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and I think the Up limit of character is now 1000% damage, which can be already reached and make no sense anymore, I would like 2000% if possible

Yeah weapons weapons, a lot of good weapons they created has even no HP

Well, the team effect of different character I mean it should be one simple tast for them, they are lacking time and money to develop, so i dont think the magic should be too complicated to accomplish, just make a buff of all character. Which is simple and useful,
the most important is we can use it sooner.

-resist + Hp of mobs doesnt have meaning, it doesnt save our time, it is still a time farming game

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Ok, I think the hardcore dungeon version should be like 2 hours as you wish but normal it should be ended in 45 min because of most players dont have so much time

@G Yes, absolutly was or it is still going one, the continuely nerf for classes especially for Fecas, which made them not so powerful but also not so unique and interested. Need Change.

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REVAMP of the whole Character and Mobs at summer: Discussion by Lenovo Design Teams hi

We all heard about the words from Sabi, he answered to the question that we take too long for one dungeon now: there will be a huge revamp about character and mobs at summer and make it better.

I am not asking for a dungeon about 10 minute, 30-45 minute will be just ok for us.

But there is still a lot of ideas need to be discussed:

1, it should be based at the drop system of Wakfu, you know for one normal player to get the legendare drop from dungeon is nearly impossible. It is just too rare and nobody can be sure about its drop. And the items are so less and so powerful that we cannot survive without this. I win the dungeon of lv 140 with lv 145 characters and all with relic and legendares +7 all damage runes. How will it work for other players, who cannot afford this?

2, Then we need a revamp about our characters, I would like to say it directly. Set is now 'too' important for the character, and the other thing seems not so important. So the people are farming the good set with no time for pleasure, yes, after 60 dungeon runs with no relic drop, they are still pushed to farm it out because it is the only way.
We need more power from chacacter build with lv and magic.
We need more power from other systems like politic, PvP, GvG or even Stasis/Wakfu.

3, Idea Times:
Each team with different characters will get its specific Aura. Like Enu brings +10 PP Aura, Sadida brings -2% End damage for teammates. It will help us to build a team with more character, not only stupid enus enis cras and iops.

I would like to welcome the jetons system, especially for the legendare items you can made it into like 100 jetons for one legendare. Because when a player farm a dungeon for 100 times, he is still capable to drop 0 legendare items , and this is the thing he only wanted and not able to buy at the market. So why not? Otherwise he prefers to go to other games after all his 100 day hard playing in wakfu bring him nothing just a bad memory with no good drop.

If our power of character is build of 40% Set 40% Character and 20% others, it is better.

Think about lv 100, I always think wakfu is a try and not so deeply developped into lv 200 or higher. That is ankamas problem, why there is no lv 145 pets, lv 145 makabras, make it, just make the system work together to lv 200. develop everything base on the future, not just solving the problems now.

Give the players much more choices, you dont have to develop a whole new island and then it carries a lot of new set to satisfy the players. You can make the set variable, people can change at least the element of the set with one special rune slot.

Ofcourse all is going to GvG, or PvE with more intelligence, Human Intelligent is hard to work for the mobs, at the end, everything is going to be boring farming, so keep up with GvG things and PvP.

Zhao Lenovo Design

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Question about ankama shop > Export hi

A lot of chinese players want to buy some toys from online shop, but we cannot find too much in Ankama shop, there is only 3 toys.. and what is other official website, for examples with a lot toys..

It is also possible to send it to other land outsides europa?


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TT why we are still using lv 115 weapons Hi

Why are we still all use Hush Axt or magmog + dolche.....................from lv 110 to lv 160, the most suckst thing is there is not much good weapons.

a lot of new weapons are shit, compare to the old weapons from lv 110 dungeon or UB.



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Porsche Design Team for Wakfu Hi,

We are the Design losers in the world, still we have lot of good ideels to share with you.

1, Server Block moved, creat Battelfield for all server to fight together for fun, this is for Amara.

2, Box-shared, different character in one account can use the same shared box for the convenience of change items.

3, dua-random-element, monster drop set with 2 element, but it is decided by the one who dropped it, if he is one feca, then the set will be random of Fire/Water, Fire/Earth or Earth/Water.

4, Drop overall Balance> the one who dropped nothing, will get a higher Luck in next Battel, this continues until he drop some good set, and the number will be set to 0. I am gonna to tell you, most players are left because of the shit of drop rate and with bad luck they can be FOREVER poor.

5, Easy Balance of PVP System, PVP Unbalance is one excuse! PVP should be randomed like Krozmaster. And people can get score and then have set as prices. Otherwise the PVP will be balanced, like a team of lv 140 players with no one relic facing a team of lv 145 players with full rune and relics, then there will be one Blackcrow helping the lv 140 team.

Following Ideas are helping making profit

6, After lv Cup , players can still get exp in fight for encouraging them to play even there is no drop. and The exp will be saved in one exp box. After release of new lv cup, they can release their exp in box to their real exp system with Origins. This destroys no balance, we all know that some players lv fast, and it let them only lv faster with no destroy of balance.

7, Multi team system, PVP system can be seperated into multi teams. There can be more than 2 teams in one battel, and with 3 or 4 teams there are more tactic and more challenge.

