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Important InformationBy: [Sabi] - one week ago
fire Welcome to our new forums! These forums have been created to be a friendly environment for our community to share their WAKFU experience and most of all… to socialize and have fun.  Please consult the Forums Rules of Conduct (here) in order to get acclimated, as well as sharing your feedback on the new layout and current look of the forums (here).

fire We are currently having some latency/delays in receiving items from purchases of the Steams packs, however this doesn't impact your purchases as we are continuing the celebrate the special Steam sale for the fifth birthday of WAKFU!
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Dark Skin for the Forum | Updated 2017/02/24
By saphiLC one week ago
64 1372 19 hours ago
Forums Rules of Conduct
By [Sabi] one week ago
0 140 one week ago
[Guide] Artifact Treasure Hunt
By MiniMikeh 3 years ago
212 149994 3 months ago
General lore thread
By Major-Caligari 4 years ago
2664 227810 8 months ago
[In-Game] Community Events List
By [Sabi] 3 years ago
12 6463 2 years ago
Few question regarding "Transfer a character to another account" to the devs
By zapman89 12 hours ago
1 62 an hour ago
Anathar's Pack title gone
By xXxMathsdebatorxXx 17 hours ago
3 66 an hour ago
the new event quest for the 5th year of wakfu
By Malus-Undead yesterday
2 150 an hour ago
By Wavechaserrr an hour ago
0 16 an hour ago
Dofus 3?
By Toastman7 yesterday
6 207 an hour ago
Wakfu eSport
By Toastman7 yesterday
11 225 an hour ago
Pets help!
By CyberBlade 16 hours ago
1 70 13 hours ago
Possible team comp with iop?
By SumiOne 20 hours ago
3 79 18 hours ago
Mechan-O poster
By cody5 21 hours ago
2 61 21 hours ago
[Lore] What exactly is Astrub defined as right now, politically?
By Rezilia yesterday
6 146 21 hours ago
Sloppy Event Guide to Wakfu Anniversary Shovel Locations.(Spoilers)
By NegiSpringfield1 4 days ago
34 4563 21 hours ago
what's new at zinit?
By Suis 2 days ago
13 340 yesterday
CAn we fix PvP and PK? Because reporting doesn't work..
By MiiiiKy 2 days ago
23 395 yesterday
Can't obtain Bow Emote -> Can't finish Main Story Quest?
By The-Vel yesterday
1 23 yesterday
mimi the marvelous- is the quest possible?
By rakkl one week ago
5 139 yesterday
Did anyone actually get anything from that first 5th birthday reward?
By Meowza 5 days ago
7 363 yesterday
Dofus: Book Of Julith, The Movie.
By Jenarall yesterday
8 118 yesterday
Any info about this issue?
By gatekeeeper101 yesterday
0 52 yesterday
Build Manager Question
By LordAlcathr 3 months ago
10 682 yesterday
Thanks Ankama for the Ballotwine Package and Mystery Mystery Box.
By Negi1 one week ago
2 204 yesterday
Strange thing near the mines.
By Karkalec one week ago
6 265 yesterday
Please, oh god, why did you do this to my eyes? Oh god... The contrast! The contraaaaaast!
By Rezilia one week ago
114 2251 yesterday
Disable cloak option
By SirPercedal yesterday
4 70 yesterday
Loads of questions (rants included)
By Himiso 2 days ago
2 109 2 days ago
[Pointless discussion] Pandora's voice was changed?
By TheRogueCat 2 days ago
0 62 2 days ago
How full is remington server after it merged with 2 other servers?
By Neneko88 last month
30 1560 2 days ago
Server merge (Gamakna)
By Enceladon last month
209 6464 2 days ago
Class Tier Poll 2017
By Iadz 3 weeks ago
6 797 2 days ago
UI resizing
By Yvette-Worldbreaker 2 years ago
10 1479 2 days ago
The Showoff Thread
By Sting-Shotter 2 years ago
954 87575 2 days ago
What is your favourite music of Wakfu?
By SirFerrett 2 weeks ago
24 390 2 days ago
Dofus or Wakfu
By BurntToastman one week ago
13 511 2 days ago
Ankabox get fixed when ?
By Caliiintz 2 days ago
0 41 2 days ago
That Feel When you finally find what you've been looking for.
By HateSpawn 4 days ago
8 429 2 days ago
[SOLUTION] ---=== FONT SIZE ===---
By IsThisNicknameAvailable 2 days ago
4 74 2 days ago
A few questions..
By Bertucio 3 years ago
5 718 2 days ago
Change font..?
By Spiritblue1123 3 years ago
2 678 2 days ago
Pax East
By Moonagiv44 6 days ago
3 207 3 days ago
help with masteries
By cafesoneca 4 days ago
1 120 3 days ago
Back to the Future: Wakfu Edition
By ShadowFacts 9 months ago
41 2624 4 days ago
Would you like it if professions gone from 100 to 200 levels?
By Oanhanhon one week ago
31 554 4 days ago
How to get Bagus Shushu now?
By PineappleApricot 4 days ago
3 147 4 days ago
Was there a quest for half-digested leather pages?
By PineappleApricot 2 weeks ago
7 218 4 days ago
Where are the higher level "Guild of Hunter" Quests?
By Murrmur one week ago
1 93 4 days ago
Sunken temple of Sufokia !
By Smithski one week ago
5 147 4 days ago