is intended for stasis Foggernauts, but for the sake of exploring every tool in our arsenal we shall explore its use anyway. The two effects which scale by spell level are a bonus to resistance against all elements and a damage bonus for stasis spells when attacking a target who has equal values for two different elements of resistance. Since stasis is not part of this guide we will not be going any further with that effect or the other effects offered by this spell to the stasis branch.

This spell must be used while standing on one of your Microbots and transforms you into a Motherfogger which is an artillery turret. While in this state you are unable to be moved unless the Microbot you are standing on is already connected to other Microbots to form rails. Also you will only be able to use a different set of spells than you would normally use (still ignoring stasis spells) which scale by your character level and do not require spell experience.

Fire-Breather is a long range spell (4-8) with a low cost (2AP), no line of sight restriction, and modifiable range but may only be used once per target per turn and up to six times per turn. Due to its low cost and constantly building damage effect this spell excels when fighting large groups of enemies who are widely spread apart. Unlike the fire branch of spells, Fire-Breather does not cause you to gain levels of High Pressure but instead offers a different means of attack during Overheating turns.

To put the damage of Fire-Breather into perspective, for spells at lv100: Fire-Breather deals 25 damage on the initial hit and 10 damage per target hit before the current attack. If you use this spell on one target then a second time on another target, the second target will be hit twice. If you have 12AP and use this spell six times on six different targets (since Fire-Breather is one use per target per turn) you would deal 300 base damage. But if you use Fire Thrower twice instead you would deal 154 base damage per target in an area of effect with nine spaces and gain +96lv High Pressure; you would only need to hit two targets with Fire Thrower to deal more total damage than Fire-Breather in an area of effect with nine spaces. If you use Flambe four times you would deal 172 base damage and gain +96lv High Pressure and you would be able to attack with no line of sight restriction in an area of effect of three spaces. You would only need to hit two targets with Flambe to deal more base damage. This is all ignoring the setup required to use Motherfogger.

Rock Thrower is another long range spell with a medium cost (4AP) and modifiable range. It has a shorter maximum and minimum range allowing the user to attack closer targets. This spell can be compared to Pummel as both cost 4AP and have similar damage and blockade health rates, but Rock Thrower has an advantage: the blockade absorbs damage taken by your allies who are within a two space radius of the blockade. A passive spell we will be discussing soon enough causes your blockades to absorb damage taken from allies adjacent to them, but the blockade creates by using Rock Thrower (which still follow the rule about not placing them adjacent or diagonal to one another) have a significantly larger radius.

Comparing Pummel to Rock Thrower at lv100: Pummel deals 7 more base damage when attacking and does not require the use of Microbots or Motherfogger to use for attacking or blockade creating. Rock Thrower has 1 more blockade HP, a larger absorption radius, modifiable range, and two more max range. Pummel is better for earlier levels when your specialty points are being spent on core support spells but if you plan on using Motherfogger in later levels its blockades are more powerful in every way except being able to place them adjacent to yourself.

Spittleborg allows you to create a Microbot with +3 max range, allowing you to create a rail with the greatest length possible after ranking all rail length related support spells with ease. Whether this spell is useful depends on whether you need to create more Microbots for rails to slide along while in Motherfogger mode.

Repositioning allows you to travel along your rails for only 1MP per movement path no matter how far you travel. This means you can travel as far as your rails stretch along your rails for only 1MP instead of having to spend 1MP every 3 spaces travel.

Overall Motherfogger is better suited for stasis Foggernauts for allowing them to use earth and fire spells without having to use stasis all the time, but without being a hybrid build. Rock Thrower is great but you would have to already prepared rails and have at least 1AP to spare (if you have Motherfogger at lv9) to create a couple blockades, but without all that you would just use Pummel twice.

  • must be used on one of your Microbots
  • builds a Cybot, deactivates the Microbot
  • HP, AP, MP, and WP of the Cybot scale by spell level
  • health of the Cybot is based on the max health of the Foggernaut
  • unlocks spells with increased spell level
  • you may only have one cybot in play at once
  • lv0:
    • costs 2AP
    • 1 range
    • Cybot has 4AP, 3MP, 3WP, and 3% HP
    • spells: Retreat
  • lv9:
    • costs 1AP
    • 1-3 range
    • Cybot has 6AP, 5MP, 3WP, and 30% HP
    • spells: Retreat, Stasification, Repairs, Microbot, Teleportation

This is our utility summon. As machines creating machines it inherits some of our features, namely that its health is based on your own and may be used to create Microbots outside of your own turn. This summon is manually controlled by the player and the Microbots it creates are considered to be summoned by you, requiring that you have control available. Cybot can do stuff for stasis but we will not be doing any of that so stop thinking about asking.

