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posté Yesterday - 22:51:53 | #1
Maybe they should remove the timer on the Almanax quest marker to get us all on the same page. Then we could all use our real life clocks to tell when the server resets—because, that would just as much be simple. After all, we have alarm clocks for that reason, to help us be aware of times we choose to pay attention to.

Almanax is Almanax and pet feed timer is pet feed timer. If people would also like the timer on their pet feeding UI to be the way it was and accurate, then there should be no issues with them asking for that.

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posté Yesterday - 20:16:52 | #2
Also, it seems, if you feed your pet the wrong food, not only does it lower it's health, but it also prevents you from feeding the right food, lowering once more it's health, and not leveling up (perhaps for that day).

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posté Yesterday - 20:02:04 | #3
I've always had a saying, and though it's origins are not from myself, but perhaps what I've learned over the years, it's never failed.

—"If man can make it, man can break it."

Nothing man makes is perfect. The seeds of our inventions are sown in curruption and a thirst for gain. Whatsoever stands against itself will fall. So surely, at least in the IT world, if someone is currupt enough and has a thirst for gain, they can find a way to overcome the kitty.

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posté Yesterday - 05:08:14 | #4
Make it happen.

The whole 'no one selling anything' becomes a bore after awhile. Seems people are only selling really high tiered items, and nothing in-between unless it's new content items. Everything else, it seems people who have been playing for awhile, are breaking to make runes to further improve thier own gears. The low population really is a bore. I see nothing wrong with having the entire Wakfu community playing together. Are we english speakers that smelly? Sometimes I think this game's HQ is in Quebec. Enough with the seperatism already, merge the blasted servers.

—maybe I can brush up on my grade 9 french.

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posté April 20, 2014, 19:39:20 | #5
WTB Emiw Pieces
  • BP
  • Ammy
  • Ri--Wing

Please message: Xiao-Feng 

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posté April 20, 2014, 06:00:50 | #6
Hmm, in all honesty, I've tested it in the reset room, and it has always removed the buff for me. That is one of the reasons why I really didn't like it (still kinda don't), It made itself impossible for the branch you'd think Lone was made for. I think I would consider changing my Sadi to Air Earth. I did like the mechanic of doing more dmg with Earth spells with the Voo Doll, but wasn't worth it if Lone Sadida didn't work with that doll either.

Maybe..somehow I was mistaken, or perhaps that test room has something wrong? Welp... Reset mats farm again.

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posté April 20, 2014, 03:38:27 | #7
I suppose this would make sense for what someone I met the other night said. "Voodoll doesn't remove Lone Sadida"—of course to which I refuted. But, I guess this change just happened. I suppose that is 'a step', though, perhaps not so much in the right direction as sadidas are summoners, no? I guess they'd like to change that. But I step nonetheless.

Thanks for sharing. I'll check it out later.

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posté April 18, 2014, 21:24:29 | #8
hnm, I haven't really been following these "class spells" very closely, but whether or not they're real, I don't think Ankama should neglect any further in fixing and improving the spells we already have. Fixing those could be seen as a new spell in itself—as some of them seldom work like they should, or have alien mechanics the class cannot utilize (Pandawa).


  • Voo Doll does not return damage to a linked enemy(PVE) when that enemy directly does damage to the doll.


  • Barrel having Flaming state, does nothing due to in ability to cause Scalded.
  • Incandescent effect returns damage to the Pandawa adjacent to an enemy. You effectively help your enemy kill you (I know, it's weird writing it too).

I am sure other classes also have mechanics that don't work properly. These are just examples of my two mains.

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posté April 17, 2014, 18:22:23 | #9
Spell Experience/Timing Hello,

Just two ideas for you devs that I think would add a little more control to the game for players. This game makes the frame of a strategic genre, yes? So, why not make it possible to have a little more control over what we use, and the time we have in using it?

  • Spell Experience Distribution

This game uses a system I call the 'use it or lose it' system for spell leveling. What that means is, precisely what it sounds like, you either use a skill, or it will not level up. However, I find that there are some spells that I would like to keep at the top of it's game, and others, though I use them for utility or acute situations, to remain as they are and not take up the experience I would like to go to another main spell. So, I propose making something similar to when we are resetting our spells—in that it opens up an interface that allows us to see all the built up spell experience we've accumulated and put them where we will. You cannot reset it obviously once you've made your choices. I feel this will give more control to us in choosing our elemental affinities.

