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posté Yesterday - 21:31:11 | #1
Hey, thanks a bunch man, both for fixing the wonky market tracking lately and for hosting the site and doing all that you do. elements is a pretty invaluable resource for a lot of people, myself included. Appreciate it.

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posté Yesterday - 21:29:35 | #2
WTB Sage BP/Boots Ankabox me or find me in game at 'Lord of Blood'.

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posté April 22, 2014, 21:31:38 | #3
I mentioned this shortly before the pet revamp and still agree. Keep the date fed, but just have a "Fed Today: __" box with a check or X by it, or even just a y/n would be fine. Not a huge change, just a nice QoL feature.

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posté April 22, 2014, 21:23:15 | #4
So does your mom.

- Nox

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posté April 22, 2014, 09:26:26 | #5
Congrats on the relic Nilla, but unfortunately that item looks pretty shoddily done and kind of disappointing for a relic. Not to mention the lack of lock.. but ah well. A relic is still a relic.

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posté April 21, 2014, 22:58:35 | #6

Quote (Noobility @ 21 April 2014 22:48) *
There isn't a complicated reason for low gear drop rates. Artificially prolong the game, that's it.

Yeah, this isn't rocket science. And you can definitely say that Nox's lower population vs a more important server is a reason Nox suffers, but the fact remains that low drop rates and time-gating content like UB's is done in pretty much every MMO and is done on purpose to give people something to work toward. Ankama's general problem is that they seem unable to find a good middle ground for most people that can have them appreciate the time investment and feel a sense of accomplishment from it. Most people get aggravated with the game because they can tell it's such an artificial difficulty that's driven more by luck than anything else.

But Nox's lower population isn't going to mean nox gets better drop rates.. Nox isn't their main priority for one (we're the foreigners here, rather than it being the other way around, like is true in a lot of other games). And two, pretty much no game will artificially inflate or deflate drop rates to accommodate server populations in the first place. It just isn't done, and it would piss off the higher pop servers more than likely. And trying to help the little guy at the expense of irritating your main population is not usually a good move.

If you really want to see Nox helped, invite more people to play and encourage ankama/Sabi/etc to market the game more to get a better playerbase, thus fixing the problem as you have demonstrated already. Don't ask for handouts, ask for help solving the problem.

Of course, it's difficult for most people to advertise the game when they can see so much wrong with it. Still, a good mindset to have if people end up liking the overhaul coming in the summer (hopefully that won't be delayed)--advertise the game around then if you think they're improving.

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posté April 21, 2014, 22:51:33 | #7
You can't sit there with a straight face and act like Multiboxing and single boxing are equal. They just aren't. If you are even half intelligent when you multibox then you can coordinate your entire team composition to have whatever you need every single time, which is generally not the case with single boxers (who will likely just pick up whoever they can, when it comes down to it). You never have a drop in efficiency with having too much of one class, or being unable to find the one that might be ideal for scenario, because you've made the entire team just the way you want.

Then there's the fact that in combat, six different people might do stuff differently than one another from turn to turn, whereas one person can fluidly plan out what everyone is doing and can maximize group potential in a much easier, hassle-free manner. There's no arguments about what someone should or shouldn't do, or who should sacrifice some AP to do something beneficial for someone else, you are never going to get jipped by your teammates or put into a bad spot because you are the team, rather than a part of it.

Those things alone are enough to make multiboxers have an easier time establishing a group and likewise making use of said group in an efficient manner that puts them above single boxing people, regardless of drop rates.. which are NOT the same between two, by the way. A multiboxer can include an enu for higher drop rates and pouch everything, but if you aren't playing an enu you won't see the spoils of +150 PP or pouches or god enutroph. And if you are playing an Enu as a single boxer, you still can have people trying to jip your pouches and then start claiming the items as theirs. Not to mention as a multiboxer you can equip anyone you'd like to with PP gear to increase drop rates for EVERY person if you would like to (and can afford to do so), but as a single boxer you are stuck with multimen, who can't get bonus prospecting, and who you can't fill a team with to get 6 times the loot rolls for every item you'd like to drop, vs a single boxer with three at most. They're not the same, stop acting like Multiboxers don't have obvious advantages. Not to say that they don't have their own downsides (mostly, it's a huge investment of time/money), but to act like they're equal is just silly.

