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Crush gender norms

By MiniMikeh 2014-05-06 08:20
Back in the day I used to praise wakfu for saying fuck you to most gender norms by allowing us to wear the opposite genders costumes

Recently you changed this and have been "merging" them into a single item. I know i'm not the only one disappointed by this and when you eventually come out with a blue dress costume and my mask won't be allowed to wear it i'm going to be even more upset

Change this back please a lot of people like wearing "groom" on their female characters and a lot of people like wearing dresses on their male characters

There is nothing wrong with me wanting to wear a dress and I used to be hype about the fact that wakfu allowed me to do so.

I know i'm rambling at this point but seriously please change this back ankama
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Would be nice, mainly because I like to collect costumes (and pets), so that would give me more to get.

- Kat
MiniMikeh|2014-05-06 08:20:17Change this back please a lot of people like wearing "groom" on their female characters and a lot of people like wearing dresses on their male characters

My feels right there ^ I want GROOM costume on my FEMALE Eni :!!!!!
I mean seriously, how can you not allow either gender to wear something. Besides, everyone knows the Flamboyant Insig looks best on male enis, so who knows what other costumes will look so great on other 'unintended' characters.
I like that costumes were merged - but I should be able to manually swap between the two different designs. Some of the designs are pretty gender-neutral and as Mini said, there isn't really a problem with wearing a dress on a male character, but these styles are inaccessible sad
wow so much support I honestly kinda wasn't expecting it

as soundtrack pointed out though having the option to switch between the two is a great idea
Here's to the dedication of keeping this thread up till Sabi replies that she will forward this opinion to the devs. happy 
I wasn't around when the costume wasn't linked to the gender...but I would definitly use a feminine costume on my eni *.*

I believe i can a cute dress smile 
My feca main looks fabulous in ladies costumes! +1 for this thread, creativity thrives through freedom of expression!
Also, can we have more female costumes that are less "fanservice-y"? The Spring-has-sprung one was great, for instance.
Jebusiscomingrun|2014-05-06 13:27:32My feca main looks fabulous in ladies costumes! +1 for this thread, creativity thrives through freedom of expression!
+1 ^.^
This isn't the first time this concern has shown up, however, last time Sabi said she had forwarded it to the devs but we never got any answer about it sleep I would think they're generally too busy dealing with the latest crop of crippling bugs to deal with this, though. But it'd be nice to hear an official answer this time around.

I don't think there was any malice in making the costumes gendered, especially when they could have made them gender-locked to begin with, but it's certainly an oversight many (Including me) would like to see addressed.

EDIT: Also, costumes that are both less "fanservice-y" (As mentioned, the Spring Has Sprung costume, or even the older gender-neutral costumes) and more, but in the right way (Properly hiding gear for starters, like the breastplate for male Hecate, not glitching with existing player hair) would be welcome.
Definitely supporting this, since there is no better look than the old bride costume on a male enu...
I'm not really interested in putting female costumes on my male chars, but I don't see why wouldn't it be possible if people want it. Bring it back.
I'm confused, I don't even see my costumes on my character half the time. All I ever see are the class insignia's. Am i dong something wrong?

Agreed, remove gender restrictions.
I cannot over-emphasize how much fun it is to gender-bend my male and female characters with costumes.

The idea of auto-adapting clothing to a cisgender-only framework creates a false dichotomy, and for instance totally crushes roleplay while in Miss Ugly Tower, among other things.

I'm perfectly happy with "boys dressing like boys, and girls dressing like girls" most of the time, by personal choice; but oh goodness, for that to ever be rigidly enforced! And randomly, where freedom to express yourself previously existed with these costumes- oh how boring! How uninspiring, how complacent, how stagnant and uncreative, how lazy and regressive and unrealistic. I would be fine with a costume-swap icon on the compiled costumes (those with two types stuffed inside, like bride/groom), but to force one or the other is just uncool to the extreme.

Please, make this simple fix, and we can all be happy, wearing what we want, when we want. Thank you!
I'm not much of a costumes person but I'm seconding this really hard. o: I wouldn't mind having the option.

I had a friend who used to wear "female" costumes on male characters a lot and I didn't know it got changed??
I AM America's next drag superstar! wink

...RuPaul would not approve, Ankama.
woah woah i'm not a costume person but they're genderlocking costumes now?
i thought ankama was a little more uh... progressive than this?
My Eni looks so adorable in the Froggy costume. Even if he does have bewbs. ^^;
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