Our primary use for this summon is creating and maintaining Microbots to create rails so you can use your own turns to attack. It can only create one Microbot per turn but it will consume its own AP instead of your Foggernaut spending AP. Repairs is used to replenish charges for Microbots.

Retreat causes the Cybot to switch places with you like a Sacrier using Transposition, but with less range and linear restriction. This spell can be used to teleport your Foggernaut away from the fray so you can use your fire spells next turn or teleport your Foggernaut into the fray; these two tactics work well with Teleportation, the only WP consuming spell the Cybot has which lets it teleport to any of your Microbots within a certain radius.

Stasification is used fo-

Cybot is a great support summon if you already have a few Microbots around the map or want to build rails without a chunk of your own AP for a few turns. After a rail system is built it can teleport a great distance to repair distant Microbots, then on its next turn switch places with your Foggernaut. All you need to make a Cybot is a Microbot (which can cost a mere 2AP when the Microbot specialty is at lv9) and 1AP to summon the Cybot on the Microbot (1AP at max rank), adding up to only 3AP and 1 control for the Microbot. For those minor investments you get a summon that has almost a third of your health for taking hits, expanding your rails, moving you to safety away from enemies, or moving you into the fray to unleash Shebangs onto an unsuspecting crowd.

Cybot has no damage dealing abilities of its own. Its utility and survival depend on being able to work outside of enemy attention if you want to easily use everything the machine has to offer. If you have plenty of control to spare it can be used to lay down rails far away so your Foggernaut can create Microbots in a different direction.

If you use Cybot to teleport you out of a crowd of enemies so you can use fire spells so you can unleash Fire Throwers and Steampalms, your Cybot will probably be in the area of effect for your attack. Its sacrifice will not be in vain when you deal tons of damage to many enemies as resummoning the Cybot can be done during your next turn if you need it desperately.

  • costs 1WP
  • 0 range
  • +1 max range for fire spells
  • -2 max range for earth spells
  • stasis spells cost 1AP less to cast (max 5)
  • the user loses health for each stasis spell cast
  • can no longer place blockades
  • can no longer use a weapon
  • must be cast at the start of your turn
  • when used two turns in a row, consumes all remaining WP
  • one use per turn
  • lv0:
    • +0.15% water damage bonus transformed into earth damage bonus
    • 10% 'chance' of Cooling being converted into Overheating
  • lv9:
    • +1.5% water damage bonus transformed into earth damage bonus
    • 100% 'chance' of Cooling being converted into Overheating

This is our burst attack specialty: it converts some of your water damage bonus (which you have no use for anyway) into bonus earth damage, increases the range of fire spells with modifiable range (meaning no bonus range for Steampalm or Flame Fervor), and reignites Cooling for the Overheating damage bonus.

This specialty is more geared for stasis and fire than earth. Since our most powerful earth spell for attacking costs WP, using Fogginator would take away Shebangs that could have been. When you eventually have 12AP and can double shebang per turn, would you rather have three turns of double Shebanging or two turns of double Shebanging with a damage bonus? Sure you would deal more burst damage, but that third turn can count for more than the two turns of buffed earth damage. If Shebang is not part of your build, maybe you use Bombardment for damage instead, you would have nothing using WP so this would be a great specialty.

The whole 'probability to convert Cooling into Overheating' is wrong. The conversion percentage applies to how many levels of Overheating you get from how many levels of Cooling you had: if you have lv100 Cooling and you have lv0 Fogginator, you only get lv10 Overheating.

Overall this is a decent specialty to say the least but only when enough points are spent on it to make the water to earth transformation noticeable and when the Cooling conversion rate is higher. In earlier levels you can use it to buff Shebang so you can use up your WP before the battle ends. For fire it gives everything but Steampalm and Flame Fervor more range, but if you only have one of the other three fire spells in your build it might not be worth the specialty points to rank. This specialty would be more useful to builds with three fire spells and two earth spells or if you use fire spells frequently. If you prefer playing supportively (placing blockades, protecting allies, making rails) there are many other specialties to rank first.

