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Important InformationBy: [Sabi] - 6 days ago
fire Welcome to our new forums! These forums have been created to be a friendly environment for our community to share their WAKFU experience and most of all… to socialize and have fun.  Please consult the Forums Rules of Conduct (here) in order to get acclimated, as well as sharing your feedback on the new layout and current look of the forums (here).

fire We are currently having some latency/delays in receiving items from purchases of the Steams packs, however this doesn't impact your purchases as we are continuing the celebrate the special Steam sale for the fifth birthday of WAKFU!
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Help with Xelor
By myustsu yesterday
in Xelor
5 83 one minute ago
Duoing question
By Denchfeng81 23 hours ago
in Eniripsa
4 59 an hour ago
Partner class for Tri Sram?
By Expando 18 hours ago
in Sram
3 47 3 hours ago
What does control do for Osa?
By Himiso 6 hours ago
in Osamodas
4 27 5 hours ago
New additons to our little group and other questions
By LittleBerryBig 6 days ago
in General
1 129 17 hours ago
[Guide] The Runes of the Huppermage - Herbert the hybrid!
By iiNoted last year
in Huppermages
24 5970 20 hours ago
Summon % Damage calculations.
By EspiGen 21 hours ago
in Osamodas
0 34 21 hours ago
Panda Small Improvement
By Niddhoggy last month
in Pandawa
10 602 yesterday
Nutella's Feca Guide (PvP and PvM) Patch 1.51
By BetterThanBoxBox 2 years ago
in Feca
79 36629 yesterday
Best Water Damage DD Class?
By cafesoneca one week ago
in General
18 573 yesterday
Xelor's New Guide?
By Iadz 3 weeks ago
in Xelor
4 720 yesterday
Any updated Sadida guides out there?
By ArtCrusader last month
in Sadida
11 1137 2 days ago
My dragon form always changes the colours of my character
By Mirahila 2 days ago
in Osamodas
2 79 2 days ago
New To Elio
By Alreatha 3 days ago
in Eliotropes
5 148 2 days ago
Duo classes play or play with sidekick?
By Expando 3 days ago
in General
5 118 3 days ago
Good/Best gear for 150 cra
By Krisnick 4 days ago
in Cra
1 142 3 days ago
Need Help With Cra Build
By Gwyn one week ago
in Cra
7 301 4 days ago
Fogginator Build
By myustsu 5 days ago
in Foggernaut
3 182 5 days ago
Eliotrop PvE Build for Endgame
By Celalx one week ago
in Eliotropes
8 501 5 days ago
It's time
By Azumite 5 days ago
in Masqueraiders
0 149 5 days ago
[BUILD/GUIDE] Cra Fire Earth Comprehensive Guide & Review
By healermaster 7 months ago
in Cra
9 6500 5 days ago
Fire/Earth - Need help with itens (level 100)
By Chaoxmyth 5 days ago
in Cra
0 34 5 days ago
Stuck deciding on 3rd class for my team! HELP
By Foolishfool 6 days ago
in General
1 121 5 days ago
Passives for DD Air/Fire
By Phase556 one week ago
in Sacrier
3 188 6 days ago
Huppermage PvE Build for Endgame
By Celalx one week ago
in Huppermages
3 324 6 days ago
The Builds of an Eniripsa
By smallz117 last year
in Eniripsa
16 11784 one week ago
Osamodas PvE Build for Endgame
By Celalx one week ago
in Osamodas
5 350 one week ago
Osamodas Aid, Dressage, Control... What?
By Murrmur one week ago
in Osamodas
1 128 one week ago
About ranged ecas, stats leveling and fleas
By Trololocke one week ago
in Ecaflip
1 239 one week ago
What pokem- I mean creatures to capture?
By jgtf 3 weeks ago
in Osamodas
5 434 one week ago
Foggernaut PvE Build for Endgame
By Gwyn one week ago
in Foggernaut
0 220 one week ago
Constructive Sacrier Discussion
By Giant-Octopus last month
in Sacrier
19 1094 one week ago
Best pet for Air/Earth cra
By SirFerrett 2 weeks ago
in Cra
6 271 one week ago
Osamodas passive idea
By LordPug 2 weeks ago
in Osamodas
2 193 one week ago
Please, make GobGob scaling.
By EspiGen 2 weeks ago
in Osamodas
6 327 one week ago
Would it be cool if ecaflips have multiple bow meow breeds to summon?
By StellaMain 10 months ago
in Ecaflip
11 1294 one week ago
Need Help Choosing Class
By XylasL 2 weeks ago
in General
13 556 one week ago
Ninja Nerf to Walloping
By Aqualad 2 weeks ago
in Huppermages
2 261 2 weeks ago
Lets Theorycraft: Sacrier Builds and Gear Layouts
By Delaz 9 months ago
in Sacrier
27 4370 2 weeks ago
Opinions on this PvP Build 200
By Markzs 2 weeks ago
in Osamodas
2 254 2 weeks ago
Questions about Sinistro
By Pomonee 2 months ago
in Xelor
5 556 2 weeks ago
What gear would you recommend looking for?
By SwiftNick 2 weeks ago
in Osamodas
3 247 2 weeks ago
Please remove this post as I am editing it and moving to another forum.
By XylasL 2 weeks ago
in Sacrier
0 98 2 weeks ago
[Guide] Shedding Some Light on Huppermages
By Akiraiz 2 years ago
in Huppermages
41 18905 2 weeks ago
Best gear for lvl 105 Masque?
By Avianlord 2 weeks ago
in Masqueraiders
2 221 2 weeks ago
Stat dilemma
By kromzer0 last month
in Enutrof
6 500 2 weeks ago
Gearing a lvl 180-185 Feca
By EspiGen 2 weeks ago
in Feca
2 204 2 weeks ago
Huppermage lvl. 30+ set?
By KambaReus 2 weeks ago
in Huppermages
1 144 2 weeks ago
Gobgob - The great Mystery
By Fleisch 2 weeks ago
in Osamodas
7 361 2 weeks ago
Huppermage Emblem?
By Manochaco last year
in Huppermages
8 2620 2 weeks ago