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posté April 21, 2014, 21:33:25 | #1
My guild was talking about mounts and we had the idea that it would be cool if you could capture certain existing monsters as mounts.

I wanted a giant scara, an Enu wanted a dhreller, SiC wants a wobot.

So much fun!  

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posté April 21, 2014, 21:23:43 | #2
No. I do not.
However, I would not MIND if we had a better disconnection system. I probably wouldn't mind the grind half as much.
It occurred a lot this past weekend, so the frustration is fresh in my mind.
Spend 20 mins getting a group together, spend an hour getting to the boss room, someone lags out and disconnects, they'll lose xp, drops and we lose the prospecting bonus (or worse we are now unable to beat the dungeon). Okay, let's all die so we don't leave our friend behind. Okay, kenko 5 people, burn another key or two getting back in, wait about 5 for deadarm, health refill and regear, then try again. OH GOD SOMEONE d/c'ed. Repeat.
Seriously makes you want to throw things...
In cactus dungeon I d/ced, my bf d/ced, his alt d/ced, our guild mate d/c'ed twice and our other guild mate's alt d/ced as well (and not all at the same time in the same room). It took over two hours, we burned about 15 keys and we only finished boss with 5 people and it took a horribly long time because we lost our DPS. We dropped one cactus pouch. Epic.

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posté April 21, 2014, 21:09:18 | #3
I've enjoyed reading the comments on this thread. Just reading other's frustration vents my own.
I agree with everyone thus far.
This is way too expensive, especially when ogrines expire. I get that there should be something special out there for big supporters (but didn't you just get thousands of dollars for the kickstarter and they got nice special in game items)?
It just looks and it feels really bad for the rest of the player base who buy regular subs and are met with glitches, mass disconnections and unfulfilled promises. We haven't even gotten an event since Halloween. The fleaster thing sure, but there isn't even anything useful you can get, and again the in-game part was never finished, like Valentines.

Please bring the fun back.

Edit: Oh yeah, we had Kwismas, but it was so grindy that I forgot it was suppose to be fun.

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posté April 02, 2014, 18:56:02 | #4
I had the incident again with my account.
This time at decepticod, waiting for the party to arrive inside the weight room. Wasn't even fighting.

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posté April 01, 2014, 19:15:52 | #5

Quote (TommyTrouble @ 01 April 2014 04:59) *
I really like Brakmar, there's certain parts of it that make me nostalgic for the old Dofus versions of it. It's a really beautiful place

I was finishing up that Scara quest to get the little deco pet late last night. I had the music off but the sounds on. There is like demonic whispering as a background sound. It scared the crap out of me for a second, lol.

I love the details they put into the environment. Every monster has it's own emoticon set? That's some dedication. The art, the music, the environment, the detail, I just love it.

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posté April 01, 2014, 19:09:37 | #6

Quote (Soundtrack8 @ 01 April 2014 06:52) *

Quote (Hudski @ 01 April 2014 06:42) *
Snaus. You know I love you dearly, but... I have zero idea what you're talking about right now.
Finally got a response on the Q&A thread
Click here

Super sweet.
That's a while off, but at least we got some news. Thank you soooooo much  

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posté April 01, 2014, 17:29:42 | #7
I'm having this issue. It's telling me to buy the knight... did they take him away now? Is this a horrible April fool's joke?
Relogging did nothing.

Edit: Once my game crashed and I restarted the launcher, it worked. Everything must be refreshed it seems.

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posté April 01, 2014, 04:11:34 | #8
Grave digger mini game will not let you dig. Grave digger mini game will not let you dig. At the trool fair.
Other guild mates tried as well, it won't work.
Sever: Nox

Update: Since the game update, the mini-game now works. Cool.

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posté April 01, 2014, 02:32:49 | #9
I'll link to the threads where this was reported, incase anyone would like to add to it.
Here and here.

Adding to the discussion; I learned after I reconnected, hours later, that 5/6 out of the team that was running the dungeon was also kicked. I didn't ask the 6th person, but I can only assume they were too.
When this happens I guess everyone is kicked and perhaps it does have something to do with being multiple players/accounts. A clue maybe?

I eagerly await the fix o.o 

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posté March 30, 2014, 04:04:32 | #10
Holy wow! That's what's going on?
I just encountered this problem, add 3 accounts from Nox.
I hope this is fixed soon and I hope we can get some sub time for the loss.
That's a very serious bug o.o

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posté March 30, 2014, 03:58:51 | #11
Same, my bf's account and my alt. All 3 kicked from vamp, last room, only needed one more purp!
Cruel world QQ

(PS: Internet works fine. Neither of us an reconnect on any character).

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posté March 27, 2014, 22:55:45 | #12
I can confirm that this^ fixes it.

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posté March 27, 2014, 22:37:50 | #13
I love the major cat and thank you for the HW planting fix! I like the changes to the costume and pet interface too. However, I'm disappointed to see that guild costumes still do not work properly.
I hope the team can fix this in the near future. It's unfortunate to spend guild points and kamas on a costume no one but yourself can see.

Good update!

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posté March 22, 2014, 18:12:43 | #14
Try saying "hello"? ^^
My guild is chatty with themselves, but greeting strangers can always be fun
I've never seen anyone be nasty just for saying hi or making small talk. Maybe more people need to initiate? I'm betting players are shy.

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posté March 22, 2014, 17:53:12 | #15
I agree. I just did the 125 wabbit quest where you do the mini game with the foxes, super fun! Love the prizes too The new desert quest was really fun to do with a friend. (Except where it's bugged or unfinished).
Wild estate was super boring with not great xp. However, I was way over the level when they did the make over (some of you guys probably were too). I would have to say I love the catchy music in that area and the gobball mini game was great. I do wish there was better prizes.

I'd love more quest lines, mini games and prizes. It isn't a priority over other game mechanics like drop tables and class revamps, but I really feel it enhances gameplay and world immersion.

And what about NPCs? There seems to be plenty. Jonks and clan members? They better bring back the nation owl NPCs QQ

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posté March 21, 2014, 23:57:25 | #16
I still have the hook and scythe for my main, I just haven't been able to drop any more now that I'm focusing other professions.
I guess I answered my own question if they were removed entirely, but I mean if they removed the ability to get them entirely.

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posté March 21, 2014, 17:30:08 | #17
Harvesting Items You know the harvesting tools, like the scythe that gives extra harvest and hook that gives extra planting rate? Were they removed from the game completely?
A while back you needed them to harvest. Then that was changed so they gave the items buffs or something. When I first started playing I dropped some off of the scythes and grave mobs that can be found around the nations, but now I can't seem to drop anything like that from them.
Did they change this?

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posté March 21, 2014, 17:20:56 | #18
Yay more cats.
I wanted to say how much I appreciated Sabi's way of closing a thread yesterday.
"I'm closing this thread, with cats!"
Thank you for being such a positive presence.

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posté March 21, 2014, 17:17:37 | #19
I'd like to know about this too! I wanted to set up a patch of truffles for my guildies.
Good to know it works in the Haven Bag, I'll be able to stock more seeds.

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