Stasis Flux
  • may not be used while in the Fogginator state
  • must be used on an ally or yourself
    • if used on yourself:
    • Stasis Flux Aura: a percentage of damage dealt to allies within a 2 space radius around yourself is redirected to you
  • if used on an ally:
    • consumes 1WP from the Foggernaut
    • Stasis Flux: a percentage of damage dealt to the targeted ally is redirected to the Foggernaut
  • lv0:
    • costs 6AP
    • 0-1 range
    • Stasis Flux Aura and Stasis Flux redirects 10% of damage to the Foggernaut
  • lv9:
    • costs 2AP
    • 0-6 range
    • Stasis Flux Aura and Stasis Flux redirects 100% of damage to the Foggernaut

This is our tanking active specialty. Using it on yourself redirects damage taken by allies within a radius around you but using it on an ally will only redirect damage taken by a specific ally. It may seem wasteful to waste WP by using this spell on a single ally, but will protect from a distance whereas using Stasis Flux on yourself only protects very close allies.

One of the easiest ways to use this spell is standing near ranged attacker and supporter allies: healers, Cra-like classes, and buffers who hang out behind the Iops and Sacriers directly confronting enemies in melee range. You could also make a couple Microbots and blockades to help out even more with the rest of your points for the turn.

This spell is hardly worth using unless you rank it up. Unlike Fogginator which can be used for +1 range for fire spells at any level, this specialty is only worth the cost and effects after leveling it up to make the effects meaningful. By taking damage for allies you would also need some extra max health and defense to stay alive. Remember that you can also create blockades to defend allies, more on that in a moment.
Passive Specialties

Armor Plating
  • +1.5 lock per level
  • +2% resistance while afflicted with Cooling per level
  • -1% resistance while afflicted with Overheating per level
  • +0.5 lock per level per AP spent on earth spells
  • blockades absorb 2.5% of damage dealt to your allies while they are adjacent to the blockade per level

This is the primary earth passive. Since our earth branch is viable in melee range, this passive provides a lot of lock: a passive bonus and a bonus for using AP on earth spells. The resist penalty/bonus from the fire damage bonus/penalty state is more noticeable in lower levels.

In lower levels most enemies lack high dodge rates but in higher levels this passive makes a huge difference. You can still use it at any level range but I would recommend this as your second or third specialty to rank regardless of whether you want to be primarily fire or earth.

  • +1 dodge per level
  • +0.5 Microbot charges per level
  • +0.1 control per level
  • +0.1 max rail length per level

This passive is for rails: more rails (control), longer rails, longer lasting rails, and some dodge to slip by enemies hanging around at the edge of rails. Rank this either alongside or after Microbot if you want to use Microbots for more than summoning Cybot or going Motherfogger.

If you plan on playing supportively early on this is a great passive for making rails. You have to rank Microbot before you start ranking this or you will spend all the AP you have per turn on making a couple Microbots.

Critical Turbo
  • if WP is used, you gain the following for the next turn:
    • +1 crit per level
    • +2.5 dodge per level
    • +1.5 lock per level
  • up to one application per turn

The large chunk of critical hits may seem appealing, but remember that this passive relies on you using WP in the previous turn. That means you have to use Shebang, Fogginator, or Stasis Flux on a single target once to get these bonuses for your next turn.

If you proc this passive with Shebang you are probably still standing in the fray of several enemies. By gaining crits next turn you might deal more damage, but unless you already have a decent crit rate the +20% boost may not be enough. At least the lock bonus can help keep enemies next to you.

If you proc this passive with Fogginator to convert Cooling back into Overheating, when you get the crits next turn your Overheating will turn into Cooling again. With the boosted crit rate you might get more levels of High Pressure to have an even bigger fire damage bonus.

If you proc this passive with Stasis Flux you can use the crit chance to possibly create blockades with more HP since critically casting spells which create blockades also causes the base health of blockades to increase.

Keep in mind that critical hits are only a probability for better effects, not a guarantee. There are plenty of more practical specialties to rank before this one with far more reliable effects. If you have Bombardment or Flambe in your build this passive would be more useful but otherwise you can skip it.

