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Starting wakfu again on a new account!

By Arimoas May 16, 2014, 21:42:41
Hello! I want to start wakfu again but I'm not sure about what to go on my new Sadida. I mean everyone says the dolls cost way too high but at higher levels the seed is only 2 AP. And what is the max level? How many skills I can max? Can I max more than 5 anyway? I tried to use the google or the forums but most of them seems to be outdated.

Thanks in advance!
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You can max 3 as single elemental and 2 + 2 for 2 elements with dual elemental and one lvl 105+
depends if you want res on other elements. I can do wakfu elements example about spells if you like.
Or you could just try yourself. Click here

As far as how many spells you can max, it goes as follows:

Mono Element
- Able to max 4 spells in a single element. (Total of 4 maxed spells.)

Duo Element
- Able to max 3 spells in one element and 2 spells in a second element. (Total of 5 maxed spells.)

Tri Element
- Able to max 2 spells in all 3 elemental trees. (Total of 6 maxed spells.)

The above only works on maxing that many if you have EXACTLY zero levels in all other spells. This is not something, at least that I know of, that any one will do as it is nice to have access to your other spells in case of need of one that say, helps with movement or positioning (thus not needing to be maxed but a level needed to use). Therefore, normally one of those total maxed spells will be a level short to be able to put a level in everything else.
Yeah not very practical
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