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Disbalance (International guild)

By Innocent-Man 2014-03-26 13:45
Hello comrades!

We are english-speaking international guild, level 10, and will be glad to see ppl, willing to discover the game in company. Your game experience doesn't matter, all that is needed, to respect other players and fluent english.
We done with our guild bonuses, so care only about fun in game.
Our hw have enough place for any ur professional goals.

To join us, PM


Or ask any guild member to invite u.
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Lvl 9 reached.
Now our guild bonuses are:

5 Initiative
15 % All Damage
5 Prospecting
5 Dodge
15 % All Resists
35 Hp
5 Lock

More ppl and more fun !
Are you guys still recruiting? I would like to join your guild. My IGN is Tuveux. Thanks =)
Hi Tuvao!

Good to hear from you! :-)

Yes, we are still recruiting. We are actually reaching you in game last night. But you were offline. What time are you usually online?

Or maybe, you can just send a message to any members of our guild (I am pretty sure that you will find one) and ask them to add you in guild biggrin 
We've reached level 10 and continue recruting.
More people, more fun. Welcome everyone !
I'd love to join if u have free spots smile)
Hi There!

Apologies for the late response, I wasn't checking the forums since Friday :3

Anyway, yes, you can join us wink And we welcome you big hugs! I will try adding you when I go online later or you can contact any of the names mentioned above - Luxrian, Innocentman, Fritzo, Sot'ra and Zinny.

Looking forward to playing with you biggrin 
We cleaned guild from inactive members and have a bit free space for new ppl. Will be glad to meet you !

A bit free space for new ppl, we prefer to see 80+ lvl players.
Hello everyone, we still recruting new members.
Hello~ ^^
I'd like to join your ranks, wasn't able to catch any of you in game yet tho.
My IGN: Black Tarot
Ah, just my luck... Thanks for info, gonna find new target.

(somehow i posted previous msg with wrong account and there was no delete option, so I left it like that ;d)
Merry Christmas to everyone !
We continue recruting ppl.

Disbalance is still alive 'n kicking.

We are recruiting.

Join our ranks and let's have fun!

Whisper Luxrian or Everchange.
Actually whisper anybody from Disbalance you can see.
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