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Earth or Fire?

By MarshallDav 2013-05-29 07:00
Hey, I'm new to Wakfu and Ecaflip's.

I recently made an Earth Ecaflip and he's level 20 and so far it's mostly been guesswork, I read a bit on the forums and it seems the two most viable options are Earth and Fire, however Fire seems to be mixed, it's either an appalling tree or OP, can someone explain the differences between Earth and Fire before it's too late to switch?

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Fire and Earth in terms of damage are quite similar. I'd wait for the upcoming revamp before deciding what element I'd choose if I was in your position.

Both elements are great anyhow.
Upcoming revamp? are we getting another one?
Someone mentioned some possible changes here, [url=]Click here

Both Fire and Earth are fine branches atm and I don't think either is too powerful. Fire is the AoE branch and Earth is single target. Both require luck or crits to hit and AoE consistently. My only problem with ecaflip is the pet cat. I hate the idea of being tethered to it.

IMO there is very little between the two branches, choose what appeals to you the most, for whatever reason. Maybe you're a pyromaniac at heart in which case I'd recommend fire.
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