Stasis Shield
  • +1% max HP per level
  • +0.4% max HP per ally per level
  • the Foggernaut suffers 0.35% damage dealt to allies per level

This passive gives the same potential health boost as Sacrier can get, but instead of losing health when allies die you lose health when allies are damaged. The damage you take from this spell is not redirected from allies. Damaged allies take the full hit, then you take some extra damage because they were hit. This gives enemies an advantage when using area of effect attacks to damage many of your allies at once, even if you are not in the area of effect.

If you plan on building primarily for earth this passive will be ranked earlier, though primarily fire built characters will rank it anyway for this guide. What more can I say about a spell that can give up to +60% max health?

Fire and Oil
  • +0.1 max range for fire spells (with modifiable range) per level
  • if a fire spell damages a target over 5 spaces away: +0.2lv High Pressure per AP spent per level

This is the primary fire specialty. More range for fire spells (except Steampalm and Flame Fervor) and bonus levels of High Pressure from attacking distant enemies. The bonus levels of High Pressure applies based on AP spent and per target damaged, so use area of effect spells on crowds to reap tons of High Pressure at once.

I highly recommend this specialty to be ranked first or second regardless of which element you primarily use. As you level up this spell will give you as much levels of High Pressure as the fire spells themselves, especially if you hit crowds with area of effect spells like Steampalm and Fire Thrower.

Build Ideas

There are a lot of different builds that could be made with an earth-fire Foggernaut, but for this guide we will be exploring two basic builds: area of effect and single target. The area of effect build specializes in attacking in areas of effect and independent strategy (not relying on others to do things for the most part) while the 'single target' build focuses on fewer targets and smaller sections of the battle so your team can coordinate more easily. Basically the AoE build is more for soloing or for someone calling the shots for your team while the single target build can be easily fit into a group strategy.

Recommended spells for the 'AoE build':
  • Shebang
  • either Pummel or Bombardment
  • Flamethrower
  • Steampalm
Recommended spells for the 'single target build':
  • Bombardment
  • either Pummel or Stomp
  • Flambe
  • Blazing Fire
Specialty spells will be similar between the two builds, though how you eventually get there may vary. Between these two builds there will only be a couple different specialties leveled.

Level Progression

Normally I would link some loadouts but to retain what little sanity I pretend to have I will instead link this and mention the names of items throughout this part of the guide for you to look up on your own.

Levels 1-10

The first thing you want to do as soon as you have all your earth and fire spells unlocked is decide what you want to use for the next couple hours or so while you only have 6AP and 3MP. Here is a list of simple spell rotations you can use right now:
  • Shebang + Stomp
  • Bombardment + Bombardment + Stomp
  • Flambe + Flambe + move away from the enemy to avoid being locked
  • Flamethrower + see above
  • Flambe + Blazing Fire + see above
  • Steampalm + Stomp because the enemy is probably far enough away to not worry about getting locked

For this level range I recommend sticking to one element for a little while to level yourself up a bit. Feel free to use the spells you want for your build (three in one element, two in the other for all five at max level) but remember you will get a free respec at lv10 and another at lv30. Screw around all you want for now.

For characteristic points earned as you level I recommend getting intelligence and strength for now. You can reallocate these points in the near future so you may as well improve your damage a bit.

Equipment can be ignored for this phase if you incinerate and/or decimate your way through it very quickly, but for the slow and steady types feel free to pick up either a red or green Piwi set (red for fire, green for earth; go with your current preferred element) and Googoo set (same idea; you could get the same element for both sets or have one set for either element). The sets fill up your equipment slots nicely when paired together for plenty of damage, health, and initiative for your level.

Enemies at your level should be easy enough to level off of without any allies. Since you are probably rolling around Astrub right now you may as well do the quest with an orange quest icon for some easy experience for walking around and fighting the same plant four times. You even get a free friend from this quest, the Astrub Knight sidekick, which you can use to hold enemy attention while you bombard enemies from a safe distance. When this questline eventually asks you to get on a boat I recommend holding off on that offer until the next level phase since enemies are more difficult at Zinit than in Astrub. Just slaughter some birds for an hour, you get disgusting feathered gore to dress yourself with.

