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No Xelor avatar?
All the hate, Ankama!

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Bring the pains!  

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Correction: Meeting is 5PM PST Thursday the 17th, I will not be able to attend at an EST friendly time tomorrow.


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posté April 15, 2014, 06:15:36 | #4
[Brakmar - Nox] Hide and Slay Good afternoon Brakmar,

This Friday, April 18th, 2014, the current Brakmar regime will be hosting a twist on our favorite demonspawn game for all nations in the world to participate in, Hide and Seek. We lovingly call the Brakmar version of this game, Hide and Slay.

This game is relatively similar. Cabinet members of the Brakmar government will hide. You, the citizens are charged with finding us and more importantly, killing us.

Be warned! This may be an easy task, or it may not. Some members of cabinet will be alone, some may be together or have a contingent of loyal minions. It is recommended you team up to hunt and kill the government. There will be a prize for killing members of the government and this prize will not be completely split if you fight in a team. So there is benefit in being alone and benefit in being together.

100% each for 1
70% each for 2
65% each for 3
55% each for 4
45% each for 5
40% each for 6

So if a bounty was 20,000kama it would work like this.

20,000 for one person
14,000 each for 2 people (28,000 total)
13,000 each for 3 people (36,000 total)
11,000 each for 4 people (44,000 total)
9,000 each for 5 people (45,000 total)
8,000 each for 6 people (48,000 total)

The day of the event starting a shade will show up in the Brakmar HQ and give clues on the locations of various members of cabinet. This shade will also give you the bounty on the head of each member of the government.

There will be some rules on hiding to make it not impossible to find (or kill) an individual.

*Members of the government will not be able to hide in secret locations (Such as the meteor craters in Mourning Wood, or the impossible to enter location of the slap emote in Sidemote.
*Members of the government will not be able to hide in Haven Worlds, or locations that do not support battle.
*Members may not necessarily be visible.

To participate, you will register your team with the “Shade”, this person will be announced in the government message the day of the event, and will appear at Jonk prior to the events start. All teams will require a 5000 kama registration fee (per team) this will be put towards prizes along with a donation from government members.

Should you discover a member of the cabinet and find yourself in over your head there will be one last option available to you… you can team up with more powerful rivals to take the government down! This comes with a price as your earnings will be divided by the number of teams involved in the takedown.

(A team of 6 people comprised of 3 registered teams will receive one third the total prize, or 2700 kama each using the example above.)

The time will be announced in the near future. If you have any questions about this event please post them here or message me in game: Madd The Lost Soul

I hope to see all of you ruffnecks there, and may the worst demon win!


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Mispost Sorry, accidentally posted here instead of event forums.

Please see the Hide and Slay event in the event forums.


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Dear concerned fanboys,

Corroborating evidence is often a good way to make an argumentative point. I see no such thing in your complaints.

In contrast, I will argue that the plan for the first event of the term is being posted tonight, the nation has already had it's first meeting that anyone who has a job can attend in over a year (with an impressive turnout and a bang of a finish), and none of the paltry day to days have suffered as many of those who wish to nay-say have claimed.

I'd argue this is the best term we've had since the days when governments were still involved in trying to get the members of their nation active in the nation.


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I like Air mostly because I only like 3 of Fire's spells, that and I love crit hands that do like 1000+500 damage XD

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This is about [Brakmar] government. Feel free to talk to your local [Bonta] government about what you can and cannot do at 5th Bond.

For [Brakmar] related issues you can message me (ign: Madd The Lost Soul) or show up to the meeting at 5:00PM Pacific Standard Time.

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Quote (OM3GA-Z3R0 @ 12 April 2014 11:34) *

Quote (saphiLC2 @ 12 April 2014 06:08) *

Quote (Taku- @ 12 April 2014 05:30) *
As long as the one getting all the buffs is named Captain Planet, I'm all for it.
we need "heart" element


With your powers combined I am Captain WAKFU!
Captain Wakfu, he's a hero, gonna take Ankama down to zero...

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posté April 12, 2014, 14:12:13 | #10
Madd The Lost Soul
Level: 138
Nation: Brakmar
Class: Xelor
Build: Balls out damage. (Fire/Air)
Server: Nox

Always down to run shit when I'm not busy.

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posté April 12, 2014, 14:10:03 | #11

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 12 April 2014 00:17) *
Maybe a certain someone named Sabi could do it
That would imply Ankama actually ever gave her any information on anything to even disseminate. Lol

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I honestly don't like MP in Crit builds until fairly late game, it makes it far to hard to max crit until an absurdly high level, which is why my initial build order tells him to skip MP and then reassess if he wants it in the later levels when he has the points to support core build and MP.

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posté April 12, 2014, 11:53:41 | #13
[Brakmar] First Meeting Of Term 4/10 to 4/24 2014 [Brakmar] First Meeting Of Term 4/10 to 4/24 2014

Greetings fellow Brakmarians,

In the great days of Brakmar past, regular meetings occurred where the citizenry of Brakmar were invited to gather together to speak of the great nations future plans.

Today, that ancient tradition is resumed. Tomorrow, 4/12/2014 at 5PM Pacific Standard Time (8PM Eastern Standard Time), Brakmar will again meet. In the name of reviving the once great nations arts, we will meet at the Brakmar Outpost Jonk.


