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Quote (Nox16 @ 17 April 2014 17:47) *

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 17 April 2014 05:40) *
He does do the mask changing animation when he changes "classes"

it's really hard to really say anything without it sounding like pure speculation but maybe he's another class/race with masks in his possession?

and it would be pretty hilarious having them involved with ogrest considering the old hoodlums kinda resembled the old ogrest cult on that subject though I would kill for a part 3 of zinit....
ikr well i always thought hoodlum dungeon hinted at part 3 of zinit... but we never got it so ya.
How funny, I just wrote a fanfic about this subject!

Click here

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The Mask of Mimicry “At long last,” Ned Marion thought to himself as he stared through the frontal viewport of his magnificent vessel. “At long last I will fulfill my destiny and rid the World of Twelve of the abomination that reduced our proud lands to these pitiful peninsulas!” He clutched the armrests of his chair as the first gusts of winds rocked their airship. In the distance Mount Zinit loomed, looking like a dark jagged tooth surrounded by violent twisters.

Around him a crew of hooded men and women were hard at work to keep their finest creation, the Zeppelantern, on course towards the dreaded mountain. Ned was so proud of the team he had assembled. He couldn’t see their faces beneath their pointy hoods, but he could tell them all apart just by their actions and mannerisms.

That was not so odd, knowing what they had been through together. He –no, Hoodfella, his alter ego– had handpicked each and every one of them himself, pitting them and other candidates in endless battles against each other and finally against himself. Only those worthy enough were allowed to join the elite squad of Hoodlums and were let into his secret plan.

A plan so grand that it would make them the heroes of legends! Together with his strike team, Ned trained for months on end for the battle of their life: The battle to take down Ogrest and quell the storm that was raging over the world. These rigorous missions even made them infamous to the world at large. Mysterious hooded men scouring the lands, challenging adventurers and tackling some of the most vicious creatures and dungeons.

Once they had completed their Zeppelantern, they even became public enemies, believed to be invaders scheming to take over the nations. They had to go into hiding as wave after wave of bounty hunters and guardsmen assailed their ship in the hope of arresting the criminal mastermind now dubbed Hoodfella. But thanks to his secret weapon, Ned was able to repel their attacks and protect his men.

Because you see, Ned Marion hadn’t always been such a powerful warrior. When he was young, he was but a scrawny youth in the hidden Masqueraider village, cast aside for being apoor fighter, not worthy to wear a mask of power. But that faithful night, a voice spoke to him. In hindsight, Ned believed it to be Sadida himself calling him, guiding him to his destiny.

For the voice told him of a hidden room in the temple of masks, containing the most powerful mask of all. It was created in secrecy and kept from the world as it was believed to be too potent for one man to wield. He followed the voice’s instructions and through a crack in the temple walls was able to enter a small, inconspicuous chamber. In the center of the room lay an evenly inconspicuous mask.

Unlike the other masks, it was completely devoid of decorations. The only symbol was a small circle on the forehead, surrounded by spikes, giving it the appearance of arising sun or an eye. Even when he trembling put on the mask, Ned felt nothing. Was this the greatest mask ever created? But the voice told him that its power didn’t come from itself or its wearer, but from its opponents. “Fight,” the voice said, “and you will see.”

Being anything but a warrior, Ned was very hesitant to use his new weapon in combat. For fear of being exposed a thief, he left the Masqueraider settlement and journeyed far into the world. Only there did he dare to put on the mysterious mask and challenge a young Eniripsa girl. An easy target he thought, but sadly he hadn’t noticed her Iop boyfriend who was more than eager to defend his love’s honor.

Ned tried to explain himself, but the Iop wouldn’t hear of it. He charged at the scared little Masqueraider and unleashed a flurry of punches. Ned was able to dodge the first blows, but couldn’t keep up and soon felt the boyfriend’s fist driving deep into his stomach. The pain was intense, but there was something else too. Together with the pain, he felt his body starting to glow. His fist felt as if they were on fire!

The feeling intensified with every blow he took and after a few more, he couldn’t restrain himself anymore and with a powerful blow, he sucker punched the Iop on his chin, knocking him flat on his back. Ned stared in disbelief at his fist while the fainted Iop was being nurtured by the Eniripsa girl. “Use their power against them,” the voice resonated in his head.

Ned learned soon after that the power of the mask didn’t simply reflect his opponents’ attacks at them, but also remembered their attacks. So after a few fights, Ned Marion possessed an ability no one else in the World of Twelve had: he could use the powers of different classes without praying to their god. He even copied the Rogue smarts to create his own gadgetry and guns to use in battle. The mask’s (and thus, Ned’s) powers grew with every fight.

