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posté April 17, 2014, 11:40:40 | #1
SIGNATURE IS RECRUITING AGAIN!! Yes, you heard it right! We're looking for all sorts of crazy (or as I like to call them, unique), WONDERFUL, people!!
When I say crazy, I mean it though like most of our members are hella nuts (we still love you guys though) and it gets like really crazy at the guild chat sometimes and it gets really random like the other day we were talking about toilets, we were actually very involved and very enthusiastic about the topic..Crap I got off topic (pun intended, lelelel). See what the effects of being in Signature for like 2 years are? I'm so random I don't even understand myself anymore. Buuuuut these are just the minor side effects! There are awesome, epic, positive effects of being in Signature too! Like starting to care for people, even the annoying nooblets, I used to hate them and I would never help them but Signature changed that in me! The other day I actually gave this person who was asking for Kamas some money, can you believe that? Me? The cheapest person I know.. Uhhh I'm getting off topic again!!
Point is, I'm tired of writing this post. Signature is awesome and if you wanna be one of the cool kids, JOIN US! DO IT NOW!!

*warning scrolls through the screen so quick you can't read it* Warning: People with heart conditions and/or epilipsey should not attempt to join us because we're too intense.

I'm just kidding though join us anyways yolo.

But seriously we're really intense.

P.S: PM Rayne, Blantuise, Vula, Sisma, or me, Woobot, to get an invite!

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posté April 08, 2014, 14:57:36 | #2
When high levels complain about mid-level new content

When guildies complain about "that" bug that came with the new patch

When Ankama fucks up and offers a free respec and Almokens

When that guildie you hate complains about something

When a guildie offers you to join something after browsing Tumblr for too long out of boredom

When someone asks how you got all your stuff

When someone asks to lend some money

When someone leaves your group to join someone else's

When you drop something valuable and that person regrets leaving your group

When you drop something that someone who rejected giving you something before needs



When a bug gets fixed

When you realize the bug wasn't fixed

When you start a group and drag your friends with you


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posté April 01, 2014, 15:57:23 | #3

Quote (LadyRinsun @ 01 April 2014 15:54) *
I am aware of that xD

Wanna playyyy Wakfuuu *scratches floors and walls*
Same ._.

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posté April 01, 2014, 15:56:24 | #4
Tickets #1045997 and #1043330

Issue types: A bug/technical issue report and a suggestion.

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posté April 01, 2014, 15:50:44 | #5

Quote (LadyRinsun @ 01 April 2014 15:45) *
Same here, I was in the group with Woobot, Smogga, Nalii and Kehveli. All of us got kicked from the game, and only Kehvelii was able to log back in again. I can relog on my alt account, but I want to get back on my main character again ._. I have noticed this has been happening to sooo many people lately. Really hope this can be fixed as soon as possible!

-Xx Rayne c:
PS: I am Woobot.

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posté April 01, 2014, 15:42:38 | #6
I can't log in Earlier I was doing Castuc dungeon (I think that's what the dungeon is called) and in the middle of the first room's fight I got disconnected and couldn't log back in. This also happened to some of my group members. I would love it if I could know when this bug will be fixed, thanks in advance.

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posté April 01, 2014, 09:11:00 | #7
Nice try.

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posté February 17, 2014, 13:08:58 | #8
WTB Black Crow's cloak Title says it all, my IGN is Eniwoobsa or Woobot.

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posté December 12, 2013, 04:24:26 | #9
Which sidekick would go best with an Eniripsa? I was thinking I should get Trank since it's a tank (I think?) but I'd like to hear what you guys think first.

P.S: I'm a fire/water (mostly fire) Eniripsa.

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posté August 28, 2013, 07:12:03 | #10
Any idea when will it be fixed?

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posté August 19, 2013, 13:39:05 | #11

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 19 August 2013 10:10) *

Quote (Pointyy @ 19 August 2013 10:05) *
I know right but they nerfed my Sram way too hard. Now days Sram still has more mobility than Masq, but it's so nerfed compared to when it was released.

Dodge is just gambling at the moment, it's not very enjoyable. Water already deals the lowest damage of the three trees, giving it a chance to backstab if you can win a random roll (and if you lose your turn ends!) isn't great. Do you seriously do this?
You spelled fire wrong lmao

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posté July 31, 2013, 04:37:00 | #12
It's happening to me as well.

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posté May 24, 2013, 03:26:06 | #13
I didn't even know they removed them because I couldn't log for some technical issues, that's just so inconsiderate of them. +1

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posté May 22, 2013, 20:08:44 | #14
No proxy available? Hi, so, as soon as Troyle announced that the servers were back online I went straight to the website and enthusiastically subscribed and was ready to face the new changes, but then when I tried to log it kept saying "No proxy available". I read in another thread that it's because of the maintenance, but even though the maintenance is over now, it keeps giving me the same error message, I hope someone replies as soon as possible as I don't want my subscription to be wasted, thanks in advance. ~Woobot

I have tried reinstalling the game and whenever it reaches 108MB/162MB it sends an error message saying: "A game file cannot be accessed. Please check that the game is not already running. File: 501.jar"

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posté April 17, 2013, 22:59:46 | #15
Is the treasure hunt riddle bugged or am I too much of a Iop to understand it?

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posté April 10, 2013, 20:52:59 | #16
Honestly I think you're a drama queen/king who's just seeking attention, nice try.

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posté February 01, 2013, 23:23:25 | #17

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posté December 26, 2012, 10:25:31 | #18
I am subscribed and I didn't get my discount too, If it's really bugged I'm hoping Ankama would fix it as soon as possible and perhaps extend it a little bit, if it isn't I hope any of Ankama staff would explain the offer to us, thank you.

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posté December 15, 2012, 06:11:32 | #19
Quick question ! So it's year 642 in Dofus and since wakfu is 1000 years after Dofus I figured it'd be 1642. Though when does the events (in the series) happen ? I'm assuming it's before year 1642 since foggernauts are very different and it seemed ogrest didn't really exist in the series. I wanted to make sure, though.

Thanks in advance


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