Area of Effect
I recommend either using Shebang or Flamethrower throughout this phase. There are usually mob groups with two or three enemies just begging to be collectively smashed on their noggins with hammers or melted like an ice cream sundae shoved down the pants of an unsuspecting bystander.

Start ranking Fire and Oil to make area of effect fire spells give more levels of High Pressure at a distance and some extra range.

Single Target
You can still fight groups with multiple enemies, but you will deal more damage per target to take enemies down one at a time. Bombardment and Flambe are great for your current capabilities and can be used at a generous distance. And by 'generous' I mean hit and run as if the creatures you hunt have some sort of contagious disease which can somehow be spread to robots.

Start ranking Armor Plating for some resistance and lock. Gaining lock per AP spent can help you keep a target stuck in place while the rest of your team handles other enemies; unless you only have Astrub Knight with you, or if you have no one the resistance helps you stay alive throughout the fight.

Levels 11-20

At lv10 you got a free respec. If your spells are well leveled you can ignore it, but if you stuck to one element you should go pick up the spell experience so you can start your build properly.

By this phase you should pick a nation to call home. I recommend either Amakna or Brakmar for the damage bonuses when clan members are satisfied: Amakna can give +30% earth damage and +15% fire damage while Brakmar can give +30% fire damage and +15% earth damage. Mobs in Amakna tend to run up to your face making earth spells easier to use while mobs in Brakmar tend to keep a distance making fire spells easier to use.

After picking a nation and getting some citizenship points to earn clan member bonuses, clearing the first chapter of Zinit will be easy.

Get the Gobball set. Fire damage, earth damage, health, lock, initiative, and being the fluffiest robot around. Oh, and 1AP. Remember how you only had 6AP? Well now you can have 7. Want to know what you can do with that? Then get off your buttocks and find out for yourself you lazy-

  • Bombardment + Pummel
  • Steampalm + Blazing Fire
  • Blazing Fire + Blazing Fire + Flambe
Alternatively if you like having 6AP and high damage bonuses you can use Roast Larval or Muddy Larval sets with remaining equipment slots occupied with filler items.

Area of effect
Remember how you used to level by slaughtering little birds, cats, and other strange creatures you might accidentally step on if you walked around casually? Well now that your Foggernaut is aligned with a nation you can start running dungeons! Want to know why dungeons are so great? Picture this: Fire Thrower, Shebang, and a crowd of five to eight mobs just standing there bunched together. Piwi, Gobball, and Tofu dungeons in whatever nation you choose. Larva dungeon back in the Astrub sewers. Enjoy.

You should have Fire and Oil maxed by the end of this phase for even more pyromania. If you have teammates try not to burn them. I mean it. Healers already have it tough enough at such a low level, cut them some slack.

Single target
Unlike the genocidal maniacs obsessing over Shebang and Fire Thrower, you can enjoy the simpler things: challenges, being good to work with in dungeons instead of destroying everything in a blaze of insanity, and wearing a monocle just to make others feel inferior. You can still do any dungeons the area of effect build can do but can complete the dungeon far quicker and cleaner with a team.

By the end of this phase you should have Armor Plating maxed. Now you can use your blockades to absorb damage taken by allies by placing a blockade adjacent to them. You can also focus your attacks on single targets harassing your friends.

Levels 21-30

Now that you have your first passive specialty completed start ranking the other: if you have Armor Plating maxed start Fire and Oil, if you have Fire and Oil maxed start Armor Plating. For this hybrid character build you will need both passive specialties as they are both key to their respective elements.

During this phase you can get away with using the same set as the previous phase. The only worthwhile set during this phase is Zinit Stalagmote for fire damage since everything else is very similar to sets from the previous phase, except you would already have those items, and conveniently you can get Zinit Stalagmote equipment from the second chapter of Zinit which you can start at lv25.

Completing the second chapter of Zinit quests gives you experience, the Explorer set (general damage, prospecting; pretty good for filling unoccupied slots), a fire dagger, and a shield. Unlike the first chapter of Zinit, the second chapter is too difficult to do by yourself (at least for this level). Work together with other players around this level who also want to complete the quests.

By the end of this phase (lv30) you will get another respec. When you get to lv30 quickly get to lv31 so you have enough characteristic points to get 1AP. In the next phase sets that give 1AP other than Gobball will start being common, meaning you will be able to have 8AP. More on that after these messages.

