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round 9:40pm (gmt+1) whole server disconect in fights [Troyle]

By auramancer 2013-01-14 22:46
My whole team (3 ppl on 6 accounts) got disconected during moo fight. Other ppl from my guild have dc in other fights during exacly same time. and support were offline short after this dc. Than loging in was impossible too. (for all of us)

After finally loging in we cannot report bug as ankama suport keep telling:

Error:>This service is not avaible to your community<

Troyle pls help us and report this bug. We would like to recive moo quest reset.

Character name: Keringanpl, Oldfashionstyle, Twardy, Codeine, Seattle, Lady-woodoll
Ankama display name: nebreypl, auramancer
Date and time: round
9:40 pm (gmt+1)
Moowolf's Lair and rest of server
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hello my char is :
Seattle name account is Bimbobastardo (bimbocattiwo)
Oldfashionstyle name account is Bimbomiky (bimbocrazy)
Lady-woodoll name account is Bimbocrime (ervecchio)
I hope all have reset quest
Character name: Keringanpl,
Ankama display name[b]: nebreypl

What i can write we all get dc in moo, and a lot of person in this time get dc. Globbal dc.
After incident i can''t send ticket and can't log on forum. Right now i cant only send ticket :/

Please troyle help to report this bug ...
what we only wanna reset moo quest for this incident
Our team got the same problem, fortunately, we just were in a hoodlum dung. ._.
But anyways, i do agree: mass disconnection has been there.
Thank you for new bell Troyle smile 
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