  • "Time is Kama, friend."

30 seconds is a long time. Especially if you're told to hold a hot piece of coal in your hand for the duration. 30 seconds to properly strategize on an ever changing battle field, however, might not be enough time to carry out all that some classes need to do. Yes, Wakfu has because a 'who has more HP and does more DPT' type game, more so than strategy(sadly), but there are classes that can seldom carry out the tactical aspects that some fights need, in that short amount of time. Let's also factor in the lag that—let's be honest—isn't always on the player's side of things.

I propose a 1 minute time frame increase for each persons' turn in carrying out what they will, and summons can remain as they are, 30 seconds or the same 1 minute across the board. In my experience the only people who use the end turn function (I mean, everyone uses it, but some more quickly than others) are in two sets, those who have 2-4 set hitting spells they use repeatedly, requiring not much strategy, or if you're simply trying to end your turn for w/e reason related to a part you will not play for that phase. I think 1 minute is a fair amount of time for players to be sure of their strategies.


Now, for the more extreme of us who will read this, this is not to say that increasing the time to employ your strategy will make battles last any longer than they currently do (6 minutes some might think at most), but time for those who need it to do what they must for their phase. Others can continue to end their turn as is normal.

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posté April 17, 2014, 02:28:10 | #10
Emblem Exchange WTT 2 Sadida Emblems for 1 Pandawa Emblem

Message: Xiao-Feng or Worgen 

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posté April 16, 2014, 03:22:30 | #11

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posté April 11, 2014, 22:46:14 | #13
Capital S for Bump.

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posté April 11, 2014, 22:43:09 | #14
Tsk tsk. Looking to gouge money out of people because of something as simple as a costume in a game. Make more costume in-game attainable, or remove your monthly fee for game content. Sad.

You will be weighed with the same weights with which you measure~

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posté April 08, 2014, 16:13:24 | #15
A friend and I were discussing a similar idea I had a week ago about having dolls merge—all beit in a general way including all dolls' mechanics. This is a unique approach in thinking how to make the Sadida different than it is now, and is welcomed (if the devs had the same ability), however, I think this idea you came up with, as seemingly progressive as it is, seems to be mainly rooted(no pun intended) in preventing others from being annoyed by our dolls that they feel takes up time and is a complete drudgery. They aren't the ones with the sadida after all. It's subjective reasoning. I know, as a Sadi, the last fight of the Wabbit Island quest chain was an annoyance to even me—someone else's summons are annoying.

I think where we should be starting from, is to stress that they need to make Sadida dolls more useful. More powerful in their effectiveness. If it takes us x amount of turns to cast 6 dolls, what's stopping anyone/thing from killing off the dolls when they're just single entitites awaiting merging? It's been said else where: the only thing that can't (typically) one shot our dolls is another Sadida summoner.

A side note: This addition of Multimen seems to have made everyone and their friend a summoner class—even more so. HP you never need to heal after a fight. Heals, a tank. All without having any control (leadership) to keep in battle. They broke the game's need for a community. I see no one complaining about those taking up time...(and experience). But, it's rude to make a long post in someone else's thread about your own ideals, so I will keep my opinions short.

Let the changes for a class be based on the dedicated users of that class, not for others and what they think is convenient.

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posté April 07, 2014, 22:10:26 | #16
[Closed] [Closed] 

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Reason for edit : (Thanks all)
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posté April 06, 2014, 17:44:19 | #17
Spore Quest Summon Bug [Sadida] Class: Sadida
Replication: Read below.
Quest name: Barage of Spores

After battling the spores that you have to gain ingredients from to make an inhibitor. When giving the item to the NPC, it starts a fight (unbeknownst to the player btw. After fighting 4 'un-demisable' battles which in the end takes your HP, it would help to have a bit of warning of an actual impending battle).

Drain is not having the ability to summon an inflatable doll. There are too much damages coming from all places. As an (air/water) Sadida, you cannot out damage these things without your dolls. They 1 or 2 shot dolls before it's your turn again to control them.

Please fix this, or if it's some joke, remove it. Thank you.

Edit: Fast update (I just started the fight again this morning), Sadida's tear works fine.

