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posté Today - 16:40:12 | #1
All of the tentative changes are good I suppose, and I guess Srams and Enutrofs get to have their fancy new spells first, but I cannot just fathom why you want to move the zaap away from the Almanax temple again, when it's perfectly fine there. I thought the massive feedback last time was to have it right next to the temple. More space for bags? I doubt so, you could just make the cliff bigger, or the stairs wider. Force people to see the bags put down on their way down and up? People will be too busy yapping and being in PvP duels to notice unless they're explicitly looking to buy or sell. Seems like inconvenience for inconvenience's sake.

Allow me to remind you there are games that even do away with the idea you need to teleport from a particular location at all, and they let you do so freely to checkpoints across the map for a small fee, if so you choose, while leaving "zaaps" available for free transportation between larger distances and for zones you've never been in before. It's a game with strife between societies in its name, on its second iteration.

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posté April 22, 2014, 05:03:18 | #2
Oh, that's just perfect, just to add insult to the injury. With it being the only costume from the bunch I'd have remotely want to obtain, good going Ankama.

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posté April 21, 2014, 02:00:59 | #3
I see the other post about this in General Discussion got hidden/deleted.

Poor form, Ankama. Just respond to the criticism already.

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posté April 20, 2014, 23:00:39 | #4
I can understand they are understaffed, especially in other communities other than their native France. But the sort of things that have been transpiring as of lately are inexcusable, and I'm sure for many there are going to be the last straw when they've been looking for an excuse to take their business elsewhere. Are you just trying to milk as much as you can from an ailing product before it goes the way of the dodo? Or do you really want to realize all the mistakes you've done so far, truly and honestly work to fix them, and build a long-standing community glad to (economically) support you through thick and thin as other developers have?

Look at Ultima Online, for example- launched at 1997, and still going. Look at your own product, Dofus, released in 2004 (So it's been around for a whole decade!) and which has gone through a major revision and is still getting played by dozens of thousands of people around the world. Wakfu can be like any of those games, if Ankama so wanted.

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posté April 20, 2014, 18:02:37 | #5
I don't know... I'm not really defending PP locks, and especially NOT the bleeping absurd PP lock on relic fragments, but PP locks of 400 or even 600 aren't particularly hard to break nowadays since you can use sidekicks to fill up parties, and in exchange for no PP locks we're getting laughably low drop rates. Which means, yeah, eventually we can drop anything from the new zones, but it'll be just by sheer luck.  

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posté April 19, 2014, 21:37:24 | #6
If you'd like to try, forward the ticket number to Sabi if possible, it _might_ get some slightly faster treatment that way. And if it's not a private matter, make a post on the bugs subforum too, so they're well aware of it. Other than these two things, I don't know how you'd be able to get help any faster. :c

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posté April 18, 2014, 19:23:19 | #7
Please don't do this kind of crap. It doesn't encourage more purchases, all it does is look spiteful. Just make the costumes available normally. Now, if they were there in addition of being available separately, that'd be fine. It's not like you made Lumino and Shadow only avaliable for 6 month/1 year subs, think about it. It's a similar case.  

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posté April 18, 2014, 05:03:54 | #8
One thing is wanting change from the status quo and challenging it, that's fine, and I don't see anything wrong with that. By all means go ahead and try.

But another is supporting is someone who had repeatedly shown in the past a clear willingness to go on personal vendettas, extended harassment and racketeering, in order to support himself. Any "corroborating evidence" would be probably considered against the forum rules as well. I'm warning against that, just as other people have as well. Death is not fit to lead Brakmar, and this will soon show.

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posté April 15, 2014, 10:47:06 | #9
Not exactly the best artist around, but sure, guess there are a few things I'm not too ashamed to show :3

Here's a drawing I made for Madeline a while back
And my Ecaflip main being a creepy ghostof (Back when the Dark Hurl costume worked properly *wink wink nudge nudge plzplzfix ;3;* )
And a friend's Rogue, Cross Shot is best shot.

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posté April 11, 2014, 23:23:52 | #10
The only problem I find myself having with earth/water Sadida is needing to take a spell I don't care much for if I want to combo properly (Vaporize, that is) and I don't go 11 or 12 AP. But even without dolls, and even I'd say, especially without dolls, Sadida is one hell of a class.

Yes, you won't be dealing as much damage as other classes overall (Except in specific cases, then you WILL have the cake and eat it too, like stacking Tetatoxin on spammy enemies that can't help but to use tons of AP/MP per turn) but they're the Swiss Army knife of the World of Twelve.