Area of effect
Not much has changed since the last phase. You hit harder. Armor Plating will start giving some resists and lock for when you use Shebang while surrounded by enemies. You can level in the same areas using the same spells.

Single target
Now that Fire and Oil is starting to become part of your build keeping your distance is more viable for sniping enemies with Flambe. If you stick to teammates you can use Stomp to create a blockade to block enemy line of sight to shoot things at them. You can also pick off enemy supporters by focusing your attacks while the rest of your team go about their business.

Levels 31-40

By the end of this stage you should have both Armor Plating and Fire and Oil at max rank. These passives will benefit you for the rest of your stasis-snorting, hammer-swinging, fire-spewing existence.

Finally after far too long your outdated Gobball set can be updated to something around your level.

Royal Gobball. This set is only obtained from the boss fight of the Gobball dungeon which you have probably been doing for the past twenty levels. It gives 1AP so you can have 8AP, earth damage, water damage, lock, health, and being even fluffier. By using this set you would lose a little fire damage but you would still have a few equipment slots for fire items. With 8AP you can double Pummel.

Alternatively to that delicious +1AP you could get Royal Tofu for 1MP, fire damage, dodge, 1 control, and being fluffier with feathers instead of wool. Having 7AP instead of 8AP seems more comfortable for fire (Steampalm + Blazing Fire, Flambe x2 + Blazing Fire) but you would be able to do Flamethrower + Blazing Fire. The second biggest area of effect with the smallest area of effect.

Use Zinit Stalagmote items to fill empty slots. You can also use items from the other set (parts of R.Tofu while using the whole R.Gobball set and vice versa) to fill empty slots.

A couple dungeons come into interest with this phase: Scara in Brakmar and Plant in Amakna. If you happen to pick up Golden Scara items in the former or Carnivore items in the latter be sure to hold onto them for the next stage.

Area of effect
If it was not obvious by now, you are amazing at dungeons as long as your friends stay out of the way. Be sure your teammates know where your next Steampalm or Fire Thrower is going to hit during their turns so they can keep out of the way. If most of your teammates are medium to long range builds everything becomes easier, but when that one Iop jumps in the middle of the fray they might deserve it.

Single target
Pick a target and stick to them: barraging enemy support/healers with fire spells, walling off your own support/healers, and minding what the rest of your team is doing so as to not place a blockade in their way. Enemies are already trying to inhibit what your team is able to do, why should you make it worse? While on the offense you can snipe vulnerable enemies with Flambe and Blazing Fire. While on defense you can create blockades to protect vulnerable allies and tank.

Levels 41-50

At the start of this phase you should have both Armor Plating and Fire and Oil at max rank so you can finally start something new with specialties. If you ranked something other than either of these passives you may find combat more difficult as you would be missing huge boosts of lock (Armor Plating) and/or extra levels of High Pressure (Fire and Oil). If you have one of these passives and started a different specialty with the rest of your points, start whichever of these two key passives you missed now since they will become very important starting in the near future.

If you happen to have the Royal Gobball or Royal Tofu set from the previous stage you can continue using it if you still primarily use one element. Carnivore, Golden Scara, and Imperial Shin Larva are also great sets which give +1AP. Carnivore is like Royal Gobball but with more lock, health, defense, and initiative but gives less earth damage. Golden Scara gives more health, defense, dodge, initiative, and 1AP. Both Carnivore and Golden Scara leave your boots slot available to use Polnuds which also give fire damage. If you want both fire and earth bonuses for your equipment you can try to get Imperial Shin Larva which gives a whole bunch of damage, resists, health, spell levels, and lock but removes initiative and occupies the boots slot without giving +1MP.

If you happen to be running Plant or Scara dungeon during this phase you can pick up their respective sets while leveling up. You can also do Cloudy Tofu or Cloudy Gobball using keys you may have picked up in previous phases and happened to hold onto.

Area of effect
You want to focus on attack, right? How about having a huge health boost so you can stay in the fray without having to run and hide behind a healer? Start ranking Stasis Shield. Your total health will start to get higher and higher in the coming phases.