8, More Magic, 5 magic in each Branch is boring, make it 6 - 10, you will think! not just click

9, Less caffee, more work and keep players busy with out lage investiment in new contenent

A new contenent save your ass for a while, a new system can save you from your nonesense development forever.

Wish you all a happier life.


% This is just simple ideas after the release of sahara island, and I looked my waset and the new set ofcourse the tiny drop rate of new relic so I decided not going to the new island because there is nothing new for some players.

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posté April 03, 2014, 18:14:30 | #8
They all look like the same.. hi

Actually I should say some Set might be also good looking when you wear them, but problem is a lot of players use the almanax emblem as relic. But if you wear that, it will cover all the sets of you, even you like the black wabbit suit very much.

Why will this relich ,this emblem cover all the other sets? And also for those Emblem of Eni, Iop and so on.

Ankama should not do this things in half way, now we can pick a costum to show with the new function. But we are almost never possible to see our original set again after you use one Emblem..... and We do use one emblem , no matter it is relich or a certain one for 9% damage more. The wakfu costum should not be that boring, every one in several single costum, and no one can see their nice dragon pig helm!


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posté March 31, 2014, 18:01:35 | #9

Quote (Elithril @ 31 March 2014 17:39) *

Quote (dlexus009 @ 28 March 2014 11:15) *
and where is mongo? I love him where is he recently from forum wakfu got new dungeon come on and i wish mongo enjoy the new dungeon as well as us
I would like to translate this: Where is Mongo? There is a new dungeon and i'm still waiting for his video so i'll be able to copy his tactics and finally beat the content.
that is exactly I want to saying, thanks you are my best lover!

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posté March 31, 2014, 17:31:11 | #10
A Thanks Brief for all Wakfu Lovers Hi,

I am carring some feed back from China server, thanks first a lot for the Cat during mining, it is great that we see no more Bot again in our server, it helps a lot, the gratitude should be given, to all.

Is Wakfu capable of like 5000 players at same time? Is it always possible to get lag.

However the payment in that server is great, and now I am trying to play on both servers. We have 4 VIP Mode, from VIP 1 to 4 are different things opened. Like VIP3 have the access to the Ice berg, and VIP 2 and 1 doesnt have. And VIP 4 have even exp bonus and 6 days cooldown for UB. Now only VIP 1 is available, and we are waiting for VIP 4, it is really great.

Is it possible to have such kind of VIP in european server? a small question hopeful, hope dont mind.

And I see many new costums in that server, one is ein gift of VIP 1, and it has a lightful affect like relic set, omg it is so beautiful. Other things are just normal , the server is just getting started, and peoples are still running to see what the world is like. and a lot of functions are not opened yet, like side kick and others.

Does the chine server remain the special costum or will it in imported to europa after our revamp of VIP system? and when are we going to have some more player vs player things, as far as I know there is no PVP in server and every kindom is just peaceful farming. Otherwise I am hoping to get more informations from ankama.

I see the future of wakfu through increasing number of servers, and thanks for all the effort from players and Ankama Engineers.


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posté March 28, 2014, 11:15:39 | #11
Wa wabbit dungeon hi

there is 4 groups of mobs over there, one whole run take me almost more than 1 hour.

Can we just skip the first part of dungeon with some special way or key?

Why should I defeat all 4 groups of mobs..


and where is mongo? I love him where is he recently from forum wakfu got new dungeon come on and i wish mongo enjoy the new dungeon as well as us

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posté March 26, 2014, 12:04:55 | #12
Pay to win suggestion Hi

My dear reader,

we need one relic weapon.

We dont want to farm the relich all day

and we are lacking of good weapons

666666 Origin for one relich weapon lv 150



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posté March 22, 2014, 19:07:22 | #13
keep quite, it is wakfu or you will get banned

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posté March 21, 2014, 18:59:53 | #14
please please dont remind me of my accounts, I have tried so hard to forget about something and go on with wakfu

Just dont fak up again..

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posté March 20, 2014, 21:00:20 | #15
thanks thanks Sabi

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posté March 20, 2014, 09:20:50 | #16
Drop Item Comparison 2 hi,

I am interested about the new item drop system.

All the PP lock is gone and all the drop rate is lower than before.

But for one team of 6 players, which system is better??

The new one with 0.1% drop rate and without PP lock,
Or the old one with 1% drop rate but with 800 PP lock.

Question is how to calculate it,
If the team has 1200 PP, does the 0.1% drop rate change into 12X , then it will be 1.2% drop rate ,which is acceptable.

And the 1% drop rate item with pp Lock will be have 1200/800 X drop rate, which will be 1.5%, also not too bad.

It the drop system calculated in this way, or it is just a fantasy for most players. because normally to collect 100 0.1% item is like |Impossible|


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Quote (Neneko88 @ 19 March 2014 17:46) *
  • can drop relic fragments without 6 accounts
  • dungeon is fun
  • monsters do whatever they have to do but don't turn into mini-UBs (lenalds/wabbits)
  • funny story (thank you Ryf
  • any class composition is ok..(it's true for any island in wakfu) but here it really shows
  • exp is good
  • made water classes better
forfut island was great the same way, high exp, fun dungeon. vamp set was good for everyone.
yes yes, drop fragments with 0.1% drop rate please take your 2 years to get 100^^

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