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Wakfu the Animated Series

By FlyingCrow 2014-06-02 02:20
I found this in episode 18 of season 2 during the Gladiatrool arena just as Tristepin jumps in to help Cleophee Click here I don't know if this scene has been noticed before by others but yeah... I'll just leave it here and would love to hear from others.
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I saw your picture and I was like "No way!". Watched the episode and skipped straight to 5:28, and there he was!

Damn, what an easter egg/cameo. Very nice catch!
Umm...someone please explain? smile 
The kid with the red shirt and the straw hat is Luffy, the Pirate King (to be).

Nice catch, but what about the old guy just in front of him - didn't anyone recognize him ?
here is a hint ;-)

*facepalm* NOW I see him clearly! He looked like a Sadida at first glance... Nice, Ryf!
Too bad i missed all fun about this topic ._.
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