After a while, the voice returned to him: “Ned, I have given you this power, now you must use it. For too long, the Ogre has rained destruction and despair from atop his lonely throne. Use this power against him. Defeat Ogrest and return prosperity to the world.” At first, Ned Marion was taken aback by this mission, but soon ideas started pouring into his head on how to tackle this divine task.

“Sir!” Another violent gust hit the ship, jerking Ned back into reality. “It seems our presence has not gone unnoticed. Suzi reports several Tornado monsters entering through the cargo bay!” “Harlet, Sakura, Brut, head down there to help her repel the invaders,” Hoodfella instructed, “Lady Windya, Robin, head up to the roof to see if you can take them out before they reach the Zeppelantern!”

Several of the Hoodlums left their station and stormed out of the bridge to support their comrade. As lightning bolts started to raze the side of the ship, Ned could almost see Ogrest sobbing on top of his rock. “Xeyr, are we within range to launch the Zeppelods?” “A few hundred yards, Sir, but as we stand now, the pods will be ripped to shreds by the Tornados.” “We’ll deal with them,” Hoodfella said reassured.

“Magnolia and Sneaky, join Robin and Windya on the roof and man the harpoon. I want as many of those windbags pierced as possible before we start our descent. Arnold, get Garth, Yakitori and Violent and prepare for launch. I want you four running interference in the Zeppelods by the time we get within reach of the Ogre!”

The Feca Hoodlum left the bridge, leaving only Ned at the wheel and Mechaflex and Xeyr manning the control stations. The entire airship rocked and shuddered under the violent winds while outside vicious battles were fought between the brave Hoodlums and the forces of nature. As the Xelor Hoodlum counted down, Ned prepared to give the command to deploy when suddenly…

All became quiet. It was as if the world stood still around Ned Marion. No sound was heard and his two companions seemed almost frozen into place. Outside the storm still raged, but in extreme slow motion. “That’s as far as you will go, puppeteer,” a cold voice sounded from behind Hoodfella’s chair. He spun around and there he stood, in the center of the bridge: Jacquemart Harebourg, the Xelor Count of Frigost!

“What are you doing here?” Ned wanted to shout, but his lips didn’t move. In fact, his entire body didn’t move as he intended. Suddenly he felt as if his limbs were being pulled by strings as he stood up in his chair. “I’ll admit it,” the Count continued while Hoodfella struggled with himself, “that this a script worthy of the original Schemer. But still, you’re not him, are you?”

On that remark, Ned could almost feel a wave of rage rushing through his body. His lips could move again, but the words that came out weren’t his: “Who are you to judge me, you arctic aristocrat?!” His finger pointed accusingly at Harebourg. “I am just as good, nay, even better a puppeteer than the original ever was! My scheme is a veritable work of art and would have succeeded for sure without your interference!”

The Count slowly started to levitate and hovered towards Ned, who was hardly aware of what was going on anymore: “Your little magic mask trick would be no match against Otomai’s Ogre. You cannot absorb his powers.” “Ha!” Hoodfella scoffed, “My Mask of Mimicry can absorb anything you throw at it. When I’m done with you, you’ll dance to my tune, just like the other puppets!”

“Very well,” Harebourg said coldly and he slowly raised his arms. As he did so, the entire world seemed to speed up again. But just before everything moved back at normal speed, the Count seemingly exploded in a flash of blue light, causing a shockwave that knocked the Hoodlums back and turned the entire bridge into a frozen scenery, wrecking all equipment in its path.

Ned regained control of his body as he surveyed the destruction wreaked by the Count. “Sir, all controls are frozen,” Mechaflex shouted from the front of the bridge. “We can’t control her anymore,” Xeyr added and he had hardly finished his sentence as the Zeppelantern was swept up by another powerful gust, sending it spiraling down towards Mount Zinit.

“No,” Ned thought to himself, “all my great plans! All my dreams!” Soon after the airship disappeared in the mists surrounding Zinit…

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Quote (Major-Caligari @ 15 April 2014 14:21) *
I don't want to shatter your dreams, but I doubt that the plague doctor birds and bats with silly faces would be able to infest a god's domain.
Maybe not back in their heydays, but these days they're beaten up and spanked by a certain Ogre...

But you're right, it would make more sense for a god with diminishing strength to take all he has and lock it in his fortified 'bastion'. Certainly Enutrof ;-)

Nice screenshots, btw.

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posté April 15, 2014, 09:35:14 | #4
Would actually be a tad disappointed if the gods were still in their own dimension, hiding away from Ogrest. The 'they walk among us' theory sounded better in my humble opinion. Or maybe we can enter these dimensions to find them ravaged and ransacked as the gods could no longer maintain them...
Then again, that would not be any fun gameplay wise, of course. Or they have become infestated by the shadow creatures from the orginal Shadow's dimension, building further upon the Multimen theme they started last year. But from what I heard from RyF, that seems rather unlikely too... Justice league is dead and buried, together with the Supervillains.

