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What is Master Joris suppose to be?

By OM3GA-Z3R0 October 28, 2012, 18:02:06
Like the Title says, I really want to know what Joris is, to me he seems to look like a Masqueraider due to the fact he has a long nose and his very nimble but I would like to confirm it with everyone here.

So.... what is he?
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i think he's a masqueraider too,, but its too strong to be a masqueraider that supposed to be a tricky one not frontal fighting like an iop though wacko 
More like a mix of more than one class. He is very nimble as if he's a sram but he also hit hards like an Iop while using a hammer like an Osa.

He's supposed to be an awesome character anyway.

It's xelor from dofus era.
Kikuihimonji|2012-10-30 10:37:24It's xelor from dofus era.
HOW did u know him ohmy 
He isn't a xelor i looked on internet, i figured out its a masqueraider.
if he would be a xelor he wouldn't slam people then he would stop time and kill them then.

~Greetz, Sting-Shotter
Why not? It's hammer time!
I'm pretty sure that Master Joris was a master puppeteer from 1,000 years ago. He created a puppet in his image and brought it to life using his Osamodas magic so he could effectively live forever.

He was an Osamodas. The puppet is just a puppet that can do a lot of damage for some reason, idk. You can see the ties between the puppet and the Osamodas class due to the hammer, the blue shroud it wears, and the white tufts of fur.

I know that Osamodasses don't actually appear like that in the Dofus era, but Ankama likes to treat them as if they do.
Wow interesting theories lol, Ankama should give out background info on some unknown characters because this is getting more interesting tongue
Master puppeteer? That sounds more like sadida then osamodas.

And well, just look at female xelor look (dofus):

It makes me feel that Master Joris is a girl (or was... if it's just a walking mummy from the past). Or at least it uses this outfit.
Osamodasses puppeteer animals all the time, though. They are also seen to be able to bring life back from the dead, with spiritual leash and the gobgob for each era.

The clothing greatly resembles the female Xelor, but as I said, there's fur all over the neckline of Joris's hood. Plus, he has a nose - something Xelors live without.

Also, the upcoming Dofus movie is all about Joris.

He has blue skin and a tail, and his name here is Joris Jurgen. Maybe Master Joris is the name of his puppet?
Everything is so clear now :O
Oh nice so after all he is an osamodas - wonder what happened to his gobgob
In my day, we didn't have these fancy 'gobsmobs', we summoned animals using our own blood, sweat and tears, and we were grateful when they behaved properly! None of that possession mumbo jumbo...
Well, here's my theory: he's a Xelor who somehow discovered a way to live forever and then stopped worshipping Xelor because he wanted to be Xelor god. Since he stopped worshipping Xelor his appearance changed a little bit and he couldn't use magic anymore so instead of using his energy on magic he now focuses all his energy on his physical strength which makes him as strong as a Iop. He's using a hammer because Xelors in the Dofus era used hammers instead of hands.
my theory is that Master Joris is just a unique, totally new class thats not been fully unveiled much like the Eliatropes.
Looking at the movie picture, my friend noticed that he has a tail.
My intial thought is that Osamodas' from either era don't have a tail like that? No class does.

It might be a really off idea but maybe he's a dragon...? I mean they can look really strange in their small humanoid form. Though this might not fit in the with rest of dragons and eliatropes... ehh I'm not sure. Pfft.
im going to go with Joris being a dragon, first off dragons can assume a humanoid form that does look somewhat off key.

then theres the fact that Joris Jorgen? Jormungand was a dragon who has a name very similar to this spelling, it's a theory but does carry alot of weight? maybe Joris is one of the generation of dragons who was born without an eliatrope brother/sister.

Or was he....?

And lets be fair here, awesome physical strength, the ability to rend razortime in 2 with a very simple gesture, putting people to sleep by merely touching them? such potent physical and magical power? he can only be a dragon.

and the next point, being over 1000 years old? surviing Ogrest flood? i think only a dragon could pull that off.
He can't be an osamodas... There's an osamodas in Dofus: Treasures of Kerub. She looks like a human only she has horns.

There are other races during the Dofus era that we don't really see in Wakfu, like Koalaks, Ouginaks, and Crocodyls. He is probably from a race not mentioned.
He is a masqueraider from dofus era, found and raised by kerubi, he is prob like dathura a humaniid god doll
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