Also, Sic 'Em More does not seem to work on dolls after they've been created.

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posté April 04, 2014, 23:18:58 | #18
Needed Sadida Improvements Seed: (New: lvl 9 - 1 WP) Enabling the Sadida to cast 2 seeds instead of the old 1 per turn, was nice, but only limits the effective usage to users. The branch gets very little use out of the making of two seeds because it requires so much AP to set up just 1 doll with your choice of air branch spell to memorize. Seeds should only be using up 1 WP point to be cast at max level.

Air spells: (New mechanic: When air spells are casted on seeds, half AP) These spells are mainly for utility and do little damage. They shine when there are many dolls to build on their lack luster dmg, and combine to be effective. These cost way too much for 1 doll that is too feeble, and the time to accumulate dolls to a useful ammount ranges from 3 - 5 turns. When cast on a seed, these spells should be using only half their required AP to create dolls, and full AP when used afterwards directly on targets or through dolls.

A short point: No one uses Woodland Stench to create a lethargic, but poisoned wind instead. It's pointless for that skill to use that much AP to create the same doll with the same effect, you can, with a cheaper spell.

K'mir: (New: Effect ends at the end of target's turn) Let's face it. These air spells no one uses because, 1) bad damage. 2) impractical use/broken or 3) just for gust's effect. If the enemy will just follow you exactly where you go, the odds are you aren't trying to get away from them—and more than likely, you want the relationship to be mutual. Having the effect end at the target's ended turn will see much more use from this spell; both for the caster and his or her dolls.

Tetatoxin (Poisoned Wind): If the above change for K'mir is not made, then this effect's third damage potential will continue to be useless. There is almost no practical way that this spell effect can be what it can, if the other air spell isn't useful. So, if the amove change is not made, the last effect should be -50 HP per WP used, or -100 HP per WP used.

[level 100 Tetatoxin]
-12 HP per AP used
-12 HP per MP used
-100 HP per WP used

Doll Link: (New: Fix/Rearrage) Doll Link no longer matches what it once used to be. Before, all your dolls were instrumental in taking a portion of the damage the Sadida received. Now, it's only 10% from a situational mechanic that has very little use outside those exclusive situations (read below). Either return the Doll Link to the way it was before, or increase the ridiculous 10% damage return, to 20%. 1 percent per point AND move it to Green Guard in addition to what that passive already does. Current Doll Link also for whatever reason does not do anything at level 1. That is a wasted point...

Voodoll: The Voodoll should be affected by all the spells the other dolls are affected by. That means Sic 'em More aswell as the control effect from Vaporize should affect the doll. This opens up players to more tactful playing.

Doll Sacrifice: (New: When used on Voodoll, returns WP) It's understandable that the voodoll will not return a WP when it has been killed via damaging means. But, to use doll sacrifice on it and not have the WP return, is something that should be addressed. You, more often that not, are probably getting rid of it before it's time because, a) it's usefulness is less than one can bear (due to a lack of being able to control it), and you need another useful doll, or b) You no longer wish to have a voodoll linked to an ally running amongst enemy players/monsters (probably also due to a lack of being able to control it).

Block Doll: (New: Inhaling does dmg per cast/ Nettled increases lock): This doll at one time used to do damage when nettled was actvated. This is no longer true, for whatever reason. It still however does the inhaling spell whether or not it needs to, so why not return it's damage potential in that way? A block should see more use out of nettled than just being able to move more than 1 cell per his turn. Increase their move by 2 (3 MP) and instead increase their lock by 50% when in nettled state. That would see much more use, and an active approach to locking an enemy down could be taken, than the currently having to cast 2 blocks on an enemy that...may or may not stay. Also, if these 2 block are not controlled, they pretty much work against each other's inhale positioning; making for a very slopper game play, and ultimately a wasted control slot being taken up when another doll could be used if you are too far out of the way to nettle the block, to be useful.

(New: Sadida Resurrection): When a Sadida uses Voodoll on a fallen ally, they are resurrected with the amount of HP the doll has in it's specialties; the Voodoll is then removed from combat.

Lone Sadida: (New: Sadida's confidence): For each doll that the Sadida has active on the field, 20% damage increase (total 120%).

Edit: Added Lone Sadida mechanic change. Let's remember this is a summoner class.

