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[Revamp] Sram Design Document

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - May 02, 2014, 16:17:53
Hi everyone,

Here we are, Grou has prepared a design document showing the ongoing work on the Sram revamp.

Please note that the values are not final and that it is being shared with you for feedback purpose only and will evolve based on them.

The design document for the Sram class can be found: here.

We are looking forward to see your feedback and thank you in advance for it.

*PS: some of the spell names are subject to change depending on localisation.
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Thanks Sabi^^ I was just about to link the french version and then WHAM! you storm in. Nicely done =)
Perfect! I was just reading the french one,, bit hard with google translate as your only ally wink

The removal of side effects on the water branch means its even more important to reach the enemies back. But the extra cost to guile doesn't help :/

We cant use Loot or Ripoff on ourselves?

How does the double work? Does it have 30% of the srams max hp. Will heals / damage dealt to the double redirect to the sram?

Why doesn't Sram to the bone just give +10 crit (really it should give more compared to the cra passive)? The trade-off isn't equal in terms of stats either, block costs 10 points, crit costs 15. But the passive is a 2:1 ratio

What does Harassment do?
I've looked over the document and I'm not wow'd. I like Crossing Shadows. 5 more MP and at the end of your turn you go back to where you started.
Nice changes here and there, but nothing that would necessarily catch your eye.
Erm... can Loot or Ripoff be used on the Sram itself? I see Range 1-5 so... It would seem to be extremely situational otherwise, except maybe to function as a "double whammy" for the enemy you're already attacking, because Srams do tend to be out of reach from other allies by their very virtue of being assassins.
Sram revamp? More like Sram buff everything beyond comprehension-vamp.
I don't play a Sram (atm, debating one now) but I have to say this is nice.
It's a complete overhaul of Srams. Exactly what all the Sram players have been demanding asking for.

So many new keywords and aspects and strategies (for using and fighting against).
Personally I love it.

On a side note ... Poor Kewkky will have to remake his Sram guide.
Wow some intense changes. I don't fully understand how trauma works now. does it become an aoe with wp? Also its 6ap now so the relic I've been chasing is probs not the best choice for me, but I guess thats life. I'm a little worried how the new reflexes will work in large battles. Seems like srams could just be drawn out into a terrible position if they get hit multiple times. but i guess we'll have to wait and see. reaaaaally interested to see how water srams pan out after the revamp.
No traps? ohmy

I was excepting one element will play with traps(like fire rogues are playing with bombs)<_< 
1. What is "inc"?

2. I'm not a fire sram, but it looks like Torment got nerfed bad, 5 AP for 2 damage? And only one per target?

3. Guile got nerfed, it now costs twice as much.

4. Some of the moves damage got nerfed, I don´t really know if that should really pay for the loot system..

5. Crossing shadows looks interesting, I'd need to test it out first in the metagame.
I was looking forward to see Traps back to the game, since giving the same glasscannon build to every branch is awful. However, I think that these changes do look good and maybe they have managed to create an idea that would put the sram at the right place, as a sneaky, coward and strong character with many debuffs. Not too tempted to try one though, since I have been waiting for traps.
I'm not wow'ed either, I like some of the things, some don't.

Water - Seems really nice. I mean, water worked quite ok even now, and now with that buff it will be even more useful for the party.

Air- I really like the new Tricky Blow, stabilizing the target will be super useful not just for the Sram, but also for the team!

I also LOVE the idea of spending the MP and WP we have left for extra dmg in some spells.

I don't like the nerf for Guile. I was actually expecting the buff, I was hoping they will get rid of that -25% debuff, but they even increased the cost.

When it comes to Foreceful blow, what do you mean "if the Sram i turned around"? How are we suppose to attack if we are turned around.

Invisibility- I don't understand how it works. Seems like Shadowy cloak works like it does now? I don't get it, anyone care to explain?

Weak points- What is this?

Loot or Ripoff is awesome but they said that Sram will be able to give it to himself but the range is 1-5, not 0-5? Mistake or...?

Crossing shadow- It's amazing, we will be able to sneak to someone, hit him and go back. But I'm not sure about the WP cost, there are a lot of things that cost WP, especially in Air branch...

Double- I don't know, I guess it's a buff since he won't get killed with one hit?

Sram reflex- I like how he's going to move closer to the enemy when hit from the distance.

Look around you- It's awesome that we will be able to decrease the loss of dmg from that spell, but you should add something else. Spending so many points just for a dmg loss reduction is too much...

What MUST be changed- Air has definitely too many WP spells. Invisibility (did I see right it takes 2WP later?), Trauma, Crossing Shadow, Double... Way too much! Crossing shadow should cost AP, IMO.

Crossing Shadow is awesome but like someone already said, we have limited range and we really need some spells to help us move. Even Iops got it better because they don't have to sneak around someone to hit him from the side/back, like we do. WP must be gone.

Would be nice if maybe one of the passives would give us 1MP... Other classes get MP or even AP, why not Srams?

Besides that, spell animations are boring, would be nice to get something more fancy...
With Our Limited Range To Get Around And Scram (Crossing Shadows) Taking Us Back To Where We Came Guile For 2 Mp Which Does Minuscule Damage Is Too Costly
Can we know something about Torment and his function? because everything seems low

It seems the only build that will work and so going to be mainstream is dmg stealer with water and execution with fire or same speech with water and air, stealing dmg and then trauma.

But trauma is way more low than execution
GJTora|2014-05-02 21:04:42Can we know something about Torment and his function? because everything seems low

It seems the only build that will work and so going to be mainstream is dmg stealer with water and execution with fire, air branch is broken imho.

Trauma has no sense with that condition
I was also wondering about the trauma condition. needing to have an enemy face us when the whole point of the class is to A. excel in 1v1s and B. be behind the opponent to do awesome damage, makes no sense to me. Unless the sram handbook i got was a lie.
Also, how can we cast Trauma while staying invisible if ours AP are getting halved and most of us have 10 AP?
The only way to cast trauma is to have 12 AP normally? what's in your brain ankama?

If the goal was to make few srams who stayed quit , you reached it ankama :-)
i took a closer look at the PDF for those that wanted me to, here are some things that worry me about Air srams. all of these complaints are without knowing how double works really. depending on how double works some of these could not matter much.

1. if i read correctly trauma is going from 85 base down to 68 base damage and cost and extra ap. even when also consuming a wakfu point (which we desperately need for these suggested changes) its only up to 80 damage.

2.our defensive tools have been more or less removed. reflex no longer dodges the attack, invis gets shown by our double, and if we want to take the initiative passive we lose all our block for a 2-1 rate for crit chance? were basically just going to die in tough fights from what i see.

3. guile got nerfed again to 2mp cause we all know how op it is<_<. seems that LAY is supposed to ease the nerf but we will see.

4. if i understood everything correctly we bleed out wakfu from invis, trauma, and crossing shadows.

5. fear seems to still damage allies. please give us the sadi treatment with it.

6. i dont know what shadowy cloak does from the pdf, should i assume its the same?

7. with tricky blow gone and chasing shadows returning us to the spot we started, our mobility seems to be really cut down. add that to the fact that guile is 2mp now and it seems like the mobility aspect that was part of the reason i still loved srams is going to be gone.

will add more if i think of them.
Come on, don't make it look like the whole class was nerfed. Some spells should be better but overall it's a buff, and it's just a propose, not final.
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