But all that aside, the fact remains that aqua's right in that PP and drop rates aren't hampered by multi vs single boxers, they're hampered by Ankamas own lack of cohesion with class balance (in regards to Enus) and just general lack of direction with what they want to do with drop rates and things like relics. First it was just have a huge amount of luck to drop the relic, and now it's have a huge amount of luck to drop 100 pieces for one relic/etc, it's just shit practices like that that inspire discontent within the people playing the game. Capping PP, saying you'll get around to a drop rate revamp later and then moving on to overhaul the combat system and add passives to every single class is straight stupid.

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posté April 20, 2014, 21:02:12 | #8

Quote (Uiasdnmb @ 20 April 2014 20:56) *
I haven't noticed theres no pp locks there o.o

Most people don't notice the lack of PP locks because the drop rates are so low you're unlikely to drop anything unless you specifically farm for it. And if you are, chances are you know it has no PP lock because you looked it up in the encyclopedia to see that.

The gear they drop has the same 0.1% drop rate as the relic fragment, and Inkap/Mushmantle are .02% drops. Enutrophs offer more chances with pouching, but even having maxed prospecting gear doesn't help much.

It can turn a .1 drop into .25 max, or a .02 into .05. Still shit chances, just very slightly better. It's all luck if you get everything or nothing.

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posté April 20, 2014, 16:41:53 | #9
Having tons of shit in your inventory (and looking at it consistantly, like I think a lot of people do) will cause problems. Opening the sidekick menu and using sidekicks for prolonged periods of time causes it too. Depending your guild, the guild menu is likely also to cause problems. Anything that indexes a bunch of shit, basically.

You can tell the backend of the game is not optimized or done in a clean manner just by how bad it can get through normal course of play. I think it might be a long time before they learn how to clean it up and put in the effort to do so, though.

I always wondered how multiboxing people could deal with it. To me, it's annoying enough with one client. It would really get to me if I had to deal with it on multiple clients.

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posté April 20, 2014, 00:21:07 | #10
WTB list Looking for:

* Midalurgee
* Mekeynisms (13)
* Ice Sticks (12)
* Black Enewgy
* The Cap
* Sage BP
* Rocky Fist

Can pay w/ kamas or trade a few items. Message me in game at 'Lord of Blood' or leave a message in ankabox.

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posté April 19, 2014, 15:00:02 | #11
Ankama just has no incentive to prevent multiboxing. It makes them money and its pros outweigh the cons of what it brings to the game, even ignoring the financial aspect.

That said I think Ankama has no idea of what to do to fix the drop rate problem and they're experimenting here with seeing if they can ditch the PP lock. On the surface, I think it's a good idea. if it comes with making items have .02% and .1% drop rates though, I'd rather them not. Buut I also think they feel like if they make things even a 5-10% drop rate on gear it will be too easy and people will quit. And maybe that's true.. endgame in the end is farming for relics and PvP coupled with 5 once a week UB battles. If they don't give you something monotonous to do which still keeps you feeling like you're progressing (albeit in a very slow way), you might just move on to other stuff.

Sad to say but I think Ankama is using timesinks to keep people drawn in to the game.. and there's at least a few dozen people here since launch that are masochistic or something to keep playing this game who even realize that's the case. Ah well.

But nah I had running dungeons 30 times. if dungeons were more fun and not 2-3 hours long, sure, maybe they'd be more fun as a social experience with the people you're running with, but once past the 60-90 minute mark, realizing you have to run this however many times more, you start to lose interest in socializing and just want to get it done.. so you can do it again.. and then never do it again once you've gotten what you needed.

