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The Golden Api

By Wuhba 2013-03-19 10:38
So I was looking through the achievements for the Royal Puddly Dungeon and there's one where you have to eat a golden api.. Is this dropped from a secret boss? I've ran the dungeon a few times now and have yet to find one. Let me know if anyone figures this out.

Here's the link to the encyclopedia page: Click here (says it's a mythical drop from some level 95 puddly? o.O)
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its probably a subboss or a celestial puddly.
Yeah it's probably like Tofulix in the Celestial Tofu dungeon

Look around and see if there are any secret passageways/switches
I was looking for a secret passage too.
But I found nothing
in the mini dev blog on the dungeon there is a small hint of advise from Zezette at the bottom about opening the baskets for sometimes special prizes, sometimes mob buffs
I tried breaking all barrels in one turn with just boss left hoping he'll transform :p - didn't work sad 
ScorpySniper|2013-03-19 17:34:58I tried breaking all barrels in one turn with just boss left hoping he'll transform :p - didn't work sad
me too sad 
oh i was thinking breaking the barrels on boss would make him that puddly... maybe if you break all barrels in the dungeon. im going to have to test a few. also is there a place to plant a api tree i didnt look for one but im wondering if that would be in there.
Do barrels actually drop anything? I've been killing them from range sad
Do I have to be next to one or maybe the boss needs to be next to them? Anyone tried?
you buff the boss 30% if you brake the barrels and that all i know.
The Encyclopedia says it has a 1% chance to drop from puddlies. The mob that drops it doesnt have a name currently. Just Puddlies.

The item isn't tradable as well.

Click here
some say its a celestial puddly and to that i say maybe but i dont think that will be a dungeon because why tie the achievement for the royal dungeon with something from celestial. now either its really hard to summon this "golden api puddly" or we are all missing something. now i see alters in the dungeon which you would think hey i offer up apis to fight this dude and that would make alot of sense because puddlies love apis so you donate to open up a room like various other dungeons but that is not how it is because you cant offer up any unless its broken. anyway ive combed the dungeon and i have no clue how to even get this thing.
This afternoon I tried an idea with a friend. It didn't work, so read it only if you're ruling things out.

My friend had the idea that, since the royal puddly is so tiny, maybe he'd grow into some level-95 crazy voltron puddly if we summoned enough dinkies. First we killed the rest of the puddlies in the boss fight. Then we broke the barrels. Then, trampling the blue tiles with help from some sadida dolls, we managed to load the room with 11 dinkies (which seems to be the limit). They didn't go near the royal puddly. No such luck.
It looks to me that when a puddly walks past the barrel, it activates an effect (healing for 10%). What happens if you get the royal puddly to activate the effect from each barrel? I'd suggest using a panda to throw him there... That's my guess anyway.

Also I do think there will eventually be a celestial puddly dungeon (and celestial moogr, and crab), but don't think this achievement would be linked with it.
I think we're focusing too much on the barrels. It says it drops off a level 95 puddly. Where the heck is that puddly?
Kakushami-AM|2013-03-20 13:15:44I think we're focusing too much on the barrels. It says it drops off a level 95 puddly. Where the heck is that puddly?
The reason we're focusing on the barrels is to find the puddly...
I'm going to go on ahead and shine what I know, so I was running Royal Puddly Dungeon with my guild, a Guildie breaks a Barrel in the boss room, (Not sure if it has to be a Barrel in the Boss Room.) To our surprise, the Golden Api drop's onto the ground, now I'm not sure if there's some special requirement to get it to drop from a Barrel, I don't know what the drop rate is, but yeah.
ill try again to see if i can get it to drop
I was thinking that since it was supposed to drop off a puddly, the barrels didn't have much to do with it. But obviously, I was wrong. I still haven't dropped one and we've been breaking all the barrels every run with varying pp and varying strategies. It'll happen eventually.
if anyone drops one from a barrel please confirm here.