Single target
Combat maps can be big. Running across a map to reach that one fleeing enemy just to have it turn around and run past you again is obnoxious. If your teammates get separated and enemies start picking them off one by one it can be difficult to get the band back together before everyone dies physically and/or mentally. What if you could create a railway to slide around where you were several turns ago? Start ranking Microbot to be able to lay down rails with leftover AP instead of using Flambe or Blazing Fire an extra time.

Levels 51-60


Levels 61-70


Levels 71-80


Levels 81+


Extra Strategies


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For your level putting together a loadout for both air and earth will be difficult. Chances are you will have equipment for one element and rely on your elemental mastery for the other. Imperial Larva at lv40 is good for hybrid characters but can be costly for what you can afford at the moment and difficult to get from running the dungeon yourself.

There are filler items you can use to occupy equipment slots unoccupied by an AP set until you eventually get to lv65 for the Ancestral Treechnid set like Pandawan and Explorer but to keep that eighth AP you would have to use Gobball, then Royal Gobball (earth and water set), then if you can manage to get it Imperial Larva or Royal Blibli for lock and air. After that you get to wait until lv65 for the next air-earth or decent general damage set with Ancestral Treechnid, then Ratical, then Whispered. After that you get to use AP cloaks instead of relying on sets with a cape for an AP and can use whatever items you want.

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At lv30 you get the "Restate of Emergency" quest, which allows you to talk to the Jonk of your nation and reallocate your elemental spell experience and specialty spell points. You can take all the spell experience and support spell points and put them wherever you want, since you naturally leveled elemental spells with use and may have chosen support spells which are less helpful than what you could be using at the moment.

Basically imagine all your elemental spell experience as water being dripped into buckets, each bucket being an elemental spell. Usually new players want to try all the different spells so the water gets dispersed all over the place. With the respec quest you dump all the water from all your buckets into a really big bucket, then you choose where to pour the water back into the buckets as you please.

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posté March 25, 2014, 23:50:01 | #17
So far it looks like your build is an air-earth hybrid, which is what most Iops seem to do. Both the earth and air branches for Iop offer single target damage. The earth branch can utilize Rocknoceros and Impact for range (Rocknoceros is usually more useful than Impact) as well as damage in areas of effect with Impact and Devastate. The air branch has low costing spells to use up leftover points.

How you play your Iop is up to you. Earth and air are usually more recommended than fire for Iop because most of its spell areas of effect can harm your fellow close combat allies. Earth has the ability to inflict Stunned and can be boosted by consuming your Power state (gained through Authority passive), but losing +100% damage (all elements) for a +50% chance to stun the next time you use Rocknoceros or Charge might not be as helpful as using that +100% damage to simply kill things. In higher levels being able to force an enemy to skip its turn is great but your character does not need to be built for earth to use this ability.

As for your build based on your current level and spells, you may want to drop Impact and start ranking Rocknocerous. Shaker and Devastate are both great earth spells. For your air spells Jabs and Gust are great, but Uppercut may eventually get in the way of using Increase to stun things in later levels. You can keep using it for now if you want. You could reallocate the spell experience on Uppercut to Jabs and Gust to hit harder with spells you will definitely be using. Virility at low levels gives a tiny bonus to your max health. +20% of 292 is only 350, only 58 health, but if you had Compulsion you would gain +40% damage to all elements passively or with Authority you could accumulate +100% damage just for hitting things. At your level range +100% damage is a lot more than +58 health.

If you want to continue your air-earth build read this for a lot of great information. If you want to try fire read this. Both of these guides have information on active support spells, passive support spells, and the relevant elemental spells.

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I was planning on posting a fire-earth Foggernaut guide some time this upcoming week I had been working on for a while, but I keep telling myself this every week and immediately realize how long it took to post my first guide. Now that someone is asking for help with the same build I have a lot more incentive to do it, so hopefully I will get off my lazy buttocks to sit back down on my lazy buttocks and get that done.

Until that happens I can still answer your questions:

If you want to have three spells in both branches, one spell in each branch will be about two-thirds the level of the other four spells. For earth spells this means less damage and less base health for blockades (except Shebang, which is definitely something you want to be high leveled if you want it in your build) with earth spells. For fire spells this means less damage and High Pressure built up. For fire spells you might be able to get away with it for spells like Blazing Fire or Flambe, low costs to use up leftover points, but for earth you would be gimping your own damage and/or blockade health.

