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posté April 17, 2014, 22:01:50 | #1
I don't hangout in Bonta because it's boring to me, one reason you probably haven't PK'd me. I also have 6 accounts which I hardly use due to my real life priorities, so when I login I just sign on my main and stick at Almanax. I guess if I was in 5th and I got PK'd by you I would simply login my 6 and spank you, but I never go to Bonta so meh.

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posté April 16, 2014, 02:03:27 | #2

Quote (Moongrove89 @ 15 April 2014 21:08) *
To make my own assumptions, any person or guild that supports this governor is also in support of breaking Wakfus terms of service.

I will not be joining any meetings in protest of having this person in government.
Thank you for your concerns. I must add that your assumptions will blind you from others good intents, but alas we cannot please everyone. Now that you have all you had to say out in the public I hope you will allow us to move on with our duties as government. And as I have said before you are welcome to attend our weekly meetings at Brakmar HQ to voice any concerns. —Tulish 

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posté April 15, 2014, 17:39:51 | #3

Quote (Moongrove89 @ 15 April 2014 13:22) *
It is impossible for me to discuss my reasons as it would be against forum rules. Members of your guild should be ashamed of themselves for supporting this person.

Feel free to contact me in-game at any time.
It not an impossible task, as all you need to do is find a way to word your content in an applicable manner. Yet the constant barrage only seems to point those against the government as having a personal resent against the current gov with no adequate reasoning that relate to politics.

In addition it appears you simply repeated what the first author wrote making a case for either being the same person, or using another individuals account to make the same point. Feel free to stop by our next meeting—Tomorrow Wednesday April 5th—at Brakmar HQ and voice any concerns before the government and all the citizens who attend. As I have said before change is always difficult to accept, but it is time for a new government. And we as a Guild have no shame in being part of the current government as we are all collaborating for a better Brakmar.


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posté April 12, 2014, 02:12:17 | #4

Quote (Nox16 @ 11 April 2014 23:14) *
what i take offense to is your ideals about what brakmar is... when historically/ lore wise it isnt.
Am sure you do, but as I have said I like writing stories to entertain. Wakfu has a long interesting history/lore indeed, but I rather make my own stories. NOX as always I appreciate your comments—[/b][b]criticism is always a tool for growth. Many thanks.

Quote (TommyTrouble @ 11 April 2014 23:34) *
As a past Governor myself and an occasional member of Mini's cabinet, I can say that few people are prepared to work so tirelessly as Mini for the benefit of the Nation, it's prosperity, or it's peace.

I'l always worried when someone else comes in and we risk having shitty bonuses for 2 weeks.

I hope that doesn't happen here.
Your quite right Tommy, few people do care about a nations prosperity. Yet I am not King but I'd do anything for Brak, I have always been for Brak from the days of KeeKeema who was one of the best Gov's the game had ever had. I'll do my best to fix what I can, when I can. I am always open to PMs if an area ever needs fixing.

Quote (DJXsystem @ 12 April 2014 00:19) *
1. you are nothing but cheats and thieves and lairs. you are not "real" brakmar. you're illegitimate and everyone knows it.
2. yes I am the true king of brakmar. running for gov is equal to stealing from me
A true King does not demean any citizen, instead he wishes them the best and provides help when needed. A true King does not fill his heart with hate or envy, instead he stands proud knowing he accomplished much and stands with friend and foe alike—even in failure. If we should fail, we fail.

I do not know what else to tell you, for I cannot ridicule you as I am not one to taunt and demean anyone. If you are the true King then show it by standing proud of your accomplishments, whatever they may be, and show compassion instead of envy. Kindness is a greater weapon that spite or malice. By painting with harsh words you paint yourself with the same qualities you spite.


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posté April 11, 2014, 16:40:49 | #5
Hate: I don't think there is need for vulgar language in this post. I am someone that rather have a more constructive criticism than one that is plagued with vulgarity. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but the least we could do is keep the word usage clean.

Taku: I write stories to entertain. I sincerely apologize if my content seems lacking integrity. If anything I said was corrupt then I don't deserve to play this game, nor do deserve to write. I always write on issues that will cause activity on the forums. If you believe this is corrupt you should see this particular post "Petition For The Wicked" that caused quite a stir. I am all in for writing content that leads to activity—good or bad.


Am not one to judge but is no one else entitled to run for Government? Do we all need to step down and give the government to Mini? It's sad that everyone rages at a change in Government. Who are we to judge that the current government won't bother with the ecosystem balancing. If I am not mistaken when he was Gov for that past term he saw to it that the eco system was kept in balance. I saw to it myself as well to fix the ecosystem when I could have been doing something more productive, such as working on class projects, etc. It wasn't even my job to fix the eco system, yet I put some effort.

Once more all I ask is that everyone use constructive criticism when posting on my threads, I am one to rather see proper diction over vulgarities and insults. I appreciate everyone's response so far, each of your opinions matter.


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posté April 11, 2014, 11:20:18 | #6
BN5: A New Flame Burns There always comes a time when a new flame burns in the heart of Brakmar. Blessed be thy king, blessed be thy Brakmar. In the ages of fire when a small flame burnt bright, upon the broken shards that were the foundation of our great nation, a voice called out for us to be the bravest nation in history. It was not always a kind nation, it was not always a beautiful nation, but it was a place that every proud Brakmarian took refuge, and stood by its nation even at its worst and never feared to call it home.

Change is inevitable, for it is written in our history that a true Brakmarian will rise up against all odds and do their best to unite us all—even those who turn against us, even those that reject us. The fire in us burns bright, and together Brakmars flames are brighter than any other nation, and so today a new flame burns.