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posté April 17, 2014, 17:00:14 | #12
Jabs looks better, has better damage/AP, and doesn't take nearly as long as flurry to execute (which is relevant when you're using the move 5+ times every single turn). The extra air damage looks nice, but is ultimately not noticeable.

If you're serious into Air, it's better to take Jabs. If you're just using air as filler, then having flurry and gutting gust leveled means you can make use of any odd numbers/extra AP you might have (when AP is stolen, when planning to use a speciality, etc), same with MP/WP.

Also of note is that several enemies have effects which are on-hit; some will have their resistance increased every time you hit them, some will give buffs to nearby enemies when hit/etc, which makes flurry even worse.

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posté April 17, 2014, 08:14:19 | #13
WTB Tofu Any level is fine. IGN 'Lord of Blood' or Ankabox me.

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posté April 17, 2014, 02:17:08 | #14
Unable to buy low Ogrine amounts. Currently, I have tested and confirmed that of the six payment options listed for me to choose from, none of them allow for purchasing the 6 dollar/3000 ogrines option, Paypal/CC only allows for the 10/40 dollar option, and none of the below-10 options are available beyond the ultimate game card, except for the mobile options offering the 2.99/800 amount (which is also a ripoff, considering there's a 2.50/1000 amount option).

I would like to access all of them, but specifically I know in the past I've been able to choose the lower ogrine amounts by paying with CC, so I don't know why it's unavailable now. Any help with this issue would be great.

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posté April 17, 2014, 00:53:17 | #15
kind of amazing it isn't default for everybody. It's a tactical game, it's good to have that kind of information.

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posté April 16, 2014, 16:02:19 | #16
WTB Magic Cawwot Epps/BP Can pay kamas or trade for them. IGN 'Lord of Blood' or ankabox me.

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posté April 16, 2014, 11:21:41 | #17
Yeah, I'm basically trying to create a build (when it comes to stat points and Spell XP distribution) that allows me to DPS as Fire/Earth with one gear set, and Lock tank at a reasonably competent level with a different set of gear. I don't really expect to be able to ever DPT when I'm in my tanking gear, mind you, just that I could swap gear and change into/out of DPT vs tanking.

And yeah, I noticed you can get a moderate amount of lock while DPT'ng (though gear like The Cap, tormented, Turq, etc), but it would never be enough for a UB like Dpig, or any high level boss. I might actually have to revisit my DPT gear set to ensure I'm not sacrificing possible damage increases in favor of trying to grab lock in my DPT set, because that's not worth it.

That said, I'm fairly taken with Fire (though I like all elements, fire's what I've leveled with and earth is necessary for tanking). I think if I could tank using fire/air I'd probably prefer that, but coag demands earth. I don't expect to ever really use fire spells while tanking though, because the coag and -dodge is pretty vital to making the lock requirements and soaking damage. You're probably right that with Dpig, the best gear setup would be utilizing air/earth, especially considering some of the Saharash gear.

I knew going into this that I'd end up making sacrifices and not being as good as someone spec'd for just one role, but I'm not comfortable being *just* a lock sacrier as my main character who can't do any DPT to anything, so I looked into doing this. I'm okay with not being the best at either if it means I can do both well enough to make them work.

What differences in elemental spells would you suggest if I went for 10 AP with this kind of setup instead of 9? I actually have 10 (using a Z-blade, but only 9 with the soul eater, will take time to get a toxispike) AP, but rocky foot still seems better than crackrock because of the lower AP cost making it easier to stack, and it works well with Smasher (in that you could exchange one smasher for 2 rocky). Honestly not sure how I'd make use of 10 AP for the earth, but 11 or 12 AP might be a different story.

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posté April 16, 2014, 11:03:43 | #18
Surely Ankama would not start piecemeal developing classes 'ultimate' spell and dole them out a few at a time.. Surely Ankama can see how dumb a move that would be. Surely.

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