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posté April 01, 2014, 05:18:55 | #19
Ah, I see, you'd like the old doll link back. Then in that case, the HP increased would be warranted. And even if there was no increase, would be better than what they changed it to now. I was pretty against them changing that feature when I first learned of it. It was a thing I loved about the Sadida. But I guess over time I gave up on them actually changing it back, or making anything as valuable.

They need to remove the horrid link they have now, and put it in addition to Green Guard, and/or replace that one passive. 20 points isn't worth 10%. Level 1 doesn't even do anything. That's a wasted point...

But, again, not to be terribly rude or mean, because I don't know who's behind all that goes on at Ankama nor do I know em personally, but I don't really have much faith in their creativity (if you can call it that) at all. All this game's creativity is in the artwork (which I perceive keeps people playing) and lore.

Also, why can't I interact with the Voodoll with my spells that affect the other dolls? Makes no sense...

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posté March 31, 2014, 21:49:08 | #20

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 18 March 2014 01:22) *
Do note that in pvp most of the classes doesn't need to kill dolls. Considering the fact that Sadida can make new doll in the place of the dead one should make players realise to not aim for dolls, but for the summoner - its summoner that have to die afterall. When you fight vs osamodas, you don't try to kill its summons, you aim for osamodas right away. Same thing should goes for Sadida. Unlike osamodas sadida can use dolls to block cells tactially wich might give it some adventage vs high dmg dealers, but its just theory for now. With high cost to summon dolls, it will never happen. And i can already tell that sacrier, sram or air masqueraider will enjoy the dolls that we place, as the tools to get closer to Sadida.
Hello there, I too am burdened for the improvements that can be made to this classe's game play. While I won't talk much about the HP increase that you seem to be asking for, as I am a person who believes the idea of having charges on dolls would be much better for us, by additionally making our healing abilities add 1-3 charges back to their healths when healed.

What I want to point out is all based on my experiences with different classes (pvp). In the past, you could use dolls to block enemies from approaching you by applying tact. This game however has changed, and lacks anything of the sort. If you're a Sadida doll player, odds are you enjoy tactful playing, and pretty much make your own fun. The game doesn't have much tactics in it. It's all about who has more HP and who can hit harder per turn. The two major problems I find with going a doll sadida is that 1): They seemed to have balanced it around you having 4-6 dolls out, and looking at the potential from that situation's context. That however, isn't very practical. Now readers, note that I used the phrase, "isn't very practical," and not "not possible." And 2): Before you are able to make your 2nd - 3rd doll, depending on your AP (11 vs having lower) and the enemy class, you are being completely bombarded by enemy damage. How? Well, remember using your dolls to be tactful in placement? Well, almost all classes has some way of avoiding being locked, and can either tele away by w/e means and find themselves knee deep in your personal space. Now, in one turn, a sadida cannot do the same thing. and so you're left with an enemy who now locks you down, preventing you from putting out enough dolls to offset the world of pain you're about to be in. Dolls will inevitably come to your place/aid, but all the AoE dmgs, though stated to be lower on the dolls, cannot stand up to how powerful the blow is. Both you and the dolls take dmg. Dolls die and you're back at square one.

In the case of an iop, the spell that keeps you from using any sort of teleport, prevents your air push spell from being effective. So you're pretty much taking damage when you shouldn't be. Cras? Their becons have a means to teleport them any where on the map that offers a better view, that your dolls might have prevented them having. By the time they use up all 6 WPs, the fight has long since finished. Enus? A slew of non line-of-sight spells. In terms of the Osa argument, their summons—that is, per summon, is about 3-4 of 1 of our dolls in dmg, health and utility. We have to summon them over a span of 3-5 turns for the same usefulness.

In summary, our dolls can't block anyone with anything higher than a lvl 85 set. They just run away, teleport from them, or one shot them until they are in front of you. There is a way to combat this for melee enemies, but the fight will take ages and isn't guaranteed. And lastly, it takes us too long to get all our dolls out before we can start doing some damage where we can feel safe to start using other Sadida tactics. A sadida using a spell that buffs their damage by not using summons is absolutely ridiculous and has no place being apart of the class. You can't even use the Voo doll—which btw, follows very little rules based on what dmg it should be returning.

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