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Quote (RyF @ 07 April 2014 11:53) *
The summary of this island's (hi)story is a 10( + 2 of notes an dcomments) pages long text. I've written (and rewritten) it in bulletpoints format during a 2 days "writting fever" during preproduction of the Island. It covers over 1000 years of events, divided into 3 "ages". ;-) you won't get the full picture that easily :-P

I ironically call this doc the "Lord of the Rings for Fungi" (with bulletpoints). ;-)
As I look back to it, I wrote that a few days before my birthday, somewhere around mid december =^__^=

This is how it starts (I intentionnally give it in french) :
"Ce document contient la version actuelle et en cours d’écriture de l’histoire de la nouvelle île découpée en deux zones pour Wakfu MMO.L’histoire se déploie sur plusieurs centaines, voir millers, d’années. elle raconte les évènements se déroulant AVANT l’arrivée des joueurs sur l’île.[...]""
This sounds like an interesting read! Any chance we'll ever get to see this lore-rich piece of literature?

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Quote (MiniMikeh @ 06 April 2014 07:52) *
not sure if its been brought up but'

the cactus are the old fungi race that went to the surface so thats something I guess

Now the question remains: did they evolve into the Castucs or did they got help from some divine/demonic power to survive the heat and lack of humidity?

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Quote (RyF @ 03 April 2014 16:54) *

Quote (Major-Caligari @ 03 April 2014 14:58) *
Nope, Castucs weren't mushroom men before - the mushrooms are a separate breed of monsters, apparently that's the "ancient evil" the Castuc Chief was refering to. They don't seem to like each other, judging from the currently revealed details.

Not really - check out the quests as they get unlock tomorrow to know some part of the "truth";-)

No can do as still not up to par but maybe they were once one and the same and while the mushrooms stayed in the cool and dank (cursed) spring, the castucs where cast out in the desert sun to dry.

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posté April 03, 2014, 11:21:16 | #8
Seems like the next part of the desert area will be... dank and mushroom-y... So Castucs were Mushroom men before?

Click here

[url=]Click here

Sorry to interupt the Frigost thread, btw. I love all this lore analysis!

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Quote (Major-Caligari @ 28 March 2014 13:03) *
Actually, it's probably the best summary I've seen so far - the only part I'm not sure about is the origin of the Merkaptans, as at least some of them apparently joined Merkator much later; overall it's safe to assume that the Aquadome attracted all manner of pirates and renegades for decades and Merkator didn't have a problem with that as long as they didn't disturb his research...

Apart from that - great work, keep it up.

Thanks, Major!

I'm actually looking for more details myself, but I'm not so good in Dofus lore, so I'm hoping some of the specialists here can help me out to flesh out the story.

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Quote (NELSON-MAGNO @ 27 March 2014 10:29) *
I also want a better explanation of Steamers Foggernauts background xD I always get confused when reading about the Dofus-Wakfu lore.
Hey! That hurts...

At least I tried to start something...

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Quote (Nox16 @ 12 March 2014 14:48) *
Ive always been interested in a timeline for the foggernaut race cause its sorta... messy. I think i have it all down but im still unsure about some of the early early stuff. Like wasnt the foggernauts an ancient race that disappeared then someone came and took thier name then they went underwater then they ended up splitting in two and i feel like another group was claiming to be foggernauts as well in sufokia somewhere at some point.... im sure that came out as insanity but itd be nice to have a timeline for them if only to help me straighten out my thoughts on things .

I was hoping someone would answer this, since I'm quite curious myself. But since it seems to have been forgotten, I'll try with what I know myself.

So in Dofus time the people of Sufokia discovered remants of an ancient technology (the Foggernauts) which they started reusing, creating the Dofus era Foggernauts (Council of the Sea faction, if I'm correct). In the meantime, at the bottom of the sea, Merkator, a survivor of the ancient Foggernauts(?), has created his own little army of modified Merkaptans. Apparently he stayed down there as the rest of his people fled their fate. The body modifications allowed them to survive the ages.

Ogrest's Tempest forced the Council of the Sea Foggernauts into the depths again, together with the Merkaptans. Later on they discovered the Stasis, pushing their magitechnological development even further. The Merkaptans kept replacing more and more body parts during the next centuries, becoming the Foggernauts we know in the Wakfu era. The Council of the Sea on the other hand refused to rebuild themselves, but they did develop other Stasis technology (as seen in the Wakfu series, season 2).

