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New Meta

By Kokonaut 2014-06-14 19:31
Click here for image.

Hilariously effective.

Why? Because after a certain point, having so much damage is redundant and you're going to kill the opponent in 1-3 turns anyways. So why not make it so it takes them 3-5+ turns?

This is the return of the Makabrakfire. The ring does 1'050 damage on its own without me lifting a finger if the enemy manages to Cling me.

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Would you mind sharing this build with me Sal?
You're just tired of trying to go first.
I think the more important thing in that image is the SILLY LOOKING DRAGOTURKEYS PEOPLE ARE RIDING!!! biggrin
Uhmm .. i'm a newbie here what is best to stat sacrier fiire/air for huge damage is it crit or int?? and what will be the maximum damage for crit or int stats? tnx for the reply biggrin 
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