Fogginator and Fire and Oil are both great for fire. If you have at least two fire spells in your build (excluding Flame Fervor, not that many people level it) you definitely want Fire and Oil. Fogginator seems more useful to fire than earth most of the time as far as I know, since +range and holding your Overheating for an extra turn are all we could ask for. Except for being able to summon a giant furnace that gives you infinite levels of High Pressure. For earth you lose range and transform your water damage bonus into earth, which can be great while next to an enemy, but you lose the ability to create blockades and the range to place blockades at useful positions.

Microbot you can technically use for yourself with Cybot (switches places with you, places a Microbot during its turn so you can make three of them per turn total, can be used to distract enemies) but Groove is definitely just for rail building. Rails are a whole other story to explain but you have the right idea.

Armor Plating is great for earth if you want lock (+lock passively, +lock per AP spent using earth spells) but I never thought to use it with Motherfogger. You could use Rock Thrower instead of Pummel for a slightly stronger blockade with more range, but to keep making them you would have to stay in turret mode and not be able to use your fire spells to damage. I guess if you want to make blockades with a spell like Pummel with more range and you can consistently set up enough rails to have a decent track built for sliding around and spitting blockades out it can be done.

I recently started trying out Stasis Flux and it seems easier to use if you hang out with your team while either making blockades to interrupt enemy line of sight or shoot things with fire spells; but if you do neither of those you would be spending WP on protecting a couple allies which could be used for Shebang, Fogginator, or Flame Fervor (not that you should be using this a lot). If you like to get knees-deep in enemies to Shebang their buttocks off you would probably be too far away to be tanking for your team directly (since the enemies surrounding you would probably hit you instead of your allies several spaces away and far less convenient to reach), but if you like to hang back with the Cras and Eniripsas you want Stasis Flux.

If you had 12AP to double Shebang would you rather have +150% earth damage for two turns (by the time you have 12AP you have at least +300% earth damage already), or be able to double Shebang three turns? You might be able to burst damage a crowd if you Fogginator and Shebang at the same time but that third turn can count for a lot more.

I would say it depends on how the rest of your points are allocated and what spells you use. If you have both Shebang and Fogginator chances are that +20 crit and weird combination of dodge and lock are going to happen. If you only have Shebang you could have a couple turns of constant Shebanging all night long with a cup of crits to keep you energized. If you only have Fogginator you could alternate between buffed earth spells (though you would probably use Shebang in this situation over other earth spells) and having more crits for either possible crit hits or crit blockades, or for fire use those crits while you have Overheating for a chance at more damage.

Honorable mention to Fire-Breather, the fire spell available while in turret mode, offering a single-targeting attack to contrast from the entire fire branch if there happens to only be one target and you happen to have Motherfogger maxed out and a Microbot nearby.

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Ticket #1037803
Issue: Account, "You have been permanently banned from the game Wakfu."

Click here

Also, the bug isn't multimen related. It happens when the item trade bugs and there's a "phantom of the item" on your inventory... then you just wait until the server kicks you out on a maintenance and boom, dupped items.

This might be why many of us got banned. The whole "exchange an item and it still appears in your inventory" bug has happened every once in a while to me for a while, but whenever I notice it all it takes is logging out and back in to fix it. There might have been something exchanged that no one would normally notice like cheap materials, but after the exchange (trading it to someone else, putting it in the bank) the 'ghost' item was still hanging around. I use my guild bank to clear junk from my character inventory all the time but I forget if I did any exchanges before logging out for the most recent maintenance.

Thank you, my account has been unbanned and I can now log into the game with it. Hopefully many others have also gotten their accounts back as well. Now I need to close my ticket to let others get their turn.

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In this thread they say the recent duping involved sidekicks. I was using sidekicks to run dungeons yesterday. Was anyone else doing the same? Maybe they looked for people to ban based on whether they used sidekicks and happened to get good drops.

In my case I was running the Hoodlum dungeon yesterday and did about four runs in total, all four runs using sidekicks to fill empty party slots. First two runs got nothing good. Third run got a Masqueraider Emblem from the boss. Fourth run got another one. Maybe someone was sitting in the office smoking a cigarette, scrolling through lists of players who used sidekicks and items they recently obtained and saw I got two of an item with only 1% drop chance, so I (and others who had a similar situation) were stamped for cheating without further investigation.

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