My build more or less looks like... as a hybrid, you can max out 2.5 spells per branch. I have maxed out Drain and Mudoll for water; Wild Grass and Bramble for earth, leveled Manifold Bramble and Rust halfway through. AP/MP/Range and STR/CHA split for attributes, maxed out Lone Sadida, Tree, Voodoll, Doll and Knowledge of Dolls. After this and with a lower priority, I maxed out Dolly Sacrifice and I'm currently leveling Sic 'Em More for the rare occasion I see myself wanting to use dolls. You could maybe exchange Wild Grass for Fertilizer, but I don't like its line-only limitation, and Rust with Vaporize if you see yourself ending up with spare AP way too much and you aren't too impressed with Rust's damage.

With this build you can heal and place shields on yourself and allies for a considerable amount, drain MP with Bramble and Manifold Bramble, and deal moderate AoE damage with Manifold Bramble again and Rust.

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posté April 11, 2014, 17:49:45 | #11
Yeesh, I know as a community we've been begging you to finally make this costume available... but for 3 days only, and 2800 Ogrines? Way to milk it. :/ I'll probably still buy it, but you might want to reconsider things for future "offers" as it kinda feels like a low blow.

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posté March 31, 2014, 06:15:05 | #12

Quote (HateSpawn @ 31 March 2014 02:04) *
Viktor as hilarious as that'd be you're the only cat that can threaten people


this is the best bug I've ever seen in any game.



Anyway~ I don't think the bloody bug that is keeping us from connecting back on once we're inside a dungeon has to do with the anti-bot cat. If I were to bet (And anyone with a programming background can consider this), I'd think that Java's overzealous garbage collector and/or Ankama's sloppy coding once again conspired to make using their product a delightful pain in the ass. This is, of course, assuming they also internally use Java for their server, but not so big of an stretch, never bothered to inquiry about it:

Server keeps references of players and player instances, server runs out of memory; destroys the instance created for a player group, kicking out the player. Player tries to connect back, but they're trying to get in a place that no longer exists, therefore stuck in limbo until the server acknowledges this and finally lets them in. I'd dread to see how they handle exceptions like that.

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posté March 29, 2014, 22:12:10 | #13
Ticket #1044211

Issue: Lost pet on Sidekick, while attempting to recover the other pets. It worked (The other pets "reappeared") but the one in said sidekick was still gone.

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posté March 28, 2014, 05:54:48 | #14

Quote (MaedhrosLoss @ 28 March 2014 04:23) *
Sabi, please, inform the tech guys that the pets are dissapearing when you equip then on Multimen. Lots of reports on the right area already.

Just lost my pet right now (thankfully it was a gemlin pet, not a tofu or something).
That is thankfully a visual glitch, swap the "lost" pet with another (Low-value if you are really paranoid) one and it'll reappear. Still annoying and scared the crap out of me, so hope it gets fixed soon...

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posté March 24, 2014, 01:56:07 | #15
I've noticed this glitch not only with Saguaros, but also with Pampastucs and Catsupods as well x-x An alternative for when you are alone can be to just attack using the timeline icon, that way it'll go to the right place.

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posté March 21, 2014, 20:28:33 | #16
I'm sorry, but I'll have to agree with deadcafe here. There's already a mechanism similar to what you describe, ghostof versions of a mob in certain areas that only appear when the population is dangerously low, and that's what probably should happen in any area. They do drop seeds, but you still need the required Trapper level in order to use them.

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posté March 21, 2014, 15:40:18 | #17

Quote (Soundtrack8 @ 21 March 2014 15:34) *
also about the loot rolls,, I cant quite remember what it was,, but it was something like rather than doubling your rolls or drop rates -- it will allow for a reroll if the first roll fails (or a whole reroll if you drop absolutely nothing,, but that doesn't sound right). Still a very good buff when you consider bosses / fragments etc.
Dont think we ever got any info on if they work with multimen though :/

if you want to play free to play I'd head on over to wapac,,
Lots of people on p2p are very passionate to keep it

Yeah, I'm having issues with Wakfu Elements as well or else I'd have linked to it directly. But with this patch, they added breads of varying efficiency that seem to be meant for the boutique, along with pet food that can max out a pet in a single feeding. As for the premium double loot roll, here it is. Ikiakits may drop from sealed boxes.

EDIT: Oops, looks like they are available on the "official" encyclopedia already c:

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posté March 21, 2014, 15:28:19 | #18

Quote (Uiasdnmb @ 21 March 2014 15:18) *
It's easy to call out every other thing p2w and call Ankama"unable to handle f2p system", but you have to bear in mind there needs to be something attractive in the boutique - I've seen enough "I don't use politics and 15% exp is almost nothing so I can pay free" posts.
Remember it's a business, and Ankama has to reap profits.
Standard things done in other F2P games would be fine. Things like XP boosts, account services, scrolls of absolution and allegiance, vanity items (Which we already have) are all things that go well. Being able to max your pet with a single feeding or having twice the loot rolls as premium is pushing it.

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