So by the time rebuilt Merkator, Sire Flexington and his kin decided to surface, they are completely technomechanical containers for souls while the Council of the Sea decided to find a new place to populate (The Purple Claws).

Anything I missed? Or a lot?

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Quote (RyF @ 21 March 2014 20:51) *
Yew-Teeny :
This character is really great to let you discuss and extrapolate
A true fact : He's originally a Sadida
A fun fact : He teaches the player the woodcutter job... Don't you find this creepy for a Sadida follower ?

Basically he's just an animation series character recycle, but I believe he deserves a bit more background than the 2 liner in his clan member sheet. Bare in mind that his original name in French is "Racine", wich translates to "root" in english ("raíz" in spanish). He's a powerfull sorcerer (shaman) and is somewhat ill in the Game.

Combining woodcutter with zombie-sadida doesn't seem to far-fetched actually. As zombies are the opposite of living humans, feeding of their life force, it seems only natural a zombie Sadida would kill plants, feeding of their energy.

The entire Star Wars vibe is quite unmistakable, of course, making him a combo between the Emperor and Yoda. I always assumed he was Deserboss in disguise waiting for the moment to strike (since back then the Sadida kingdom was still linked to Bonta), thus explaining the Grambos too.

Still, a dark (plant)necromancer hiding deep within the mirky woods is a perfect enemy to use in any story.  

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posté March 21, 2014, 21:18:53 | #13
Thanks. Hopefully I'll get them back soon. I'm useless alone without them!

ticket #1038326

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posté March 21, 2014, 18:31:49 | #14
Sidekicks gone After the maintenance, all my sidekicks (beside Lumino) disappeared! Even my brand new Protoflex.

Now I'll never level my owl little steam-o-flex!

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posté March 21, 2014, 18:28:34 | #15

Quote (Aelorr @ 21 March 2014 00:15) *
This bug is insane.
I have a xelor and 30 seconds are barely enough to complete my turn, I don't have time to move my mouse to change character direction, please restore arrows in fight to turn around my character.
fellow Xelor with same problem. We just run out of time!

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posté March 20, 2014, 10:29:37 | #16
Their black bodies and wihite eyes do remember me of the Polters, also nature spirits. Take away their fancy garbs and their just black blobs with angry eyes. :-)

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Quote (KiwiTang @ 18 March 2014 22:04) *

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 18 March 2014 21:59) *
Cacti are a source of water though having an outer shell doesn't mean you have zero water what so ever nor does being in a desert so your attempt at debunking them while ignoring this fact is wrong.
Yet it still doesn't relate them to puddlies or greedoblops at all. That would be like saying humans in the game are puddlies because humans are about 70% water.
It's just because they were introduced as 'living in the water' makes their connection to water even stronger... In a dried up desert with a cursed fountain. I see a theme here

"While I took notes for my travel guide, sitting at the edge of a lake, one of them quickly popped its head out of the water! A species of cactus, quite small, but obviously very smart. And not shy for a kama!"

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Quote (Neneko88 @ 17 March 2014 19:57) *

Quote (RyF @ 17 March 2014 17:46) *
A big part of the main quest for Saharash is unveilling the origins of the Castucs ;-)
Please feel free to continue speculating on that before the truth comes to light. I really enjoy reading this post =^__^=
Aren't they greedos? ^^ those water monsters from Mt Zinit?
They both like water, so maybe?
They could be distantly related, but since the shores of Zinit are salt-water based and the desert fresh water, I'm sure they're not one and the same. :-)

They're probably linked to the cursed fountain, but since we never got a real explanation what that was in the cartoons, we might find it here in the desert. :-)

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Quote (Nox16 @ 10 March 2014 20:30) *
what im curious about is that i looked around and the french are voting on their own... will we be able to get the costume that wins there or just the ones here..
I second this. The French first choice looks very nice too...

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posté March 10, 2014, 13:54:47 | #20
Those are funny indeed. Anyone has a list of these easter eggs? I would love to see what more Ankama snuck in there.

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 09 March 2014 21:12) *
I actually do have a question for you ryf can you tell us about the cause of the bramble dome over masqueraider island? I understand it was some kind of protection from the flood but how did it get there or rather was it intentional as far as the masks go?

my assumption has been sadida being responsible obviously but if that is the case did they want it there or did sadida do it for their own protection

im referencing the article in wakfu mag on the masqueraider island

Mikeh, in which mag did you read this, because it seems an interesting read. Was it one of the French still missing translation or did I just miss it somewhere between the articles?

Your assumption about Sadida seems valid and maybe he wanted to contain them, as I assume he isn't very proud of the genesis of the Masqueraiders. Then again, wasn't Sadida a rather belligerent god? Maybe he likes that bits of his powerful doll are running around in the World of Twelve, wrecking stuff?

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