With a new King comes the time for new order, and for new citizens to take part in a change of Brakmar. As I stood amongst the new King I saw a few citizens unite, setting down their weapons ready to stand by change. And so today marks a new era for Brakmar, and new age for a better nation.

The King calls upon those who are willing to take part in his new cabinet, and calls out to those who are loyal to Brakmar. And together we can all add to that flame that we call home. Blessed be they Brakmar.

Reporting for Brakmar News 5—Tulish 

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posté March 08, 2014, 21:26:48 | #7
X'em—My Pet & Friend I remember when I first met X’im (Prononced: Ish’em). She was curled up in a corner inside the dark confines of the Bow Meow Dungeon.

I paced towards her. She jumped at the sound of my footsteps, hissed at me, ready to fight me off. Yet I could not bring myself to fight her, as I saw a scar below her lower eye. How could anyone do so such a thing, I thought to myself. I walked up a bit closer yet her hiss intensified, with claws at the ready. I stooped down and called out to her; snapped my fingers hoping to calm her down—to no avail. I then remembered the Piwi Beak I found just outside the dungeon. I reached out for it in my Charity Bag, and set it on the palm of my hand, then stretched it out to her. Her dark eyes were fixed on mine still, but she eventually walked up to me slowly and began to eat the beak—still hissing while she ate it. I smiled and stretched my free hand to pet her, but she swiped her claws and wounded me, yet I didn’t feel the sting, only the sorrow in her eyes. I stood up and walked away. Looking back one last time, I saw her eyes still fixed on me. I continued on, and heard her footsteps as she followed behind.

I had lost our first battle, but together we had won many other battles that stretch to the lands of the Count’s Castle.

Ankama don’t nerf my beloved pet and friend. I fed her each day—which were many—to see her grow to the level she is today. X’im is a Sacrier’s best friend.


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posté February 22, 2014, 14:53:51 | #8

Quote (IYesWayI @ 21 February 2014 08:00) *
This is great news because the problem with support was totally the website!

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posté February 17, 2014, 02:56:36 | #9
I noticed this change for quite some time, and I would definitely prefer that it remained with the 'secret question' option as it would be far more secure than simply retyping the name of the character. As someone mentioned earlier, people were complaining that they can't remember their 'secret answer' which is their own fault. I had once forgotten my answer, and simply contacted support who responded quite quickly and had it changed. From there on I simply recorded my secret answer in a document somewhere safe.

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posté February 11, 2014, 18:14:41 | #10

Quote (IYesWayI @ 10 February 2014 05:00) *
There has been more to do in the game then at any point in its history. Yes there is grind its an mmo. As far as aquas pvp comment that is simply wrong. I regularily win fights where I go last, have less damage, and less crit. Yes this includes other sacriers. Same goes for group pvp. People who do not have experience or who are bad at pvp believe it is rigged. You will always find this in any competition. PvP is quite balanced right now.

You can kill a rouge 1v1 when it has it has the highest initiative? If you can then your OP.

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posté February 11, 2014, 15:22:37 | #11
Brakmar News 5 will be there to report and record aswell. Hopefully.—Tulish 

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posté January 31, 2014, 23:50:02 | #12
As Madd said previously, we in The Borg have votes. I can't remember the last time I used any of my votes.—Tulish 

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posté January 31, 2014, 01:14:17 | #13

Quote (Spazturtle @ 31 January 2014 00:51) *
Last time peoples chars got deleted (and this was quite a long time ago, because the Nox lot arrived on these forums, support did restore them.
Ankama restored peoples deleted characters? I doubt this happened, as I can attest to it.

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posté January 28, 2014, 17:33:42 | #14
I've been asking this for a long time. To completely remove the region locks, and maybe merging a few servers. It would be a bit more—how can I put it—diverse. And the population would definitely be larger than it is now. Here is to hoping this happens at some point. —Tulish 

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posté January 28, 2014, 17:26:39 | #15

Quote (Mr-buddy2u @ 16 January 2014 02:12) *
Is it me or are players getting ready for civil war in brakmar Craftsmen inc will take in all refuges that want to opt out of the inevitable conflict and be a neutral in this battle. We ask to be treated as the red cross we not ade in active combat but only supply aid to those in the crossfire.
Not quite sure if this is a scam or real? But it definitely sounds interesting if it is real. —Tulish 

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posté January 18, 2014, 00:48:47 | #16
Stunning. I think you guys are Gods. Can I join your Guild?

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posté January 17, 2014, 23:40:30 | #17

Quote (Nox16 @ 17 January 2014 09:32) *
1. All these upstarts :c mini is amazing...She brings stability...On top of all of this I'm happy...
2. We can't afford the risk of someone new an unknown who is full of naive ambition...
    [Text removed - Atdose]
  1. You'll have to risk it when I rise to power.

Quote (DJXsystem @ 17 January 2014 12:36) *
1. You for some reason think everyone shares the same view point as you
2. when u are in fact the minority like Nox 16 said.
3. Don't fix what's not broke.
4. The only thing that shows is Im good at it and I know what Im doing

  1. There is no you here, it is us.
  2. I don't think we are a minority which "for some reason you [have come to] think" as such.
  3. If I am not mistaken some things are broken.
  4. Not too sure if you're good at it, or haven't really done anything so thing appear good.

Quote (mapleshifter @ 17 January 2014 13:34) *
i support mini because she does her very best to make brakmar what it is today , a better nation.
"Better Nation" you say? Then why are people still going to Bonta? You would think to make a nation better you would bring people to Brakmar. And march around in Brakmar, not in Bonta. Yet not much can be done for the moment. And lets be honest here is the Political system in Wakfu really that great at the moment?

Yet the only worthy statue I remember seeing in our great nation of Brakmar was of an amazing duo. I wonder who they could be? Such class and style. Have a look.


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