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Does Chaos Pirates Spawn Naturally?

By hwseo 2013-09-08 11:39
I'm lv 87 Earth Rogue in Remington.
I went to the Calamar Island to get some Cp, and there was 380 Pirates in the Island.
I Killed them, Made a Big hole on their head, And Smashed Their Head with Tauxic Hammer,
But the number of Pirates are even Increased! And I saw No one Planting seed in there.
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Yes annoyingly they populate themselves rather quickly even when they are already overpopulated, It is currently the only area no one has tried to maintain, mainly because it is the hardest.
Pirate seeds (or maps in a bottle) seem to spawn enemies faster than any other seed, which is what I think is the main cause of them repopulating so fast.
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