Section 1:
Foreign Policy, as part of the new regime all nation politics have been set to neutral. We ask that those who desire different political stances state their reasoning for wishing so. Those who desire a warring state are also requested to validate their reasoning. At this time we will also discuss Brakmar’s intentions for Island ownership.

Section 2:
Remaining Cabinet Positions will be discussed. Recommendations will be taken into consideration.

Section 3:
Law modifications. Modifications have been made, feedback on these will be discussed in cabinet and taken into consideration.

Section 4:
Questions and Concerns. Questions and concerns will be taken, and responded to as best as possible. There is no guarantee of direct response as there is no way to verify attendance and questions per attendee at any given moment. Derogatory questions towards the nation of Brakmar or intentionally disruptive or inappropriate questions will not be answered.

Section 5:
Best meeting times will be discussed and next meeting date tentatively set (Subject to Change). Desired future topics of discussion will also be discussed.

Hope to see you all there. Friend and foe alike,

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posté April 12, 2014, 05:29:37 | #14
I have no interest in arguing with Mini or his supporters and while I realize your post is gone, Hate, this is directed to you. To question my dedication to anything I set my mind to is quite offensive. I have done more than half of the work to max The Borg, not once, but twice and you are well aware of this. I am well known for my borderline obsessive dedication to the perfection of things I touch and have always had that intention for Brakmar, which I refuse to leave even in the name of personal strength or for any other reason.

With that said, to everyone else I would simply like to say, a coup d'etat was successfully executed. You may be as disgruntled about it as you would like, but the old guard was decadent and lazy, with a severe sense of entitled to something just because they already had it. Let this be a lesson, nothing belongs to you because you think it does. If you maneuver yourself against people, they will act, and you may find your own hubris to be your downfall.

I am very interested in bringing new ideas and new blood to the stale government, with an emphasis on basic functions, such as actual weather management (You know how awesome it was not being able to grow any plant I wanted without waiting for 3 hours for the entirety of winter? It wasn't.) and I am interested in applications of those who are like-minded who previously felt they wouldn't have had a chance to do so.

I do have a job and a life outside of Wakfu, but will try to be available as much as possible for government concerns the people may have. If your desire is to be disgruntled, please leave it on the forums, I will simply block and ignore entities that choose to engage in pointless slander that does not benefit Brakmar.

I will attempt to plan a Brakmar meeting this weekend for those who wish to voice their legitimate concerns about the nation.


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posté April 11, 2014, 20:48:06 | #15
RMAH is one of the main factors that made D3 a steaming pile. It has no place in any video game that doesn't label itself pay to win and I am vehemently against it.

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posté April 11, 2014, 10:31:14 | #16
I just changed my second Xelor from pure air to Air/Water recently. Trust me, you'll thank yourself later, but it's going to suck until you have gear.

My advice, AP first, skip MP, Crit (Necessary for water builds, but as much for air builds, making it necessary for hybrids), Range is optional, if you have points left over in the higher levels you can go for range, mp or chance/agi, play around with respecs and see what you like.

Gear wise, You'll have to suck it up with some sub-par sets before the Black Widow (70s) after that you can go to Black Crow (105?), Hushed (117), Black Wabbit, Gwand Viziew, Various All Damage gear (Weapons especially this will be useful because they have crit) and eventually the new Sugnuf Gear, which is great.

12 AP is great for any char, but 10AP with Devotion is both more realistic and more functional in the early levels.

I would recommend taking 5 Spells, 2 in one branch, 3 in the other and just leveling the others up on the side for damage (You can usually max 2 in each branch and have a third near max while maintaining a good damage spread).

I took Frostbite, Sandglass, Sinistro in water and Temporal Stasis, Punishment in Air. There's a logic why I didn't take other spells which are still absolutely useful (Underhand, Aging, basically) but it's up to you what you like the most.

I recommend maxing Dial first (It makes the game playable in the early stages, then Temporal Prism, Devotion, Rollback and Timekeeper or Master of Time, you can also max Mummy for good team support. I did this as well. For your final not fully leveled ability, the world is open to you, I'm probably going to take Time Theft, even though I don't think it's that great, because I can't see myself using Desynch that isn't max level or Temporal Waves as much.

Hope that helps,

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posté April 08, 2014, 08:26:36 | #17
Might as well rename "Jade Dynast" costume to "Borg Costume". If that's easily obtainable in-game I may have to gear the entire guild in them, lol.


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posté April 08, 2014, 08:22:49 | #18
Ankama has always focused too much on legacy player retention and not enough on new player retention. It's very hard to bring new people into this game because of that.

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posté April 02, 2014, 01:26:46 | #19

Quote (khackt @ 01 April 2014 23:42) *

Quote (Scrublife @ 01 April 2014 23:35) *
Can I see your stat point allocation please? You're wearing a Lv 157 cape at 123, that's pretty insane. Should I start speccing into Kit Skill at 100-120?
dont forget the +21 kit skill from ring, hat and amulet. 12-14 kit skill from stats for some crazy reason as well.
still, thats just 25 critical hits, which makes me wonder if that was worth it.
There's only one possible distribution for the gear he is wearing.

+10 from Amuleto
+10 from Whispering ring
+1 from Ponktius Helmet
+10 from stats (it caps at 10)
+2 from guild bonus
+1 from haven world bonus

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